Riverdale Bughead Scenes Pt1

Oh am i doing here the bloom goal isn't dead juggy it's just dormant but waking up you're writing a novel write about Jason blossom smarter mine am Riverdale's very own in cold blood which started out as a series of articles I'm hoping you come right for the blue and gold I just don't think the school paper is the right fit for my voice chuggy Jason's death changed Riverdale people don't want to admit that but it's true we all feel it nothing just bad was ever supposed to happen here but fit I want to know why when I get complete freedom I'll help and I edit and suggest but if your story it's your voice doesn't sound like complete freedom but I'm an okay great um in that case I have your first assignment there's one person who had got the river in July for that and no one's talking about don't enjoy Leanna Scouts exactly the driving closing it's just one more nail in the coffin that is Riverdale no forget Riverdale and the coffin of the Americans I'm pissed and not just about losing my job the Twilight driving should mean something to us and car enthusiasts right bets totally rebel without a cause he leaves on who did that and what they were looking for nope no fingerprints they stole a bunch of vials background checks in all the video and audio tapes of police interviews it's okay we're just working on our murder board well I just wanted to make sure we're still on for tomorrow absolutely is a date I mean I'll I'll be mine it's not a date you just called it a day you literally said it's a date that's just my cover Betty I'm sorry it's hardcore I asked my dad if I could call Paulie he said she was doing better but then when she heard about Jason's death she had a big setback it want to risk another one why does a rich kid sell drugs he was running away from his parents probably we're drug dealers oh my god is that possible it's a theory yours is more likely why would he have to run away from mommy and daddy because they're monsters yeah but why specifically well we can't exactly just ask them so we have to ask Jason are you proposing a seance No dead men tell no tales at the bedrooms your house ready to enter the belly of the beast the best I could do if it me or did the temperature just dropped like a dozen horror movie just the icy chillin Edie where did the teenage boy high things one other mattress maybe in the drawers on the headboard in the closet hello I'm so sorry we were just leaving oh if you how lovely to see you again come closer I want to get a good look at you [Applause] or Chucky I feel like I don't even know what my mom and dad are Eddie if your parents lied about Jason and Polly which probably weren't they lied about Amy the dad said he would do anything to protect ollie so the next logical question is how far would he go to protect her so Jughead I suppose we have you to thank for Betty's ongoing obsession with this Jason blossom ghoulish ninh actually mom I was the one who asked Chuck had to help me write it for the flume gold to get above bathroom I could use sure I'll show you never actually follow me Jughead where's that like a church for a charity no it's a home for troubling youth where disenfranchised teams will learn such virtues as discipline and respect enjoying lives of quiet reflection and servitude Paulie he's gotta be a reason my mom and dad along to be pleased I don't care anymore what you guys talking about maybe I can elbows what we're attempting is a stealth operation Archie if we go in there with the entire Scooby Gang forget it or compromised we all did playing my songs in front of you guys is one thing but getting back up on that stage by myself I'm not sure if I'm ready for that okay don't judge a home for troubled views by its flaws hey Juliet nurse off duty dog full Yellow Wallpaper I'll be happy you're crazy my parents are crazy we're all crazy and not our parents Betty we're not our family Oh what right [Music] yeah [Music] Wow that's what you're thinking about in the middle of our moment know what Paulie talked about car Jason had stash for them down Route 40 near some sign would you find it we can confirm Polly story one way or another I need to know [Music] [Music] [Music] what are those drugs Betty we took it put it down this is evidence this is all evidence this whole car is a crime scene we need to get your pillar and then we need to get Holley is it form and familiarity some idealized make-believe version of the American Dream is it love and acceptance where is it simple safety I don't want to get the police involved they don't want anyone to know that she ran away or about her shameful conditions these what decade is this lost as she knew her Jason's getaway car was there afraid people might think that she earned it and that if she did she'd be the murderer trying to cover a track who did burn a car that sheriff Keller says it's possible someone was following us what if whoever killed Jason's coming after her next that because you won't have any we may have had a matrix totally people I get it no worries I'm just curious okay the sisters of quiet mercy are due north the getaway car was west on the old route 40 closest bus station is east headed toward Sweetwater if probably wanted to leave Riverdale without anyone seeing her she probably would have left through right right here Evers green forest it's a walk me home with the killer on the loose remember besides even if what you know what people like us who have gone through what we've gone through - what is that name is everything you want to have run away if it wasn't for reject hey there were parents were the ones blind her and keeping her in the dark we didn't like saying to her the truth funny this isn't the first time Pauly's run away from home she was nine - my mom got a huge light and she disappeared for hours the whole neighborhood without looking how far did you get what [Music] thank you walking you home I'll call you later good night oh my god yeah yeah we were [Music] 10 do a penny before I could speak to you do you know who you are well Paradise Lost kids went to death row because they weren't black and they listened to Metallica I don't want to come speak I'm not gonna let that happen all the evidence against you is circumstantial we're going to get you out of here - RJ's here with it dad they're talking to the sheriff no one knows [Music]