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[Music] [Music] now you could help me look mom it's the last thing grant ever asked of me ellen i have never understood nor do i now understand these games that you and your grandmother always played well it's just following the clue 100 good days sweetheart we're not even sure that she was a sound mind did you know the ground was from beacon you should keep that her birth certificate should be filed somewhere yes i knew that she was born in maine oh i found it 100 years of solitude the buendia family buendia good day 100 good days it's a good clue this must be it deliver in person underlined no no no chet cumberfield who's that you need to be thinking about your future not running off aren't you curious it's in may she never talked about it it'd only take me two days ellen you have so many important things to do right now my mother has always had this effect on you i want to know who it is do you realize you saved that entire transaction let's hope so if they come up with the cfo then we'll have to reopen but until then the building will be empty by the end of the month so there's time for you to go to maine well i don't want to leave you in the lurch hayden okay you already did the heavy lifting i can cover the rest i'll take care of it go deliver your grandmother's letter [Music] it'll be a day maybe two it's a small town look mom if this is the current address it can't be all that hard to find him i have to go i have another call [Music] [Music] wow it's okay it's okay i got you breathe breathe it's okay it's great you're okay slow down look at me look at me what's your name what's your name it's ellen okay we're gonna start swimming now okay okay okay what i want you to do i just want you to lay back lay back i'm right you're gonna be okay there i'm a really good swimmer okay you're okay just breathe okay [ __ ] be done you can stand okay okay yeah hey okay [Music] [Music] sorry [Music] well hang on a second are you okay we should get you to halberd it's the hospital oh let's go hey i just need here are you sure let me get you home thank you i'm i'm fine actually and you know it's just i have no idea how that happened i'm actually a very strong swimmer i was captain of the swim team in my high school 200 meter breaststroke and crawl one of those would have worked we went to the nationals so what hotel are you staying in um how do you know i'm not a local i guess you get a lot of summer people here which doesn't surprise me i mean it's beautiful thank you listen ellen why did you go out there on that dock oh i wanted to take a picture of the statue of the girl with a basket full of grapes blueberries but look don't you think the owner should be more careful i mean i could have been hurt that's a lawsuit waiting to happen okay well let's not call any lawyers all right well i am a homeowner oh well then you know that there's a law against trespassing it has to be marked private property like with a sign that says no trespassing exactly it has to be prominently displayed not on the sand somewhere like probably like that and there's a gate well that gate should definitely be locked yeah it should ah thank you rockingdale in it's the brackendale hotel whatever buckle up [Music] okay well thank you hang on a second what i want to uh have dr hunter come and take a look at that guy oh i'm fine no oh wait stop stop at least let me take a look at it yes you're probably fine but i would feel better if you took a look at it look i'll have someone look at it when i get back to new york okay but you know what thank you for for that well not that i mean you know for the lift the the lift the ride rescue it was ride the heroic rescue thank you [Music] they sell swimwear gifford's on maine if you would like no paula i would not like are you okay yeah i'm fine any messages uh yeah your fiance called oh he's now mike thank you hello hello wait hold on let me uh just just can you hear me now yeah i hear you loud and clear now where are you your phone die or no i just left it in my room when i went for a walk hayden my fiance well that was me exuding confidence that you'd say yes by the end of the week right now yeah no i'm i'm here i'm i'm here i just what's wrong sorry i came here it was just a waste of time i i should have just mailed the letter you know never mind that how is um how's the campaign fundraising's on track still looks like i'm running on a post in the primary so i could be in maine in five hours you know oh right if you got a jet pack no it's fine i'll i'll be home on thursday and i'll see you then are you sure you want to leave already i thought this was a charming maine village filled with colorful locals it is i'll talk to you later bye [Music] what in the world am i doing here that's the biggest question isn't it [Music] why am i here granted why are any of us here why is this letter so important and this man chet stay ellen deliver the letter you'll get your answer besides it'll be fun remember fun [Music] well you paid for two more nights but i can't give you a refund sorry it's policy of course i understand just think though you can give a free upgrade to the deluxe suite to someone oh funny girl hey i need you to initial here and sign right there you hey you're late right there hey i heard that someone nearly drowned at marlin beach yesterday drowned that's surprising yeah isn't it hey have a safe trip oh yeah thank you okay huh the estate didn't take the injunction well they're disputing your claim to kenlin