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hello rugby fans I'm John Macbeth and I'm Keith Quinn now we're just a couple of ordinary rugby blokes at heart really and we enjoy chatting over a meal or a cold drink occasionally about some of our favorite or break moments yes but we've had the advantage of working in television over the years we've had access to the video libraries to see over and over again the best players and the great moments so we're delighted to bring you this video which we're calling legendary or black moments yes that's right John but in no way is this presentation a record of the definitive history of the New Zealand rugby football union instead it's just keith and i chatting and recalling some of our favourite rugby moments and i think keith because you're a lot older than I am that you should start first you think something to mate let's start there with a high point watching the All Blacks play rugby in the 1950s was much different to today there was no TV coverage so only filmed reports of major rugby games and they usually weren't seen until three or four days after the match was played so let's start by showing you some of what the public saw when they went under those picture theatres in the 1950s British Isles infringement Museum gets another penalty then part brings the score to Lion 17 All Blacks 15 with only two points difference in their scores both teams are playing hard the All Blacks can't cross the Lions goal line and excitement mounts as and other penalty in the water to New Zealand this is a decisive kick and Don Clark takes it from 30 yards for the sixth time he proved his worth and 18 British Isles 17 the Lions have shown themselves a well-knit team and New Zealand has won a narrow victory by Clark's powerful kicking the old wrecks are throwing the ball round and playing an open game but it's not getting away from the lineups play moves up feel them the New Zealand backline is on the attack Colton picks up the ball and scores only three minutes to go on the old max up pushing is they've never pushed before it's now or never of the home team to win this second debt here's their opportunity as Don Clark joins the back diners extra man the ball is and opening they knew z de.9 here's a sideline repeat view of clocks winning tribe what's his diet carefully Clark places the ball for his conversion kick it's all over and Newseum have won the second test by 11 points to 8 it's a tight head to New Zealand out to urban Cousins there and goes over to score fourteen minutes gone and New Zealand have a three-point lead New Zealand attacks vigorously then gets the ball damage that can throw the high pass when price comes through kicking ahead Don Clark headed he tries a left-footed prodded go nine points on the board the scoreboard doesn't stay this way for long New Zealand oh well and truly on the attackers meet Kogan is brought down Conway has the ball and cause it to meet man is there on the right side of the corner black even the best excited with any two minutes to play called him has the ball Don but they needed and the scoreboard reads ready child 8 New Zealand 22 so a series 1 against the Lions we ended the 50s and the all backs went into the 60s in great shape the 60s produced some of the most outstanding all-black rugby teams of all time they had inspirational captains such as Wilson winner a and Brian Lahore and great players are Don Clark culled from Maine and column needs and the New Zealand rugby union celebrated its 75th Jubilee in 1967 with a special game and in 1969 Fergie McCormick the great fullback scored a world record number of points in a test there's the ball in the squeezed out women find it professionally just short of the line there's a vibe right at the fryer the tried a New Zealand Tremayne heckling beneath booth in number heaven from Iraq out to Laidlaw on the herewini I may pass germs but loses the ball welcome even in support gathered in ignores will be turbulence and puts on the face the poor races up outside and the New Zealand captain forces his way over this time another notable New Zealand forward Colleen Meade's burst through runs nonchalantly have almost reaches the line before the very lions can top of it then from well-controlled line our possession one by Colleen means all backpack Laidlaw bypasses herewini with a long pass to McCray who makes her dazzling start to a brilliant boomer McCrae to leadoff - McCloud to lay her again on determine who's over for New Zealand earth fire Smith comes up three down the sideline he passes in future for Maine and then its colonies and nothing can stop him scoring a wonderful fire and now it would colonies and the great forward his/her life he loved Japan how to win a steel Wilson forces him into touch in the corner for open a Hoffman it's gone in the second half and number 12 brass up goes Muller a new man from Taranaki knowing liking food main yard Michael's fine very cleanly done but not finding touch a drop down on here mccormick a couple there extracted