Renegade Girl 1946 Full Movie

the boys got here after all Thank You sergeant but I don't need an escort it's a dangerous country Michelle me you saw what controls girls did back there Sawyer's less than a week ago did Quantrill do that and how do you know my name everybody in this part of Missouri knows Miss Jean she'll be by sight anyway I'm Sergeant James of major Barker's commandeth Newton he knows me too well if you know anything about me you know I always ride alone and when I do one on escort there won't be any Yankees in it but you were going somewhere sergeant you mustn't sacrifice duty for my sake we're not this is our duty oh you mean looking for girls foolish enough to think there's tape on these roads just to look out for jeans tell me just what does that mean major Barker's expecting you this afternoon he sent us out to make sure you reach Newton safely does that mean I'm a prisoner I wouldn't go so far as to say that we just have to make sure that you don't miss calling on the major you say is expecting me today why I don't know maybe you could tell me or maybe this is ladies day at headquarters well if I must be a lady fine wasn't it especially the finish well shall we go on second thought I knew wanna see major Barker I'm telling just what I think of him I'm certain the major will be interested he's at headquarters waiting for you now me big chief Whitecloud I know who you are last night on the guard picked you up drunk Yuri but you knew something about Bob Shelby now that you slept it off you still know anything me no forget Bob Shelby kill it where you pee I always pay how much $10 to tell on the more like you promised if get Bob Shelby all right here your tan now where is he he's father's place Fontana shut wounded him come home tonight ago Brown Carver Brown take his quarter man and go to Fontana bring back Bob Shelby he's at the Shelby own right sir and one more thing I've just played this Indian $10 for information take him along with you if he's lied hanging you go ahead white cloud is either $100 or the Rope for you that's all purple yes sir I thought you paid $50 a head for quantrell's men why are you paying a hundred for this Bob Shelby because he's worth twice as much as any man except Quantrill himself when I get ahold of him I'll break up a combination that makes Cointreau so successful combination yes you see Bob and his sister Jean worked together and they're a very dangerous pair Jean makes men talk and somehow or other gets the information too Bob they make Quantrill the power years why didn't you arrest this girl long ago well you know she does these things though we can't catch her at it what makes you think this Indian isn't lying because he's one ambition is to wipe out this Shelby family years ago he tried to kidnap Shelby's wife after that the Cherokees threw him out and he's been a murderous renegade ever since but always aiming at the Shelby believe me miss Shelby I'm almost sorry we're here for me this has been a very enjoyable Duty and you've been very time sergeant in fact you've made this so pleasant that perhaps someday we that's what I didn't dare hope for it might even be someday soon if you wish if we could meet somewhere I'll leave that up to you well if it isn't a little Jean where did you find her sergeant just this side of the Sawyer place I could the scene of the crime eh well that's quite natural in the labor here sergeant goodbye for now sergeant thank you again for your kindness the pleasure Michelle be I only hold just a minute sergeant before you get any ideas about this young lady just remember that many people have been killed and a lot of homes burned in Missouri because she was able to make fools out of men like you he's always hated me sergeant another thing sergeant if I hear of you having anything to do with her except deter jailor I'll have you court-martialed as a traitor now get out now what's this all about I'm sorry Jean it's bad news for you you're gonna be our guest for time maybe a long long time it just came in sir urgent thank you captain Raymond this changes my plan god yes sir why does he have to be a Yankee keep an eye on me Shelby meijin orders yes sir I've been ordered to leave immediately how are the roads in a way to roller all care except for Quantrill's men I'll take that chance I'm sorry I won't be here when white cloud and the boys get back you have the steaming off young Shelby is caught napping well this time his sister won't warn him he's right in here morning I'd like to meet the girl who's fooled you so long get back throw your guns up there I'm a troller chaser they'll never catch her with that horse it's mine and I know especially with such a rider your sound as though you're glad I'm beginning to think that I have what's the matter Yankees about of the box hiding near there after him I'll have to get him away how they find out white cloud you're getting ready now saddle fresh horses you really shouldn't be going you're not strong enough don't worry about me Mom I'll be all right I'm getting through good luck son try that even I on this menu what is this pain we know your son Bob is here so we've come for you're mistaken Bob hasn't been home for months that man will have to find out for ourselves all right men search the place every inch of it no silencer where's that Indian I I don't know sir you let him get away all right men will find that Indian and when we do we'll hanging let's go Lehman's for wish she got here they go country or me find him go on G stop we can't stop now it's only three miles more we'll take it easy I can't get back into the film you not have to control camp and get a wagon I can't leave you alone we can wait here all night I'll stand guard you're a swell soldier says but I'll never make it except in a wagon you go on ahead I'll be all right when you get back Oh miss Shelby Miss Jean Shelby or am I wrong you're right captain Raymond good that saves introductions I've been wanting to meet you what are you doing here this isn't a road roller I know I had a bit of trouble getting away from some of Quantrill them well you can't go down this trail why not cause you want to take me to Quantrill as your prisoner I should you're a Yankee officer what you're not sure that's good thank you Miss Holly who did it I'd hoped you'd get them away safely you hope that I'm only sorry there's nothing we can do for him now I can take him home Quantrill Quantrell gee what's happened mob key Gina I know what he meant to you you know what he meant to me as young as he was with your help he was my right arm I don't know what either of us will be without him who did this Yankee no it was white cloud I was trying to get Bobcat he couldn't ride any Father I was going to go for help when we heard the shot we I just captured the Schanke captain I forced him to come back here with me boys Bob shall be been killed I promise you Jean and I promise you that will pay off for his murder and will begin but paying off right now any last words before we hang you yes I'm a prisoner of war I don't take any prisoners my best captain has just been murdered and it's a captain for a captain get the rope no bill why not he's mine sure you captured him that makes it better we take over from here string him up boys Phil if you lay a finger on this Yankee captain I'll make one more move to hang him I'll kill you have you gone crazy no Bob and I did a lot to you do you think you owe us anything for that sure sure yeah more than I can ever repay and I've never asked for anything so I don't think it's too much of a favor to ask you to turn this Yankee over to me he belongs to me I captured him are we gonna do with him I'm settling my own account for Bob and I don't need any help so keep your hands off an Indian killed my brother I know how to handle this captain if you doubted look for his body about 10 miles down the trail is that clear Jean I've misjudged you oh I should have known better boys turn him over to miss Shelby thanks look Jean honey I don't like you're hitting the trail alone I'd better go with you no Jerri this is my job I don't need any help but something might happen nothing's gonna happen anybody but this Yankee here let her alone Jerri but Jean once goes I want something from you Bob for me one of your knives one of my knives well if you're gonna hear you better take the sharpen boost him on a horse just as he is put Bob on lost bill I want your word that nobody had followed me down the trail until tomorrow you you have my word you know I never break it far enough we've come ten miles half a mile down the trail you'll hit an arrow back road turn left on it go ahead five miles with the main road to Rolla you might need this what are you going to do Michelle B take Bob home now tonight yes and you'll need this I'll be alright I know this country you having a chance with an Indian on the loose why are you doing this Michelle be I don't know a while ago you saved my life I can't understand why except that you're the kind of person I thought you would be do you think for one minute I'd let you go back to Fontana alone tonight but you've been ordered to roll out in a hurry it's because of you I have a chance to get there so it can wait a few hours you get some sleep I'll stand guard we'll take your brother back to Fontana later tonight you would do that see is so tired you can hardly sit up what's your first name red red rain I like it I've always hated all Yankees before Barban I did everything we could against them we always worked together mother and dad never did understand I was bailed about it I guess helping font row wasn't the right way it was the only way we had now I don't know everything I thought about the war seems to have died when Bob was killed all I am now is heartbroken and lonely I understand you don't know what I've done in this war I've been an outlaw I've fought I've lied and cheated I've made men like me when I hated them just so he would talk yes I was almost willing to do anything to help us fight the Yankees and I did why are you telling me this Jean when I ran away on your horse I didn't know about ever see you again I hoped I would all right you don't know maybe but right now you're pretty tired you you've got to get some sleep see I knew I was right I feel safe here with you you are I always know what happened to me in one second that I would know when I do I don't think I was meant for happiness this may not bring me any except for moments like this what big Cherokee chief me killed Bob Shelby white cloud will kill all Shelby soldiers come last night they think nobody come tonight white cloud come we take common you take what you want move on with white clouds we go now Jean Jean when the boys my dream of course it wasn't gene we've got to hurt where's your home Boston back bay great sir Harvin of course yes I'll