Reversing Obesity Diabetes The Low Carb High Fat Diet

[Music] this is a recent crime scene this is a truck driver who is getting arrested on the border to a small country in northern Europe and the crime is illegal smuggling of butter so why would anybody smuggle butter into a country well it's because it's all gone there is no butter in the stores people ate it all and they want more so this kind of strange story started three decades to go in 1984 and listen to the year that George Orwell chose for his novel 1984 about Big Brother so in the same year fittingly a large campaign was launched by the American government to teach people to fear fat with no real proof that this could help prevent heart disease and enhance ID we should tell easy to see the problem is that you eat a lot a lot less fat you will eat more carbohydrates your blood you that will go up your fat storing hormone insulin will go up and this is what happened so this is obesity statistics from the u.s. in 1985 white states we don't have any certain data but in the blue states there are around 10% obesity so let's move ahead two years at a time have a close look and see if you can spot the difference 87 89 91 93 and 1995 and there's a new color covering half the nation dark blue that's over 15% obesity with a 50% in a decade let's move on 97 99 oh one oh three oh five seven four nine 2011 2014 okay yeah we're in Colorado was still yellow butter still 20% obesity twice what it was just a few short decades ago orange 25% red 30% and black 35% and this even surveys from last year showing that it's even worse now than in 2014 so it's getting worse all the time these Americans have become common in just a few decades obesity rates have tripled in one generation and we have a giant problem that's not going away it's getting worse extreme obesity is exploding in America so how can we stop this turn it around maybe we can learn something from where I come from which is a tiny country in northern Europe called Sweden and there are 9 million of us and we're known for three things now first one is the pop group other second one is the Nobel Prize and the third one is fad diet this is an article from The Lancet a few years ago called sad diet in Sweden of all places and these authors were horrified by the popularity of something really dangerous called LC HS it was so popular in Sweden and looks like this and as you can see is quite toxic probably going to kill you if you try to eat any of that you avoid sugars starches and you eat all the other food you like so it's that similar to other low carb diets but get enough high fat as well so this is something that Sweden has desperately needing something new at least because we've had a similar experience as in the US this is statistics on the sales of butter in Sweden from 1985 up to 2008 you can see it went down to less than half so what happened happened to overweight and obesity the same same time period we are quite good statistics and yeah it's like a mirror image so as we ate less that we also got more obesity but you see in the butter curve here sort of starts going up there in 2008 do you want to know what happened to them the quite nice butter comeback and obviously as people started eating all that fat again they must have gotten really obese right actually no suddenly and this is kind of unique in the world actually the obesity epidemic seems to have stopped it's stuck at 14% obesity and for comparison the u.s. is at 38 and going up so something interesting is happening this started in a very inauspicious way in 2005 started with a doctor called Annika Dahlquist a family doctor she discovered low carb results she lost weight she felt great and then she started to give the same advice to her patients and they lost weight with no hunger the diabetes often went away and she started the blog she ended up in the media TV papers and this became a big thing and then a couple of dietitian got really worried about this and they were worrying that people are going to die from you know butter intoxication all over the place and so they notified the National Board of Health and Welfare and they had the power to take away her medical license if they choose or tell her to absolutely stop doing this but they discovered they had to review the science for two years to come to a conclusion about this and in January of 2008 they came to their conclusion the verdict and they said okay you can keep doing this no problem everybody was very surprised so they said that low carb diets today can be seen as compatible with scientific evidence and best practice for losing weight as is been proven in studies that it works at least as long as people follow it and there is no evidence that is dangerous so this was quite a revolution in the debate so lchf went from this dangerous tad diet overnight to sort of approved by the government diet then everybody jumped on it so you can track this in different ways I like statistics online you know you see statistics on Google searches for you know for example for Sweden so here is the statistics for the most popular diets in Sweden and the blue one is low carb high fat and you can see here this is 2008 like almost nobody is googling for it can't even see it but then it goes up and up and up and in 2010 it became the most popular diet online is way done so what happened after that did it pass into you know did you forget about it like another fad diet no it's like by far the biggest it's actually more popular than every other popular diet combined and this is up to 2015 I actually updated this for this talk this is to 2016 and you can see it's like peaked airing in 2012 and 13 and that's when you couldn't open a paper without reading about this couldn't turn on the TV without seeing something about this so it was really in the media all the time but then after a few years something happened the media got bored