Rise by Shekulo Tov

we could have told you how we constantly rise that since 2005 we've been working to promote the inclusion of people with vocational and social barriers in the community through a variety of social brands all over Israel we could have told you that thousands receive services from us every year using groundbreaking professional models that we developed it could have told you about the enterprises which are placed in the heart of the community we could have told you about the hundreds of thousands of interpersonal interactions created in each of our units every day every hour we could have told you that thousands of service users are already successfully included in the labor market we could have told you about the variety of production plants that produce fine products from raw materials about our line of products that are designed by the service users assaulted our stands in central shopping malls Nevada Israel's largest secondhand clothing store chain for women about protecting the environment by reusing books and about the hundreds of selling points dozens of stores Israel's largest website for selling second-hand books about unique vocational training through a personal dog walking service about training in the culinary business that provides experience in the kitchen sales and customer service about acquiring technological skills and printing thousands of personalized products and gifts about preparing sandwiches and rich catering for private customers and companies about our recreational services that include individual and group leisure activities that offer full involvement in the community we could have told you about the awards we have won for entrepreneurship and innovation the world of rehabilitation about the knowledge exchange workshops and partnerships with professional organizations worldwide about the international summits we take part in good have and we could have but we chose differently so involved in everyday life in the community that it will become a non-issue that's the big vision ultimately we'd like to achieve wide social impact by collaborating with other organization all around the world who share our vision for workforce inclusion we chose to speak about the people people with vocational and social barriers who choose to receive training and rehabilitation services from us people we support throughout their journey follow their dreams and fulfill their goals people who can choose from a variety of enterprises which path to take for their career and the inclusion into society it's important for us to talk about the fact that our training centers are only a temporary pit stop so every person that comes to us hears the words we're happy you're here now when are you leaving and all of this to enable even just for one person to achieve their goals and be successfully included in labour market and society