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WE DID IT! Yatta desu ne! Yatta desu ne! First to 90 million. Oh boOoOy! T-Series was right behind us but we did it! 👏 We did it 👏 Omedetou 👏 Omedetou gozai 👏 Omedetou gozaimasu! 👏 Very nice! 👏 Very nice! 👏 Thank you, everyone! Thank you, everyone! 👏 Thank you, everyone! I can't believe! Everything is just changing so quickly. You have all these... um... news ariticles pre, er- Is it called 'Preemptively'? --Yeah! Preemptively celebrating the fact that T-Series has passed us, --Yeah! Preemptively celebrating the fact that T-Series has passed us, --Yeah! Preemptively celebrating the fact that T-Series has passed us, BUT OH NO NO NO! I think that's important to know, that UNLESS, we have a common goal, this is just gonna go on forever. And I think we've proven ourselves that we're more than capable, of doing just THAT, okay? But if we don't have a common goal, then we are just gonna look like a bunch of idiots. We're never gonna- go this is just gonna go on forever. Which, it easily can, bY thE wAy. Which is fine! But, we are more than that. We have more integrity than that, we're not: "oH, wE hAvE tO bEaT tHem, bEbE!" We don't CARE! Okay?! It's first... to a hundred million, AND THEN... we will let T-Series passes us. we will let L-Series passes us. we will let T-Series passes us. You will have my permission to PASS, AFTER we hit a hundred million, I will write full a step aside, I will graciously step aside and let you pass, T-Series! *LWIAY Intro* Using the Drake format Using the new Marzia format because Marzia memes get more upvotes than pewds memes WHAT?! I can do funny faces, guys, please! UwU [Fairy Tall] Wow (echo) They were thirty thousand ahead! I don't know how they did it! I don't understand *???* just don't forget about me when I lose to T-Series Well, it's not gonna happen! It's not losing, if we let them win! Okay?! 10 Jeahr challenge Fortnite in 10 months but Minecraft never in ten yeahrs I'm so proved of community Yeah. like a meme to uh neurotically play play minecraft it used to be oh you play minecraft oh that's awesome - oh you play minecraft only kids play minecraft oh you play minecraft that gave us dead - you play minecraft Thank You Hana brofist bro hit a freaking fat brofist self-driving cars more likely to hit wild deer oh my god please the story writes itself Felix we need explanation clown poor listen we don't know the source we don't know who posted this and we don't know why this was made so therefore we will ignore this news moving a hug at 100 million we're deleting the channel we don't know the source of this this ah when we hit 50 million I added a little Easter egg at the very end saying yeah I'm deleting the channel at a hundred million so haters better start subscribing okay violent videos mods closing down this sub young children they big shoutouts to the to the mods I appreciate that they they acted quickly to prevent that I think they did a great job and I really appreciate it Japanese reinforcements are available pukes one day I would like to very much take a collaboration video with pity son Kizuna ie for me review if the game is so relevant why haven't the headphones changed ah oh my god this is so embarrassing yeah our minds I thought the game was relevant they told me listen they told me Felix the game is so relevant and I'm like this is awesome I'll tell everyone how relevant the game is I felt so disappointed while I made pewds what an amazing guy next me Thank You Shane very cool he said something I appreciate a lot in his video today almost nights a thing that I did mention in that video is that I said that I watched him back in the day but I like Shane a lot more now because he seems like he's more honest and open with himself and I think that's the thing with YouTube that I really like so keep going Shane you're doing great it works i screen recorded and uploaded a video with a song Oh hit books so there's this theory that it's not a theory but this is mean that to fight if you don't know the name of a song just upload it to YouTube because they have all this advanced technology to claim the video it's so it will say what song it is because they will get claim well if you upload it and someone did it hi dragon boy yo the Content ID claim ur is time is on my side claimed by um G I think I heard somewhere the reason why you can't sing happy birthday on is that the one sing happy birthday and it will cost you turns out the pablor song is under copyright performers are supposed to pay do not you're not allowed to sing it happy birthday to you at restaurants because it's not licensed just to give you a taste of how bad then in my opinion the music industry is with with protecting the artists it is certain no integrity involved with sharing something that you created I don't get this idea but it's literally the same thing here on YouTube even if I hum a song that's enough for a video to get claimed entirely I can't wait for article 13 I really hope I'm just imagining things Oh God break out on forehead bags under eyes substance abuse I think feelings needs a vacation to the records he looks so drink concern nine-year-old I appreciate the concern it's been a rough couple days it's time for the big guns pewds happy wheels fortnight minecraft roblox cool man I really got to play happy wheels I don't know if I can do it man her he's probably thinking about other women him I wonder if there is someone who is subscribed to prettify submissions but isn't subscribed to PewDiePie you know here you are hit that subscribe button when God created feelings good looks that's right thanks right a girlfriend that's right I do have a girlfriend number one most subscribe YouTube channel legs oops dog for those of you hasn't missed who has missed the breaking news that's right in order to defeat t-series I have revealed that I have very large tongue as I will show you now the war is still odd well clear ah it hits zero again oh god it zero again one ahead fast ah this is why I hate video games it appeals to male fantasy oh my god I have Leahey finally a video game where I can live my fantasy teaser is so but caught alive holy crap whoa whoa what what what happened there they gained 25,000 out of nowhere Oh 31% off G fuel pay 69% of the price oh my god guys leak the case you didn't know you get 16 you can pay 69% of the full price of G fuel it's the biggest sale they've ever had if you enter the code PT pipe number 5 trending for gaming in India hey we did it guys we settled for number 5 now apparently what the hell is this fan out of the original nine year olds and yes the guy in the back is sigh they made sigh look like a total boy everybody everybody gay as always that's a great name you like your lose meme reviews bad camera quality Brad one pew news book reviews 35 and that's how it's done everybody all men have a mental age of nine you know you're not 9 but in there you're 9 we are all we are all silly oh my god he gets it wow that's nothing here just a scream subscore no sub subs I thought it was gonna say subscribe subscribe to judy by pew you laugh you win his entire fanbase wait that's silly sometimes you just got to pull some strings to makes things happen I made a skin for Peter pine for night took three hours couldn't find a face that looks like him but I hope he likes it damn see I saw these on Twitter but I didn't know what it was from that's really cool I'm pretty sure the only thing to save for night from a famous legend is to add this skin I won't just remember March 18 as a day my twin daughters were born but also the day pivot I became the first title to surpass 90 million subscribers congratulations of your twins man that's incredible thank you guys so much for all the support honestly it means so much to me if you want support the channel just it's there and that's it for me for now see you guys tomorrow why brofist at a hundred million brofist that 100 min to burst simulator it's now so relevant that it's got a brand new mini game cranium drop the crane and get fresh items only available in the washing machine like game and you say there's more of course there is new Seriously Subscribe were you even watching the vid Animu speak to English by Pandora YW