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- a Hallmark Channel destination wedding where the maid of honor and the best man Ewan frag reuniting at the wedding discover we'll just get through this wreath and then you'll never see each other again it's the journey that matters how do you know it's your one great love orchids right Alexa pano Vega there is nowhere else I'd rather be right now destination wedding starts right now on Hallmark Channel the heart of ideal [Music] [Applause] any will you marry me no when I met you yes that right from the moment I saw Shannon relax how can I relax Ellie what if she says no she's not gonna say no how do you know that Ellie because she told me when the night that she met you all right that's her go okay yeah thank you of course go hey yes going on Ellie dinner so I put on a dress and lipstick and everything and then you dragged me over here wait what is the emergency yeah it's hard to explain you just you have to see for yourself I think what are you talking about [Music] hi Hey Mandy from the moment that we met I knew [Music] I knew that you were the one for me and then I want to spend every day the rest of my life we marry me yes [Music] [Applause] Hey I'm happy for you course there's at this place and of course it's incredible I had no idea where to begin I mean it forget about interior design le or exterior design is a spectacular only the best for my sister and now my brother I got a wedding to plan I don't know how to plan anything I don't even know where to start le you'll have to help me of course I will help you we have a wedding you really went all out you're so excited you went on video right please ah I perform my duties tonight's a night so remember forever that's great I'm just glad you don't need a big production like this [Music] what we have is perfect how's my bow it's good really good dad you're a terrible liar le which means I raised you right yay for me you know your sister really should be helping us route the gifts for the bridal party it is her wedding won't she had a meeting today so I don't mind it's what a big sister does also what a mother does you've been always that kind of figure to her I got two more years with mom than Mandy did she would have wanted me looking out for her what she wanted was for you two to be happy and we are look at us I'm on the fast track to run kaeleen interior-design someday Mandy's getting married I'm going strong with Alec you know Ellie you get one great love in your life your mother was mine Jason there's Mandy's is Alec yours I guess time will tell [Music] okay there's three half miles it's all I have time for today there so yeah I've got a meeting tomorrow morning and I know you have to finish the condo remodel before you leave so we could do dinner Thursday night Friday yeah Thursday night really Friday morning all right do you need a ride to the airport I can pick you up my way to work thank you um dad actually got us a car service I'm really going all out for this wedding my dad did the same thing when my sister got married if you ask me that is an insane amount of money to spend on one day well you hire a really good photographer that way you don't forget you know I could renovate an entire 3,000 square foot house for the price of Manny's wedding yes but you're really good at what you do you're gonna what you do planning organizing I bet you right now you are mentally packing I was actually trying to decide if I'm bathing suits is enough arvo supposed to go home shower off and head of the mall going for one week yeah but it's Mexico now could pool go bathing suits or business casual I really wish you were coming then we wouldn't have to try to figure out when you could see each other you know we're both so busy I'm betting on two new projects I can get away even if I wanted to plus you're gonna be so preoccupied taking care of Mandy hey you can't say bad things about my sister only I can say bad things about my sister she's just lucky like you're such an exceptional person that's all I'm saying Oh guys were so sweaty oh my can't we bother with that right now I've just send you our desperately loving me especially since he's gonna be there and I'm not hey you have nothing to worry about he's my past you are my present but hey just for fun can you tell me that he was like super awful here's the worst big step up right alrighty so here it's your checklist for everything that you need to bring to Mexico right here I have a list of all expenses paid and all the balances still owed convert it into American dollars you have to make sure that you have enough checks for all of your vendors you're listening right yes yes Ellie I'm listening okay it's just we leave in two days I want to make sure you have everything oh you have to call Tara the event coordinator at the resort she needs a confirmation on food flowers and music I sent you a list of questions i forward that to you got it right yeah you have sometimes I wonder if this is my dream wedding are yours this is exactly what you wanted a simple thank you would suffice Thank You Ellie for planning their wedding and for being freakishly organized you know maybe you should reconsider planning your own wedding you definitely got a knack for it I'm not saying people shouldn't get married it's just Alec and I don't need a piece of paper to prove that we're committed not really as things or taking things slowly and gonna be so exhausted with this wedding you used to love this wedding stuff remember when we were kids we would always play bride with you would always marry - oh I remember and if Teddy Ruxpin asked me to marry him today I seem to recall at one point it was looking like you might marry Mandy don't I just want to make sure everything's okay Ellie seeing Gregg again you haven't even spoken since you broke up I mean maid of honor and best man it's not like you can avoid him the whole week I know I will certainly try my hardest okay um here's my bag nothing no she hasn't answered again you know your sister she's probably scrambling around still packing not like you Ellie was packed three weeks ago have you tried Jason's phone twice he's not answering either well is there anyone else you want to contact the person in the bridal party perhaps and see if he's heard from Jason you seriously asked me what I think you're asking me these are asking you to call Brett yes no thank you I got that and no I don't need to call anyone else maybe's tom you'd