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when I was doing a little boy for years old lady three one day after order dad from home of friends and family welcomed them with open arms gave him a prominent place in our home can we get around and listen with the stories all the places would never been he showed us pictures we'd better sing he can send talk for hours it's brand of the family we love this red so much with a brownian get any things get around the tables front porch to all the papers as they passed by with this new friend we began to stay inside Master table grace we'd tell each one about our day but now we can't quite see what her friends there was times we didn't stay home from church full of spin the town is your friend so long now our friend would be our babysitter when mom and dad went out they didn't know the things he told what they want late one mad or friend begin to swear cuz I couldn't believe it sleep that way in front but no one called him down we should have been ashamed of the language from those that I guess our friend got braver cramer through the years till the stories were dealing with sex and violence things that no one should hear he mocked always stood for he questioned our beliefs but still be said listen let's friend of the map now he still tells his stories we listen to him year this friend of the fam do we call the television set