the thoroughfare for Oh we've done it yes a total of 24 points scored by Fergie McCormick in that game which was then a world record by one player in a test now that was an unsuccessful Welsh team but they did have some outstanding players who hadn't reached their peak but they had when they returned a couple of years later as members of the 1971 Lions team now that was a series to remember also in the 70s was the famous wet weather test at Eden Park the All Blacks against Scotland the test they called the water polo test and we also came to appreciate fully the talents of some of those special players of the 70s such as a grant batty and Brian Williams and cook Patrick and Sid going beautiful channel helix wily hauling on a blind going close to the line see that juggle the inside paws beautifully I'll just put into the price bonus Whitehall fitness this is where the old lack of strong Sid going number eight forward Wiley the dummy beautiful piece of work this could be a tribe in a crepe checklist Oh Devin Davis don't listen it's time on the big clock it overlooks this ground at Eden Park and it's 14-point or sit going feed this one Kotler William going blind that's it Oh lat even Bob but the finish line's have one with healing your backs want this one should going there's a gap quit bitching Hamish MacDonald and the Oh blacks of score Karam is waiting Joe care infielder Williams breaking through it halfway Brian Williams stainless back that's the goal line and Williams has scored a try remarkable ice to clear by Kirkpatrick Robertson kicking through to ever and again antics foster Andy Lizzy who its banking Robertson his store what I died it's two up outside the story now two ten meters out McDonald beats going param again keifa william lewis dick pressured by Williams Brian Williams nine petals looking for space and through an idiot great try fine William Grant Johnson said going Duncan Robinson bill husband cobbler dagonet they prefer her husband it's only ten meters out going feral kicks the king Hayden got there first going when a fraction too far tiny not Lea quickly so to ban price Grima Williams can run here Brian Williams not sure here to take Steve Benwick several references strike this time there it is baby's kicking hi William SWAT even Bill Bennett ballin to - therapy whoa yes and that try by lorry night meant a series winter the All Blacks against the lines of 77 and that was rather sweet after losing to them in 1971 the decade of the 80s began in controversial fashion with the 1981 spring Boxster of New Zealand a lot of protest and drama but the decade also produced some great individual performances from Ellen Hewson from Stu Wilson and from John Kirwan the 80s also gave us the introduction of sean Fitzpatrick to test rugby with the baby blacks and of course there was the inaugural Rugby World Cup don't that's not the hook mix that up loggerheads do Ryerson next inhale back there a good position to see Stuart Elena Wilson rickston billy goat gets too heavy to show the next and what's wrong very low when it comes over Loveridge away to Poquette ii handled for the ball first time attention with me you set up with your next any nearly gonna cross so five minutes into injury time Allan Houston has a chance to win the series for New Zealand two huge one was from half way this one's just about on the 10-meter line by the time David lovebirds comes back there is why to here so here comes the kick so this from the sideline from Ellen Houston here in Fitzgerald's learning all about it the hard way that's a good driving again it's been won by the New Zealand team office close-knit Taylor other intercept Wayne Smith Loveridge Boulton 10 meters out tailor let's jump ups she could get Loveridge loosely and he's good try still worth it and that is his 16th dry in internationals the finder's fee for the lines leverage way to them it is alright have done again work tell ellipta sixteen two three and a half times two times two nil the remember neobux lost a charter Steelers in wonderful Oh Kenny pick up Oh Gary Wilson use it up label Emmons they were left out Kenan and now 15 All Blacks have 80 minutes to prove they're worthy to wear the silver fern I've got the silver voice let's Patrick but the throat with your blacks would leave in the middle while GUI got high becoming quite grasp but McGrath makes a little burst of the All Blacks taken in by Earl releases on no sleep occur Monica have you a good game pronto Batu Gajah McKellen with a strength of killer whoo-hoo jumping ahead Ellen Whitner bucks impasse so ambrosia kicks up the Italians are beaten right out of the action now New Zealand on scored 48 points and they might be late and spoil the child a Peterson or black territory Fox to Tyler Joe Stanley saw the gap a good support for Michael Jones really running all this has got to be some we quickly did not look around on his test they do the man's for the time pit's critic that's a goal on ahead giman run a field goal line turkey fries and books wrong bald the