Regular People Try Stabbing An Olympic Fencer

(rock music) - Okay you guys, Monica Aksamit, Olympic bronze medalist fencer is going to come and fence some regular people. - We need a Star Wars fan. - They like doing the the thing with the... what is called? - The light saber. - The light saber! (laughs) - I'm just gonna be really scared. - Selorm, you're in the video, let's go fence. - Let's go. - Regular people hanging out with each other? - Yeah. - Cool. - So first, you guys are gonna solve with chest protectors. Definitely for the girls, not for the guys. - I know very little about fencing. I've always liked to do that, you know you take off the glove and you slap someone and you challenge them to a duel. - The only thing that I know about fencing is watching the Parent Trip. This isn't a bloodstain, right? I have no clue what I got myself into. - Basically, it's like coat hangers and people just swing 'em at each other until you hit the vest. No doubt I'll stab her. - I feel like I'm putting on a gimp suit. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to try fencing and I just never got the chance. (intense music) - One of the most important things is we have this thing called right of way, if you have the attack, and the defender wants to score a point, you have to either block the opponent that's trying to hit you, great, and then now you can hit me and that's your point, right? Because I handled my attack, you blocked it, I lost the attack, you won the attack. So it's all about getting the right of way. - I was not expecting to go first, I'm actually really terrified, let's hope I don't die. (rock music) I'm kind of upset at myself, I wasn't expecting to win but it was very fast. - I don't know why I'm so scared, it's not like I'm gonna be actually killed... right? You know when you're walking home at night and you hear a sound in the bushes, that fear? That's how I feel right now, literally, like I just fended for my life. - I feel great, I kinda feel like a combination of Jack Sparrow and Steven Seagal, if I was raised by cheetahs. You smell fantastic. - 'Cause I haven't broken a sweat yet. Looks like you're already sweating, we haven't even started. - Alright, well good luck. - I don't need luck, you do. - [Man] Ready. (screams) - [Monica] Did you just run at me? Told you I didn't need luck. (yells) - [Dom] Can't even see that thing. We will be back to fight another day. - I was taking some notes, listening to coach, hopefully I'll get at least one tap in. Oh crap. Oh shit. Got a point. I had a blast, that was awesome, putting on the mask and holding the saber. - It felt like an honor to be fencing with an Olympian. - When I'm coaching someone, they're always way to afraid to fence me, but you tried, so there you go, you're better than ten-year-olds. - That's the best compliment I've ever received. - And you guys look mighty fine in these. - I'm all about looking good rather than actually doing anything of substance.