Romeo and Cinderella Hatsune Miku Subtitles cc Vocaloid Live Concert

Don't make my love your tragic Juliet Take me away... That's how I feel Tell Mom and Dad goodnight Wish them sweet dreams, at least It's bedtime for grownups Choking on captivating caramel Entwining my bare, bashful legs How far can we venture tonight? Be gentle, don't bite I still dislike bitter tastes Having been spoiled on Mom's homemade sweets When there's something you don't know It's only natural to want to find out Show me everything And just for you, I'll show you mine too... I'm a Cinderella, yearning for you I'll come running in my school uniform Oh magic, please stop the hands of time Before the villain interferes I'm a Juliet who wants to run away But don't call me by that name We have to live happily ever after Otherwise where's the fun? Tell me, will you choose life? Won't you peek into my heart? See how it brims with desires? I've got room for more Pack my heart until it's full Until it fills up the place Where you are But what would be the point? They say happiness comes in small packages If something doesn't change You're going to end up hating me But Mom and Dad are the same as ever They just want more You're right, I should be honest The axe I dropped was one of gold Cinderella told one too many lies And got herself swallowed by the wolf If something doesn't change He's going to end up eating me too Come to my rescue, before it's too late!