Stanley and get his it into the post all the balls come in New Zealand's way another cupcake from Fox fifteen meters out from the French coli Jones came up the line here to make the jump that's unusual the first ball don't the game's not over yet Kurt's back in the play we in New Zealand well that was a truly wonderful moment David Kirk holding up the trophy at the completion of the victory by the All Blacks in the first ever Rugby World Cup and that tournament started a resurgence of interest in the sport of rugby and at the forefront of that resurgence was our international super boot grand Fox so this is the ninth kick for ground fox fifty-two channel back rather slowly batch amount of Fox here is their chip kick the choices on the Tecla now packs about three or four yards on their side of the advantage is a penalty well if ever brock's needed to land a penalty this is it he scored 585 points and Test rugby but the next three if he gets them will be the most important it's the big penalty for grand miss knows of explosive medley he's right down the barrel he's got the wind behind him which is considerable some of the crowd at Lancaster park simply can't watch others giving the fingernails a decent work over time is virtually up on the clock grant fox can win the Test match with this kid hey Scott but as insatiable kid a great pressure kick from the All Blacks have escaped with a light penalty goal by Grant Fox to win the game by 20 points to 18 I was just checking 645 points by Grant Fox he seldom missed those important ones now grant Fox was a vital member of an all-black team which went for three seasons in the 1980s without losing a Test match alongside him the world's best the one and only the great wing at John Kirwan it's dead back to Kirk on the blind side to Smith not much room they've kicked out from Smith title - John : first astride for John : that's the 22-metre line of Welsh territory we've controlled by hero Bachelor training position now they need to wreck it back to Fox for Tyler is that true Westover that's the goal that's the halfway line is Bruce deeds weights now the little chip was shuffled dames no not the gala themes Fox Stanley happens when the spoon box now there's overlap here it's traffic to 28 points to three daily Dean's up the chauffeured looking for Jonestown Dean's instead though his Fox just the running man turn sister finds Kerwin John Cohen now Dean's up the Stanley is gonna try for John : simple moon Makka Hill looking for killing in the crash boy a waiter Stanley crew Scott to Louisville Sluggers here that's clearly it's not dairy wet writing carry weapon gets a second now last minute wide bucks Ennis a little too calm breaking away what a wonderful player John Kirwan you know John in his time he played 58 tests for the All Blacks and scored 35 test drives yes he was one of those special players quite often when Keith and I are talking about rugby we try and work out who was the best all-black coach and a few years ago the coaches just sort of worked their way up and got the top job in there well that's all changed now in modern times most of the coaches at the top have been very good plays indeed yeah a lot of them have played first-class rugby and quite a few to have played Test matches for the All Blacks Oumar the tube wilee on his own a try lieutenant captain Alex Wylie Samson New Zealand five-yard shot go 15 yards from the French line my goal is go have it here into homes has had an excellent game awaits with a strong boy skort by categories first five-eighth Wayne Smith yes Wayne Smith they're scoring a try for Canterbury when they lifted the round Philly shield of Wellington in 1982 when Smith by 1998 successful coach of the Canterbury Crusaders and on the all-black curtain panel right now the 1990s of course will be regarded as a period of radical change in the sport of rugby at the sport went professional in 1995 and just prior to that we saw the return of the Springboks to the international fold yes the resumed contact with New Zealand in 1992 and in 1994 they toured New Zealand again for the first time for 13 years and by 95 that hosted the third Rugby World Cup South Africa in disarray in the last few moments Bechet handles yet again back in time for Joe passion using him for the crash ball taking it up since and what pinching it lesson two New Zealand have begun the game at the pace I think they want to play it Walter little prank bunts fakes the tackle no sign yet of an early penalty by referee Hilditch match up again New Zealand maintaining possession wide to Lomu he's got the bounce he's handed off his opposite eleven Oh Zhen Zhen brookie can pass the ball as well look at this right out to husband to Lomu look out lovely when again superb pressure once again superbly converted to points so there it is for bash up again who's had such a control in the first half and then a little push out the woods Ramu and on this chasing hard and the bouncers gone the little failed Babu three for mommy Richard Morris intercept by