Regular People Vs Professional Paintballers

So we're here at Hollywood Sports in Bellflower, California with a bunch of regular people to play some paintball. - They think they're coming here to play against each other. The trick is they're actually playing against a professional team called the L.A. Hitmen. - I think they're gonna do great. - They're probably gonna get their ass kicked. - Nothing like screwing with people's emotions. (all laughing) - I'm rooting for the regular people! Let's do this! - Let's go! (upbeat rock music) - I'm pretty good. I usually end up in like the top two. - Former athlete, I think I have an edge on these three. - I played paintball for a good two, three years back during college. I know I'm not gonna lose. - I watched Youtube videos last night of a Canadian man and he told me to protect my neck. So I'm ready. - We're regular people ready to play some paintball against each other. - That's not exactly what the video's about - Of course it's not! - Fuck! - You're actually here to play against a professional team - Of course we are. - Of course! (eerie digital music) - That's so wrong. - Run and die! (rock music) - There's gonna be about a four to five minute time limit. It's total elimination. (paint balls rolling in) Any body hits or on the gun are considered elimination. (paint balls rolling in) You guys ready? - Yeah! - Let's get 'em! (rock music) (shooting) - Shit. - Go off! Go off! (bell dings) - Get over, where are you going? - The game started and it ended for me point five seconds. Sucks. (shooting) - Back-center! - Go on that side. - Hey, we got two, two right there! (shooting) (bell dings twice) - Got some shots in but I think it didn't land anywhere. - Oh I also shot at a cameraman and I'm sorry. - It didn't hurt that bad. Let's keep playing. (rock music) (paintballers yelling) - There's some guy on that side and all of a sudden he started to move so I shot him. (bell dings) - Right side, right side. - She got one. - And then I turned and there was another guy (bell dings) and then when I turned back to get the third guy, he shot my hand and it hurt (bell dings) but no damage, I'm fine. (rock music) Let's see if we can get more next time. - Let's get three! - Get all of 'em. - All of 'em! - Let's get it, let's get it! (rock music) (shooting) (paintballers yelling) (bell dings) - I'm out guys, I'm out! I did see them coming to my left, looked to my right, came back (mimics paint ball exploding) (rock music) (paintballers yelling) (bell dings) (paintballers yelling) - I seem to be hitting everything but the other team. (rock music) (bell dings) (paintballers yelling) - I just get really scared and yell and shoot in all the directions. (paintballers yelling) - Okay, let's go! - Go, go, go! (paintballers yelling) - Man to your right, to your right! (bell dings) - Let her out! (rock music) - Since we felt terrible that we tricked you guys into this and we had so much fun watching you guys get your asses kicked, we're joining this third round and fighting with you guys. (rock music) (paintballers yelling) (bell dings) - I ran out there guns blazing, trying to be a hero and then, before I knew it I got tagged in the arm. - Izzy! (bell dings) (paintballers yelling) (bell dings) - Oh, Ricky! (bell dings) - I saw everyone dying around me. Ricky was gone (bell dings) Courteney was gone, and then I was just like, crap! So I just ran out there, scarfaced it. (mariachi music) (bell dings) (paintballers yelling) - Then I got hit in the knee and it was over for me. - You got it! - For a while, I was just trapped in the coffin, and I was like someone cover me, and I'm like I guess I'm just gonna stay here until they run out of bullets. (paintballer yelling) (mariachi music) (bell dings) - I'm hit, I'm hit! - The competitive side of me is like I wanna get back out there and play some more. - You guys did great. Throughout the game, there was definitely pressure. The first couple of games, there really wasn't much pressure in the beginning of the game. You guys did exponentially better. - We lost three rounds but we got an "A" for effort. - (everyone) Yay! - Woo! (rock music) (swinging)