farm as we expect hey guys that lumber's ready you want to go grab it here look dave obviously i know this was a play just to stop bulldozers but seriously what's next honestly roy i i think the family is going to craft you hard and i think we need to prepare for a lawsuit thanks man later [Music] hi [Music] hi welcome i'll get you a menu i should probably just have the blueberries right it's not that simple we have many diverse delicious dishes and wow that was a lot of alliteration sorry it's early let me start again i really would just like a bowl of blueberries please straight no chaser yeah it's great okay oh that man is fine you think so you think he's fun he asked me to marry him he didn't say yes how did you know that well you didn't say we're engaged and there's no rings so he kind of jumped the gun a little bit i mean i am gonna say yes he checks all my boxes i check all of this oh what somebody wants to put you in a box here better off being shipped is that mark twain oprah no skip the bartender in brackendale makes the best margaritas north of yucatan oh i didn't order a blueberry muffin because i i think it's a law you'll thank me okay wow [Music] oh hi uh it's me hey can you bring your swimsuit right no um i just wanted to return yourself that's royce yeah he's uh she's down the dock okay uh thank you [Music] [Music] skull and crossbones huh yeah you know half wanted to put a picture of the broken dock with arms coming up out of the water and some shark fins but i thought that was overkill how are you feeling today good good great fine i brought this back um they said it was yours i'm happy to have it cleaned so i could drop it off somewhere on my way out of town that'd be the first time it was clean do you leave in town yeah i have some errands to run and then yeah so thanks for what just kidding anytime your shoes what [Music] yeah chet cumberfield 55 molly's lane but i can't find any street in town called molly's lane it's a dock you mean like for boats [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah well go ahead just schedule the walkthrough and i will be back in town tonight yes i just have one thing left to do i'm trying to find this one man and deliver something and then i am on my way back great no problem thanks for calling bye hey it's you pardon you're the one that fell through the dock and nearly drowned right i was hardly drowning you're the swimmer how much for a cup of coffee for you it's on the house oh no i'm happy to pay for it no no no no not after euro deal beacon owes you and by the way the picture doesn't do you justice picture what picture how much of the papers 25 cents no no uh i'm gonna buy all of them [Music] unbelievable daring rescue carried her to shore drowning victim drowning victim [Music] the victim wasn't identified at the same this is all i need hey i gotta respect the claw hello hi i'm i'm in free souvenirs uh damage control um it's not like i like my business on the front page either right uh yeah i'm sure your wife or your girlfriend is just proud of you for you know being a hero um will you will you please just hold this excuse me sorry just one second excuse me hi um sorry can i just borrow this for a thank you thank you hold it thank you if there was a wife or a girlfriend i would not have let you kiss me i've been getting killed with this thing all morning okay what are you doing with the broom here well i'm just gonna don't take it out on this guy hang on no i i just stop stop it you're gonna break him give me this him yeah it's krusty perseus okay go ahead put the one ready yep [Music] yes well um thank you all right so listen there's one more in front of the post office and another one in front of municipal hall that's that way then there's two more on signal street which is that way and i'll get the rest deal yeah great post office municipal hall that way signal street yeah that way i got it thank you be careful bathrooms in your room please make sure that they are there when you check out we spend a lot of money on them it is a non-smoking room put them on my dab okay condominium breakfast from 8-11 checkout is noon [Music] [Music] [Music] hi i wondered if you might help me i'm looking for a house uh it was here from about the 1930s to the 50s probably before and maybe after 2. can you narrow that down just a little bit it was my grandmother's home so you have an address i don't i just found out that she grew up here like three weeks ago but um she was born in 1936. you have a name goddard her parents were frank and and dorothea goddard frank all righty um come on in let me walk you through our system here great thank you i thought i'd start with a title search see if there's been any mortgage deeds or tax liens let's see if they filed for an easement or any covenants that might have left a paper trail wire help yourself great thank you [Music] any luck nope sorry [Music] [Applause] seven letter word coming together again for the first time i don't know you must or i wouldn't have said it you don't know yet but you will i just need to find this cumberfield guy gonna stay one more night i'm gonna find him tomorrow morning and then i will be back in the city welcome to the brackendale hotel okay bye what can i do for you it's me yes it is are you back if there's still room for me tonight i'll check with housekeeping great great maybe you could ask the uh concierge to watch my stuff for me huh yeah sure and i'll just wait in the lounge then okay yeah oh uh sorry pardon me yeah [Music] hey uh i have a menu