Basham wamu hands up Tony Underwood muumuu hitting four four that's suppose brilliant Quartet apprise you never wish to see okay their traditional rivals were back there was a springbok the players were being paid at last so everything seemed okay but there was one thing still nagging away at the minds of the All Blacks and that was that they're never beaten the Springboks in South Africa well that chance came in 1996 when there were no fewer than five tests scheduled between the All Blacks and the Springboks some were part of the neutralization series with Australia included and a separate three Test series and for the All Blacks history was made in South Africa that's a mean-looking Springbok team well there might be problems with the referee today you've seen him already Marshall await us in Zen Brook near halfway Glen I was going up early and pick up he's gone outside room Ayutthaya makes a half stop here comes Marshall again dr. Kiehl hain Walt a little spinning wide come hein the dip Wilson what a try we can color is here any day of the week that he's done a score like that chip Wilson INRI truck Rosa a first James Marshall big pastor Walter little the Springboks are stretched 20 widows out Jones beats Marshall took her home - Cullen up protected again by Ian Jones I think it was they can go left or right driving on his Robin Brooke tremendous examples of brute force and strength already in this game trifles 10 metres out some superb rugby from Josh kronfeld today Marshall bunts since L Brooke and Kevin listen one of the new zeeland throw straight - j-rok I'd be playing on automatic pilot Osmond we've got a great back three in the New Zealand team Kellan go boys smiling it's on the cell arrogance I'd rip back under the New Zealand side Fitzpatrick Marshall a line up here can they get it wide dangerous up the rockers there James took Trump out a lovely penguin chase scoffing what a place what a grueling quiz another line up in New Zealand Walter little drills at deep Wilson tracing with Hinrichs it Wilson - pretension coz engine rock and he's in Kiwi madness bounces to Jeff Wilson to Cohan to walk a little number 12 so everything's getting up the middle of the field very quickly indeed Marshall this is another good run by the brave Canterbury hop back he's been in John's with him he gives it me said to Robin Brooke and Natalie in Jones to Wilson want us super try right around behind the place a great toy since an Brooke so Marshall Callen at Wilson good chase here by Wilson he's got that bounce let's to pollution tell you what when he can cut is here short anytime he likes let's three tries in two tests for Jeff Wilson Nealon put in five meter scrap taken back by South Africa let's see what they can cook up here since then Brooke he's their citizen again John had in the crowd John sit down on the notebook that one's gone into the history books since aunt Brooke sets a record for most tries in disparately why roll back against the South African team counting down the seconds to a date with rugby history Marshall back to bunts Frank bunts another of his great ad-lib runs and it's here for Marshall are they going to have the dropkick since outlook is trying to put the game beyond doubt but he's got it he's got it and the New Zealand team have seized the moment they write a page across all blade rugby history for the second time in his brilliant star bright career since aunt Brooke drops a goal and a famous victory still so the white people then replied well baby it's over history the Flyers are exhausted the dick what a great game we've seen the new zealand's outside have claimed this moment as their time for the history books and as you can see they write themselves literally into the ground this is the greatest day in the history of New Zealand rugby the greatest day because they won against their greatest rivals we won the World Cup in 87 for sure but South Africa weren't involved in that series look at the tribe it's coming out of the stand directed bringing this team Oh in goes a New Zealand growler trifle the omics they took it off the cell emmagan throwing and sean Fitzpatrick his on the tie and they line up again Marshall mittens he's pooped that into space where's the bounce gonna go it's octopus in a fryer scored why won't a little Springbok wanting to defend and slow it down the All Blacks want to keep it taking hope going to say die holo Brown takes it round five meters out on the New Zealand side Marshall cousins and Brooke great defense by the South Africans Henry honey ball back on the New Zealand side again mocchi he can't get it down pigs down now I think it Monica to break down let's look Justin Marshall well that success is certainly going to right at the top of the tree yes even with the World Cup around John I think beating the Springboks and a test series is the big one for for your Blake's well as no doubt who have come a long way in rugby since Keith and I have been following they've been some outstanding players some brilliant games but there's