Realme 6 Pro Review in English and Unboxing with Pros Cons




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hello folks this is I Panaji from inspire I start comment today we are going to talk about the real nice Expo and I'm going to showcase an unboxing for the same so guys this is the official box for the real nice Explorer this is one of the newer smartphones by healed me and let's go see what you did inside the box inside the box you get the documentation warranty card etc you get there deep you go for the smartphone along with the Quick Start Guide and the typical looks of a pretty good quality it's pretty thick and let's see what else do you get on the inside inside you get the smartphone it's available in a few different colors and has a very nice Thunderbolt style of pattern at the back and looks pretty good has a 90 Hertz display and inside you also get the fast charging module for this one with charges here - really really fast and it's a 30 watt book 4.0 charging 100% in 57 minutes and you get a nice USBC cable it's pretty thick to support that fast charge and also the simple ejector tool on the inside this device weighs around 200 to gram has a Gorilla Glass 5 back and front and a plastic frame at the back this the camera module which is slightly protruding out it's a dual SIM splash-resistant device and comes with Snapdragon 720 G which is good enough for your normal day-to-day usage but for the price for which this device details you can easily get something better it has a full HD Plus 6.6 inch display and the hole punch fill style notch is on the top-left supports cam 2 API and has a 90 Hertz refresh rate which is the main selling point for this device the camera mode you know this one is a 64 MP I found it to be pretty good it comes with BL me uy latest version has some 300 bloatware installed which can be uninstalled and overall I felt that this device does not have too many shortcomings but the biggest issue here is that this device tedious for a price of 17 thousand 999 rupees and for such a price you can get something like the poco x2 or even other devices which perform better than the smartphone and a 720 G chipset in this price range it's not make too much sense because in this price range you can get much better performing smartphones if you really want to buy this smartphone buy it for the 90 Hertz refresh rate display the good looks that it has and the battery life with a 4300 mAh battery so guys this was it for this video in case you like this one don't go to smash the thumbs up button to subscribe to aspire to a some awesome tech videos like this one these guys stay safe wherever you are and no matter what you do stay inspired to rise [Music]