you know the media they always need they need a new thing they can't sell papers or get viewers by telling people same thing year after year so now it's not in the papers it's not on the TV but it's still by far the most popular online and offline I yes last week and actually we have because the annual low-carb cruisin sorry gym is actually the biggest no conclusive in the world is more than 600 people the most the cruise ship can take in the conference sections it was filled out for in advance and yeah it's going through some service have claim that but 23 percent of Swedes try to eat low carb diet of some kind and it's also spilled into our neighboring countries this was on the border to Norway the Norwegian butter crisis actually ended up on the Stephen Colbert Report yeah quite panel you can see online if you wanted and here's a one page newspaper ad from Norway you buy this Audi or a $300,000 car they will send you a pound of butter for free [Laughter] so it sounds a little bit radish is it a fad is it a temporary thing I'm going to say no of course for a very simple reason it works lots of people know that studies show it it works so perhaps it's time to ask the other question is low-fat a fad diet because this pyramid or the MyPlate thing is all based on this old idea that cholesterol is fat in the diet raise cholesterol gives you heart disease but as as most of you know this has no evidence in fact if you look at all the evidence there is no significant association even between eating body and partisan and you never been able to show that is give you heart disease so for example the professor II is reading called Aaron Berger who said this two generations of sweets have been given bad dietary advice and have avoided fat for no reason it is time to rewrite the dietary guidelines and base them on modern science ok so this is what's been happening more butter the obesity epidemic halted what has happened to the heart disease frequency in Sweden you know Swedes we are extremely good at making status we're quite a boring people actually the statistic is like what we do best so we have perfect perfect the physics of this and and you'd think that the curves are going up but they're not so this is from 1990 up to 2013 14 are added for 2014 there with arrows and it's going straight down so the top line is for men you know men are at high risk right and the bottom one is for women it's actually gone down by half in that period if we had a slightly green period where low-carb has been very popular going down faster than ever so if you add a graph of the battery consumption Lucy an interesting coincidence we're heating twice as much butter and we get half as much heart disease so it's like another paradox to add to the thousands of paradoxes out there when it comes to saturated fat and heart disease of course it's not a paradox it's just a sign that the theory is wrong so we have a paradigm shift going on all across the world this is just an example of it used to believe that saturated fat was bad we're going to see it safe used to believe that carbohydrates are good and we're going to see that too much carbohydrates can make you fat and sick especially bad carbs like sugar flour when it comes to search results this is another professor from Sweden pp Nielson said this it's time to face the fact there is no connection between saturated fat and cardiovascular disease so where are we now how many people have seen this the headline said freedom becomes the first Western nation to reject low-fat dietary dogma in favor of low carb high fat nutrition how many people are thin is quite a few people fifty-three thousand shares on Facebook quite a lot unfortunate unfortunately or you know reality is this is not true we have the same basically guidelines what this is referring to is this a government expert review about dietary treatment for obesity okay and this one came to the conclusion looking at all the science that if you want to lose weight then low carb high fat diets are more effective when you follow them so excuse the swedish headlines it says maybe somebody knows it says that local ipod is best for quick weight loss but for losing weight and most effective diets and so on so then perhaps you see the problem with this it's not something we're giving about advice for the entire population this is about the best diet for treating obesity right even though like half the population or at least overweight in Sweden so it will be so bad but but the thing is what we have proven what there is evidence for is that low-carb is more effective for weight loss so at least 20 randomized controlled trials showing this people losing more weight on low-carb but still even in Sweden people are taking a long time changing because when someone goes to that doctor or their dietician and ask for help right they don't often get told to eat low carb they get told to eat less calories move more which is basically this advice that has been shown to lose over and over again when you compare it to low-carb so quite sad and when people fail doing this which most people do eventually we don't say okay let's try low-carb you said no what we do we advise them to have surgery bariatric surgery where they cut away big part of the stomach or intestines if they're diseased in these organs now these are healthy organs that we are removing right so we're trying to surgically modify our bodies to sort of tolerate the industrial food slightly better instead of actually eating food that our bodies can handle I think that's a bit crazy and the most common argument for this for people defending it is that okay the people who end up on the operating table they have already tested everything else right so this is the final solution there is nothing else but it's a lie because lots of people haven't tried what works best and this is just one example out of no any number this is