let the psychic toward Greg go Ellie I have I'm totally over it we just we had a plan you made a choice that choice wasn't me so if he expects us to be all kumbaya let's be friends again don't lose over look I'm gonna keep the peace for Mandy because I want this wedding to have as little drama as possible no glitches Oh change of plans we're going straight to the airport no stops Mandy had an issue with work they're taking the noon flight yes that explains why we have married from her okay it's the one glitch [Music] [Music] ok everybody don't everybody with your sister stop with that I got a car service for her ok so the shuttle is here if you guys want to start loading up we'll head to the resort I know you wanted to be special to her she's gonna be in a few hours ok ok I can't believe your sisters in here to take it a little though yeah but there's so much more than taking at the hotel you guys gonna love it huh I know that best friend getting married my home now it's like a dream okay I'll see you guys over there thankfully I practically planned this whole thing hopefully I can hold down the fort until Mandy gets here you tell me if something was wrong right first I just want to see both my granddaughters walk down the aisle I'm not getting any younger you know and yet you somehow look better than I do how's that you're deflecting whenever I bring up marriage you deployed I should not deflect I live in my bag I be right back go to the shuttle reflecting I'm not deflecting Oh Ellie hey Greg hi I'm glad that your flight wasn't delayed yeah I mean we knew we see each other here right you're the maid of honor I'm the best man we introduce them to each other it's just a long time yeah it's been about two years so how have you been good a great life family work what better than I ever could've imagined good yeah yeah I'll meet you really really great hey hey I'm not surprised I mean I'm glad you found what you're looking for in that way well my life was always in LA incidentally so is yours until one day it just kind of wasn't anymore yeah well when you're recruited by one of the most prestigious criminal law firms in Atlanta you go oh when the most prominent interior designer wants to mentor you you they put never turned down a career-making opportunity right right yeah I think that's good advice um they're actually waiting for us in the shuttle social block yeah sure okay so did it did what did it make your career you haven't heard I thought maybe your sister would have told you since I stayed on Jason's couch I was in town looking for a place your back yeah or at least I will be in a couple weeks another incredible opportunity oh they just keep falling out of the sky for you huh you borrow your Lucky Penny come on you don't need it I saw your firm featured in Architectural Digest they called your rising star okay actually let me run point on the mantra to the salary models so kind of in a whirlwind so I guess things worked out the way they were supposed to for both of us and now Jason and Mandy are walking down the aisle so see one good thing came out of our head of us you know let's not do this we don't have to rehash the past your life is good my life is great I couldn't agree more okay so we'll just get through this week we can coexist and then never see each other again sounds like a plan to me perfect good after you oh yeah okay exactly the next week of course I break the Mount Graham are Goldie well you look well me look at you you look 30 tops what's your secret GetGo biloba bless you it's a supplement still sharp as a tack nothing gets past me ever did never well hello Greg Thomas good to see you sorry about your Dodgers not as sorry as I am about your Phillies what what are you talking about all you got to do is win the next 50 or so games when we clinched a playoff spot of course I apologize forever estimator right of all the boys this one's dated you were always my favorite I'm right here I can hear you be nice Alec adores you Alex her boyfriend he's great he's actually on his way to be one of the most in-demand contractors in LA something wow that's quite the fresh Lisa Rinna's you're lucky if I get am i he's the lucky one if you ask me [Applause] [Music] it doesn't feel right being here without your sister it's relating this a lot for grandma making this trip like I don't know her to worry dad you know how much I get done leaving for a one-week vacation with the honeymoon they'll be here for two yes that's true I'm gonna go upstairs I will unpack I will go enjoy my time by the pool I'll meet you at the pool thank you Jason just tell me what is going on it's Jason how are you on the phone with Jason right now when he's supposed to be 35,000 feet in the air Greg Jason will you put my sister on please hi okay maybe I wasn't completely honest with you this morning about what uh well there was a little issue and we missed our plane both of them what's the issue are you okay we're fine we had a fight I said some things Jason's mad well II can't let the stress of the wedding get to you just forget about the details this is about your marriage I'm here to help right now we're gonna talk and we're booking the first flight out tomorrow morning [Music] nothing it's fine we're fine just tell everyone there was a problem with Jason's passport and we'll see them tomorrow you two can cover for us until then we're on it my faith we will be fine Jason [Music] tomorrow tomorrow [Music] 18 years clashing grandma Goldeen sorry I'm fine Jules a little water never hurt anybody [Music] hi ru Alec am thank you never looking for you everywhere I am Xavier the activities coordinator for now it seems like I am also your wedding planner wait what happened to Tara we've been talking to her for what exactly what did happen to Tara that's the million-dollar question apparently she ran off for the guests last night and she left everything a mess and guess who's gotta pick up the pieces Javier not well I'm so sorry Oh awful will be a blessing I cannot find a record of anything oh except for this post-it note and I already called your sister and apparently she has not checked in yet and apparently we have to hmm please the food order today yes okay I'll go to the food tasting and we'll get her on the phone right Mandy you know call me back within the next 30 minutes I'm picking the food myself and I don't want to hear any complaints oh don't worry Javier I know what she likes I'm on it move you will have to make all the