have to admit it you don't mind the way I've been helping Quantrell I'm all right - Jean all right someone else's a girl back in Boston isn't it please someone you're engaged to is that it I suppose so but and you're going to marry her you can't we belong to each other Jean you must listen to me white cloud well doctor I don't know I can only say the chance a chance a very small chance she must not be moved at all and she must have absolute quiet my dear father and I would say to that doctor if she does recover it'll take a long time doctor when will you know I wouldn't dare to guess we can only hope there's a room for you here captain Raymond if you can stay I'd like to but I'm still under orders I'll get in touch with you as often as I can you won't let her slip away with it I'll do my best thank you you'll take care of her brother's body won't you of course goodbye goodbye gene you're dressed you really are yourself again there's not quite as much of me but it's time I came to life it's almost summer again it's been a long time Mary too long no now you're well I told you all along I had to get well I had to there hasn't been any word from anybody outside of Fontana asking me no just Jerry long I wasn't thinking about Jerry you haven't said anything about it Jean you haven't spoken much at all since you were hurt but it's that captain Raymond you're thinking about isn't it yes don't ask me why he's a Yankee Yankee or no Yankee I liked him and they never sent a word no but that morning he brought you here I've never seen anyone so worried or anxious and he forgot me as soon as I was out of sight well I can need him as much as I love it no I had to know and now that I'm sure I don't wanna say any more about it it's gone like everything and everybody else I ever cared for keep your chin up what are you doing that you were gone I just wanted to see if I could still shoot I can but not here please oh I'm sorry I'm not very thoughtful but you know I have a job to do I know that Indian but you mustn't so one thing I have to do well Jean it hurts to see you just hating what else is there for me now but you can't give the rest of your life just to hate and revenge revenge not exactly married white cloud sward wipe out the Shelbys he killed my mother father and brother and it is best to kill me I know you're nuts safe as long as he's still alive and free so I'm going to get him first punish me give it up I can't my life doesn't mean much to me but I'm not going to let white cloud end it hi there the door was open the back door we don't use front doors so we came right in Gary hello I'm Bob Crandall I thought so you did well I guess you'll be pretty safe with these two I see you later yeah sure will nice it's good to see you honey yeah up and around and everything we sure missed you well I'm all right my bob you look half undressed without your knives and bandoliers or shucks getting too hot to wear them in more ways than one but I suppose you want your knife back knife what knife no one no war being over and Bill Quantrill dead knife ain't no use except for whittlin and I never was much for whittling don't I deny for anything else Weiland never was much for killin either bothered me all during the war me being such a dead shot every time I fired a gun I was scared I'd hit somebody he's plenty tough in a fight or quite well of fights different you know in a fight you got a fight and now there's nothing to fight wouldn't exactly say that maybe there isn't and again maybe yes Bob there are a few things I'd like to talk over with Jean and well it's been swell seeing you you know it's been like a sunrise it's been like filling in a royal flush like landing a fish that long why Bob but a lot of women you must have been practicing on to say such pretty things like that yucks no I've been practicing on the horse everyone oh you mean he likes it well he's getting a swell head well I promise I won't let that happen to me but thanks Bob sure gonna be lonesome but maybe well anyhow he is hoping good luck Jerry guys honey you look wonderful you too should have come here even if the war is over this till apprised on Quantrill's men who's worth taking a chance aren't you glad I came I'm glad you both came we'll just um what's on your mind Jerry lots of things in other gangs broken up when Bill's killed in that barn only a dozen Tissot got away so I heard what about it most of Quantrill's men who were left scattered but not all of them six of us are sticking together up in the hills what are you going to do keep right on going like we did you can't the war is over we can't help that I've lost we don't call it that I got a lot of scores to settle with Yankees we got a right to hate we got quite a list so we're gonna settle them and make it pay us at the same time and get killed your first time out that's the way we got it taken that's what I came to see you about 15 things never went right after we lost you and Bob especially you we want you to join up with us right away me well you must be out of your mind oh no I'm not what are you scouting for us we're a cinch and you get a chance to get even and to get rich that would be pretty wouldn't it one girl in six men we got that figured out too honey you know I've always been crazy about you and Bob always wanted it that way I'm asking you to marry me honey right away I guess that's a compliment Jerry but I don't love you and whatever gave you