Re TJ Dillashaws failed drug testwhat did USADA find


Chael Sonnen


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so you got to make sure that you understand the order of events here all right who sada has been with the UFC since roughly 2014 and who's sada is always conducted uh when a guy gets flagged they've always conducted that the same way which is a boiler point statement more the plate statement and you just insert the name hey John Doe right insert name here has tested positive we'll get due diligence we'll go through the process and in the meanwhile they're there on a temporary suspension okay great something along those lines well what happened recently in it towards the end of 2018 is for athletes did their due Jill due diligence and all four athletes were clear Josh Barnett Anderson Silva little nog Junior dos Santos one after the next after the next after the next so what asada decide okay hold on we want to redo our process instead of coming out and giving the guy's name and letting them get drugged down in the Internet and headlines that will never go away even when he's cleared losing sponsorship losing a Meriton faith with fans what we're gonna do is we're privately gonna contact the guy we're gonna privately keep him out of competition and then we're gonna conduct the due diligence we're gonna reach a resolution on this and then and only then will we come out with the name okay great the other side of the way the rusada works is they will honor that until you don't if you come out and you make a statement you break down that wall they will then come out with their own statement which means whether that's to back you up whether that's to go yeah he's telling the truth whether it's to refute one of your points but if you speak first then they'll go ahead and speak okay great good policy great change reason that's relevant is TJ Dillashaw comes out yesterday let me let me apologize I guess it'd be Wednesday two days in now two days ago TJ Villa shucks comes out on a social media post on Instagram he says hey guys listen I got flight gonna decide a test I'm out for a year and by the way I'm relinquishing my belt in the meanwhile I work with my team we'll try to figure out what happened here okay so who sada comes out of the back of that it goes everything he said you know we cosign it no disagreements the end the reason I bring that time line up for you guys is we really should have been able to predict something that happened with either Henry or TJ the reason I say that is being armed with the information of the way they're going to conduct themselves which is to take an athlete out of competition and conduct the test and not drag his name through anything we really should have known with all of the delays and the quietness that was surrounding Henry and TJ I don't mean to bring Henry into this other than Henry is involved because he and TJ were scheduled to do a rematch and not only a rematch a mega rematch for TJ's belt giving Henry an opportunity to become champ champ right double champ I should say Connor actually has trademarked the term champ champ so I should double champ big deal a lot of people that want to see it some controversy around the first fight of which did record numbers debuting on ESPN plus I mean this was a big deal a lot of people were very interested in that and there was major talk and all of a sudden with quiet and in hindsight we should have known we should have speculated we should have guessed something's going here okay great well we've got the final shoe is dropped we've got the answer it was TJ now I have to tell you this the big question are really the only thing that is missing from this entire story and you can put this thing to rest TJ's gonna sit 12 months retroactive to January 18th everything we need to know well inquiring minds are going to winner by the way what did you test positive for what was the actual substance with the only piece that's missing I'm an attempt to answer that question so here's one of the ways that this works it is foreshore on your first failed two years it is foreshore on your second fail for years and on your third strike you're out you are no longer eligible to come back into the pool so when TJ was given 12 now I got arm you with this they are more than aware that they have some very ridiculous things on their band list some absolutely silly and ridiculous things that should not be that they are not willing to take them off but what they are willing to do is when you get hit for one of those silly things is to go okay listen I know we said it's gonna be a minimum of two you two years let's go ahead and just cut that in half this is one of those silly things let's reduce it so we're armed with a piece of evidence because TJ's was reduced to 12 months that perhaps it was one of these silly things the other side of the coin I tend to think that it was I also will tell you the way that most of these supplements work bigger stronger faster in that order which is relevant because bigger teaching actually went down a weight class so I could tell you was it taken the good stuff he wasn't taken some of the the dirty filthy and the antibiotics and some of the things like this because he actually got smaller I am deducing that but this is my level of five the other side I kind of want to come on and tell you guys hey he was getting smaller you know I went down away he got hit with something it could have been something as silly as a diuretic and why a diuretic could be banned and no I'm not saying it is for sure a diuretic I'm just saying something along these lines uh he would also come in like that that would be one where you go hey wait the hell is that banned either way it is uh and that would also warrant something along a 12-month suspension and don't forget he wasn't stripped he was also given the opportunity to relinquish his title and I realize we're largely playing a game of semantics but you get stripped when somebody's mad at you you were given the opportunity to relinquish when people aren't mad at you so I would predict for you that the people that are on the side of let's not prejudge TJ Dillashaw let's not do a knee-jerk reaction let's wait for everything to come out I will predict for you that the people that take that stance end up looking pretty good by the time this thing is all said and done I only have one thing working against me and working against me is generally when it is a very light or silly substance a caffeine and Advil a diuretic something that is not an anabolic and agent a performance enhancer of any kind and is not illegal by any measure of the law generally an athlete would get in front of that thing and tell you exactly what it is over-the-counter hey I was taking this from GNC and it looks like it's got something else in it and I didn't check the label or it was contaminated generally an athlete we get ahead of that TJ put out the statement to get ahead of the story but left that part out that's the only thing holding me up from telling you this is something silly I still will predict for you then it comes out to be something silly I just got it I'm gonna make that prediction but the only thing that gives me a little bit of pause is if it was something light and I was to put myself in his shoes and this is the way you're supposed to lead your entire life treating others the way you want to be treated if I was in his shoes and at what I think I would say it would come out and say hey by the way before you guys get too upset and then fill in the blank there so let's see how all that goes but either way no need to kick TJ Dillashaw he got his punishment he got in front of it he dealt with it he's the one that revealed that he didn't hide under rocky he did everything in that situation as well as you could do it so I feel that we can move on so let's