decisions Jill oh good you're here you know the best men right Greg is it now we know each other [Music] obviously Jason isn't here so Javier got a hold of me Greg go enjoy your vacation I can handle this Jason needs a voice here too and as his best man that voices me fine I'm running point you wouldn't have it any other way so this is nice of you to do for your sister Shira do the same for me okay so these are the three dishes we offer here we have boyo como la compañía de arroz y con verduras Robalo la crema de cilantro Kapaa de Papa's is an Arabic or con arroz y keep Plataea vegetarian okay la Mesita rellenas de raucous creole lotte en Salle sahih Toma take on crema case all gratine you Toki organ chicken fish vegetarian [Music] okay you don't have to eat like a caveman I'm supposed to try this too come on do people really care about what they eat in a wedding of course they do good music drinks flowing fun crowd that's what people remember if people make an effort to attend you have to make it worth their while with the good food I couldn't disagree more what's the best wedding you've ever been to Rick and Joe lands at the Museum what did you eat sir no you don't remember I rest my case okay but I do remember the chicken that we ate it to him in Brittany's wedding yeah of course you do we all got food poisoning and we all got stuck in the ER hooked up to IVs all night I cannot assure you we've never had that problem here before I think I can change it's okay Xavier we're not worried I think we should go with a vegetarian in the fish man he likes chicken Jason likes fish might I suggest the chicken and the fish since they both come with vegetables that way we could all be happy yes that's fine okay excelente so we can move on to the cakes yes yes [Music] who knows yeah Alec hey did you get it I said I wasn't bad but I was definitely the most thorough see if I'd come to Mexico I wouldn't got the renovation I am so proud of you I do wish you were here all of Mandy's friends were hoping to get to know you a little better kind of a big deal for our family I know and I'm sorry but this is all for us out for our future just because I have no big into the maritornes he doesn't mean that I don't have plans and I gave these new clients your card when they're ready with the interior I haven't even thought about work a little bit worried about my sister though I stopped putting everyone else first and enjoy your vacation well it's not everyone else it's my sister so have you seen him yet yes and it was disturbingly awkward so we're trying to avoid each other which is exactly how I prefer it okay I'm running late for breakfast I'll call you later whoa you guys closed the place down last night the dance club was hoppin all right well that's just the beginning do you see the activities we have planned for you guys yeah we got the list on the Welcome Packet Emily you went all out no not me that's the bride and groom and tonight's the poolside yesterday I think they're teaching us samba something so save your energy I've got plan in reserve we haven't sounded since our honeymoon six years ago that was not pretty when demand again Jason get it I want to see the dress as far as I know they're coming in today can I talk to you from that small issue with the food we picked yesterday nothing more important than the food you serve at a wedding right Jason left her you mean Jason went I don't know as we said [Music] my sister just hasn't been herself lately she's stressed she's been lashing out at hand I'm just hoping this will pass they're having a moment due to heightened circumstances this is Mandy and Jason we're talking about they're perfect for each other well evidently not anymore what am I supposed to tell my dad and my grandma they're so excited for this wedding look no one knows those two better than you and me right so maybe we can talk some sense into back together yeah I mean it's worth the shot form a united front convince them that it'll all be fine once they get down here okay yeah we can do that for them so much for keeping our distance right we're here for you together hey you know this isn't about us we're we're here for you guys so just tell us what's happening well Jason doesn't want to marry me anymore that's not what I said he was being nasty so I said if you continue speaking to me like that I'm walking away okay Mandy we talked about this you can't let this dress take over well then Jason left without so much as a warden when we were supposed to be on our way to the airport okay so it sounds like you guys are having a little communication issue yes you communicate better all right well that's not good but Jason you can't just walk out when you're angry it's really important that you stay and talk things through especially when you guys are making a decision that affects the both of you and your future you're in this together she's right Jake but remember communication works two ways it's important to listen as much as speak just be sure to tell Mandy the reason why you left without discussing things so she understands that sometimes it's as much for her as this for you so when you walk out on someone favor is that what you're saying right that's the best advice you give them things aren't always as they appear early exactly as they appear he what okay let's just get it all out of the table what this is really about no this has nothing to do with the fact that you accepted the job in another state without even discussing it with me and then you left maybe I didn't want you to have to make a choice between your career and our relationship you broke my heart and some favorite team you have to look at both sides of the coin Ellie everyone was gonna have to sacrifice I just didn't want to place it all on your shoulders oh that's beautiful Greg they really should write love songs about you and yet you got angry at me without letting me explain so maybe try practicing what you preach okay the point is guys okay you guys there hello great well that yeah you too I admire your technique [Music] your sisters missing all her own wedding festivities she were so excited about this party is there something else going on Ellie no gram you know how international travel is no passport no trip well I just hope it comes to time for the reception they paid for rush [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we're not just everybody some of you already might know me I am Javier last night I was the DJ at the