yeah there we go thank you and a wine list um maybe just the specialty cocktails that's margarita north of the yucatan i'll take it oh hi hi maybe the kitchen could make me like grill chicken breast and steam up i'll have that oh oh we can't see meatloaf no i mean i'll just i'll just have that uh super salad to start gotta try the chowder then i got it our only real shot was to get landmark status on the house they changed the regs back in 2004 registry closed it's closed what no one's going to find anything worth saving after 2004. well we need development more that's ridiculous well that's the argument tourism's down you know that and the county is bound by state law on this and you officially got sued i'm sorry i gotta take this here we go oh thank you you're welcome hey guys really thanks skip oh is that are you skipped the bartender oh he's a legend wait you're the swimmer no hi hey everybody it's the swimmer hey you know what dinner is on the house oh no that's okay did you get hypothermia what well that's what happens when you drown he's seen things uh i wasn't drowning was it drugs excuse me ex-cop i hear when you drown everything in your brain like that totally blanket um in fact actually i was fine uh but you know with the guy i just didn't want to insult him [Laughter] he's a card that one yes he is and she comes with jokes hey you know what to the swimmer [Applause] to the swimmer cheers anyway we kept our supplies and made it to bermuda so yes technically they were pirates but they were very grounded for being on the water all right ellen you're up come on you must have some good stories in the big city come on not really we work all the time oh come on bomber no wedding really no no i actually love my job really i do okay well maybe you need a little pirate cruise maybe i do bliss yeah geez gord what's wrong with you man throw like a girl tonight did he just say throws like a girl yes oh man they so are see this is when i should build a whistle i need a whistle how do you do it put yours i know nice wendy i challenge anyone who thinks throws like a girl is a bad thing [Applause] fellas [Music] [Music] oh hello you uh play darts better than you swim i'm killer of both oh okay killer pick your poison shanghai 301 i'm gonna play fine i thought you'd want a challenge dead presidents you want to play dead presents that's what i said all right you hit ben in the face and you get my hundred but you got to hit him in the face oh same goes for you pal [Music] visiting team first oh no no do the [Applause] honors good shot thank you you got it you yeah wherever you need to be here [Applause] [Music] how old is the farmhouse maybe you could get the buildings landmarked it's not that old what about the land it could be eligible for protected status maybe there's a chance of endangered wildlife no that's a great idea you could sound 10 less surprised when you say that what's up here there's my card call me advice sir yours got cold so we did steam it for you thank you you're welcome are you judging me no yes yeah come on you do not strike me as a meatloaf and gravy girl are you really gonna call me girl after i schooled you in stop fine woman person attorney there's a lot you don't know about this woman person attorney i know less about you i'm an open book go ahead why construction my uncle taught me how important it was to create something baseball red sox mm-hmm oh really well i know mrs your girlfriend oh basketball that's what i do for a living do you dance i mean it's been a long time yeah right yeah a long time you should go what no nothing look you're good at darts you're good at interrogating people but not everybody can dance you probably clapped at one and three instead of two and four come on gotcha so um you know the pretzel [Music] i went to canton of course oh look at this mr smith [Music] so why no misses her girlfriend didn't have the question read back to you no counselor thank you for the dance i uh this isn't roy yes there was a missus yeah we grew up together she's a great girl together for a while she had to relocate for work what that's it the end no oh no we moved to boston lived there for nine years started a business actually went really well but i don't know i felt like i was living in someone else's skin there [Music] was someone else's life [Music] does that make sense maybe do i get to cross-examine now oh uh no i'm sorry i oh no come on really no i really need that ellen ellen ellen do you need help no all right good night good night [Music] checking out are you yes i'm sure i have to get back to my life and my job thank you paula uh-huh come back soon fiance my fiance she forgot to say my fiance huh you mark my words the blood thickens hey hey sorry meeting ran late um well you could tell me all about it tonight i am on my way back wait you delivered the letter thank you i uh haven't been able to find the old man so i'm just gonna mail the letter listen i probably won't be home until late tonight so don't eat up okay and i want to see some photos too all right uh actually i i haven't taken many ellen hey i'm gonna need to bounce i got to take this call all right but call your mom okay bye all right hello arlen right i'm so glad i ran into you yeah i i wrote it down after you said it and then i found it later under my coffee cup right i found your grandma's house [Music] hi hi are you mrs porter hi susan yeah i'm sorry to disturb you i just found out that this house is where my grandmother grew up and just wanted to look around if you wouldn't