Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Realme X2 Showdown

yeah what's up guys will here for GSM Erina Xiaomi and real me are both very successful brands from mid-range smartphones right now and these are two of their models that are in direct competition the xiaomi redmi note a pro and a real me x2 they have similar specs and look almost the same is kind of confusing so we want to compare the two directly and see which one comes out on top let's start off with the build and design both phones look pretty similar they have curved back panels of Gorilla Glass 5 and frames made of plastic but if you're having trouble telling them apart you can look at the location of the camera setup and of course the logo according to Xiaomi there is some unofficial splash proofing other note 8 pro but we haven't heard the same about the real me x2 the redmi note 8 pro has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner on the camera hump is quite fast though it's easy to accidentally touch and smudge the camera itself in contrast the X 2's fingerprint reader sits under the display and it's also quite speedy both phones have expandable storage the x2 has a dedicated microSD slot or the notated pros is a hybrid one either microSD or a second SIM the redmi note 8 pro does bring an IR blaster which can use to control compatible appliances of the two phones the real me x2 was a little more comfy in the hand the note 8 pro is bulkier and heavier but in return it does give you a bigger battery and a slightly larger screen so overall in the build section these two are thai now let's get into the screens the real me x2 has a six point four inch AMOLED display while the redmi note 8 pro's is a six point five inch IPS LCD both have a 1080p resolution the real in the X 2's panel gives you the deep contrast of an AMOLED and overall it's decent but there's no boost in brightness and sunlight and it's quite reflective so legibility when out in the Sun is worse than other amal s but at least it allows you to select a color mode that's quite accurate the redmi note 8 pro's LCD screen is decent to contrast is good for an LCD and sunlight legibility is about on par with the real me the color accuracy isn't stellar though census animal ID the real me x2 hasn't always on display in contrast the redmi note 8 pro as an LCD has an LED to let you know about notifications the result here is up to your preference I would rather have an AMOLED but there's nothing wrong with the Xiaomi is LCD screen it's actually quite good so how's the audio both phones have a single bottom firing loudspeaker and the quality is quite similar it's nothing too impressive on either device but the real me x2 has the edge as far as loudness goes this story with headphones plugged in is almost the same but flips both have about average audio quality but here the redmi note 8 pro is louder so again is yet another tie as far as audio goes now let's talk battery life here the redmi note 8 pro has the advantage thanks to its larger 4500 million power battery but the real me x2 with us 4000 million power pack is no slouch either in fact they both tested with a hundred hour plus endurance rating so both are excellent there is a big difference in charging speed though the real me x2 comes with a larger 30 watt Evoque charger in the box while the redmi note 8 pro's is 18 watts in half an hour of charging the x2 1 from 0 to 67 percent while the note 8 only got up to 39% I would say that the edge here goes to the real me well the battery life is a bit less charging speed more than makes up for that how about the user interface these phones of course come with different you eyes elbows color OS 6.1 on the real me x2 and shammies me why 11 on the redmi note 8 pro while each does it in their own way both deliver a customized experience with more options compared to stock Android unfortunately both also offer built-in ads though this is specific to region and particular one of the major differences is that colour OS has an app drawer while me UI doesn't but you can download the poco launcher if you want to get that as far as the interface goes I would call this a tie moving on to performance the real me x2 is powered by the relatively new Snapdragon 730 G and the redmi note 8 pro is also sporting a new chipset the mediatek helio g9 dt both our mid-range chipsets which pack some extra punch as far as gaming is concerned in benchmarks both phones scored a virtual tie in both CPU and GPU tests so either one will give you an equally snappy and powerful experience and finally let's compare cameras the real me x2 has a quad camera set up with a 64 mega pixel quad bayer main cam an 8 megapixel ultra webcam a 2 megapixel macro cam with fixed focus and a depth sensor the redmi note 8 pro's camera setup is almost identical there are just some minor differences in the aperture of the main and ultra wide cameras and the macro cam here has auto focus in daylight with the main camera neither phone takes perfect looking shots but the real me x2 is have warmer colors balance sharpening and good dynamic range in contrast the noted pro shots have cooler colors are over sharpened and you can see some blown highlights here and there but she do get better looking foliage shots with the ultra wide camera are similar story the real Me's are again warm and you get balanced sharpness and good detail and dynamic range the note 8 Pro has natural-looking colors here and foliage looks good but you still have that over sharpening and narrow dynamic range let's compare portraits which are taken with the help of the depth sensor the subject separation is a little better on the real me but the colors are still warm while the notated pros are true to life now on to the macro cam and here the redmi note 8 pro has the upper hand thanks to us autofocus quality is about the same but the difference in ease of use is night and day speaking of night and day at night images aren't great from either phones main camera but the real me x twos are less noisy even though they do have a reddish orange tint the noted pro gets the colors mostly right but at the same time these are a bit washed out looking if you turn on night mode the real me x2 is aggressive noise reduction ends up smearing some of the fine detail the note 8 pro preserves more detail but you end up with a noisier photo Ultra wide shots at night are pretty bad from either phone however the real me x2 does offer night mode on this ultra wide cam which provides a significant improvement over the normal photos the real me x2 takes 32 megapixel selfies and the no date Pro 20 megapixel once the results from the real me are good with plenty of detail though dynamic range is low and colors are dull the noted pro tastes great selfies with livelier colors though these have a reddish tint it's also worth mentioning that there is a nice gape mode available for selfies on the real me x2 and this actually makes a nice improvement in darker conditions now moving on to video quality both phones can shoot video in up to 4k at 30fps with the main camera we see excellent detail and good contrast and dynamic range the no dead pros clips do have more of a reddish tint the real me x2 is 1080p footage from the ultra wide camera is much better than that from the redmi it's a little crops due to an always-on eis but it has more detail and natural colors compared to the note a pro's reddish ones so as a camera phone the real me x2 has the upper hand doodles processing in both photos and videos so there you have it guys the xiaomi redmi note 8 pro and the real me x2 they're pretty evenly matched future wise and many of the features one offers over the other like a larger battery or an AMOLED screen or up to your own personal preference and what you need in your own life well that is except for the cameras they're almost the same but the software processing from the real me is in general a bit better than the Xiaomi but again this may depend on your own tastes as many of our nitpicks had to do with the colors in color temperature which some people don't mind finally we get to the price 120 a gig versions of both phones are going between 250 and 300 euros but depending on the market you can find the Xiaomi substantially cheaper keep that in mind in your consideration but regardless both phones are worth recommending thanks for watching guys and see you on the next one [Music] [Music]