disco and today I'm gonna teach you how to buy learn to dance Elka Roberta patio is the Mexican Hat dance which is official intense of Mexico and I will need two volunteers for this don't be shy then sings about feeling not about how you look how about you sir in the picture Greg yes come on up yes up on the stage I run about plus four volunteers okay no switch places now see now come together as one you do not need to speak because dance is a language international Elka Roberta patio is them tents of immense courtship of a woman it is romance see first the man invites his partner and for courtship but she rebuffs his advances for poetry so he courts she rebuffs poor Reba gracias now you try I did that once I am porting I am still 4440 come on very nice all right one more as we dance you get closer together as you follow these steps and it becomes irresistible this man see she cannot fight any longer and love wins okay your turn and some brittle alright you take it up here thank you you try I am definitely ready very good are you ready oh gosh I don't think you are alright [Music] translation love always wins [Music] I can never get AJ to leave anywhere he just talks and talks alex is the same thing about me yeah I know I wish he was here I was looking forward to spending more time with them spending more time with who at least boyfriend the elusive Alec we only met him one time of the year they've been dating yeah but he's really busy it's hard for me get away give him for your sister's wedding and none of these gonna become the hottest contractor in Los Angeles wait how do you know that if you ask Ellie of Adam's should give me his resume well I'm really proud of him and I like to acknowledge his accomplishment get have the same with me don't that's it that's good that's no crime in that I just I don't know I wonder about him what do you wonder Greg alrighty we'll see you guys set go tomorrow ok I'm not trying to be rude Ellie everyone knows your family is everything to you especially your sister and he's not here we're not doing this I mean if I had missed something this crucial or we were together I hate you care country to what you may think I want you to be happy well I am happy ok great I'm glad I'm just surprised you're so okay with him that'd be well neither of the bride and groom and they're not answering any my calls so really I have a bigger absence to deal with oh they're not answering my calls either this is not normal normal you want to talk normal my sister's not here my boyfriend's not here I'm lying to my family and the only person I could talk to about any of this is you none of this is normal [Music] hello everybody it's me again Xavier directing the activities so the hosts who are yet to arrive send me the list for your four songs today so I have put names on each one of these golf carts and golf clubs behind them so have fun they may you all golf like the golfer Jack Nicholas have you see oh you spoke to them they'll brighten the great well yes I got that email and what did they say are they on their way or this information I do not have I'm merely the messenger stop don't shoot enjoy thank you have here sure boy I guess that's something that they want us to keep on schedule I just wish they talked to us they made us a pair you're riding with AJ I'm riding with Jules Jules you're riding with me okay [Music] what's up nothing seriously Ellie I don't understand what your sisters and answering any of my texts or my phone calls because it's hard everyone off having a party without them think about how you feel being stranded at home I don't know it feels like something's up Jules nothing is up - we'll ride together to avoid interrogation but we're not talking [Music] so I know we're technically not talking right now but but what you've lost your swing I have not lost my swing I happen to have had 90 hours of golf practice since I last saw you well you might want to get your money back then I'm sorry what did you get on that last hole I can't really remember seven and eight a snowman I however got a three if you want any tips mr. eight strokes per hole I'll figure out an appropriate fee [Music] and II got your messages we're talking things through dot dot dot please continue to hold down for it one more day okay well that's something although this for design shaky ground people are gonna buy this forever I mean it's just a little bit longer I don't upset my family especially this is the only wedding they're getting what do you mean well Alec and I aren't entirely sure the whole marriage things for us we don't need a piece of paper okay who are you and what have you done with Ellie what it's hard for him his mom was married four times for terrible guys sour anyone on the institution I'm not talking about anyone I'm talking about you and we used to love this stuff okay we're not having this conversation hey listen I'm sorry if i overstepped things last night wait was that an apology I'm not really sure I heard that correctly yes you heard that right I was inappropriate I don't know I was I was having a great time with your family and you know what I was remembering I was remembering me missing Easter dinner with Grandma gold you remember how furious everybody was because you forgot them Turkey we had no main dish I brought cheeseburgers after I finished trial prep yeah at midnight they were doubles everybody loved the most forgiving on the spot listen whatever you know whatever's happened between you and me your family has always meant a lot to me I know works important a life's all about sharing these milestones with each other you know that Tim all right [Music] Ellie honey can you ask your sister to call Bama she's growing more concerned at every moment and I don't know what's easier of course unless she's on a plane right now but you're not sure that she is I will call her they're missing everything yeah she's really bummed about that she really wishes she could be here look she needs to tell me that herself I am not convinced oh this could be Mandy hello Javier yes oh okay uh yeah I will be right there bye I gotta go flowers wedding decisions that can't wait for me to get here you know what I'll come with you Jason needs to be represented to florally okay these are the two options we offer one big table which arrangement will it be man you would like the ones on the right Jason would like the ones on the left yeah but she left so Andrews he likes orange orange listen I've been a wedding