Riverdale Jughead Scenes Pt1

our story is about a town a small town and the people who live in the town my name is Cole Sprouse and I play a character called Jughead Jones I mean let's think about it if a kid at Riverdale killed Jason it's not going to be a job right now let's be honest isn't it always some spooky scrawny pathetic international stability writing his manifestos to get laid some smug moody serial killer fanboys freak like Jughead what was the like Suicide Squad when you shot Jason you did do stuff to the body did you like after called necrophilia Saji can you spell it hello Reggie am i doing here Rugel isn't dead juggy it's just comment but waking up you're writing a novel write about Jason blossoms murder I am Riverdale's very own in cold blood I want to know why when I get complete freedom they help and edit and suggest but if your stories your voice doesn't sound like complete freedom but I'm an okay great um in that case I have your first assignment there's one person who was at the river in July for that and no one's talking about building Doyle and Scout exactly Patti's doily a write an article for the blue and gold hoping you can help Sheryl and Archie both say they heard a gunshot the morning of July fourth they don't know who fired sure kill already asked me about this and like I told him bounce and I we didn't hear anything weird well did you see anything weird how hard would it have been you can need a little heads up look I am by nature a conscientious objector not saying anything to either you or betty was the most in rural apathetic choice I could imagine she's not gonna write about me and Grenada paper she like she did we talk seriously come on think about what you're asking if there was even an iota of a chance that something could hurt you in any way that he wouldn't do it probably oh my god we're kidding but maybe she has a point what do you see happening with grundy long-term what do you want I want to be with her I don't know how but I want to hang on what we have yeah feel that trying to hold on from a lot older than me to nail in the coffin that his Riverdale no forget Riverdale and the coffin of the American dream it's the Godfather of any cinema Quentin Tarantino likes to say he got no more Quinton Tarantino references what I'm pissed and not just about losing my job the Twilight drive-in should mean something to us people should be trying to save it in a file and car enthusiasts right that's totally anyway it's closing because the town owns it but didn't invest in it so when an anonymous buyer made mayor Mikoyan offer she couldn't refuse anonymous fire what do they have to hide no one cares I do also you guys should all come the closing night I'm thinking American Graffiti or is that too obvious Oh annoying [Music] come [Music] down to shape today me working there that boots down to raise the whole plate send it to the junkyard tops with it yeah maybe I'll say that all the pieces stored in the Town Hall attic you build it in 100 years wonder who the hell we were [Music] you're going to live now figure it out that I always do [Music] ready to answer the belly of the beast the best I could do you've gotta be a reason my mom and dad don't want me to see please I don't care anymore what are you guys talking about anything I can Ellis what we're attempting is a stealth operation Archie if we go in there with the entire Scooby Gang forget it or compromise holding us practice for the variety show Amy Veronica thank you but you saw what happened we all did I think my songs in front you guys is one thing but getting back up on that stage by myself I'm not sure if I'm ready for that okay don't judge a home for troubled youth by facade right [Music] me hey guys Julia nurse off-duty cops will Yellow Wallpaper on me Abby they're crazy my parents are crazy so parents they're all crazy and now all I can think is maybe I'm crazy like they are we're all crazy we're not our parents Betty we're not our families of what right [Music] yeah [Music] Wow that's what you think about the name of our moment [Music]