the resurrected Christ carries his wounds not because there are things from which he still suffers he does not but rather as drill provocatively says because these are the wounds of death from which he will never recover that sounds rather dire he would certainly hope that Christ would recover but what do well means to suggest is that by using the word recover is that this death is not something to be undone in the way that Lazarus death is undone in his return a return to biological lights rather in the case of Christ the death in the moment at which Christ is fully and perfectly formed in charity which he becomes self gift in which he enters into that very state that is the epitome of human existence fullness of our vocation that's not something from which you wish to recover rather it's that state that moment would you hope to perpetuate at the close of the last video I said that the crucifixion without the resurrection is infinitely tragic and ironic because the very act which makes you fully alive which makes you most human is the act that puts you to death the resurrection says not so the moment of Christ being fully formed in charity is now made alive forever it's not an undoing the resurrection is not an undoing of what happened on the cross as would be true in the case of Lazarus and undoing of his sickness it is rather the perpetuation of who Christ is in that moment this is what life looks like not as a recovery from death but as it emerges through death and death precisely as gift the resurrection shows us what human life is then fully and perfectly rendered into the form of gift it's different than anything we can imagine as you see from the accounts of the resurrected Christ and the Gospels it appears it disappears it passes through walls but yet it needs it's indescribable and the Gospels I think don't wish to give us a full and accurate description perhaps because they can't what they mean to show is that Christ really and truly is alive not in the manner that he was known in a life perform but as in the form of life into which he's entered by his gift on the cross so but quite simply and I'll leave this video very short the resurrection is the making a lives the keeping the perpetuation of who it is that Christ has become in the moment of his sacrifice in the cross in the moment in which he full of love becomes perfect gift to others that's what the resurrection is the perpetuation keeping alive in this