Johanna angstrom when she was 41 years years old she felt that she had struggled with her weight for long enough so she decided she wanted the surgery and she got on the list for it and then the day before she was going to be operated on she decided she couldn't go through with it she felt just felt deeply wrong to her she couldn't do it so she talked to the hospital people and she said I'm really really really sorry you're going to have to give the surgery for someone else I can't do it okay and she went home and then she started eating low carb high fat which is something she's been thinking about for a long time but she never giving you given it a real real try she actually asked her doctor about it and he said don't do it because it doesn't work and it's dangerous but he tested it anyway and in a year she lost more than 100 pounds with no hunger looked like this afterwards with all her healthy organs intact right and you wish more people got that opportunity at least to try it why not because doctors like me once in a while and digestions and nurses will heal that this thing you know having an omelet with mushrooms for breakfast is way too extreme to even contemplate so instead we cut away healthy organs on thousands of people because we're too afraid to tell them to eat real food it is that insane and it can get worse because these surgeries you know they work fantastically well for years so people lose the tremendous amount of weight often but then the way it starts coming back if people don't change their lifestyle goes up again and it's quite common for people to regain all that weight and even more so what do you do well people are experimenting with all kinds of things for example brain implants electrodes into the reward system of the brain to tell the brain it doesn't really want any food right really nothing since 1984 like brain implants but but it can get worse another quite popular in May amazingly so a popular option now is to put a tube into the stomach that hangs out underneath your clothing right and the idea is you eat your food then you go to the bathroom pull up your shirt Paletta tube and pour the food into the toilet so it's like select doctor prescribed bulimia right and you don't even need a tube because your habitude sir but anyway there's no money to be made from that so why not try something really really extreme instead like eating real food it's a friend of mine called Ronnie Madison Norwegian guy I didn't know him at this time this is a few years ago but I know now he got idols of being overweight so he wrote on his Facebook page can you possibly lose 20 pounds in ten weeks if it possible and a friend answered yeah it's possible with low carb so Ronnie tested it and you did something unusual first it took a picture himself in underwear before and after and then it put these images into his computer and and made it calculate how he looked in between the images so it's like a movie check it out this is Ronnie while he's eating all the low carb high fat food he wants and the sad sort of melts away 70 pounds sales from the side pretty cool right well of course it doesn't work this well in everybody but it works really well in a lot of people and it's worth testing it of course it's not just about weight you know that this is about health at least as much and especially diabetes so diabetes is diseases where you have too much sugar in your blood of course and the sugar in the blood comes from the carbohydrates who eats right which turns into sugar so in 1985 we had had 30 million diabetics tattoo in the world how many people are there today 450 14 times more in just a few decades they can hit the same and it's just going up 2040 prognosis 642 million it's like a large part of humanity and they're not getting well they're getting sicker every year they get complications blindness dementia heart disease kidney disease amputations and it could all be because they get sick dietary advice diet aramid the bottom is starchy foods the exact foods that raise the blood sugar and of course if you look at the MyPlate same thing it is sugar starch and sugar again and I get kind of depressed I get really depressed actually when things get worse we're supposed to you know moving to beautiful bright future I think so it's supposed to get better but sometimes things get worse 100 years ago people treat the diabetes completely differently before we had modern drugs to cover the problem before we were afraid of that here is a cookbook for diabetes from 1917 you can it's online if you like I'm just going to show you the most interesting thing which is page twelve and thirteen to the left the foods you are supposed to eat to the right the foods you are not supposed to eat so have a look to the right foods that you should not eat number one is sugar number two is starchy foods and you have examples like flour bread biscuits rice and macaroni what we call pastor today show us the headline on this page food strictly forbidden which is now the base of the food pyramid the largest part of the mood my plate you know when we have an explosion of diabetes all around the world people are getting sicker and sicker I don't think that the coincidence at all I think that it's the cause so look to the left what were people supposed to be eating back then what is it butter olive oil cheese meat fish and eggs yes if we only add a bunch of vegetables to this then it's low carb high fat right same advice I've given to patients for 10 years and everybody with diabetes to customers get better blood sugar and it's not strange because blood sugar comes from the concrete take them away bring down blood sugars just just makes perfect sense it's not rocket science but there is science so I'm not going to go through all that I don't have the time unfortunately we can read it on on my website if you like which were other people are going to talk about