planner for 72 hours and I don't know much about flowers except that when my girlfriend gets mad at me flowers maker on mad so what do you say we combined them together no more fighting at all ever again that that seems fine great yeah great idea Javier Thanks thanks Evie right I'm getting good at this I don't understand the radio silence we're just trying to help them it's not that surprising like trying to help them we judged up our fast yes not my intention I'm high neither you know I just wanted to come to Mexico have a really nice vacation watch my sister walk down the aisle have a few dozen margaritas that's not a sport it would seem so yes you want to go hide [Music] I've missed the beach Moseman laughing this is my thinking spot yesterday I was here for like an hour thinking my life loved the pursuit of happiness oh right so nothing too deep it's happened to fight Mandy please tell me at the airport we're not coming here Lee wait wait stop stop what are you talking about the wedding is on I need you to tell everyone [Music] I can't believe they would call it off what is happening she's just not thinking things through I'm not doing it not gonna try and fix this and I'm not dropping the bomb for them okay her hold wise I've always picked up the pieces for her moist cleaning up her mess it practically planned her entire wedding made it so easy for her to be just so irresponsible why why what why do you always keep picking up the pieces for her you don't think she can handle her own life because she's my sister I think it's more than that and look I'm not saying you're doing this but this wedding this is like what you always used to talk about getting married by the beach surrounded by your closest friends and family yeah because my sister and I had the same vision of what our perfect wedding would be I was just executing it for her okay I get it my whole family has been looking forward to this for almost a year my dad was so excited to walk her down the aisle I'm not gonna be destroying this for them I mean I may have been the cause of this monster but I have to enable it yeah but people came all this way they spent money they took time off work oh yeah that's true but this is Jason and Mandy's mess if they're not coming they should tell everyone well you can't hide forever when we see someone they're gonna ask well I don't plan on seeing anyone I'm running away you're running away mm-hmm at least for a couple hours I haven't been in the town yet I haven't been in town either [Music] Wow and II would have loved it oh yeah you're kidding me remember the night we introduced them to each other yes you throw me a birthday party in your power when I hope Mandy and I had to go to the night sandstorm about like 100 candles for like 20 bucks yeah my place never looked better candlelight hides all the dirt it really did look like a movie beautiful then after everybody left we went out to the deck beautiful candlelight and talked about our future what is it about the flickering light that just makes everything seem so much more perfect there's something to be said about a means [Music] see I see so you ran away so you could shop huh you know what I know just me [Music] there you go thank you we were gonna have it all back that huh yeah you're gonna defend the wrongfully accused and I was gonna decorate their houses which they were free and it seems like a lifetime ago future seems so simple and perfect no kind of changed [Music] it's really hard for me the break-up nanny was just sitting there it's helped put me back together yeah it was hard [Music] you know I accepted the job without talking to you because I wouldn't be able to live with myself you're chosen to come with me over your own opportunity I might have no and you probably wouldn't be where you are today if you had you put me first in case I didn't [Music] I am you know what I am starving why did we decide to run away before dinner I don't know why go back to the resort no okay oh I don't know but let you so what I'm gonna try oh I may never go back I think I'm just gonna sit here and eat mini tacos for the rest of my day yeah you could do a whole lot worse in life oh do you hear that sound might swing they're playing our song oh not our old song our new song listen Yes Mother then shall we listen I'll get back home back to you just like this like riding a bike fine then we must find you a much safer activity we must fight I yes oh yeah my courtship shall begin in three seconds are you ready three two one [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] I have got to be getting more irresistible you cannot resist me no it is almost 2 tiles and a more simple again we are not getting any better at this are we no actually I think we are requesting gracias okay so maybe Dancing with the Stars is in our future well there's one problem what's that other than the fact that I can't dance you're not a star right I always forget that part oh yeah crap although he'll Alec finally Ellie I've been trying to reach him all night sorry there was just a band he was really loud so I couldn't hear my phone okay so tell me why I ran into your sister at the grocery store today and she told me the wedding had been canceled well we heard they were having an issue so we were just trying to patch things up from afar good we you and your dad well you know everyone interesting because when I couldn't get a hold of you I called your dad and hey see it's the thing that they're not there because Jason lost his passport so I'm gonna ask again who is we he's the best man Alec and we just it's completely innocent then why try to hide it from me you're right you're right it's stupid I just didn't want you to get the wrong idea to pay for that well we were planning on telling everyone the truth in the morning so I imagine we'll all head home soon after that you're never gonna see him again tell me you're saying yes yes that is what I'm saying are you coming tomorrow Alec Alec everything okay okay [Music] good dad whoa whoa whoa whoa calm down okay okay I'll be right there it's grandma Bovie graaa le bro are you okay Thomas be a dear and go get me some tea and juice all right and two carne asada tacos with extra pico de gallo I should have insisted to get married in LA then none of this would be happening I'll be ok all right now tell me you two what is going on with your sister grandma you're faking well maybe my blood sugar dropped a little but that's what happens when