Royal Rumble By The Numbers WWE DONT Want You To Know

[Applause] ahead of each year's Royal Rumble event WWE runs a by-the-numbers by-the-numbers video we all know how it goes by now two wrestlers enter both feet hit the floor remember that time they gave the big lads a lift to the ring main event of Wrestlemania Santino Marella lasting as long as are you in the bedroom legends like Ric Flair Shawn Michaels and Mantar yeah this may come as a bit of a surprise to you but w/e sometimes neglects to mention numbers that we put them in a bad light and so myself and Michaels Sidgwick with a tear in our eyes have pulled them together just for you ahead of one of the most fun nights in the pay-per-view calendar because sometimes the Royal Rumble can be a big crowd more often than not this decade I mean Dolph Ziggler number 30 I'm Adam willboard from what culture and this is the Royal Rumble by the numbers WWE don't want you to know number 10 six six is the total number of total jobbers eliminated by Shawn Michaels at the 1995 edition of the Royal Rumble you know the one where he made the British Bulldog look like a bit of a twat this performance in it is canonized in WWE lore as this incredible feat of stamina and athleticism and toughness whereas in reality he only lasted just over 38 minutes and he outlasted her Fields thinner than his excuses in Montreal now let's see there was Duke Drowsy Tom Prichard Bushwhacker Luke jacob blue Bushwhacker butch an aldo montoya he didn't even get to bloody eliminate Mantar to be fair this reads as unimpressive but this was WWF using minimal resources to make her star then when that was a thing number nine 10 minutes and 36 seconds to put into perspective just how little WWE thought of Daniel Brian in 2015 by the way the man whose non appearance in the previous year's Royal Rumble match set into motion and embarrassing mayor Copa on the part of management and made people boo Rey Mysterio punching a puppy just consider the luminaries that entered longer stints in Royal Rumbles of your tag-team journey man 8-ball in 1998 lasted 30 minutes and 43 seconds rhino in 2004 lasted 14 minutes and just a few months prior to that Vince had strutted out on a house show and literally told him to stop wrestling because he was bored less Stardust lasted 2 minutes and 13 seconds longer than Brian in the same Rumble no ease up to nowadays 10 minutes and 36 seconds is the time taken to completely annihilate fan relations granted it's not as memorable as 18 seconds but it's still as damnable number 8 fifty-fifty was the amount of minutes channel 4 tape delayed its broadcast of backlash in the United Kingdom following the let's just say tumultuous fallout of Royal Rumble mm the partnership between the WWF and the UK broadcaster was a major get and the sports and cement Empire could have used it as a launch pad for something very exciting on these Isles doesn't happen though that didn't happen because of the site of May Young's prosthetic dog ears and rampant levels of violence in Gore it revolted the station and this is channel 4 we're talking about they took the immediate decision to end the relationship censored future contractually obligated pay-per-view broadcasts and relegated heat to a late night death slot oh you're happy Jerry Lawler your love of poppies will end us all number 7 18 minutes and 14 seconds look Scott Steiner is many things he's an off-the-charts athlete a ring gear fashionista a genuine innovator an unhinged madman a real-life hardcase even a math whiz but he was never boring until January 2003 triple-h portray him as boring and past it in a deeply unflattering match in the interests of stringent research i rewatched this match in its entirety well at least that was the plan until Scott Steiner through the forty-third worked punch in the opening four minutes I'm sorry lads that was too much even for me it turns out 18 minutes and 14 seconds is the exact time it takes to measure one's penis a Triple H number 6 to 2 is the poultry number of wrestlers Chris Jericho eliminated enroute of fashioning himself as the Royal Rumbles ultimate aggregated Iron Man 2 to 2 2 to 4 hours 58 minutes and 12 seconds was the headline but 2 was the story to this empty statistic paints a picture of Jericho as this legend was also painting WWE is this deeply superficial entity that will sacrifice anything for a good story even a good story and then we already knew that also the two wrestlers Jericho eliminated Sheamus and Cesaro who were squabbling amongst themselves when he chucked him out what's even more worrying is that WWE is as fond of malice as it is of breaking meaningless records and considering the fact that Jericho is now all alene as aew expect runner-up Kane to do a full hour on January 27th just a spite that ungrateful turncoat bastard number 512 in 1987 the WWE held the first experimental Royal Rumble match but real experiment in our early years right this of course contradicts company law which posits that the Royal Rumble match began in nine eighty-eight and hers never looked back bollocks you see on October the 4th 1987 the first prototype Royal Rumble emanated from San Louis Missouri featuring just 12 competitors one man gang emerged victorious and even II can't remember it just the 12 stars then still though that's ten more than we had in 1995 30 man so not all bad news number four four seconds the 2015 Royal Rumble match was a disaster we can only really look back and laugh at now thanks to Daniel Bryan's superb new reinvention as vegan bastard I'm gonna say to underscore just how unbelievably awful it was when it actively tried to be awful it couldn't even get that right it hurts me to say this but Titus O'Neill failed at failure O'Neill entering in the number 26 slot was set to be eliminated instantly by Roman reigns and Dean Ambrose in record time simple right no no however O'Neill failed spectacularly to propel himself over the top rope with both feet hitting the floor at the four second mark preserving santino marella 1.9 second record dick Titus just break santino marella z' record asks JBL optimistically on commentary no JBL now he didn't thankfully though this story does have a happy ending because titus O'Neil managed to fulfill his boyhood dream of making a tit of himself a Royal Rumble number 311 wrestled before CTE formerly made us aware of the obvious the I quit match between the rock and mankind was a true video nasty that while disturbing in the extreme elevated its challenger to champion beyond the mere match result an entertainment machine who serenade the crowd whilst splitting his opponents head open this was the rock future hero of cinema in arch supervillain mode he's already dead the Shia oral horror of those shots never lose their impact and ghoulish appeal frankly two decades later I mean for God's sake Jerry Laura at one point on commentary shouts goodbye brain cells ten is the number of chair shot thrown by the rock in that infamous sequence but he also used a chair to assist in a corporate elbow before hand which makes eleven number two a big fat zero zero is precisely the amount of Vince McMahon gave in 2014 and 2015 look he basically had a monopoly over the entirety of wrestling he viewed that pasty vegan nerd Daniel Bryan with a simple no and basically inducted every single one of the WWE Universe into his kiss-my-ass Club sorry oh in addition zero is also the amount of times braun strowman has worn the greatest royal rumble championship belt on WWE TV after the titular bouts why that might be oh and zero is also the amount of times any hometown star has emerged victorious from a rumble match good bad great or greatest in summary here's what vince mcmahon thinks - who you reckon should win this year's Royal Rumble and number one 55.5% since 1993 the winner of the Royal Rumble match has been stipulated a challenge for the WWF WWE world heavyweight ECW ha universal rule women's or Smackdown women's title at me grandest stage of them all in the main event of WrestleMania bollocks we've seen 27 Rumble matches since this lasting stipulation took hold but only 15 of the men and women to win at the Royal Rumble have gone on to close the show of shows so as a percentage the winner of the Royal Rumble match only goes on to headline WrestleMania 55 point five percent of the time maths there is more or less a 50/50 chance of a headline match happening for the heavily rumored likes of Seth Rollins and Charlotte Flair basically ultimately per its own ream it's the Royal Rumble match only really matters half the time enjoy Sunday everyone bollocks [Music]