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Welcome back to "Celebrity Family Feud," everybody. Give me RuPaul, give me Katie. ♪♪ [ Chuckles ] Top eight answers on the board. Let's just go and get the party started. [ Laughter ] Name a way a woman can flirt with a man without -- [ Ringing ] Oh, I did it so fast, didn't I? [ Laughter ] "Name a way a woman can flirt with a man without him thinking that she's a whore." [ Laughter ] That's what I'm thinking you're gonna say. [ Laughter, applause ] Without -- That's what I was thinking. Well, I think that's great. That's what I think. [ Laughter ] Yeah. So, I'm gonna go with that. I'm gonna go with that. Oh, my answer is -- It is by batting her eyelashes. [ Cheers and applause ] Good answer! I think we're playing. This is not how you play the game! [ Laughter ] By batting her eyelashes! [ Cheers and applause ] I see you. [ Cheers and applause continue ] Very well-played. Very well-played. [ Cheers and applause continue ] [ Laughs ] Come on, man. Let's just play. Okay. We're gonna play! [ Cheers and applause ] Katie: I didn't even get a chance. I guess he's gonna finish asking the question, right? -Yeah. -Yeah. -Alright. -Great job, by the way. Thank you. You're, like, psychic, too. Well, Carson, I've been in that situation so many times. I bet. Same. Whoa. Yeah. Same. Yeah. [ Laughter ] Why am I here today? Well... Why don't you just let RuPaul host the damn show? No. Why am I here today? You're here because of all of this toasted, uh... Plum. ...plum. That's why you're here. All that toasted plum. I'm not wearing this damn suit no more. [ Laughter ] I'mma tell you right now. Get all your pictures. [ Cackling ] Get all your pictures. This goes into retirement right after this. I'mma put it in a glass case. "This was the night I was Toasted Plum." [ Applause ] Ladies and gentlemen, Michelle "Vis-edge" right here! Yes! "Vis-ahge." Vis-ahge. This is Michelle Visage right here. Yes. She is a judge of "RuPaul's Drag Race"... Yes. ...and on "Ireland's Got Talent." -Yes. -Yes. [ Cheers and applause ] Yes. Also was a morning radio host. Really? I competed with you when you were on The Beat in Los Angeles. Yeah. Yeah. Don't worry about it. I ran everybody out of L.A. [ Laughter ] He actually did. Yeah. Number 1. He actually did. It's true. Yeah, I was strong out here, man. It was me and Sinbad. Remember? Oh, you did it with Sinbad? Yes! Oh, yeah. No, you don't. No, no, no. No, I do. No. 'Cause nobody does. It's all good. No, really. But I spanked Sinbad. Yeah, you did. You sure did. Thank you for that. But he's my buddy, though. Yeah. I spanked him, too, but it wasn't on the radio. [ Laughter, applause ] Let me clear this up right now. No, that just came out. He did not spank Sinbad. -Yes? Oh? -I'm defending him. Sinbad ain't here. He has not spanked Sinbad. [ RuPaul laughs ] It was a different Sinbad. -Uh-huh. -Yeah. It ain't even his turn. It's not his turn. It's gonna be a long day. [ Laughs ] Okay, here's the question. What's the actual question? I don't -- He got the number 1 answer. That's... It's why Ru's Ru. "Wink/eye, bang him." Eye-bang. Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. [ Laughter ] Carson: That's a little personal. I'm sorry. Wow. I'm sorry. Wow. [ Laughter ] I'm sorry. I'm from the hood. [ Laughter ] I just saw "bang him." I went, "Damn." [ Laughter ] Alright, here's the actual question. Okay. Name a way a woman can flirt with a man without making physical contact. How about smile? Oh, that's wholesome. Thank you. -That was very wholesome. -Right? Okay, Michelle. What? You see a man. Mm-hmm? You want to flirt with him. Give me the smile. I can't eye-bang. Yeah, give me the smile. So you got to... Carson: Oh. Oh, yeah, that's it. That's right. I'm walking right over here. Thank you. Thank you. Know that. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. With cash in hand. [ Laughter ] I'm 63. I qualify as a sugar daddy. Yeah, that's... Already know that. [ Laughter ] Smile! [ Cheers and applause ] Holla! Ladies and gentlemen, Carson Kressley! [ Cheers and applause ] He's back. He's one of the judges on "RuPaul's Drag Race," and he's one of the original Fab Five on "Queer Eye." [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, that's all true. Now, the term for the original five on "Queer Eye" is "OGs." Yes. "Old Gays." [ Laughter ] Which I didn't know. No, it's "Original Gangster." Oh! Yeah. [ Laughter ] -Edgy. Edgy. -Yeah. "Original Gangster." -Yeah. -Whoo! Look out. [ Chuckles ] Alright, Carson. Yes. Name a way a woman can flirt with a man without making physical contact. Oh. I've heard of this thing called sexting, where you send a sassy message on your phone. Oh! Ah. All the cool kids do it. Sexting! Yeah. Good answer. Good answer. [ Cheers and applause ] Go, sexting! Good job! Ladies and gentlemen, Latrice Royale! [ Cheers and applause ] Contestant on "Drag Race" and won Miss Congeniality title. Really? [ Cheers and applause ] And one of the 100 Most Powerful Drag Queens in America. [ Cheers and applause ] Okay. When they say "100 most powerful," what do they mean? [ Deep voice ] Look at me. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter continues ] Michelle: Yes, Mama Trice! I got it. God, I'mma admit to something, too. Scared me a little bit. Scared me. [ Laughter ] Can I ask? Like, how long have you been, uh -- [ Normal voice ] In the biz? -In the biz. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. 27 years. [ Cheers and applause ] And I'm only 29. [ Laughter ] But because of political correctness, I believe you. [ Laughter ] Give it up for 29! 29, everybody! [ Cheers and applause ] Looks absolutely beautiful. Don't you agree? Alright. Name a way, Latrice, that a woman can flirt with a man without making physical contact. Maybe showing a little leg. Okay. Hiking up her skirt. A little knee. Demonstrate, Raven. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Cheers and applause intensify ] I was worried with all the expectations, but... There's another one, over here. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughs ] I want to go home. [ Laughter ] I'm not gonna survive this. I'm just letting you -- I'm not gonna survive this. This could be my last time hosting, folks. 'Cause this right here's getting more dangerous as it go down the line. RuPaul's actually, like, really cool, and then -- like, this is still, like, wonderful, and then it just starts diving. [ Laughter ] 'Cause this damn Carson is ignorant in real life. What?! And then Latrice Royale... [ Deep voice ] "Look at me." [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] That tightened everything in me up. [ Laughter ] Okay, what was your answer? [ Deep voice ] Show a little leg. [ Laughing ] Show -- -It's a good answer. -I think so, too. -Yeah. -I think so, too. Body parts. -It's up there. -Yeah. I'mma need you to use the voice that you use when you're performing. [ Deeper voice ] Show a little leg. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] This is gonna be the best episode ever. [ Cheers and applause continue ] Steve: Well, alright, then. [ Deep voice ] "Get your damn leg out." "Get your damn leg out." RuPaul: Oh, no! That's alright. [ Normal voice ] Boo! [ Normal voice ] Ladies and gentlemen, Raven! [ Cheers and applause ] Two-time runner-up on "Drag Race" and professor of "RuPaul's Drag U." [ Cheers and applause ] So, two-time runner-up. Two-time -- Talk to him. [ Laughter ] Who beat you? Two very fierce queens beat me. Good answer. Good answer. It's up there. [ Laughter ] "Talk to him." And how long, uh... Have I been in the game? Yes. Well, I'm only 28 years old, and I've been doing it for 18 years. [ Cheers and applause ] Wow. Well, let's play. Raven, name a way a woman can flirt with a man without making physical contact. I say blow him a kiss. [ Cheers and applause ] -Good save. -Good answer. That's a great answer! Yeah, we don't have to demonstrate that. It's up there. Blow him a kiss! [ Audience groans ] -Okay. -That's outrageous! -That is outrageous! -RuPaul, we got two strikes. You got to be careful, now. "The Bold Type" can steal. Name a way a woman can flirt with a man without making physical contact. I say send him a drink. Send him a drink. -Yeah. -It's up there. -Up in the club. -It's up there. [ Applause ] -What?! -It's alright. It's alright. [ Cheers and applause ] Steve: Alright, guys, here we go. Name a way a woman can flirt with a man without making physical contact. We think you might give him a little dance. [ Cheers and applause ] I'll bite. You know, dancing? Yeah, what do you mean by that? Just -- I mean, I'm not a very good dancer, but... I mean, but you got a... That's how I flirt. I don't know. You stop. I mean, I feel like -- That's not gon' get it. It's not? [ Applause ] But I think, like, a little Shakira hip swivel might... That's good. You know? Yes. A little dance! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Number 8. All: Get nekkid. Yes! [ Laughter ] What?! What do you mean? Get naked? Stephen: That'll do it. [ Laughing ] Number 5. All: Talk/compliment. Talking! Steve: 4. All: Bite/lick lips. Ooh! Steve: Yes. [ Laughing ] Number 3. All: Flip hair. [ Cheers and applause ] Steve: Don't go away -- we'll be right back when "Celebrity Family Feud" continues.