Robert Frank story video

you [Music] here with Ethan Ethan had a rare opportunity to spend some time with one of the world's greatest artists photographers and I'll let him tell you a little bit about that yeah yeah and indeed a filmmaker - yeah only its most famous Fox I lose so today I guess this morning in Inverness I believe we lost one of the great humanitarian artists of our time and I think Robert Frank was one of these rare individuals who could portray the humanity or reflect humanity back to itself and he came from Switzerland came over to the United States and he was known well became famous for his book the Americans he shot 27,000 shots approximately for that book 83 of them made it in so that just tells you his unbelievable discipline and photography and he had the rare and gifted sensitivity where he could go into all sorts of different walks of life and have people be unguarded and he could show their brilliance and their humanity and reflect that back into the United States in a way that I don't think any other photographer ever captured that time in the United States I met Robert Frank was through this stone here which sounds a little strange this is a stone of kindness this is a an art project that I'm working on I found this stone up in Cape Breton where robert frank resides for approximately half the year every year up in ma boo and I went down to New York City with this stone and part of the project was to just follow intuition and I was out on the streets of New York and I came it was in the Bowery and I knew that Robert Frank had lived somewhere down in the Bowery I didn't know where and I went into this place where the hippies used to hang out Abbie Abbie Hoffman and because it just looked like a really interesting place to meet some people and take some photographs and I went outside and I met this amazing gentleman manny love who had a big zero on his shirt and he was sitting there watching me and i ended up getting a portrait with him and it's because of this gentleman manny love that I actually found Robert Frank and dream right now we went money love YouTube sensation internet Instagram Harlem Globetrotter and now just like a typical New York day we can get a new friend you know I'm sitting here holding the stone of kindness in this aisle I I could fill a piece I can feel the kindness it's a beautiful day and I have this nice big energy that's crazy how you got whole energy in your hand I'm very holding it and energy in my hand and I feel the vibes beautiful day I said you know I have a hero that I've been looking for Robert Frank I've never got to meet him and he goes oh he's just down the street here and he sits in his window around 6 o'clock and usually he's looking down on the sidewalk go down there and and hold your stone up so that's what I did and there I looked up and there was this ghostly figure looking down and I said hey you know this this stone comes from Cape Breton and I've seen your house but I've never had a chance to meet you and he said I'll be down in half an hour and so an hour later June and Robert came down and and I had the stone on the street which you can see some of the photos and we ended up sitting and talking for hours and I had probably one of the greatest honors of my life when June got up she said I'm going up to have a glass of wine and would you take my seat and sit with Robert and I got to sit with Robert for I don't know it seemed well it's quite timeless but it seemed like it was about an hour and it was the magic light at the end of the day in New York City streaming the streets and Robert was quite remarkable you could tell he was completely present he would say hello to everyone who walked by in this wonderful voice hello and most people would just ignore him and walk oh yeah Yoga is a stone thank you wonderful kind I don't think that made more more I think it's the only one that what does this remind you of reminds me of the solar system I can make you know it's because it's two stones okay so the ghosts oh no but Rosie's how long it took to make it into one story that's how old it is that's as old as the earth been finding trying to find a way to be back in the magic realm of New York City so I think it is a magic realm and this stone is I'm hoping going to give me a key to the city so that I can stay here become like you come from Cape Breton and come down here and help feed the world with food and art and music and poetry I'm a romantic for the world I have kids too so I have to do something absolutely one of the most in poignant conversations we had was this tree that was planted 40 years ago June and Robert planted this tree and Robert said isn't that amazing that tree is pushing up the sidewalk and we looked at this experience sat together and mostly we just sat and watched the beautiful light and appreciate the wonder of it all and then June came back down we sat for a little while longer and I walked Robert and June into their apartment and this is a little bit of a funny story that tells a little bit about the character of their relationship maybe but I walked in and there's these stairs that go up that Robert and June would have to climb up to their apartment and so I was with Robert behind him and the first step literally is a very big step on these steps and and I said June do you want you know should I help Robert up because he was having a hard time getting up this first step June yelled down he'll be fine and and I think that sort of typifies the relationship that you know he got up that first step he went up the stairs and then I bid farewell and I went back out on the street and there was robert's chair just sitting there by itself and I took this just a beautiful picture of his chair it meant so much to me it actually kind of broke my heart just seeing that that chair is all that has character it may have been sat in for 40 years these two chairs and that was the last I saw of Robert I was hoping that I was going to get to go up and visit him in ma boo and bring the stone back but he lived in a remarkable life we've lost one of the greats today and it was such an honor to sit with him and have a little bit of time to look through his eyes you could say farewell Robert and we love you and you live on through all your amazing work and your images how you were able to capture such utter humanity all walks of life is truly remarkable so here's to Robert [Music] you [Music] you [Music] you [Music]