Rhino Runs Away After Revealing Gender of His Baby

[Music] [Applause] [Music] cheers after this daddy RINO took part in a gender-reveal at Zoo Miami after investigating this box with blue and pink question marks and bailed the newest member of the family is a girl with a pink ball that bounced out eventually even scared him away the Greater Indian one-horned rhino was born a few months ago but has been bonding with mom and seclusion learning her way around life this was her first public appearance we were blessed to have really one of the most significant person in history to zoo and it was the result of not only artificial insemination but also induced ovulation never ever been done before in this people mom and baby came out shortly after the big show those who donated have the privilege of possibly naming her she's one of less than 3,000 Indian rhinos left in the world due to poaching now she's got lots of pink and lots of love that comes in Miami to live a healthy life for Inside Edition calm I'm Lee Savoy TV you