Remember Steve from One Crazy Story


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you guys will remember Steve right Steve is my friend you famous on this program for get in the hole well get in the hole Steve he'd I had a bit of a dust-up and I'm not sure it's warranted I think I'm being treated unfairly here's this story what's it called all elite wrestling aew okay new new wrestling organization they're doing a great job Cody Rhodes at the helm perhaps you guys have heard about this but they're starting to sell out arenas and now they're doing pay-per-view and they're starting to make some waves right WWE's got some competition by the way this is not a wrestling show even though I'm cover server I feel like Brock pertained to MMA and the fact that I'm telling you about the aew has very little to do with my show but Chris Jericho has been on a guest on this show you guys are familiar with him I have been a guest on his show you guys are familiar Chris Jericho is now a part of the aew all right store this away I'll tie this all together so they're gonna do a show I believe it was in Chicago I don't it doesn't fully matter the point is it's gonna be on pay-per-view this show is totally sold out I don't know what does that mean 14,000 people does that mean 18,000 but this place is packed they do a great night of business they bring out all the stars anybody you can think of that it's not under contract at the WWE made an appearance on some level in this program okay plus the fans are out looking for something I mean there's a lot of there's a lot of things they're really going well for the aew right now but it's relevant to the story because Jericho is going to be part about part of the show Steve has a niece who loves professional wrestling she's 16 years old she's going to the show live and by the way just to tell you how much she loves professional wrestling she either just wrote a book on professional wrestling or she's just finishing a book that she wrote about professional wrestling so she's she's an avid fan so Steve gets a hold of me says hey my niece is going to show could you text Jericho could you could hold it Jericho and see if he could do something for her and it's like man that's a big ask I would love for that to work out for your knees but I am very confused with logistics here okay there's 14,000 people every single one of them wants to meet Chris Jericho I imagine he's gotten a few texts like this I imagine there's no town that he could go to where he doesn't get texts like this or asks for tick or something annoying something tough to do something that would create a lot of work for him and that's a big ask for me to go to him and ask him to do it because I'm going to look like a fool and I know I'm gonna look like a fool and I also know I'm not gonna get that and the reason I and I'd love for this to work out for but I know that I just can't achieve it right it's one of these things guys where let's just say Jericho says yes for whatever reason or maybe you know it's me maybe does a favor let's say he says yes what happens then do I then give her Chris's number so she can contact him directly do I send crisp her phone number do I get her seat do I find out what row what section what seat she's in and maybe Jericho sends the security to go get her and then they bring her in the back and he says a hi hello and good luck with your book and they part ways and I look like a hero for setting this up for Steve for his niece is that what happens I don't know maybe that's the answer but I don't know there's a lot of moving parts there even if I got it yes there is 14,000 people in a foreign city to Jericho all of which want to meet him so what exactly happens how do I even present this to him what exactly do I say there's a gal you don't know or by the way neither do I put her uncle Steve's asking a request is your I mean what do I say since you're a great a great long two-page text message which gets swiped left delete it and then my phone number gets blocked for being annoying I mean it's a big ask in fairness it's a big ask of which also intro I would love to pull off I would look like a cool guy the nice quincy would have a fantastic experience Steve would look like a cool guy and now the ball would be back in Steve Court now he would owe me a favor I get it this is the way the world works I don't have a problem I just don't know how to pull it off and I have no level of confidence that I can so I work on a text message okay I can't send Jericho two pages I can't I can't go blow up his voicemail and is in by 8:00 what am I gonna do so I got to condense this down I gotta think how am I gonna do this how am I gonna present it but at the same time I'm well-aware even when I finally do have about the five or six sentence sentences I'm gonna text him and trust that even a busy guy that's flying a traveler is gonna have time to read even when I do this I'm well aware that it then invokes a follow-up hey Jail sure little bit annoying but I'll do it for you you're gonna owe me whatever happens however a nice he wants to be or however much he wants to punch me right in the mouth and go man this is a dick move by you but I'll do it total stranger to me underage girl you I'll do it what happens next how do I put the two of them together to Steve at all imagine that Jericho while doing his segment in the ring is going to shout her out on the microphone during the pay-per-view life I don't know I'm not putting I don't know what he expected big ask and I made it for him cool move by me cool move by me in fairness right no not so fast so Jericho doesn't do it Jericho didn't respond in any fashion and quite frankly I'm a little bit busy too I did not then go back to Steve and say hey that isn't gonna happen I decided that when it did not happen he would elect himself mayor of get the hint ville and understand it's not going to happen well no that's not the way it worked because the pay-per-view was on Saturday and when Sunday morning rolls around I wake up to about 15 text messages where I'm getting told off in fact rewind that I wake up to one text message that simply says what happened last night with Jericho and like five question marks so I don't respond then I get an emoji text with an arrow that's pointing up to the previous text that says what happened last night to Jericho and five question marks so I write back I said isn't it a little bit obvious we got blown off we asked the guy for a ridiculous favor and we got blown off I understand it how did you not understand and why is it that we even need to talk about it he said well you know when we got blown off all you had to do was send me a text message hey tried Jericho's real busy never heard back but you didn't do that and then he goes from and now the floodgates are open and now I get told I get told off to the highest of level I gives you everything everything you could imagine from hey you don't care about me you didn't want to do the favor you look down upon my niece I thought that was a little extreme not not for nothing the only level opportunity that I had here to make a very very hard ask come through was to pass the ask on which I was a little uneasy about if I'm to be fair with you guys because I did think it would make me reflect poorly on Jericho I happen to respect him I happen to be a fan I happen to not want to look like a jerk who's begging for something from Jericho and that is a bag I mean that's a big ass that's great the guy is out there in a professional capacity he is out there to make money he is working and he is performing I'm asking him to stop all of those things it there's right it was a little bit uncomfortable but I did it I did think I should have been told off Steve then went even further don't forget this is the gift in the whole guy this is the gift in the hosting things could be tough he could be clever he could create a buddy he could also be very mean I mean this went on to the extent where he was saying you know jail and he was talking to me as though I was some high and mighty that viewed myself as a high in my viewed myself as the one that wielded the patent of this this is actually in writing this I'm almost tempted to hold up my phone and read the messages to you guys but I think I'm doing a better job paraphrasing for instead of reading what would take me about six or seven minutes I made a lot of text message just came through it was coming from the position that I viewed myself as a higher level or a higher class of society that would not do this favor for the proletariat class that I was the burgeois and this is the proletariat class that I looked down upon wait a second that first off that's not true that's just simply not true and secondly I I did do it I feel like that's the part that's getting left out here I now look like a fool to Jericho okay I can't go back to Jericho with something the next time I talk to Jer I need to be offering him something okay there's a Bellator in town I you know I'm getting ready to fight in New York I read something I find out Jericho's gonna be in New York I go offer him front-row tickets a Chris heard you in town you know love to set you with some tickets if you want to come on taking a great job it has to be something like that I can't go back with an ass I look like a fool because it was a ridiculous ask so I not only get to look like a fool to Jericho for something that wasn't even my ask I now get to be the bad guy in the story with Steve and somehow the illusion is now created that I was wielding some type of power over them I'm looking at going that's just not what happened you asked me to do so I did have a level of power because I had his number and nothing else other than his number seems like old chill might be getting treated a little bit unfairly here what do you guys think