mind of course come in sorry about the mess it's beautiful so who exactly was your grandmother her name was ruth goddard there's something i should show you come with me yeah we moved in a couple years ago and it feels like a non-stop renovation finally made it up to this floor but uh here we found it underneath the old paneling that was here i don't know what anyone would really want to cover it up but my gran painted this you know what we are going to give you a moment to yourself [Music] foreign never get the full red spectrum with that digital conglomeration it's a phone it's a record player it makes julian fries i get it i need a real camera i don't know how you went so many days without a proper lens on the world [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh hey you are welcome back okay now your suite is being cleaned but lucky for you i have not rented a dough yet so how long are you back for this time a week maybe longer i don't even know where to begin i don't even know what i don't know yet oh honey that's every tuesday for me [Music] uh [Music] hey you okay you all right yeah i [Music] fine [Music] [Music] [Music] go [Music] hello anyone there mr cumberfield [Music] you stalking me or just breaking into my place this isn't your place yeah it is free and clear which means you're trespassing again i'm not okay i looked it up this place what it's an engagement ring [Music] where's your wedding well we haven't chosen a date yet uh it's complicated uh i'm here because i would like to speak to the owner of this property uh chet r cumberfield that's me i'm the r that's not possible he has to be 80 years old at least you mean my uncle chet cumberfield is your uncle it was my great uncle he passed away three months ago did you know him apparently my grandmother did [Applause] she asked me to deliver this they were the last words she said to me oh man sorry well what is it what'd you say oh i i haven't read it but you should consider it part of chad's state all right well let's see your chet i'm sorry can't begin to cover the way i left you i told you i didn't love you anymore but that was a lie [Music] you know what you should we should place that [Music] you were right about my family pushing me toward henry the truth is i loved you i love dreaming beside you [Music] i love the life we've planned in beacon i still think of you whenever i see blueberries wishing you the best always [Music] you didn't know any of that no gran was happily married i thought my grandfather was a good man you want some coffee i i came to vegan to deliver this letter and now i have well uh be safe swimmer [Music] so many questions for you it's right in front of you what weren't you looking for a dumpster to destroy the evidence [Music] ah [Music] [Music] hey arlen is there a library that i [Music] could [Music] uh arlen hi hi i need to buy some of the paintings that you have on display in there oh those are city property they're not for sale but it's my grandmother they say goddard come let me show you she's the pain you're kidding that's a new exhibit it just went up [Music] wait did you see this [Music] oh that's my grand [Music] [ __ ] oh you should go see sugar fall she's a collector ask about your grandma's paintings if she doesn't have any already she'll know who would [Music] paintings it's important so if you call me anytime day or night i'd really appreciate it once again my number is 917-555-0138 thank you [Music] why not one word not ever it was gone i'd made my choices he seemed happy well that was a choice too you know i was happy watch booster's point starting this week the sun disappears right behind that rock at sunset oh no you don't you don't get to get all wise lady of the seacoast on me that's how you know it's harvest time that in the almanac your grandfather was a good man reunion that's it isn't it that's what you wanted with chet seven letter word for coming back together again no no no but that's seven letters but it's your clue darling girl not mine and you're missing half of it what was the whole thing coming together again for the first time but there's no word for that but maybe you two will have to make one up which two exactly [Music] ah [Music] just second hi it's so good to see you [Music] it's so good to see you too i just can't believe you're here well here i am i take it you know this man i do yes paula this is my hayden croft yes that's me hayden croft how are you doing it's okay to be here right hi hey nice to meet you and uh thank you for taking such good care of ellen no she does a ride for herself of course so good surprise of course isn't it amazing grand must have been 16 or 17 when she painted this oh she's got talent it's beautiful okay one blueberry muffin thank you and one egg boy omelet spinach tomato thank you it's a good looking blueberry muffin right i'd have to start doing two it is with my trainer fighting like that she swims it off did you say you swim at all what in the ocean isn't that freezing i needed the exercise [Music] well i'm glad you found out about your grandma's second life it's gonna save my investigators a ton of work wait you'd have my grandmother investigated there's the only way i can protect you once the campaign starts and believe me i vet my own family too but i've been through so many campaigns there's not a whole lot of mud left to be slumped right oh that reminds me uh jim mckenzie uh from the times has been trailing me so so that reporter is coming to beacon i know it's not ideal but this weekend was already