you have two roma roma dingdong cocktails before breakfast but I'm fine why pretendin I need it to have your defenses down so you tell me the truth why are they not here you're nothing if not effective Goldie I've missed you no feeling is quite mutual Gregory well you know Mandy doesn't deal with stress very well and I could only take so much of the pressure off of her your sister does not have the sense of obligation you do she's always been taken care of I'm sure it never even crossed her mind to feel badly that all these people came here for her uh no she has not mentioned that but you you always make things better for everyone else that's what I keep telling her Electress sister handle the wrong life and you focus on yours just make sure you don't let any past disappointments dictate future decisions the past is not prologue sometimes it's just a matter of timing gran maybe help you out of bed no my tacos are coming [Music] I wish you told me about Mandy and Jason earlier maybe I could have helped we just didn't want to trouble anyone with it you've shouldered the weight of this family long enough I shouldn't let you take it on me and I'm sorry that's what you do for the people you love right I'm gonna talk to them see if I can fix this hopefully they listen to you they're meant for each other and everybody knows it except them it's weird two people cannot see what is so obvious everyone else [Music] [Music] good morning hey I hope it didn't wake you hey guys can you move this what I was just calling to see what time you think you'll be in today we can pick up at the airport take a few days off when you go up the coast actually my dad is on the case now so we're not gonna call the date just yet he thinks they can patch the red weddings they complicate everything I mean it's not the wedding that's the problem so you're saying it's your sister no I didn't that's not what I said it's just circumstance yeah that she created I'm not trying to bash her but this is what she does okay well she is my sister so I suggest you'd be really careful about what you think all this back and forth I mean it's crazy making out the weddings on the wedding is off they love each other they're not talking seriously if she were my sister I would be on the first flight out of there right but you didn't even come down here so you couldn't do that if you wanted to you're upset that I'm not there yes you're gonna wait and see what happens just to punish me no no I'm upset but I'm not petty aleck once again your sister comes first and on the runner-up you wanted to drive up the coast so you could have taken the weekend but you know no actually you didn't have to but because you've said it a million times realize it look Mandy may not be perfect but she is my family Alec and we're a package deal Ellie [Music] hey guys grandma Goldie all my favorite [Music] so I want to thank you all for being here and I promise their arrival is imminent and meanwhile we want you all to enjoy yourselves we've got a lot of great food here so just enjoy the day [Music] nothing I've heard nothing trying to steal my secret spot you have to bring down your Do Not Disturb sign or else it's up for grabs okay excuse I'm alone upset about the wedding or lack thereof actually this one's on Alan I get that my sister's not easy but you love me you have to love my family that's not negotiable [Music] very first thing I learned about you so you're not what's really happy sometimes I think I could be tried to tell myself the same thing when I was in Atlanta but I was looking for something to bring me back to LA from almost the minute I got there I had a lot of regrets [Music] I said you know look I don't know Alec at all and I'm not judging but it seems to me that some people are against marriage because it affords them an uncomplicated easy out relationship [Music] maybe that's what you want [Music] you know before I got the job offer I was gonna ask you to marry me No I was gonna say yes [Music] anything pick this card maybe he'll bring me some luck ramp rises scuba lessons oh my goodness what are you gonna do it's scuba lessons tell them do that kid over there keeps winning he is my nemesis I will beat it p9 I said the doctor called and say the problem was benign why don't we leave so how was the rest of the barbecue I left because it was too breezy for me everybody enjoyed it you any word on your sister I already told you that is on it I believe dad is RF when I see Mandy and Jason show up and I was thinking about this yesterday I never saw two people more right for each other I know those two fit like a glove if only they would communicate better well actually I was talking about you and Greg it's gonna click Oh 66 Oh Greg and I actually are not anything because I'm with Alec now I know that's the problem oh these two talks I 22 what what I went e 2 you used to be such a romantic you loved happily ever after and wedding sport Emperor maybe someday for you it's hard making those big plans thank you and I really think I can see if forever anymore maybe the institution of marriage isn't the issue maybe it's marriage with Alec again you're here I've been calling hey guys we'll see you down at the beach yes I believe that Jason's new passport is arriving today don't lay it on so thick we'll find out soon enough if they're actually coming yeah I know but in the meantime we need to keep the trains running and I don't want anywhere against to think that we dragged them all the way here for nothing no I know you mean what can you do to help I need you to come down to the beach right now for the rehearsal why are we having a rehearsal I'm sure we're having a wedding well I had a long conversation with Mandy and Jason last night together communication lines are up and running it went well are they on their way well I booked them new tickets so that's something and I really hope they're using them so do I yeah so please come down to the beach if somebody needs to know what to do tomorrow okay um I'm gonna get ready [Music] oh good sorry no no worries the emitter of honors here so we'll hear an accounted for except for the two most important people but all will be well I've seen it all no worries I'm sit for this you'll be the groom you'll be the bride and everybody take your seat broom side and bright side and stand right here now you're gonna help me just for the rehearsal and then you can update them tomorrow yes I sent Tara everything a couple weeks ago versus vows