the idea I'd marry an outlaw what else can we be you said yourself there's a price on every Quantrill man and on everybody else that helped Quantrill do what do you mean by that I mean that you're in the same boat that we aren't if you didn't know it it's time somebody told you look Jean why do you suppose that the Manson's never let you out of the house never let anybody see you the Yankees are running everything around here now and they're after everybody that had anything to do with Quantrill so that was why she doesn't want me losing your gang Jerry see there's Crandall Miller Rock Lee Hudson and Joe Barnes they're all right now only what do you mean with that is white cloud on your payoff list is if we can ever catch up with him if I go with you and help you out on other jobs so you put him on top of your list always sure will honey we'll do anything that you want honey with you and me married Mary well sure I don't want to marry you Jerry you'll have to you said yes no that'll let Jerry if I go with you why don't we start right away there's nothing to hold you back is there where's your hide up about three miles up from Rocky Ford if I decide to do it I'll be at the Ford late this afternoon I'm not there by Sunday on I'm not coming that's okay you'll be there oh honey you're so pretty it's gonna be swell you and me no Jerry you better go okay honey see you later captain Raymond I miss Manson it seems right here almost is jr. yes yes and very much provoked with you for waiting so long I've been trying to get back here for a long time I think she'll forgive you she was asking about you just a short while ago come in won't you she's gone gone breaks my heart to go like this but you've risked too much for me already this is the only way please try to forgive me love Jean where could she have gone I guess only Jean knows there she always had gone her way alone she means a lot to You doesn't she captain Raymond yes she does I wish she had known that go and find her please you must for her sake as well as yours I'll find her oh yes I'll be going good luck captain go jet bring her back with me good boy mom at all of him let's get everything straight before we start I know Jerry told you the only reason I'm here because I want to get white clogs I need your help and I'm willing to pay for it if you put white cloud on top of your list I'll scout for you new everything else I can whenever you're out to settle a score with a Yankee I'm the only girl in this gang so let's get straight on that tube Bob wants me to marry him and have that settled but I'm not interested in marrying anyone right now white cloud killed my family and gave me that and until it's paid for there's nothing else on my mind in the last year or so nearly every one of you has asked me to marry him you still feel that way I'm ready to make a deal with you when white Cod is dead the man who does the most amazing that way will be the one until then just remember I've always been straight and I'm gonna stay that way now if you don't like my terms I'll be on my way alone is it a deal Shirley no no that isn't what you agreed I didn't agree to anything with you Jerry still your chances ought to be better than the rest of your run in this game better take them oh one more thing if you want me to do you any good keep it a secret that I'm with you so let's forget the name of gene Shelby from now on with this gang my name is Marie Carol remember that well here it is honey I hope it's comfortable enough for you it's fine Jerry time good night wait a minute Jean you didn't have to say all that this afternoon to get the fellas to help you I'm not fit you marry me and they'll do what we want them to they don't belong in this you and me why we're the same kind of people together we can get anything that we want we're sure to get married sometime so why don't we do it tomorrow instead of stalling around I guess you don't hear very well Jerry I meant every word I said I don't belong to you and you have exactly the same chance as everybody else not a bit more I won't take that Jean Jean Jean don't be scared honey what is it me too Joe Barnes where do you arm sure I didn't believe all that hogwash you said a little while ago I want to what do you want I just came in to one out the garbage well 9019 I mean through the planning of jean in her role of Marie Carol the outlaw ban launched on a meteoric career it would appear from nowhere strike and then vanish until it struck again far away at all genes brooding unhappiness only increased everyday she found herself more deeply involved in the outlaw as she hated but she could not bring herself to give it off and turn back from her obsession for revenge on white car and while she drove relentlessly toward this gold white cloud in his own band of renegade set the border ablaze with murderous rage always escaping to burn and kill again let's keep it Jean don't worry about her still they'll offer where the boy checking on a spot we're gonna raid why what's all the excitement I found out I know where we can get white cloud where he's gone to Tom stars hideout yeah but that's over in the territory I know it but we can make it in two or three days we ride haunted we can start right now look honey we've passed up a lot of things lately just to chase this Indian and besides Joe and Ted has fun at a place today where the pickings are good we can take them easy do you mean you'd stop for