Ride a Wooden Bike Down the Swiss Alps


Great Big Story


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(lively music) - [Narrator] In the town of Grindelwald in Switzerland, people like sledding and heading to the ski slopes. After all, they are at the foot of the Eiger Mountain, part of the stunning Swiss Alps. But if you look close enough, you'll see something else, something different coming down the slopes. It's the Velogemel. - [Narrator] This odd bike quickly became part of the town's identity. And over 100 years later, it is still used for leisure sledding and racing. - [Narrator] Grindelwald is the birthplace of Velogemels. And to day this day, they're only manufactured in one place, which means if you're riding one, it came from this workshop, where despite the addition of modern machinery, the principals of its construction remain the same. (elegant music)