planned so i thought that it would just raise more questions if i cancelled it so i didn't is he expecting no no no no no excuse me i can do any hot sauce hot sauce sauce yes uh oh um i'll get a feed oh no no there's okay you gotta trade i'll get it thank you though you know it's not a big deal obviously he knows that we're seeing each other he just wants to meet you and see us together that's all okay great be fun right but today it's just you and me right we'll do something how about the beacon county fair i'm gonna be going home with some ginger more tonight i can tell i can smell it no no i think that's the fried food you're smelling i think we'll pass on that what we're never going to be president don't the candidates all have to have fried butter in one of those primary states i think i'm going to face myself until then duck's on a slide you don't see that every day oh wow do they get to race really or they're on their own i hear you yes ellen hey hi i thought that you were well i think i've uh about shaking every chicken's wing here hello hi hayden this is uh roy cumberfield he's chet cumberfield's nephew oh hayden croft that hayden croft huh parade so yes i'm very sorry to hear about your uncle thank you so you have a chicken in this fight do you no i don't do chickens no chicken parm chicken nuggets soup tenders okay well maybe we should uh continue to explore sure okay nice to you it's nice meeting you you too say roy why don't you join us oh i'm sure he's busy with stuff [Music] why not thank you so how should we tackle this say we wander see what catches our eye oh those dogs are so cute do you want to play a game look at him go [Applause] [Music] okay roy so what else do you guys do for fun around here besides the fair oh mostly outdoor stuff hiking boating skiing right swimming i still can't believe when swimming in the ocean here so cold what you know about that well he knows i like to stay fit let's go get something to eat what do you say okay sure roy you hungry what do you recommend well what are you guys in the mood for wait no no you got to have one of these to beacon slider local special hey chris how you doing man it was three days well it's the local specialty right very good oh no no okay well you know what we're gonna have seafood for dinner so maybe we should find something looks good it looks it looks great whoa whoa oh my gosh here you go grab away thank you very much yep here we go ready yeah hayden great really good right hey you gotta have a look hang on really good what were you thinking that it couldn't be worse than fried butter except you're not allergic to fried butter do you have anesthesia no i don't but don't be fine fried dough coming in that's what i needed fried dough awesome wow maybe we should go on a ride or something huh yeah i'm down for rides yeah good you okay yeah i'm sort of worn out uh maybe we should have that what do you something wrong i think i'm just tired you know it's long drive maybe i'll just call a service or something well they don't exactly have car service let me let me take you back oh i'll be fine come on hey i'm right over here come on feel better thank you [Music] so uh doesn't really match the shoes yeah well i really never could accessorize yeah it's uh ellen's oh no i just drove her and hayden back from the fair hmm you want to run this in for me get the ball uh i will not why neither will you you can return to yourself i'm just trying to be respectful here oh he's a decent guy doesn't mean he's the right guy hi hey oh wow uh i didn't even realize i left it thank you sure how's hayden out for the count does he need a doctor no he just needs to sleep so you got a minute sure why i got something i'd like to show you i thought you'd like to see what you're helping me with what i'm fighting for here stop stop what what's the matter this was all blueberries wasn't it well you know this place my grandmother she she painted this she um she painted a lot i i saw one of her paintings and i guess there's supposed to be more i took a picture of the mural i found in her attic wow this is the house no question never looked this good when i was a kid this is what you're fighting for yeah it has to be them chet and ruth no question look at them they must have been so young doesn't matter they knew this is what i would make it look like again oh gosh we spent so much time on this porch are you trespassing oh now you're worried about trespassing as long as you have money from bail this is the living room i'll show you around look at this whoa and then you have this the kitchen and dining room so we just we just lived in between these two rooms and then out here in this porch my uncle loves it here he was he was so good with the ground you know with growing things it was actually him who figured out which blueberry grows best here because the starts are really expensive and you don't get a blueberry for a couple years so if you don't get it right set you back like life a few false starts no more than anyone else i guess you no i didn't think so [Music] who are these owners a guy from boston bought it off the family when jet left down and he died and his kids inherited and they're the ones that want to carve it up into a subdivision yikes [Music] what happened nothing it's just safe in my room you got an injunction right that's what stopped the work how smart but we need a longer play well i um i might have found the rare butterfly that breeds down by the creek still here roy all we have to do is cause enough trouble