Revealed The Secrets of Grand Central Station

Grand Central Terminal is the most iconic train station in America where nearly a million commuters pass through every day but there are grand central secrets you don't know one of the secrets of Grand Central is that that is a 25,000 square foot mistake the constellations are backwards the painters accidentally flipped the astronomers design and painted it in Reverse that's just one of the secrets revealed by Sam Roberts author of Grand Central how a train station transformed America for decades the station has been a fixture in the movies playing a starring role in films like North by Northwest what time is the next train and midnight run what do you think this is a class trip now this is without a doubt one of the coolest secrets of Grand Central Terminal you think it's just the information booth in the middle of it all with the famous clock on top I'll come inside and take a look at this thank you very much this is where they stand and answer questions for people who need directions on where to go you think it just leaves around to nowhere but take a look here a secret door that opens up and leads to a secret staircase this is so cool and where does it lead out this door to the lower concourse in the food court that's incredible we are now descending into the deepest basement in New York City and yet it doesn't exist on any maps diagrams drawings this vast basement because the sub-basement controlled the power for the trains it was a target for Adolf Hitler during World War two guards were ordered to shoot to kill any intruder and see that wall of windows overlooking the terminal it's not just a window it's actually filled with workers offices and a glass catwalk that we got to strut right now I'm literally walking between the walls of Grand Central this is called the glass catwalk and take a look at the breathtaking views out this window right on down to the main concourse and can you believe this New York icon was almost demolished in the 1960s not the city but the Penn Central Railroad which was bankrupt figured they would tear it down build a skyscraper over it and make more money from that it was actually Jackie Onassis who stepped in and helped save Grand Central and one last very useful secret those departure boards another secret of Grand Central turned out to be completely wrong Metro North trains actually leave one minute later than the time listed if you're late they don't blame me you