Resident Evil 2 Game Review


Chris Stuckmann


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[Music] Resident Evil 2 has finally been released from Capcom this is a remake of the 1998 game of the same title there was originally a remake of the first Resident Evil that was released at GameCube and had great success but despite this game success there was no subsequent remake of the sequel until now if you've been following my channel for a while you know that I love this series the survival horror aspect is always one of my favorite themes in videogames and this one in particular I was equally excited for and concerned because I really didn't want them to tarnish the original I didn't want to play some revamped version of it that didn't understand why the original is so good but I was excited to see that they had changed certain things there's no longer tank controls this is a third-person perspective rather than fixed camera angles which changes the way that zombies can scare you because in the original Resident Evil games those fixed camera angles obscured things that were in the corner because you couldn't look there and the zombie would just start walking towards you and it's like this horrific moment but without the fixed camera angles they had to go in and really play around with lighting and the positioning of people throughout rooms also as I played this game something that continuously got on my nerves in a good way is that you will kill a zombie at least you think you do and that motherfucker just comes right back to life sometimes you'll kill him he's dead you leave the room you come back hours later and this motherfucker pops out of the corner and it's just it's it's horrible and I loved it with this game you can play as either Claire or Leon and both characters offer a different perspective to the game which gives you a very immersive feeling to the world created here I played as Claire my first playthrough and that's the playthrough that I'm reviewing I'm still gonna go and play as Leon but I felt that playing all the way through the game as one of them was sufficient enough to talk about the games worth she finds herself in the famed Raccoon City where an outbreak has occurred and this viral infection has spread zombies are everywhere and she eventually gets trapped in a police station an old museum that was converted into a police station so there's tons of rooms things underground things above ground and there's so many rooms to explore so many things to do and I found myself getting really invested in it I had such a great time playing this whenever I buy a new game I always stare at it and I think this cost 60 bucks just please be good just just make me happy just make me feel good about about life just just give that to me and about an hour into the game I sat there and I said god damn this game is good I am satisfied I got so into the game I didn't want to do much of anything else and it's funny because the game doesn't waste too much time with cutscenes or elaborate story it just really wants you to have a blast and it wants you to feel like you're in this environment and the best Resident Evil games are just like that they create an immersive feeling in the atmosphere the locale you just really feel like you're there and you don't really feel like leaving you just want to keep exploring and learning things and solving puzzles and some of them are really ingenious actually I had a great time with the game it's very faithful in certain ways to the original but the things that have been altered loved it I feel like they've improved it actually and while the game is an action heavy per se like say Resident Evil 4 which is probably my favorite of the more action centric Resident Evil titles there is a considerable amount of combat it's just that you have to conserve ammo very carefully and there's a lot of weapons that I had a really fun time with like the spark shot frying zombies with that was highly satisfying in an almost disturbing way and I'm fine with that I also love the way Claire reacted to zombies when she was trying to kill them she would be like what the fuck what's your problem asshole that's what I had say to his zombie too if I was trying to shoot it in the head seriously though I liked her character a lot she brought a levity to a lot of the situations when she slides down this hill that's filled with shit and water and just filth in a sewer she's like oh my god this fucking sucks it's just I love it I love the fact that she they made her very real you know like obviously in real life most people would probably just be fleeing the area and screaming and everything but she's diving into these situations which makes you like the character even more but I just liked that she had such an air of comedy to her the game is also good at making you care cuz eventually you come across a young girl named Cherie that you have to protect and it's not annoying it's not like she's a sidekick that you know if she gets killed next to you or something it's game over and you have to restart she doesn't follow you around for a while you can get a chance to play as her briefly now it's at this point in the review that I have to talk about something very traumatizing that being the tyrant known as mr. X what the fuck bro leave me alone Jesus Christ this guy just walks through and it's just it's horrifying you know you're walking through various rooms and you can hear him stalking you through the floors through the walls and then he just pops out and you can't fucking kill him and for new players I would highly recommend not wasting your ammo on him just get the fuck out cuz go away from wherever he is and you will be happier trust me the game has a great way of making you feel panicked and it's not just because the game is horrifying necessarily it's more about the way the game is built and the mechanics of it Limited ammo where a save is what you need to do something this guy is following you but you have to move these bookcases and he's right there and you just have to keep circling the room hoping that eventually he will lose track of you like things like that that challenge the way we view horror in video games which is what the best Resident Evil games do as far as living up to the original I feel this surpasses it as being a modern game after a thousand other zombie games this is still best of the bunch I love this game I had such a great time with it I definitely recommend it especially if you loved the Resident Evil titles I'm gonna give Resident Evil to a nine point five out of ten I have only one small little nitpick with the game and it's basically the lighting her flashlights in hallways sometimes is just not powerful enough and I found myself squinting a lot and trying to look at things and I get that that's also sort of a part of the game it makes it more scary but after a while it was like I need up just a little more light that's the tiniest little nitpick I have with the game and that's about it I would really recommend you guys checking this out thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more reviews very soon and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes you [Music]