Roommates Switch Jobs For A Day




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- Please tell me what to do, 'cause this is like, I don't know what I'm looking at. We're Kelly and Shraya, we're roommates. - And we are going to be switching jobs tomorrow. - We both work at BuzzFeed, but we have very different jobs. I'm a BuzzFeed video producer, I make videos. - I'm a software engineer, I spend most of my day coding. - I wrote up a schedule for you. You're gonna pitch some video ideas. You're gonna have to find a co-producer. After that, time to shoot your video. Around 3:30, I said you start editing your video. - I have a schedule for you. You're gonna have a daily stand up. You're gonna get your task for the day, then, after that, you're going to be programming. At the end of the day, you have to prepare a presentation for the tech team. Powerpoint, maybe? - 'Scuse? This is really happening. - It's happening! This is gonna be very bizarre. I'm heading into work right now, I'm kinda tired. I usually go in like a half an hour later. - How's it going? - Good, how are you? - Welcome to your first day of making videos. - My first task of the day is to brainstorm some ideas for my video. Just gonna draw a little octopus. - Heading to work at 10 is great, I feel so much more rested! I might switch careers just for this. I'm the first one here? I don't know the first thing about her job. - So I really like octopuses 'cause they're really cool. - Octopi. - It's octopuses. (surprised exclamations) I kinda wanna do vodka plus octopuses, so I was thinking, like, drunk trivia? (excitedly talking over each other) - That's really fun. - Also, I need to find a collaborator, so do any of you wanna collaborate on this idea with me? (cricket chirps) - I'm working from home later, so I cannot. - We actually have another ticket that I think is pretty important. We need to change the copy edit for two big products, the status tracker and the OPERA report. - That's something Shraya would normally do so is that cool? - If it takes you an hour, that's gonna take me like, 18 hours. - Who will want to collaborate with me> So Jordan, do you wanna be my co-producer for this video? I would do the while eating octopuses one. I need to cast people. I know that Ned was Kelly's mentor so maybe he'll say yes. I'm going to have people eat octopus while learning about octopuses. - You totally blew it. - 'Cause now like... - Now I know it, yeah. - Here's what you wanna do. You wanna bring people in, tell them it's an octopus taste test, and then right when they're like, "Mm, this is so delicious," be like, guess what? Did you know that octopuses are the smartest animal? - Now I have to complete my task, which is adding timezones. Where do I add them? - Sure, I'll try octopus. Would you eat octopus? - I'd prefer not to. - [Shraya] Do you wanna be in a video? - [Co-Worker] No thank you. - Producers have to deal with a lot of rejection. Can you help me buy octopus? - Buy octopus? Sure. - I'm going into the stage. I'm confused. I need to go find a seamless. I don't even know what a seamless is. What is a seamless? - Seamless background. - Oh. Am I carrying this right? I should have allotted like an hour for this. People are coming in, in like five minutes. - [Jordan] What's stressing you out? - Everything. - I have that, and that's it. - You've made a step. - So this, as a mock-up, is like, okay this is what we want the real thing to look like. - We know the ending. We just gotta get there. Now is the journey. - Where do you think this camera should go? - Here. - Here? - I need SD cards. Hi. - Hello. - Does that look... that looks fine. Is this record? - That's record. - Ready? Camera rolls. - Okay. - Godspeed. - So did you know that octopuses have three hearts and nine brains? - Three hearts? That's so sweet. - Also, octopuses create fortresses using crustacean shells. I think I wasn't as prepared for the octopus facts as I should've been. Mostly because we were setting up until the last minute. - I think I've made a breakthrough. There is a where-am-I document and I have never related to a document more because I don't know where I am. Found something called AV Slater_ui, which is user interface. I think that's what I'm supposed to fix or to alter. - Okay, so you're close. That file that you have open is actually backend code. It's Python. - I've heard of Python. You've heard of Python? - I have heard of it. Monty Python or... - Okay, don't be rude. Oh, shit! - Oh, this is not the actual code, but it's a start. - So it says 173. Does that mean it's in line 173 of the code? - Exactly. Of that specific file. - But where's the code? (laughter) - Please don't tell me something gross. - [Shraya] So some fun facts about octopuses. They have three hearts and nine brains. - All right. - Oh! Oh my god, you can see the suction cups! - So turns out those suction cups have photo receptors in them that are responsible for making octopuses turn different colors. - I think she did a bang up job. - Me too. Thank you. (applause) - I'm done. I have to edit now. - I found it. - I'm a proud manager right now. - Thank you. There's more? - Yeah. - So now I have to figure out how to push this code. I have to open terminal and that looks intimidating. - I'm right now starting to copy everything over to the computer and then I'm gonna start editing. I'm going to use the terminal to move all of this stuff. I'm just not used to dragging and dropping. - You got one more step. - Help. This takes forever. - [Nii] The next step is to deploy this guy. - [Kelly] Okay. - I am still editing. I've gotten through ten minutes of footage. - It's ready? - It's ready. - [Kelly] It literally has start deploy. - [Nii] It does. - [Kelly] Okay, let's do it. Deploy the code. - [Nii] Boom. - [Kelly] This is not super climatic. (laughter) Woo-hoo! - So now we gotta wait, again. And we gotta deploy, again. - There's just one more step every time. So this is the moment? - This is the moment. - [Kelly] All right. - [Nii] This is before Kelly's amazing code push. And this is after. - Oh, did it. Nailed it. Day's over. It's only 3:29. - No, it's not... (laughter) - We're done. Time to go. - I'm stalling. - The last thing for me to do today is to put together some sort of presentation. Wait, this is too many people. - Wow! (muffled speaking) (light, upbeat music) - I didn't finish the video. I got through half of the video of editing. - [Kelly] You see my work? - [Co-Worker] Mhm! - [Kelly] Yes! - I like, cut everything up... - [Kelly] Wait, I'm so impressed. - ...and put it all together. - [Kelly] You really did some shit. - I have a new found appreciation for producers. - I feel the same way about engineers because I understand when you're frustrated, I get why now. I think we just know each other way better now. - I definitely agree. - But I'm glad the day's over. (light, upbeat music)