no doubt that the players of the 90s have achieved something more lawless television exposure maybe they're almost at cult status well I think they are and television has been around in various forms since the 60s and one world of sport in its various forms has been there all the way to let's check now some of the great rugby moments of recent times as the 20th century heads towards its conclusion 21 to 16 let's go to grant trippa-b a fantastic drop goal thereby and revealed that it's Wheatley never looked like missing thought into the scene didn't grill I'm gonna go Jones at the back Michael Jones Zhen Zhen broke goal on blooming New Zealand in they go again swinging at this time mertens there was loitering they've been practicing the Samoan defense helmet will it hold this time Sims amber his test I boo has scored and that's the best way to express themselves on the field smuggle back through the hands lot of communication in there go on at the back marshal muttons Wilson some of the bits holding up here they're going to stay back around the last word the clown next round Scott McCloud it's a nice position again for New Zealand Marshall the short Ally again number seven turnover again how many faces this the little pup become and Wilson Watson Robyn Brooke straight out duh but look out Cullen as their net Wilson shot looking back never try I think Wilson when I got there merely walk on moto truth tries in his Test debut the kids as good as the headline say sort of expected commercial farming for the gas look at how low ground jumping to be near spinning the ball 1 hitting out the low ball and Janna fifteen minutes out now Marshall here's a running chance Colin gets three on his demo Marshall Cullen up now Wilson running Bank side step what a row when Jones is there from Italian James that he scores on his 50th test game Marshall to llama llama that's use of the 30 kilograms and he's in against the touchline he tiptoed down that line here they go again in the backs Scott McCloud Turner believe it the kid gives a little week after he scores it once again a midfield scrum position the backline split with McLeod and bands off to the right McLeod good pasture column into space Grunfeld Shenzhen Grunfeld Cullen Zhen Shan Brooke that's beautiful rugby SIB line Townsend well that's supremist Townsend passed but it didn't come up that's the one the little toy boy question tone here we see the head on replay Callen who is so very very good from broken play the left foot this time too much speed for the cover defensive Scotland full line out vagabonds that's astray can't get straight two tests six tries 25 meters out on the fall for Marshall straight to McLeod - Cullen - Wilson and the local hero wants to get on on the he gives us the to him and tell him get Kenya story white for books that's for char he continues to delight increasing army of fans getting a costly equipment Richard Harry Joe Neal's Babson's and Brook now Robin Brook is a very good posture of the ball there's an example legends while the little goes down this is 15 meters out Machel change of direction Michael Jones three toys zenzen book turn Christian : murders again the black dr. Wharram tune well time by Machel no one ahead he has to have a go all time great for Michael Jones is in that category as well in New Zealand and for the game anywhere in the world Walter little Tron fell has been in brilliant touch today relishing the game and they've hooked it back between his legs and mertens got it and there's a lot about to the right and gents and Brooke is running hey Wilson I think this man with the ball at his feet now has come on a tremendous amount of a4 tests he's played this year Justin Marshall on our crown in combination with Marshall and Robin Brooke 22-metre lon Marshall again murders there's the KITT wide and Jim setting up for the dropkick he's running on the loop Metro Oh come falls over let's try it on that's why is for the All Blacks a purple this game of the Australians great bats trying on hard to learn it the first try series is never go to New Zealand sit moved coming up here forge and behind Justin Marshall Callens out well to the left because there's plenty of defense on the blind side for Fiji it goes to the right to Marshall Tomas Wilson scores a position gradually having overwhelming on the New Zealand side here's a Robin Brooke he posts come out straight out two stances that little Jam not broken have you now my soul yeah me up to 22 now Robert Brooks been aggressive for that taken by Ozarks at number Simon rights Diamandis am coming to the right now Saro backing down up a 12 is bad stance this any of the men's low growl play like this was really enchanted by the which has been spinning around showing no shot in their second half stance choice stea 55 hepatech parking with a Wellington hurricanes play at home but that's a good position now for New Zealand midfield 15 meters out swinging the ball nicely so Tron Feld what a big heart randos we're sitting up straight and solo casada with