it but you actually don't need if you don't want to you don't need to eat to read a lot of science you can test this yourself with a simple blood glucose monitor so here's food I had the world back it's a big piece of meat fried in butter we have a few grams of carbs from vegetables fried in butter and then there's homemade been a sauce which is of course melted butter and egg yolk right so it's like a nightmare for an old-fashioned dietitian right it's like a bomb bug or saturated seitan no carbs few grams you can when you eat this you can almost feel your your brain starts to stop work and it stops working right from glucose deficiency as anybody explains that no me neither [Laughter] anyway what happens to blood sugar normal ranges between you know 70 and 100 or so and I tested my blood sugar after eating this and this is what happened so I had quite a boring evening actually pricking my finger nothing absolutely nothing happened stayed around 90 don't eat carbs you don't get that blood sugar elevation for contrast of course then I went to the largest obesity conference in the world the International Congress of obesity in 2010 it was in Stockholm Sweden of course I had to go and they served me the worst lunch I have had for very long time and here's how it looks and it's actually says on the sign if you're wondering it's not a cognitively 30 2010 Stockholm today's lunch and here's what all of it looked like and of course it's sugar in the candies plenty of added sugar in the yogurt it's sugar in the Apple with some nice fiber in there also and then there's pure starch in the sandwich release because I was hoping for something like proteins had something good to eat inside but I was really disappointed so this is to toast supposed to be a tuna sandwich but really that's the homeopathic dose in my world I don't I don't count that all all sugar and start so what happened check it out one-eighty is like my record it's almost proud and then crashes you see crash it's and I got really hungry is like want to eat something I didn't but but you know that's what happens you get if you put for 15 minutes and then you feel hungry again and you gain weight unfortunately this is almost exactly what people with diabetes are told to eat it's not much different you know and they can't they're not going to stop at 180 they're going to go to you know 300 400 500 he knows here is a brochure from Sweden sets food for people with diabetes you can see you see the fruit and you know what's coming right and it says the truth that way says the blood Sugar's slowly is good and what is that fruit right pass the potatoes and grab oh it does it raises the blood sugar be sure so who gives out these these you know brochures for free who is printing them it is a pharmaceutical company right so they sell drugs for lowering blood sugar and then they hand out brochures to help people raise the blood sugar so people with diabetes get thicker that sugar goes up they need more drugs company makes more money shareholders are very happy everybody else loses I don't think pharmaceutical companies should have anything to do with dietary guidelines or lifestyle guidance at all because they are misaligned this is the biggest diabetes conference in the world simply biana this year I went there I had lunch here the scurvy lunch guess what's in the bags another fantastic lunch and of course I had to test about sugar you can feel like Oh total darkness but this is some sort of hope on the horizon Brad I want to look about the conference in South Africa last year how many people were there quite a few yeah that lunch did not look the same now here's pictures from that conference in a real food that helps people get a good way good health so these people don't get it this is the largest obesity conference in the world and the serving food that makes people be right and here's the largest diabetes conference and they serve food that keep people diabetes it's crazy and here is the biggest local by four conference and yeah they serve good food always something quickly this is another hopeful sign from Sweden it's official government guidance for people with diabetes what to eat and they actually say now that at least a moderate low-carb diet is an excellent choice for people with type 2 diabetes so we're moving in the right direction we had this government thing saying that you know it's okay to give you sort of advice in 20 2008 and then you know it's okay moderate low carb is good for diabetes sweet low-carb is the best way to lose weight at least some movement right and one of the government experts a professor particularly survey said this when all recent scientific reports are lined up the result is clear our deeply rooted fear of fats has been a mistake and you don't get fat from eating fat just like you don't become green by eating some hopeful things happening you know and of course this is an international thing is obviously not just in Sweden it's all over the world this is 1984 and I'm sure many of you saw this 2014 eat butter and it says you know there's a scientist labeled fat the enemy why they were wrong and this does that's going on it's really important is why it's important this is me vested all before and after she started eating low carb to control a very sugar addiction and lost 174 pounds she's lost 200 pounds this is Maurice Herman who didn't just lose weight but she also lost her type-2 diabetes seems to be gone and this is usually lower on one of every all these young people with weight issues and she never had to be hungry to become sin again and of course more people need to get the chance right so how do we people in this room are the people how can we help this to happen sooner because there's quite a lot of resistance right these huge companies they want to maintain the profitable status quo just like the cigarette industry 50 years ago so a lot of the change has to come from the bottom I believe and you know I started a blog to do my little thing is within eight years ago and it's been an exciting journey I I knew nothing about blogging when I started writing lots of people who write better than me and of course what the people dress better than me which to be important you know this is the biggest drug in Swedish is called kinsa and I thought you know yeah they share that they'll outfit and lots of people turn up to look at it and I I thought if I did the same thing surely must work okay but yeah it's kind of a failed experiment very mentality because move on from that and Android about things I know about like diet and health boring stuff but fear is boy stuff but 500 people showed up every day after mouth and after one year 5,000 and then suddenly tens of thousands and I'll try to do an English version of the blog called diet doctor and now it's a hundred thousand people every day so people want to know about this and and we can you know make a difference using the Internet we have enormous possibilities nobody had these kind of possibilities before right and yeah this is in Sweden local pipette by far the biggest for a long time what about the US here is us Google searches for lchf we start in 2011 through a bit later but you see it going up quite quite fast right and I like the term lchf it's not branded it's just saying what it is right low carb high fat hard to not understand so okay so lots of people seem interested in this there's this opportunity to help a lot of people here's the clinic where I where I worked for nine years and yeah I saw patients one person at a time but what if you believe that it's possible as you can help ten people in that time or maybe a hundred people maybe even in the future a thousand people who knows can you still do it I sort of felt like if I if I believed in that myself I had to quit and focus all my attention on these other things I did yoga I quit this job which I I did not for something I love even more which is this American English site and of course I ought to know that you know one person can really change much in the world it's just too much you know but perhaps you can start an organization that can grow and really make a difference so that's what I wanted to do and if you want to build an organization you want to hire people pay them their wages you need revenue right I don't want to have ads we are zero ad hate ads don't sell any products actually they I don't really like that either and most importantly we take no money from food industry or from vertical industry that's like the fastest way to get corrupted right so what we decided to do is we give away everything people need for free but then we have like a membership section with extra stuff people are interested or they just want to support this and even that is free for months tested so we started that bit more than a year ago we like interviews presentation movies video courses stuff like that and a lot of people said this is never gonna work because everything has to be free all the time on the internet nobody is ever going to pay for anything there but we tested it anyway three four months nine dollars if you want to stay after that per month like Netflix love Netflix so what happened actually the people who thought that nobody would ever sign up we're wrong because we hit 14,000 now and you can make do the math it's quite a lot of inner revenue so what you do with that well we use all of it to reach our goal which is to help people so we now will six people working full-time where one working part-time and many many people freelancers so Simon is a full-time employee for example Max and Isabel are freelancers coming here recording stuff and the cool thing I think is that we are only funded by the people so our only interest our alignment is to help people right completely independent which is important growing exponentially more than doubling in size every year so it's getting exciting finally to end this presentation a short video and and to put two of the people in it so actually here today's more umbrella and the familiar this video is is why we exist I'll just kind of start with the beginning I always struggled with late I just need to tell people I have been on a number of diets by this time I was on two different diabetic medications I used to really feel like the weight was like some kind of moral failing it's hard you know sorry because people are saying it's not good for you you shouldn't do that I had tried everything by the book here's another doctor he's going to tell me I need to eat 800 calories and exercise an hour a day every day that I've been on they always tell me lower your fat I came across the low carb high fat thing I tried it for two weeks and I try to do it then the weight started to comes down and in a year I lost 64 pounds and that is where I lost the most weight without being hungry two and a half years later I went from 374 pounds through 139 pounds no surgery does incredibly no surgery it is it's a miracle my blood sugar all of a sudden he was just rock-bottom clicking my belt on the airplane it's totally different totally different fantastic the energy and then the other thing which is lime so sure I won't be on antidepressants again is the mess of clarity as game I think for me the biggest benefit more than the weight is the mental clarity the calmness I don't feel so impulsive I feel like work wise I can be more focused on projects and get through projects better it's very hard I think to convince people until they can prove it to themselves I don't think of it as a diet it's a lifestyle people are amazed at what I've done [Music] [Applause] so what we want to do is make this journey simpler to make local simple to empower people everywhere to revolutionize the house and you can be part of that too thank you very much [Applause] you