the heirs decide it's not worth it and then they'll take a fair offer we can do that right we yeah i'll be in the office on monday and i'll get started you know my grandma would want that so i'll make sure someone in the capital is greasing the wheels and keeping everything moving thank you boy look at this oh my gosh i can't believe this whoa [Music] this place just won't give up huh neither will i yeah what [Music] um so you uh grew up here huh i wish but it is where i spent all my summers every time i come back here it's like a reunion now that's not the right word it's like coming home again only i never lived here so it's coming home for the first time you rushed back how did you do that what are you talking about coming home again for the first time those exact words what a bright young man grant i am practically engaged practically in every sense of the word [Music] yippee or tell her that we'll be in touch all right hello you're alive oh hey what are you up to well i'm actually trying to track down the elusive sugar fork and ruth's paintings but i think maybe i have the wrong phone number or she's ducking our calls but i have a paralegal on it so i promise you i'm gonna get you those paintings thank you so much nice but don't thank me until i get him in our hot little uh-oh what yeah i gotta take this mccutcheon i'm catching yeah you guys got no respect he's calling you got no reception here i'm not gonna i know i know hello hello hey i don't know um hello this is gonna take a little while like an hour i don't know maybe twelve hours hello hello no don't don't hang up so when i don't go play or go do something fun and i'll catch up with you are you sure yeah i'm sure hey thanks for the paintings you're the best i know thank you hello hello yeah yeah i know there's me ow not a west facing room please i don't need the sun baking me in the afternoon now can i make a spa appointment or well there she is you are alive what are you doing here hunting you down is this a new hairstyle um i just didn't have a chance to do it yet i you didn't have to come here well honey i called you several times i even texted it's been hectic here honey you could shoot a cannon down main street and not even hit a caribou let's go for a walk how about so many nice things to see okay you can have the valley take my bags up right after his spa treatment absolutely great great i don't understand this game alan you make him wait you make him want you more but then you say yes he's a croft he has options i don't remember asking your opinion you know this will be the wedding of the year ellen and not just new york society but all of fairfield county and philadelphia don't you want to get it right yes well good because i talked to the wedding planner i gave her some examples just no well you can go ahead and do what you want i just know that a wedding of the scale can be daunting for someone like you like me how busy ellen this is what i'm good at just let me help i want your help but hayden and i don't care about the trappings okay what did he tell you that because trust me he knows that this is a big deal let's get a bite here a bite in an ice cream store well they have sandwiches just don't order a soy latte you'll be fine hi ladies hi um i'll have a turkey panini please an iced tea oh too ella absolutely hey i was just talking about you hi listen i got two things i got to tell you the butterfly it is endangered so we throw the kitchen sink at him we'll hit him with everything we got we'll order a full environmental impact study and learn all sorts of things about butterfly migration well listen this was all your idea and i actually think we have a shot so thank you i'm cynthia branford ellen's mother oh oh hey sorry uh roy cumberfield cumberfield yeah he's um chet's nephew uh and roy is dealing with some real estate issues that i'm helping him with anyway i uh i hate to interrupt you guys enjoy your lunch you said there were two things uh i can't wait it's a pleasure meeting you no likewise bye-bye uh how much will that be it's taken care of thank you so you found chet cumberfield yeah uh he's um well passed away uh and uh roy was his heir so you delivered the letter huh then mission accomplished but ellen when did this happen why are you still here graham was a painter what no she wasn't i never saw her paint a day in her life she quit when she left beaking well then it was a hobby when she was a child she was an artist she got accepted to the chicago institute of archie she was brilliant she she knew about composition she knew what she was talking about when she taught me photography ellen excuse me um i didn't get to see this i know they sold out so fast [Music] [Music] ellen honey what happened i guess i was just glad to be on dry land you know grateful to be alive oh honey you are cece baker who you remember ceci with the teeth my doubles partner four years ago she was diagnosed with cancer she found the best oncologist and she's cured and she fell in love with him he was the reason that she survived he was the most magnificent creature that got him i get it i get it what happened she got over it because she realized the entire infatuation was just relief at being alive what does he do right he builds houses and can you honestly see yourself giving up everything that you've worked your entire life for for that [Music] what about hayden do you love him i do and we are going to plan the wedding of your dreams [Music] this is ellen oh hey alan it's roy about that other thing can you meet me