the kick and everyone's chugging back for this one affected by Solari looking for support and still the other wing Wilson stance nests Suzanne Brooke Marshall borås sticking Spencer around sorry the captain winds up 50 and this one's gone to my team and stop forward last year Reggie Otto kronfeld brilliant work then - stayed on a speed and reach the ball clear turnover and New Zealand clear away gosh novice that goes Randall Marshall stances strike too spicy boss tremendous try for Christian color will kick by Soleri but Wilson can start something here who run this back in centerfield and gets the pass tackles Maseo Rick Coleman hello Spencer faites a brother brother a big title against Argentina stance destroy cut the shot stick this is a wonderful solo yes Gudrun wife inspector he said what two men despise Robin Brooke the club fell it was like Brooke was playing number seven and now the ball is spinning again that's a well constructed drug the least instances there one more for the New Zealand team tonight we'll take it into the 60s look at this wonderful passing skillful tape to Spencer and they'll get 60 talks the the front kronfeld in front of them using the big man towards the end and stimmy up to the big time today he's had three tests but this is the by far the toughest Spencer tracking state dumbbells so dizzy oh maybe 18 degree of time approaches Oh like the wedding and looking the son you're catching in my life bring off the cop cow goes laughter beautifully between his legs by Spencer Turner's in picked up their boy Frank pants tush great ones sit move here for the All Blacks look for Arlo Brown as a ran up Marshall he goes over to the 22 but they've mocked him spencer dozens and rook Rothman tin note to the Springboks Stinson's butts all of us from big crack Montgomery is down andré Fenton punch skull Bank look at bus very hot hit over on broadsky Marius shut up good boost by the properties probably the slowest man in the game a jobs down Wilson he's gonna have a go the fights have gone New Zealand wine when a tribe for Jack Wilson deep to johnsy Marshall crackpots all away what I try never sent a superb dry by the weddin le fragments there's Bryl for the first time hasn't played in the picked up rodeo anybody lost that one on the New Zealand side he has Chip and trice down let's go they judge the end-over-end bounced these days don't they look at this he actually launched his dive before he touches it and that's Joe Roth who's not slow that shows you how quick Jeff Wilson is my work goes round he's having a good one tonight Dan Randall his performance his improvement every test so far this jogging got the Basavanna down just short Roman go hazard Marshall Spencer 35 meters at number 3 is Oleg round off the floor marshal Spencer once again the big thing guys too all blacks to the right listen you spinning at this time to turn space big pasta bus once again he pissed tremendous again this afternoon Cullen to the bottom of the picture just down here to the bottom II was uh in a high hit with the horsemen put some aside step hands through by Carlos gravattack Christian Callan gives it to his captain Max's time coming from Marshall again Spencer James small he must go as well they try to butcher them alone the try is being scored they might not hear the end of that the national for great by a stone dispenser and support gone the short bowl of Spencer is chopping back against the cover defense that was coming that's a super dry the question Palin five minutes left in the game 52:28 Marshall Cullinan okay here we go John Macbeth on the sidelines with us today it's a one world of sport commentary you've got at the moment putting you in the best seat in the house and we could be in for a real treat the way the old backs have began this today almost going to run a minute 19 to nil and up those sins and drop the big box space for Tony why magic moments but question : a Suzanne Brooke pass and then magic from Christian Colin have good zenzen bro that's a piddly he began a look at the vision board replay the big white bowl : hit the line superbly and spots I fought drugs Gregor Mangano Maxie he's superb on defense but Kalin just turned him inside out and went over and Jason littles tackled this is unbelievable he shows them inside out here doesn't even watch this the aw geez don't know which way to go I don't think the Oobleck support players do to me this is a much quite sure where Christians going but this is a superb tribe well you can't keep up with genius really and Carlos Christian : have been a bit quiet as I was earlier tests this year but look at this a wonderful wonderful Drive well 18 tests 18 tries bad record so as we sit at the start these are some of our favorite highlights of all black rugby over the years and hopefully it'll stimulate a bit of discussion amongst yourselves as to which was the best team who was the best player what was your favorite moment which was the best legendary or break moment now who was the best all-black captain would it be you