Rhys Nicholson Thinks Lying Is An Important Part Of Relationships


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just so much y'all Just for Laughs comedy festival Kevin Hart presents lol that J up here oh I love it'll be here hello I'm race I'm race I should say this it's very lovely to be here I should say this just sew it up thinking about it for the next few minutes of our lives but it should say that I like many men well end of sentence if you're not on board of that doesn't be a long eight minutes for you okay I'm just gonna be saying that in different ways I do I've got a boyfriend and sorry ladies wrong tree stop barking where where I've been together for five years we're trying for a dog and and people well I'm off the pill I haven't told him and people I'm crazy people exami race five years but that's like 60 and gay how do you make it work I think good relationship I think it's about knowing your role within your relationship knowing what you do take this for example we live together and within the house he does most of the cooking and the cleaning and makes most of the money and I take care of any kind of like like like collage or just general craft news around the house I don't I think we don't know what we're doing it's really close to the sixties now and we've lost it a lot longer than a lot of our couple friends and they ask us sometimes like what's the secret is a good to have a happy a long-lasting modern general as I say okay we've all office we don't know what we're doing so we just make that we'll just be like it's just about making sacrifices so we have a date night once a week or we've joined a Fight Club like that life like we lie we lie if you want the truth if you want the truth Nevada have a happy long-lasting modern gen-y relationship it's what I think the truth is I think you should just lie to each other oh just lie lie like there is no tomorrow tell them there is no tomorrow they don't know I I think I'm I think lying the very important part relationship I don't mean big crazy lies like I read this study recently well I mean I read a blog but I read this on I can read I read a study though they believe the average human person lies 19 times a day like isn't it amazing I mean that's a lie I made that up but but but but it but it sounds true and that's what my truth is but I don't know I don't mean I don't mean big crazy lives I just mean cute little adorable like economizing the truth to save each other's feelings but he's a good example my boyfriend is originally from the other side of where I live on the other side of the country and for Christmas late last year which is what it always is he said to me would you like to come and hang out with my family on the other side of the country for Christmas and in my mind I thought no that sounds awful and that's not saying anything about his family I love his family they're rich and they drink a lot of wine we have similar core values if I'm if I'm honest I don't want to do anything for Christmas I don't like Christmas if I wanted to celebrate the birth of a bearded man that had delusions of grandeur I just asked my barista how hes bannes going but but too soon anyways I am I grew up in a small country town a step stabbed run and then then when I was 19 I moved to a biggest city Sydney in Australia and I'll be honest I was a very naive boy and then a girl and then a boy again and then an old gypsy woman and then back to a boy I've had a checkered past and one night I was walking home very drunk when I was 19 and remember when you're drunk you're 19 you don't just walk home you just pinball yourself off things and let the vapors of box wine carry you home because sometimes there's just one set of footprints in the sand and I was walking home and basically what happened was I was mugged right now I've had a lot of crime happened to me living in a big city why not I went to my bedroom and there was a guy halfway through my window and growing up in a small town I've spent years I just years just pushing out a little redneck inside I mean I just push him down pushing down marmots are stress like that he just comes out of my face so this guy halfway through the window and I just went I will fuck you some of that means but hey I'm he leg day he was out of there he's a he's my boyfriend now I'm a fast runner but Babette's out so I was mugged right properly mugged by three proper burly muggers and the middle one the leader he said give me a phony a wallet and I was a little bit drunk and mouthy when I was 19 I would I would not say I was a drunk slut but like like a real estate agent would say that I was vibrant an up-and-coming you know mean like I was so he said give me a phone of your wallet and I said what's gonna happen if I don't quite ballsy and the second one the right-hand man said they're gonna beat you up and the third one said pretty severely and that's the exact wording of it as well the most polite mugging it's ever happen in the entire world really closer to a stagecoach robbery see my stuff have a good night boys good debating I said walking away this is real good a bit weird this is how I know things are getting better for gay people in the world as they're walking away the middle one the leader he stopped dead in his tracks you turn around a little me dead in the eye and he said hey just so you know this was random and I thought what he said we don't want you to think this was a hate crime or something I was like ah thank you very much then he said look my sister's lives me I think it's really guys don't have gay marriage I have a good night I was like what is going on even our seeds the pro gay marriage I will leave very soon all of you on this road I know like any homophobes in the room now I'm not their comedian for you and also I feel for you guys I feel it for your homophobes because this not enough stuff for you to do anymore you can still be homophobia this is not as many jobs around for you guys anymore you know except for high-ranking political and religious leaders but but but but just them just then but I think to be homophobia these days you've got to be kind of cute and adorable to be a homophobe it's gonna be kind of underlying I get a lot of it happen in my life III I go to a gym right it's working I go to a gym hurts my feelings I go to a gym because I've got a weird body I've got weird long arms and like a little belly at the front I look like a tape Tilda Swinton you know me like it doesn't like I need to talk about Kevin but I go to this gym right and it's a 24-hour gym and it's not frequented by very many gay men and because it's 24 hours sometimes I got in the middle of the night after a show dressed like this and I go to the change room and a room full of naked straight men just don't know what to do with any of this and it's so cute so adorable what they do with that fail every time they just they try and get the better view so you'll just turn around like I'm some sort of Moses parting the Seas let my people go but this these happen to be three months ago I was at the gym in Melbourne in Australia I went in the middle of the night and there was one other guy in the change room and he was completely naked and he saw me and he didn't just turn around he like he like likes like slowly turned around like minimal movement like a real like I wrote like a writ like a really long time like he throws a rap dough or somebody angel no kidding here a second I go when I don't seem to be able to focus on it right now clever girl like I don't understand one of the straight men thing this is what the straight men think that either gay man I'm gonna walk into a room full of naked straight men and I just can't help myself no no no I'll think about this the other day as well like um like what are they doing turning around all over there I'm ray snickles there's other NC live denied by