at the beach house [Music] roy [Music] whoa what's the occasion you were right apparently the boston kids are running on all kind of borrowed money and the thought of being in court for the next few years has made them want to sell so it's yours the blueberry farm is yours thanks to you i've been drinking about this for so long you're all set almost [Music] roy is that this doc i think so how did you as it turns out sugar faulk is a hoarder who believes in the barter system and she has a basement that needs some foundation work she has two other ones you'll get when i finish the job hey i pay my legal fees you didn't have to do this all right you're not going to negotiate come on we'll make it fun it's the nicest thing you could ever have done for me i have to go you realize those things don't make any sense together right you know i've been thinking i have my dinner everybody's waiting for me yeah yeah sure [Music] roy why do you think that your uncle never went after my grandmother respect i should pick the other guy [Music] i'm so sorry it took me so long that's all right ellen uh this is jim mckenzie from the times and uh this is tally beecham his photographer hi so what do you say should you get some dinner i thought we could try this uh seafood place i found actually we were thinking we need local color so we booked here oh hey guys here got a table right here there we go there's our table yes nice right hey back a little margaritas i'm not sure what i'm doing did she just say more margaritas oh can i get you guys a refill uh yeah sure i'll have another one of these i think it's a lot thank you i'll do the same okay you know i would love an east london and tonic please thank you what sparkling water do you have what a soda water uh we'll have soda waters and a lime uh keeping sharp starts tonight oh no yeah save yourself for karaoke yeah i i ate here the other night you must make quite an impression oh she always does swimming in the house excuse me i'm so sorry to interrupt i'll borrow ellen for two minutes that's okay with you sure um i'm helping him with a case i'll be right back excuse me her grandmother was friends with his uncle and they're just finishing up some business stay stay here and vegan [Music] let's give things a chance things yeah ellen i know you and if i say more than that you're gonna take off right now because this is me fighting for you roy it's it's been really something that it's been it's been more than that but it shouldn't have been i know that you feel what i feel i know that we just met no my life is not set in stone it's not here [Music] and it's yet to be determined whether or not these these paintings can actually be found you know what guys i'm gonna go get us another round of drinks all right i'll be back in a minute well she never painted at home when we were growing up she was just busy [Music] so [Music] that's such an interesting name it's actually sally but my your sister couldn't say it so i became talented it just stuck finally something without a steel guitar we can actually dance jim oh no way hayden oh hey yeah sure yeah i'd love to dance great doesn't uh hayden doesn't doesn't hesitate to step up he doesn't dance it's an unusual night that was a good save though jim you were looking for some local color and it seems like this dark game in the corner is the place why don't you guys have some more questions for alex oh there's there's plenty of time there okay pull yourself together drink sure i'll have uh you know your world-famous margarita oh i'm losing it no you're finding it and not where you expect it to i know you made your choice you think you're doing the right thing i think you'll still believe that when you're 80. never mind how it looks what feels right what feels like home [Music] karaoke hour starts now first up the swimmer yeah yes come on down [Applause] good [Applause] [Music] now i gotta cut loose foot loose kick off the sunday shoes lose your blues everybody caught food cool obeying every rule dig away down in your heart you're burning yearning for some somebody to tell you that life ain't passing you by i'm trying to tell you it will if you don't even try it [Music] everybody [Applause] wow let's give another hand for this [Applause] window wow yeah it's incredible should we talk somewhere [Music] i think that might be a good idea yeah okay who's next wow i mean who was that me unplugged believe me i'm as surprised as you are and um who was that kissing roy on the beach that was me too right and the women who came out to dinner with me tonight who was that your partner my buddy always yeah we made a good team don't you think it's not enough huh it's funny i suspected when i asked you to marry me and you didn't jump in my arms right away and say yes i needed time exactly i'm sorry it's okay don't be sorry truth is so did i now that you've seen my dance moves dodged a bullet you so did oh [Music] i need to serve someone who's gonna fit into your life this life you want [Music] yeah i do but so do you swimmer right and he's a great guy [Music] [Music] [Music] so i don't want to live in someone else's skin anymore i want this i want this town i want this beach i want the blueberry farm it's me so we're you i'm not afraid to say it i love you this this home i'm home okay for the first time [Music] [Applause] hey honey look at this for a second i think i can do this trim one of two ways here's classic traditional here's a little more contemporary typo classic i like it i like you [Music] [Applause] [Music] you