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[Captioned via Y Translator] In today's video, we're making some rubber knuckles. Proto putty in a shape that looks kind of like brass knuckles, but in reality, will act more as a punch protector than any sort of weapon. [Music] A while back, Grant showed how to take some foam core sheets from the dollar store, and cast them in brass to make these functional brass knuckles. There's the spikeless version and the spiked version. Frankly, there's very few situations where you'd actually need these, and you really shouldn't ever use them because that's a dangerous weapon. However today, what we're going to be doing is looking at how to create something quite similar to this, but using soft Proto putty. You can wear them on your hands. They can feel kind of like brass knuckles, but in the end, they're going to be more cushion than weapon. Here's the basic idea. We've got a couple of pieces of wood. We're going to cut the negative shape out of one of them, glue it down to another board, and use some Proto putty pressed into the gap to make a rubber set of knuckles. To start out, we printed off these styrofoam knuckles template that we used before, and we're going to be cutting this shape out, tracing it onto a piece of wood, and then cutting this out on a scroll saw. [Music] We've got the basic shape cut out. Let's use a little bit of spray adhesive over the back, then stick it down to our board so we can trace it. I cut this little divot out, but that was an attachment for one of the spikes, and I don't think I'm going to use that. So that's just going to get trimmed off as well. [Music] This is our basic shape. While we've got that down though, let's cut out these circles, and also attach those onto the board so we know where that's going to go to. The circles won't actually have to be lined up perfectly. This whole piece is going to get removed from the board, and we're just going to have a hole that shape. That will get glued down onto another board, and all of the Proto putty will get pressed in. So we are going to have to cut those circles out, but we can actually just cut those shapes out of any part of the board, and then glue them in, but we'll just trace them on so we know where they go. We've got the shape, and that's where we need to cut out of the board. We've got some very intricate turn around little loop spots, and that's why we're going to be using a scroll saw. Scroll saws have a very fine blade. They're really good for tight little corners. We also want to cut just out of this piece here, and we don't want to have to cut a line into there. So we're going to start by drilling a hole, and that's what we'll use as sort of our access point. We'll then thread our saw blade through that hole, attach it onto the saw, and cut everything from there. [Music] We've got our negative. This will get attached to that board, and now, we need to cut these five pieces out, and attach them in there as well. [Music] Not bad, not bad. We've got our five pieces. And now, we need to glue everything down in place. Before we do that though, I am just going to take a little bit of sandpaper, smooth out those edges in there, and just try to make them a little nicer. [Music] Let's use some glue, attach these, maybe add some clamps. Just hold it on place, then we should have our rubber knuckle mold. [Music] I'm gonna try and make two colors at once rather than a single colored punch protector. I'm going to try and have sort of a marbled effect by mixing two colors. I'm not going to mix them some so thoroughly, it becomes one color again. I'm just going to try and get two colors all swirled together. [Music] Use a ventilated area for Proto putty. It gets intense. [Music] Random fact: John L. Sullivan, the last ever bare-knuckle boxing champion, once fought a 75 round fight which lasted over two hours. [Music] Well, I made a little bit of extra. You can see I've got some that didn't get used, but I got enough. Better to have too much than too little, because patching more on there would have been annoying. So now we just have to let this cure, and I do have this extra piece as a sample. So I'll know that once this one's ready, that one should be ready. I think our Proto putty has cured. Let's see if we can pop this out. [Music] We lost one of our finger holes, which, I mean it'll be easy to attach back down. It just popped off. Probably could have made it easier to get everything out if I had angled everything. Like sanded it at more of an angle, or something like that. But I want to be able to use the same molds for both the left and right hands, and so, I just had to leave it straight up and down, which makes it so it does grip quite a bit. [Music] There is our first one. It was a little tricky to get out, but it did come out. Fit our fingers through the holes. That worked pretty great. It's actually does a pretty good job of padding. I would not want to punch something that hard without something on my hand, but it's just kind of bouncy. Let's make another one. [Music] Our mold worked great. We've got two sets of rubber knuckles, our Proto putty punch protecting knuckles. These are really not going to do a darn thing about making you punch harder. But what they are going to do is kind of protect your fingers if you are punching something. Now, I'm not a doctor. I'm not a boxer. I'm not an expert who can tell you that like, Oh , yeah. These are great for... What they're good for is looking like brass knuckles, but not having to worry about injuring yourself or someone else as much. Not saying you should punch people with the rubber knuckles on. You'll hurt them, you might hurt yourself, but it's just kind of fun. They look cool. Anything cool you would like to see us try making out of Proto putty, let us know down in the comments. We're always looking for some good ideas. Guys, time for some questions and answers. You asked the questions. We're giving you answers. Sir Spork @CaptainSpork3 asks, how do we come up with ideas for our videos? Sir Spork, that's... That's an interesting question. So when I joined the channel, Grant had already been coming up with ideas for years and years. He had seven years worth of ideas just put onto a list, and when I applied to be his assistant on the channel, I submitted my own list of about 80 ideas, and it was really just sitting down, and thinking of what are some things that I think would be cool to build, or some experiments that I think I would like to try. I literally just sat down and thought, what would be a good thing to build? What would be a cool experiment to try out? And some of those, I tried, and they didn't really work out. I've had some experiments where I tried them, and there was like no cool result whatsoever, and I was like, well that's really dumb, and not exciting at all. But we do keep trying to come up with things. We think what would be fun to build? What would be fun to experiment with? What have we never seen anyone else do? Or what's a weird way to use a material that everyone's familiar with, that we could present in an entirely different direction. I think those ones are pretty fun because there's all sorts of things we interact with daily that we don't think of other uses for them as much, and that's one of my favorite ways to come up with ideas is to take something that we use regularly and use it irregularly. Thank you, Sir Spork for question. Guys, thanks for watching, but the fun does not end here. That box up at the top will transport you to our last video, and you should go check that one out. The other box will show you what YouTube thinks you should be watching next. 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