anything when we have white cloud on our hands he isn't gonna run away overnight Joe and Ted are always fine when they're doing something to jump the traces and get us all killed we're going to head for the territory right now if you don't want to go all alone now wait a minute honey that's the way you feel about it we'll head for Tom stars as soon as the boys get back now you're talking Jerry much saddle up good evening miss Carol I suppose you Jerry long and I'm Bob Crandall you know us I know about you anyway I'm good at guessing what can I do for you we're trying to find white cloud we heard he was coming here are you friends of white cloud friends well white Claude was here I drove more no Sharkey will give shelter to him or any of his band and you don't know where he is or how we can find him what do you want with him how much do you know about white cloud everything I guess my real name is Jean Shelby oh I see I think I can help you white part is going back to Arkansas he started this morning he should be over the line near Sand Hill in about two days he doesn't plan to read until he gets near Gilmore if we shortcutting ride hard we can get back to our a table 24 hours ahead of him this time you won't get away for the first time we know exactly where to find white cloud well is it me oh come on Bob find anything I got my ride was really yeah rapist I gotta talk to your Jean I mean Marie right now Jean what's wrong about everything look Jean you sure you want to go through with this white card business getting cold feet Oh me I never catch cold anyplace especially in my feet then what well it's like this up to now you've been so wrapped up getting but noticing things things ain't so good Oh with the boys I mean in what way I need speaking for myself I'll go the limit for you and then some but the boys have been talking a lot and it's getting Royce they just don't like the setup and they're getting kind of edgy but why now when we're right at the finish well that's the trouble up to now that white cloud business has been something that's been where you are something that they've just talked about now we're right up against it and it's gonna be tough and we'll we just don't like it what's the matter isn't the fries good enough gosh it's too good that's just the trouble they all want to marry and they know only one can win what are you trying to say about that it's been brewing for a long time and if you can think of anything to prevent a blow-up get better habit handy right from now on what about you bud I never did like the setup about you I mean you had no business to make a promise to marry one of his wife we're just a bunch of tough South laws what am i you're something pretty special you're just too swell for any of us you're so swell I wouldn't marry you even if I did win that's how much I think of you thanks but I know you hate this whole business of being a road agent don't belong in it for long in a nice house we're a nice close with a nice husband bringing up nice children and none of them should look like anybody in this gang there was another man wasn't there yes but that was long ago Jean there's something I want you to do for me right now before the others get back or it'll be too late what is it well when we were at Stars I bought something you mean that bundle you've been carrying on your side can I show it to you you I saw it to still have a first day and I kept thinking of you women did it belong to the gene would you would you put it on and wear it for me so I could just see you once in it go outside and give me a few minutes put it away click maybe tomorrow when my mom saw anybody come in here don't honestly tell him anything I've got to think and I won't be Angela rollback and thanks for more than a genie man he's asleep oh we bust our back for her show huh shut up what'd you find out I'll blow her when she wake up can i anything uh-huh well we did Whitecloud knees men are on her way into this country oh so we can all be killed huh yeah so Jerry can have Jean that's not true I got as good a chance as any of you I stopped pulling yourself Crandall you know she's just given us a song and dance like anything on would you take it easy what it amounts to is this white cloud broke loose last night and for what we know he'll strike me here tomorrow night we ought to be glad to do this for Jean even without the other deal she's taken plenty of chances for us I must Bob on that she got paid plenty for the chances she took with us on this deal with Jean we got one chance in six with the Redskins the fighter one chance we'll all get our gizzards cut out I'm with you on that me too there comes Jerry 14 he's in their sleep asleep well this'll wake her up it's all off boys there'll be no white cloud chasing what do you mean by that the whole country over there's full of Yankees cavalry they're here for two things to stop white clouding to wipe us out we can run now or lay low until they're gone I'll tell it won't be necessary Jerry I heard you that dress where did you get that dress all right Jerry I wanted to come to you like this just once before we start because I'm going to be right in the middle of it with you when we get white cloud take the same chance as you do but we're not going to take any we don't have to we're waiting to the right time to strike so we can all come back I'll keep my promise and I have no favorites is that good enough it's too