Rowan Atkinson Mr Bean on The Graham Norton Show 5 Oct 2018

trying to use our final guest his British comedy legend has created characters like Black Adder Johnny English and of course mr. bean he's returning to our screens in Johnny English strikes again please welcome the great [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] that's a proper showbiz reunion yes haven't you talked about it yet but we did him in 1980 thirty years ago if I said yes it was with Richard Curtis the yes yes exactly it was a sort of a quasi autobiographical thing about the in fact there we are in which I played a hideous self-centered comedian Jeff played my sidekick who which was the Richard Curtis role because Richard Curtis and I used to do a show you know together the first time that we set out are doing our comedy reviews and it was me and it was Richard and Sir Richard then later wrote this movie in which he portrayed this hideous monster of the comedian against and it yes it was it was kind of tricky things obviously one doesn't want to admit that it was in any sense biographical but it was thought maybe that if I played the role no one could possibly say well course that's really around Eckerson someone else's play the role then they would have said that they would have said you know who that is but it was me anyway said they thought oh it can't be he can't be like that really he's just pretend he's just playing there's this horrible comedian Johnny English tries to get it is out tonight and these all Wow tonight tonight congratulations this is this is the third one I mean they're so successful cuz they're funny oh yeah they do well I mean I mean they're fun I mean they're very silly and they're a family comedy which is a relatively rare thing in this day and age you have family comedies but they're normally animation you know they're normally animated and and ferd and to have live-action family comedies I see there aren't a lot of them most comedies are more more adult yeah and this one begins with a Johnny English he has retired yes he's retired he's a geography teacher in a small school in Lincolnshire he's not teaching a lot of geography because he's decided to employ and teach his espionage techniques from his past to his pupils doing any whale of a time and of course the children are having a whale of a time as well because it's fun you know yeah you know being a spy it's fun it is a bird yeah I don't think he's teaching a tremendous amount of geography Ellis we have a clip it's just basically this is a taste of Johnny English in action okay I'm not sure I've ever met a man quite like you you haven't [Music] very problem good virtual reality it's completely immersive and some people lose records around it that's not gonna happen [Music] [Applause] [Music] just ask what is wrong with you did you or did you not burn the Cote du Hoc restaurant to the ground I did you fire a missile at applet on a French circus well before commandeering an open-top bus and tossing the tour guide off the top day [Music] yes yes yes it was also I just didn't ask you it was a reunion sorry Jeff yeah I am that she would that was her first movie the one we did it was wonderful there are just those fantastic set pieces that people love watching you do the you know the energy tablets yes yes yes yes yes yes but yes must be that was been a current it was it wasn't a curing actually yes it was yeah it's a dance sequence in which I display some extreme there's some of your moves it's very and it was very taxing yes yes have to say and you know it doesn't get less taxing with the advancing years to keep a guy and and we just did a couple of takes in which I just sort of did the silliest stuff I could yeah and is it very kind of po-faced kind of going that's funny yes funny yes do not laugh do you not never laugh oh I do laughs yes yes yes that's good very occasionally that I find what I do funny but it's it's almost actually it's often very suffering on stage where it happens the most when you feel you know something about stage performance it's more likely that your performance will run away with itself you know sometimes trying to do performance or trying to make a moment funny is like trying to push a ball up a hill and you're trying to get it as high as you can and then sometimes there's an extraordinary moment when it's or tips over the other side and runs away from you and actually you are no longer in charge of the performance that actually there's something about the moment it just goes whoa and you know you've been pushing you've tried all you can but and you've got it pretty high and it's fine but then suddenly it can go beyond and suddenly you're not in control of your performance it's rather restraints thing I think it's only ever happened to me on stage when doing sort of comedy sketches and things on stage rather than on film as film Oh film I find very very difficult stressful that's constant belief that what you're doing is not as good as it could be you know and of course the fun with film is you can have another go if you've got well you have a great set oh yeah why that guy could I'll do it again I'll do again yeah I mean I do stop eventually work and that's normally when the director goes Jamie you are your bad corpse aren't you you do love laughing that's all I do yes no no Kevin I think kevin kline hates me for many reasons mostly because I would ruin great takes that he would do cuz I would laugh I have a I have a secret though I take a toothpick or a needle or a safety pin and I hold it between my fingers here below the camera and I squeeze it really hard till I bleed oh yeah I don't want to see that I don't need to do that no I'm an easy laughs I'm I I never they they very often try and get this sort of blooper tapes together of things like the Black Adder and they're always looking for the moment when I corpse or when I laugh or when I make a mistake and there are not in all the older series of a black out of there and none of me you can remotely immunised by it it's very sad who are your backers Johnny English yes in this third movie what about mr. bean eyes have you drawn a line under him no more mr. bean I you know I I doubt that he will reappear but um but you never know you must never but you know you must never say never again [Music] filming so you must never say never but I oh you know you there does come a point when you feel as though you've done most of what you want to do with it and because it's not based on language because it's so physical mr. B it's evenly it's popular everywhere yeah it is it has what we might call the global outreach so like our holidays of misery can you go any go to many places where you're not recognized and it's the yeah the thing I find most tricky is when people don't recognize you particular but half recognize you you know that's first thing where they go they just sort of feeling I wish that person wouldn't stare at me sorry you know I'd rather just you know hold the flag saying yes a few years ago there was I was in a Land Rover parts department near Peterborough the kind of place you find me on those yes and waiting for car parts and car parts you guys hang around a lot because you know to get a part of the guy has to go half a mile to the back of the warehouse and then come back again and he brings it back and he says this is this is a left-hand one oh you wanted to write on one sorry I'll go it takes forever anyway I was standing around with with a group of guys and I could see this guy doing that and he came up to me after a while then he said excuse me has anyone ever told you that you're the absolute spittin image of that mr. bean said well actually I am the actor who plays mr. bean and he said I bet you wish you were our conversation in which the more I tried to claim that I was the player whom he thought I merely resembled less he believed me but what was funny was how was how close he thought I was too he said the resemblance have you ever thought of doing any and you know look-alike work like sad nights and night long as mr. bean he said cuz you could make an absolute and I could tell after a while I had to bring the conversation to a close because clean not only was he not believing me but he was getting quite annoyed I was pursuing this line I am Rowan Atkinson when and clearly he thought I was this total ass like mr. bean goes around the country actually claiming to be me just to say if you never do mr. bean again what an amazing way to kind of take a bow mr. bean at 2012 at the O'Brien yes yes yes early the Olympics way because you watch this new mr. bean at the opening well we did the close in yeah and I was interested just because you used to be in a like a film studio was it must have been terrifying to do it live in front of an audience yeah a world audience yeah yeah but no matter how much you know people tell you there are two and a half billion people watching whatever it is that you or you know the 80,000 or havemany were in the stadium yeah you're more used to that those larger odds than I am but the funny thing is that on the nights in the moment you you know you rehearse the piece because I'm not an improviser you know you you know you write something in fact Richard Curtis wrote and conceived that chariots of fire thing and and on and you've rehearsed it and you've done it a few times you've done it with Simon Rattle conducting and it's all and you all you focus on is the job of making the jokes work you know the audience out there you completely shut off from and you and I wasn't thinking about them at all which i think is good yes you focus only on you know that you know which is kind of all I had to do jokes involving pact achieves in in pianos and things but you just forgot and I had no concept really of the world without yeah it was just the world within my own then you focus on that and well here's a quick reminder of mr. bean at the London Olympics [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause]