Ron G Breaks Down The Difference Between Southern And Hollywood Racism


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just of Montreal Just for Laughs comedy festival kevin our presents lol that Jeff it y'all look good man it's good look a crown it's good we can come together and laugh you know I'm saying cuz racism is getting out of hand I got feel have you racist you don't want to go to heaven bro you're gonna be cuz they gonna be no all-white heaven like you're gonna be something you find out Jesus black like come on man you're taking all the good Saviour jobs - what is going on just gonna be like so what did you do with the cross that I gave you I burned a couple of them cuz I was trying to teach these darkies a lesson Jesus gonna be like go to hell black lives matter since the fake is like I'm from the south I grew up around good old-fashioned racism Will's in your face like the water hose the dog I need to know like aim that worse to go into a little small town everybody hates you the only person don't know it like Hollywood racism is completely different like the other day I saw a commercial did you know it was a white woman holding a bottle of tie in laundry detergent she was like try tied it keeps the whites whites and he keeps the colors from running you got my clothes smelling like sea breeze in segregation rude and it's the same like living in the south plate is hard like being a black man the South I got a friend he black and Muslim I call him two strikes you've been that sneeze wrong I me the place of my life we went to get in relationship but I'm scared cuz I don't know anybody who's in relationship that's happy you know I'm saying like hey well I'm probably getting married early like back home my best friend got married on prom night like I don't know if he was trying to save on the tux or whatever for real like it ain't nothing worst you ever see a couple in a relationship and they broke up but having told each other yet that's my that's my boy man it's so uncomfortable because when we hang out all he do is talk about what he don't like about his girl but he's so scared of his girl he gotta check his phone when he talked about it he like man she think I'm cheating all the time he no matter what I do like last night I was sleep she took my thumbprint and went through thought my phone was on she had nerve to go through my phone like do you even a victim you a volunteer and then it's hard day twos there's no rules like where I'm from you have rules the dating like quick question ladies at what point have to meet the man do you expect him to fight for you just curious immediately Wow fellas oh here she said it hello I'm responsible for your life Wow so if you lecture right now unannounced fresh out of jail Wharton to talk and he come over here in super sock you in front of everybody it's my responsibility to save you Wow okay okay well alright this is why I have trusted you let me explain why let me tell you why this is my welcome to LA moment right so I was in my acting class and my acting coach say hey look don't flirt with anybody because if you have if you said have sex with somebody you gonna mess the Bible right wait - after six weeks that you can do it I meet this really pretty girl and I'm flirting with her right she was this sitting in front of class I'm playing her hair she let me you stop I don't know why y'all could be bald-headed and do this I don't know what this is I'm playing him you stop she was like look do you mind walking me to my car I'm like uh yeah yeah so we go to the car rack she started asking me she said are you single I said I am super single I said you seen anybody she was like I just broke up my boyfriend I was like how long ago she's like does it matter I was like no no so she's like let's go on today so we go on a date we have a good time and you ever have a good date and you scared like nobody wanted me the thirsty person to ask you want to hang out a little longer so we in the car looking goofy like she was like you mind coming up for a minute I'm like yeah so we go upstairs right we having a good time we in the living room she started kissing me I'm like all right you better slow down all right buddy get crazy so she was like it is so hot in here you gonna want to go in my room it's a little bit cooler I'm like yeah so we go in her room right and fellas you ever had a moment where the girl lets you know it's okay to say the drawers off any straight dudes in here anybody know talking about she on the edge of the bed I'm trying to get his drawers off and she hit one of these nobody nobody I hit living just me really me and him the Asian guy okay so rest y'all nobody okay I'll do it again for me all right see take them drawing up I'm like yeah but being out here open the door I'm like oh shoot I'll say what was that she's like I don't know I was like oh shoot you got some loud roaches you know here open the door cupcake I'm not playing with you no my cupcake who was cupcake she's like oh my god that's him I'm like him who like my ex I'm like oh shoot she was like I don't know what to do I was like I tell you what you're not gonna do you're not gonna open this door while I'm over here she's like I don't want any drama I'm like drama it's knocking at the door so I did I did what I know to do best right I said you know what we gonna do little daddy got this that's what I call myself and I'm feeling confident I said little daddy got this we gonna go to sleep so I lay down and go to sleep right and I'm knocked out I'm sleeping like a fetus I didn't get none I'm pissed off I'm knocked out next thing I know I hear open the door I'm not playing true it is 6 o'clock in the morning don't you know she jumped up and open the door when I was sleep that's what I say it - I'm like a grown man like as a grown man it slipped at this moment God spoke to me God was like son I need you to arise and with God speak to me I listen I jump up I put my pants on I step into my shoe in the wrong foot there's a crack in the door I can hear him keep it over boom he comes toward the crack the crack is getting dirty sheets the door Berlin boom you and Mike Hill my girl I was so scared I start explaining for them I was like hey man look it was an acting class right and we were supposed to work on the scene I suggest we go to Starbucks she was like we should come at your place I'm like why would I want to do that but what really came I was like you better guy here right now fuck here you know I can't get my shoe he was like no I was like I didn't want to show anyway so I run downstairs right I'm down the street - two blocks down I'm in the alley looking like a ghetto flamingo right I'm texting like please her and bring my shoes and my keys I hate you sad thing saying right she was like I'll be there in a second okay I was like please hurry up my feet call stop for a second white folks why do y'all walk your dog 24 hours a day can we talk about that it no matter what time of day the season the way we can be in a hurricane y'all walking a dog like what cut - I'm standing by the car the girl is running at me full speed with nothing in her hand I'm like oh where my stuff and she said oh my god he was chasing me so I have time to bring nothing so so you run toward me really at this moment to show up I don't know he's like didn't I tell you too late I'm like I'm trying to leave but she keeps chasing me he get mad at both of us grabbed her by the hair and dog walk her back to Parma she was like oh my god he gonna kill me help and I'm like uh no that's my time y'all run she god bless you