good not for me it ain't those troopers we can't beat those troopers vail gravis but we know where to go the troopers don't they'll never catch us this is our chance we have to take it no we're not taking any chances the whole deal is off and I'm taking Jean with me into yours Jean I'll keep them covered put it away Jerry does that show you where I stand I don't trust Jerry and I don't trust her I don't trust you about gene or anything we're gonna lay low she stays here to you fools what gene says goes and we hit the trail wither that goes for me too not for me or me gene stays here it's every man for himself pick back your rats never ditching trust Jerry don't you either I won't wanted you to get away from all of us no good no pop glad I saw in that dress I wore you lots of times pop no not for me that's a good fight what's for you I'm death a lot of good-looking as you are where I'm going it killed him I reckon so honey I said you were going away with me come on no use waiting around here don't preach for under your belt and drop it get on your horse I'll count 10 and start shooting 1 2 what have I done everything I touch dies you who are you that's my business what are you doing here resting where'd you come from back there and I suppose you're going up there right are you going to account for yourself not to you maybe the captain can coach you have it your own way I think we better take these along to corporal Brown reporting his prisoner sir we picked her up out on the fairmont road she wouldn't account for herself we think she might be Marie Carol Marie Carol just know Karpov you brought me a better prize you might leave her here yes sir how are you captain raining dream and how is mrs. Raymond Park mrs. Raymond your wife of course the girl back in Boston there isn't a mrs. Raymond there never was and I first met you I knew there never could be anyone else with you and you forgot me as soon as I was out of sight I didn't forget you I've been trying to find you ever since I left you at the Manson's I was captured one of quantrell's mana Jerri long visited the prison camp I gave him all the money I had and he'd promised to get a letter to you Jerry yes I sent you five letters because Jerry saw to it that I didn't get the Matt reread the first one I guess so even after the war was over I I knew you'd still be looking for a white cloud and I hope that somewhere I'd find a trace of you here you are don't ever let me go again I'd loved you for so long tell them to back me go don't worry I wanted only wasn't too late there's still a cat for me oh it's never too late for us team we're getting married today as soon as possible you got anything mrs. Raymond the Train it's the only name I ever wanted I could only be sure sure love you does that tell you almost Jean after we got right cloud I'll still be involved with another woman another woman yes and Marie Carol he had the band of outlaws and what we found out about her she's pretty hard and vicious maybe she isn't as bad as it sounds how could she be anything else you have to capture her yes what will you do what there still stand trial and then probably good life there's no way off for her no let's not talk about that we have wedding plans to make remember but you're not changing your mind er I could never change my mind about that only there's one thing that I don't want to leave you for a moment but I've been living with friends at Glenwood and everything I have is there but I can't get married in this and I I must go see them and explain I understand I don't like the idea I'll be safe him in a patrolling the roads or a my prisoner a life I own but you will need safe conduct here this pass will get you through being outside of horses we picked him up on suspicion sir you had a right to leave him here I want to talk to him well long what are you doing around here suppose you try and find out as a personal matter I want to discuss with you he didn't deliver those letters to Jean Shelby did you finally found that out huh yes Jean told me Jean she was here a while ago I just wanted you to know your rotten scheme didn't work Jean and I are getting married Mary I don't think you married Jean she'll be what you might want to make a deal to save her neck talking won't save you Jerry not so sure look where do you think she's been for the last six months she's Marie Carol the outlaw and she's been with us all the time that you've had orders to bring her in dead or alive you're a liar yeah well then ask her about the deal that she made promising to marry the one who would help her get white cloud keeping us off and all the time mourning over a dirty Yankee oh I wasn't fool but I didn't care cause I knew I'd get her when we got white cloud and you'll never get her because right Bob will we know he was gonna hit it kill more today Gilmore yeah Gilmore I told you she's been with us all the time where she belong Dean said Linwood sergeant Dale take the prisoner to the guardhouse he'll stand trial I'm taking up the tuna Gilmore yes white car ding it was my fault I ordered them to fire I'm glad it was you better this way I will erect your life Nodin not ever Marie care I know and it doesn't matter okay love me anyway and I'll tell you I love Jean Sheldon and I always will hold me tighter Jean you fought back once when you wanted to get right cloth right back again for us now I took the wrong road I should've trusted you love you