you have well Tara self is it's like a hurricane after two tornadoes when I did send your sister an email and she sent me the plan back to me so good it's actually really good news I've upgraded to the level of consciously optimistic okay so we may continue cue music come with it thank you [Music] you take this I'm your father we walk down the aisle now we can go a little faster to make sure that your sister go slowly so can everybody can take in her beauty yes see okay now step then I switch switch places you will hear you their bride see no fog hands open so romantic and then we move on to all things are possible when love is present neither conflict nor strive nor distance can ever destroy true love el amor siempre gana love always wins then comes a song a poem another song under the form a reading a third poem and we speak of the traditions of marriage blah blah blah blah blah etc then vows and we pledge to love to each other we kiss then [Music] see no not you to the bride and the groom tomorrow and we pronounce their husband and wife and then we all go to have a great time so this concludes our rehearsal thank you thank you very much all right got this Tara Tara whoo [Music] that was a lovely wedding today you mean rehearsal the actual wedding taking place tomorrow we hope I'm not gonna beat around the bush with you Willie why start now you've been ignoring Alex course yes why I don't know how I feel anymore because of Greg no because of Alec I just don't really feel like we have the same priorities Oh Ellie you're one great love can break through conflicting priorities but how do you know how do you know what's your one great love or if it's right because I thought I knew that with Greg and look at how that turned out here's how I knew with your grandfather the thought of life with him seemed perfect the thought of life without him was unbearable that's how you know well we've got to get ready for the rehearsal dinner and God willing your sister will be there too we got your favorite one here sorry grandma's borrow dad for a sec okay what's up I've asked him how long we gonna wait according to the website the plane landed three hours ago we've done this twice already you tried your hardest but they're not coming I think you might be right I texted the phone a dozen times and still no response we have to tell our guests the truth the wedding's off but you don't have to do this home no no no it's okay recognize the more exciting things from everyone it's time for us to think [Music] I did my master hello everybody you could please take your seats so we just my family and Jason's family really wants to thank you all for being here and being such good sports about everything you know without the guest of honor actually being here Mandy and Jason really appreciate you all making the trip to come down to celebrate them and you know what if they were here right now I feel like what they would want to say they would say surprise [Music] can you believe tomorrow's my wedding day yes Mandy I can because Greg and I have spent the better half of this week entertaining your guests planning your wedding chuckling a hundred balls for you I'm really sorry I put you through all of this I know I don't say it enough but I appreciate everything you do for me when Jason and I were talking to dad the other night I realized some things such as I don't always know how to compromise I deal with stress terribly I can be irresponsible [Music] that's it what that's not enough for you no that's plenty there's plenty of time for self-reflection later I mean I'm not completely blameless here I think I was using focusing on your life as a distraction from what's really happening in mine why what was really happening in yours Alec yeah about Alec you just like him I know just like as a strong word I can't stand him and he doesn't like me either probably because I told him he wasn't good enough for you twice Mandy I know I know I'm I'm trying to learn to think before I speak I promise one of the lessons from all of this wedding drama this feels like heaven [Music] so with you and Gregor getting on them it was pretty intense at first Beth yes thank you but we went through the trenches this week so I would say we got past things hey I was so hoping that this would happen it was the golf pairing right wait you were hoping what would happen you and Greg uniting at the wedding with him being back in LA now and all we could go on double dates again and we could move into the same cul-de-sac next to each other like in that old soap opera and our kids could grow up together and learn be BFFs take it easy we are just on speaking terms that's it well it is a big step in the right direction sitting on the beach by myself it's too quiet without you go he's all alone down there you don't have to take care of me anymore Ellie go take care of you [Music] look what where did you find that okay I actually just got it from a bar over there but I did put it on Jason and Mindy because I figured it's the least they could do course great idea Mandy and Jason do OS alright uh no but I'll take this one hello this is Kofi I like it I know right do you like the fire did you do yeah because I made that farm oh man it took me five and a half hours so I hope you really really like it how's Mandy you know she's surprisingly really calm it's kind of eerie can we take her he our Jason yeah he's he's all kind of easygoing and been relaxed it's weird sorry it just can't be bothered right now don't let's go in the water what come on no no it's dark and they're creepy-crawly is underneath the service no what are you talking about we'll put our feet in it's like an inch of water do you know what I will take an inch of champagne but I'm not getting you can do you want them yeah I want some more champagne go thank you nope we have to a tote it's just surviving yeah we made it we did it [Music] okay Ellie I I have to say this now otherwise the moments can pass and I refused to have any more regrets in my life I am not sorry they pulled this stunt because it brought us here and there is nowhere else I'd rather be right now and there's no one else I'd rather be here with Greg and if I had known then what I know now I would've turned it all down and I would have put a ring on your finger that day I still love you I never stopped [Music] le Alec what are you doing here I could ask the same of you you know what I'm just gonna let you guys talk sorry No I'm just gonna pretend like I didn't see that because I I get it you get what all this wedding business it's made you realize how much you do actually want to get married do you you knew that I didn't want to and you were willing to put that aside because that's how much you love me I like know you in LA you win if you want a piece of paper then that is fine we'll get a piece of paper because that is how much I love you Oh [Music] oh it is it is so much more than a piece of paper Alec it's a commitment that says I choose you for life I know he shouldn't have come wait at first you're mad at me for not coming and now you're upset because I'm here I wanted to love you and I am so sorry to tell you this I just don't anymore Wow that's what I was expecting was my god are you playing with the ring my pocket is afternoon I don't want to hurt you cuz I really do care about you so much Justin how's matcha sound you're a good man and you deserve more than this you ever loved me I never pretended I just saw I could move on but I can't that's why you want Elly [Music] le what what's wrong is everything okay Mandy oh yeah yeah no everything's fine um I'm actually looking for Greg I thought he was with you he was uh a long story you scared me there for a second I thought you know maybe Mandy was just mm-hmm no no she's so excited for tomorrow and how are you feeling about new things I am good I think that we figured everything out yeah you think or you know I think I know I I don't know I'm mad it's like really nervous is that bad yeah no really nervous completely normal it just and means that it's really important to you okay and my parents wedding my dad that he was so nervous that my mom had to get out of her wedding dress to go calm him down and then she had to go get redressed in this old beautiful Victorian wedding gown that had like a hundred tiny buttons down the back so basically they were 30 minutes late to their own wedding because of tiny buttons that's true love right there sounds like it oh by the way if you need Mandy tomorrow her dress has a zipper perfect uh Ellie thank you for everything that's what family does [Music] hey you raise Greg I'm not available to take your call right now [Music] wake up sleepyhead it's your big day today this is how I look on my wedding day well luckily you have a professional coming in an hour do you wanna shower first or should I then go ahead any word from him nothing I looked for him everywhere last night he's not around the resort he's not at his favorite spot on the beach it's 93 was calls or texts well he can't hide forever and you'll see him soon enough [Music] thirty minutes until we're putting you in your dress okay come on look I know you're nervous but it's like I said last night it is completely normal I promise you today is gonna be the best day of you it's not about you Mandy okay it's Greg you didn't come back to the room last night I tried him last night and this morning and no answer I have tried a dozen times to nothing I I don't know what to do he's my best man I'm getting married in an hour and I'm freaking out yeah I'm gonna freak out okay so just I need you to tell me what to do Ellie please just tell me first you are gonna get dressed I will call my dad I will have him stay with Mandy and I will go find right everything will be fine okay okay thank you for everything really get out of here before you accidentally see the bride no other way [Music] whoa isn't it bad luck to see the bridesmaid before the wedding I've never heard that before you seen Gregg no not since last night Gregg wanted to get on a plane alone suddenly we talked to him out of it he was pretty bummed about your boyfriend showing up or should we say fiance come on shows that ring no Alec and I broke up wait Greg said he saw you getting engaged I didn't we didn't I'm not engaged where was the last place you saw Greg down by the beach near those rocks or maybe he left maybe I didn't talk him out of it [Music] Elly I fell asleep on the beach Jason's probably freaking out right he's completely freaking out he sent me to come find you well you've done your job you can go back to Prince Charming okay stop no don't stop keep walking cause you have to get dressed but I will talk and just listen at the same time what you saw were two people saying goodbye after a year-long relationship he's back in LA it's over [Music] because I'm in love with someone else someone who is kind and caring and loving and loves my cookie family I think I was planning my dream wedding all along I just couldn't really see it because I was with the wrong person it is so much more than a piece of paper and I do not need an uncomplicated and easy out ever I won't either [Music] and I worship Rihanna I'm always wins [Music] all is possible when love is present neither conflict nor strife nor distance can destroy it [Music] love always wins love always wins love always wins I now pronounce you husband and wife [Music] you may kiss the bride [Music] el amor siempre gana [Music] Molly white met the perfect guy it's Nick dance nice to be forced to meet you do a Hallmark Channel destination wedding where the maid of honor and the best man you and Gregory uniting at the wedding discover will just get through this week and then you'll never see each other again it's the journey that matters how do you know it's your one great love or if it's right Alexa pano Vega there is nowhere else I'd rather be right now I'm so bored above you doesn't it seem a mall chef I'm a rapper digoxin and so then I am the inverter hold on they do Carl I hope the Quadra orbital quick don't cha Rijo again I can obtain better tell me now tell hokum umberto lenzi the way Ptolemy generosity biography like a de Valera's or although those are some if you like so name someone someone vomit evil to over siak was here to that wounds out and a car without mythology at about low or also all fours oil Oh towel iam toho take your tongue Fabian getting hot day yes yes yes I realize do that right there like that they all denied that might have been one time I did something cam but rather by Jeff were there percents I've heard of that way passing took the rice Chevron quit all sigh - - defconn gwinnett dried up in New York I never hang Nevada by Mihai pana Tom maybe la razón performance' don't fall for my sake I am so to target an appointment [Music] Donna Donna Donna [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so Kanto Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh