[RUN BTS] [EP. 105 RUN BTS PHOTO EXHIBITION 2] [Previously] Let's not get hurt! [Although they got hurt as soon as they shouted let's not get hurt] Taehyung, say it! - Let's not get hurt! - Okay. [A no mercy tussle (?)] SUGA got something pretty normal... No, he didn't. [Wardrobe choices show their personalities] Wow, could it be that you're going half and half? I'll go with a gangster style. [Then, it was followed by a game to obtain reform items!] Also, the one that dropped. Taehyung, sorry. Taehyung. [Game is just a game! Let's not get upset!] What? Taehyung doesn't have anything? - Taehyung... - You're taking things away like this? [This is the solidarity of a group in their 8th year] - 1, 2, 3. - Let's not get hurt. Okay. Go! Get it! [The timid one] I don't know what to do. [The encouraging one] Just do whatever you feel like, Jimin. - Did you make pants? - That's right. [Throw out your prejudice that a top needs to be made into another top!] It wasn't a top! [One by one, more people are giving up] I'm in trouble. Mine's blown! Thank you for your hard work, guys. - Sorry, guys. I'm totaled also. Sorry. - Let's do this with a smile. [Looking forward to reforms by our BTS designers] - Hot! - See you some day. [Members are still working hard on their reforms] Wow, this looks cool. This is this year's S/S season's... They did a lot of dying. [Everyone in their own style] - It's just the right fit. - What do I do with this bruised up t-shirt? Can I borrow sprays from other members? Whoa. Let's not go there. If they say it's okay, (then it's OK). What was with that let's not go there? Will he say it's okay? - What's with you? What did you do? - I'm in trouble. [Spray backfired] I wanted to emphasize this, but it came out too thick. Yours came out really thick as well. I don't know. It's a bit weird. I'm in trouble. [Regrets] I shouldn't have used the spray, but a sharpie pen. [One stitch at a time] - Why are you sewing? - This is fallen off. - Just use the glue gun! - When I used the glue gun here, they just go through. [This here... 5 minutes into sewing...] I don't think the sewing will finish within the day... [Hmph] Let's not sew. We have glue guns. Wow! What's with Jung Kook!? [A work of art!] Jung Kook's is the prettiest! [Amazed] Jung Kook. Patchwork! [Working hard and passionately] Jung Kook's gone crazy. - Is that a shirt? - I'm working hard. Now that I think about it, this is the first time Jung Kook spoke, isn't it? - It is. Jung Kook, say something. - I am. [Offers to trade used goods] Taehyung, can I borrow your yellow spray, too? - Yes. - Thank you. [(Request to buy) Blue spray] Namjoon, how about the blue one? [(Completed buying) Blue spray] - Blue? Go ahead. - Good. [Items put out for cool sales] I've got the orange color and this color, everyone. [So cool] - Let's just help each other. We're all screwed anyhow. - Okay. Yes. We're all screwed anyhow. People, do not give up! [Most likely to give up] j-hope, you were the first one to give up. - Well, that is true. - This cut I made to shorten the length is amazing, isn't it? [Giving irrelevant response] I made everything big as not to make it bothersome, but now I'm totaled. At least make something a person can actually wear... [If it's not me, everything's fine] Can I use this please? Yes. Go ahead. [Thorough] Taehyung, could you pass me that glue gun over in front? Glue gun. That long one! [Here you are] Thanks. [Tada] Oh, wow. (?) Shall I cut this up and use it? [Sprayed with a cool vibe] - A work of art! [Oh, wow...] - That's a little... A piece of art? It's a little like a piece of art. Okay. An art piece by j-hope. We'll begin the auction now, everyone. [Bidding price: KRW 5000] I'll start with KRW 5000. The bidding starts. No. KRW 5000 is too much. [But it's a good to fuel fire] I'll buy it at KRW 5000 and use it as firewood. [Oh, no] [Really?] Ah. Whoever gets to wear mine would be lucky. He'll be the one wearing the most normal clothes. [Impasse] Why does this start like this? [It's a glue gun time] That won't work. I'll use the glue gun for here. [Using glue guns to last the lifetime] I've never thought I would use this much glue gun in my life. [Wait...] - Why does this... - You can't be sticking here. [I'll do the game!] Okay, I'll go ahead with it. [Determined] [The game is Cham Cham Cham] - We'll do Cham Cham Cham. - Alright. [Wide eyed] Cham Cham Cham! [Yeah~] [+ garland] People, you know where I'll use this... (Anyhow) it will be shocking, everyone. [So cold...] This stretches so much. [j-hope doesn't mind!] Get it like this, and put this like so! Here on the legs and on the sleeves. Can you see it well? - This has a good vibe! - Look and see. Hey, it's got a good vibe. [It's got a children's vibe] - A little like a child... - Isn't it a swaddle? - A swaddling blanket! - Cute. - If I can make a pocket here, it would be epic. [Careful] So tired. It's so hot! [Surprised] Jung Kook is producing art here again! [Jung Kook is not talking?] If Jung Kook is not talking, that means he's working hard. [= He's working hard] So tired. [He's working hard as well] I'll go with this. [Have a go at Hunminjeongeum!] We'll do a Hunminjeongeum game. H and T. - 1, 2, 3. - Hyunta. (A slang meaning blown by reality) - That's too for entertainment! What are you doing saying words like Hyunta? - It should be a proper word. [Feeling falsely blame] - What else is there? - Hwata. (Hua Tuo) - Hanta. - That legendary doctor from "Record of the Three Kingdoms". - How can you use Hanta? - H and T? Hotang. (Valiant) - Hanta is on the dictionary. - Hotong. (Loud scolding) - Hey, hwatting. (?) (Short for fighting) [These guys...] - Fail! - That's true. [Following that] N and J. 1, 2, 3. - Nojang! (An old warrior) [Satisfied] - Nojang? Nojang! [Get your guards up... He's got the feather...] - Okay! I'll use this. - They call Huang Zhong a Nojang. - Right, right! [Passion] - Everyone, take a look at my hands. That's him! [Master never blames the tools he's given...!] [An American abstract expressionist painter] What are you, a Jackson Pollock? [He would take huge canvases and] I'm almost like... [spill, splash, splatter, and pour paint over it and painted with his whole body] Jackson Pollock. [This technique is called "action painting"] He's in me right now. [So proud] I'm going to get going home now. [Passionate RM is off to wash his hands] I think I'm going to have to throw away these pants. - Did you see it, Jung Kook? - Huh? Wow... Looks nice... [Teary] I don't even know what I'm doing. - Why, why, why? [Consoles him] - You need to reform that shirt! - If you don't reform the shirt, it's... - What shirt? [But this is mine] But this is my clothes. - You need not to go overboard. - I thought you brought that also. [Looks away] 1, 2, 3. Let's not go overboard. [You're going to be like this...?] [Gives the game a go, as soon as he's back from washing his hands] I'll play. I pick this! - I'll take one from these. - It's alright for you to take all of them. - Then, I'll take them all. - It looks like a famous brand item, right? - But you have to put them all on. - No. Then, I'll just take one. Hey, if I do this, isn't this like the brand? [Vibe answering machine] It's got a good vibe. It's a little... Insistent... [Laughs] It looks like that Gu something. [Playing Cham Cham Cham] Cham Cham Cham! I'll do it again after Jimin! Huh? They've got ARMY patches here. [ARMY looks pretty] Huh? Is this counted as one? [If you win, you get 3] - 3 of them. - 3? 3 of them are a set. Wow.. [Urgently makes his appeal] I'm sewing now... Do you have any idea how hard I'm working on this? Hey, here. Look here. For real. [Picked 30 seconds of staring match] Staring match with the camera. [Humph] - Staring match! - For 30 sec. - Staring match is easy. Why is the glue gun so hot? Ready, set, go! [Viewers, you try and win the staring contest with Manggae, too] I think I'm going to wear down my fingerprints. [Do you think... You can win over me?] [Please, my heart. Be still] - 10 seconds has passed. - Hot! I should've put this on later. [You're falling into me...] [Blinks] [All in vain...] [SUGA's going to play a round] Oh, man! I'm going to play a round of games. I'm tired of sewing. [Picks it p] - I'm tired of sewing. - We'll go with the capital cities game. - Alright! [Q.] - What's the capital city of Brazil? - 1, 2, 3. - Brasilia. We can only take one? [The problem is that you need to use all that you take] But it's also a problem to take them all. You need to put them all on, if you take them all. [A strong will to take the ARMY patches] We'll go with the capital cities game. [Out of the blue] But I'm so bad with capital cities. [Q.] - What's the capital city of Thailand? 1, 2, 3. - This is... - Bangkok! - Bangkok! - Let's go. [Poke, poke, poke. Bangkok. Bangkok] (*Wordplay) We'll play Cham Cham Cham. [A clean-cut success!] Cham Cham Cham! [Limited to 1 per game] - Can I take these at once... Okay. - 1 per game. - I'll go again. - Okay. [It's right or left this time] We'll go with right or left. Cham Cham Cham! [A success!] I can read you, director. Wow, this belt is crazy! Getting ahead of the fashion. j-hope. I'm my name! These reforms for the sake of reform. - How long will this continue? - That's exactly right. - Reform for the sake of reform. - It's a reform for the sake of reform. [Mr. Manggae, still working hard to get items] We'll go with a quiz that makes sense. - That's a piece of cake. - Let's go. [Will that cake be edible...?] Will that cake be edible or piping hot? - Sky? 1, 2, 3. - Color? [At 100 degrees Celsius] - What the... - Color is stretching it too thin. - What's there that can come after "sky"? - Sky squirrel! (Flying squirrel) [Agrees] That's right. - Sky... [Gives it one more try] - Let's go. - Sky Chun! (Tian, meaning the sky or heaven) - Sky. 1, 2, 3. Squirrel! Thank you. - Wow. You used that right away? - How can you use that? [Then. What. I. Why. What] Why are you like that? [Garland turned into a belt] Wow. The point here is crazy. I feel like there needs to be a tiger here. Right in the middle. [I assume he's joking] Okay. I'll give it a go. [Assuming makes a tiger...!] Wait. I'll play for the tiger. Tiger. - I'll do it. - But I... - Shouldn't you move aside after playing a round? [A crowd lined up to play] But I came here first. [For hip hop, we need an owl] For hip hop, we need an owl. I'll go with an owl. I have no choice. [What will Jin pick?] - We'll play Cham Cham Cham. Which one? - This is for the hip hop owl. - Me? The owl. - The owl. - Jin... Is this how you're going to play? This looks cute like this. But I can't do it because it's my clothes. [2 games for 2 items] Can't I do 2 together? - You have to play 2 rounds. - I'll play 2 rounds. - Let's go with left or right Cham Cham Cham. [First game: Cham Cham Cham] Cham Cham Cham. [I saw everything] Why, why, why, why? - Don't you know faking as a tactic? - Okay, okay. Got it. - Okay. [Second game: Quiz that makes sense] - We'll go with the quiz that makes sense. - Okay. - Sky. - 1, 2, 3. - Chun. (Tian) [Sky Chun, Land Ji] - Sky Chun, Land Ji. - Black Hyun, Yellow Hwang. [Get the scorched rice at the bottom of a cauldron...] House Wu, House Ju. That's all I know. Let's go. [One-pick. Owl] I'll go with the owl. My owl. [He's got his eyes on the rose patch] - This is totally like Gucci. - Hey. [Look at this!] - Okay. - Did you use it already? I used it already. You go with the tiger. [But I want to do the rose...] - Super. 1, 2, 3. - Man! - I thought for sure you'll say market. - It's market, of course. - Yes. - What, I can't say Superman? - Superman~! - You can. [Finally gets the owl] OK! Everyone! Let's not be too hard on each other. We weren't being too hard. - Jung Kook! - Yes. - Say something! - Mal! (wordplay in Korean) - Ouch. Hadouken! [j-hope fires from behind!] [Good job] [This is why you should watch your language in front of kids] Hadouken! - Wow, look at this owl. - Turning kick! This is hip hop style! - Look at this. - j-hope. [What kind of masterpiece will he produce...] Wow this is crazy. [Prowling around for a hot item] The belt in the middle. Get the buckles. - I'm starting to have fun. - Should I attach wings? [Nervous] [He wants to attach... wings...?] [Here?] OK! I'll go! - This isn't working. - Let's play the capital city game. - The capital city game! - Yes. - Can I play something else? Can I play something else? [If you want] - We'll play the Hunminjeongeum game. - OK. "D" "D". 1, 2, 3. - Dok-dae! - That's an easy one. [The wings he took is about to bring mind boggling consequences] I'll go. [He wants 3 patches] How do I win these? [He needs to win 3 games] - 3 games. - I'll play 3 games in a row. 3 games in a row? Left or right. [Success] Cham cham cham! Cham cham cham! [Fail] [Fail] Cham cham cham! [I hate myself...] I hate this. I'll play 2 more games. [Success] [Fail] Left or right. Cham cham cham! Cham cham cham! I'll play one more game. [He's banking on quantity or quality] I can do it like this. [Changing it to the capital city game] - We'll play the capital city game. - Wow. [Q.] What's the capital city of Mongolia? 1, 2, 3. - This is... - Ulaanbaatar. - OK. [He got this right...?] I remembered! Awesome. - Did you see that? - I heard it. [Everyone heard it] I didn't see it. I heard it. [Amazed] - How did you remember it? - I just did. [Hey] He's incredible. Cham cham cham. [Embarrassed awkward] I'll try again. I'm always bad at cham cham cham. [We'll play the Hunminjeongeum game] Let's go with the Hunminjeongeum game. - Hunminjeongeum! - "P" "Y". 1, 2, 3. - Pa-yang! - There's also Pyo-uh. [15 minutes left!] - You have 15 minutes left now. - What? [Did I hear that correctly?] We have 15 minutes left? [Spraying] [You need skills for spraying] He knows how to spray it. [Lightly spraying] You're good. - V, can I use the spray? - What? - Can I use the spray? - Yes. He knows how to spray it. [In that case... Cautiously] [Flustered] What are you doing? [The answer is set, you just have to spray] Just keep spraying. I'm borrowing this. [Made no difference] You can't see anything. I hate it. I can't wear this. Look at how the tiger is squashed. It's heartbreaking. This is so hard. [Almost finished] That was exhausting. [Me too] Should I copy what V is doing? - I can't spray droplets. - What? - How do you spray droplets? - This? [Spray~] You have to wait. Hey, these are my socks... [From afar] - This doesn't work. - These are my socks! [He feels sorry so he shares a helpful tip] Like this. Hold it like this and do this. [Wait for your turn...] Hold on. I need to use it a little. [What?] There's nothing left to do. [Huh?] - V. - I did everything I could. There's nothing left to do. [Cautiously 22] [Spray this too] [V and Jimin living in harmony] This is cool. OK OK. Good good. It's perfect. - It really looks prettier. - Jin... [Silently gets back to his art...] What should I do with these pants? [Breaking news] Good news, everyone. [Jung Kook's pants are making an entrance] Jung Kook is getting started with his pants. [What's this?] [Solar plexus positioning system...?] I'll go. [The game is Hunminjeongeum] We'll play the Hunminjeongeum game. "I" "J". 1, 2, 3. In-jeong? In-jeong works, doesn't it? - We'll allow it. - In-jeong! [j-hope's reform is finished!] OK, I'm done. That was so hard. - What should I do? - Why? [I can't see the end...] [Speechless at the feather boa] This is really... I want a game. I'm playing a game because I'm bored. - "G" "R". 1, 2, 3. - Gi-rin! Ga-ro. [He has a crown in his hand...] - Geu-rim. - I really like my work. - Are you going to put that on your hat? - Geu-reut. [Beyond your imagination] It's a belt? [Urgent] - You can't do a belt. - Why? That's terrible! That's a penalty. A penalty? I'm hurt. I think it's not just about making clothes. [Who will be wearing it is key] The most important thing is who's wearing what. [RM changed into the reformed clothes] Let's go home, everyone. RM, what do you think? - Hey! - Good. It's cool. - You changed? [RM's work 1] I have 2 outfits so I'm wearing one of them. - Really? [RM's work 2] - Yes. Let's start now. Are you all done? [Everyone begins to try on their outfits] Should I try mine on? I'll try my outfits. I'm curious. I started my clothing brand! [It's cute] - Today BTS Day. - It's cute. Look. - It's cute. - It is. [Hehe] - You're good. - It looks like the Olympic symbol. It really looks like the Olympic symbol. [j-hope has changed into his outfit!] Here comes hip hop fashion. [What do you think?] - Are you crazy? - j-hope looks like the hip hop rescue team. [Hip hop rescue] The details are crazy! [Narcissistic] - Look at the chain. - It's cool. - Look at the belt! This is crazy. - It's crazy. The detail! [Not one item was neglected] The sunflower. Look at my outfit. I personally want Jung Kook to wear my outfit. - What? - Jung Kook. - Wow, you look cool. - Is it OK? - I personally want my outfit to... - Can you even wear it? - You can. [Designer-turned-mannequin] I tried putting in my leg. Do you want me to show you? [Why on earth] Why did he put the crown in the front...? [It's a belt] Belt. But you have to be careful when you wear it. If you're not careful, it could get torn(?). [Potentially torn pants] [Behold~] Tada! OK? Try on the other side! [Carefully] You have to wear it carefully. Otherwise... [Started out carefully...] [But the end result is amazing~!] [Behold] It's a boy scout! [Brave little boy look] - It's good. - OK. - V looks cool. [If you put on the baby sling(?) on top] It's cool. [Third eye] [I can't lose!] OK, good. That's a good attitude. Wow, you even put on KORE? [I put on wings~] When did you put on KORE? [Cherry on top] That's pretty good! [Where did I see this person?] - It's pretty good. - That... [If fairy tale princes are just regular princes] You look like a fairy tale prince. It's good. [I'm TOP] - Is it Peter Pan? - It's Peter Pan. - He's totally Peter Pan. - It's not as bad as I thought. I'm here to protect you! I think SUGA will look great in that. [Getting anxious] Hey don't say that. Don't say that! [Focusing elsewhere] Where is my gold chain? [Designer's pick - Jimin & V] I hope Jimin or V wears it. [Me?] They'll both look good in it. Maybe Jimin will look better in it. What's "HM"? Is that the brand? [Let's say it's an "I" that stopped growing] "HM" was a little... So I changed it to an "I". - "IM"! - It's an "I"? [Can't you see this?] Can't you see the apostrophe? - Apostrophe. - You covered the mark. - He said apostrophe. [Accurate] Can't you see this apostrophe? I covered the mark like "Run BTS". Hey look at Jung Kook. He's working so hard. - I'm done! - I applaud Jung Kook for always working so hard. Jung Kook's outfit is pretty. [Concentrating] [He was so quiet] [The audio director thought, "Is his microphone off?"] [NO... his passion cannot be turned off...!] [A round of applause~!] [Finally] We finished making the outfits. - You all look like you study fashion design. - We worked so hard. [Explosion of individuality] [I can hear the professor getting frustrated] OK. [Who's wearing whose outfit!] The most important thing now is who will be wearing whose outfit. The moment is here. [Very important] - This is the most important moment. - Let's go. Since you're in first place, would you like to pick first? [First place winner is flustered] OK. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Let's pick in order. Would I have worse odds? [It doesn't make any difference] - It's the same. - It's the same. [Cool-headed] At least you'll be able to say, "This is my fault", about your choice. Yes. - SUGA is... - But if someone get's Jin, I'm off the hook, right? - Why? - Hey! You're being hurtful. If someone gets Jin before me... [Feeling light-headed] We only need to avoid Jin, don't we? [We'll reveal the results together] Don't open it. Who's next? [Next up is j-hope in second place] - j-hope is next. It's you. - Is it me? [The staff takes a peek] [Hey now] Why are you peeking? - Just avoid Jin. - Don't look. [How can you hurt Jin like this!?] Just avoid Jin? You're being so hurtful. Don't look. [Playing mind games with himself] Why did they put this in the front? This one. [Sticking out] - Why did they? - Don't try to analyze it. [Picks unwaveringly] - I'm not going to pick that. - It's the MacGuffin effect. I'm picking the one in the back. - Don't look. - Don't look. Don't look. [Will his prediction come true?] It might be better to pick last. I just want to avoid Jin. [He finally took a closer look at Jin's work] How did he make that? What is it? [Say it out loud] - Let's call it creative. - Yes. Let's just say nice things from now on. Did someone get Jin? [The staff won't tell] I think someone picked Jin. Oh no. Don't look. We have to reveal it together. I'm scared too, actually. [Things are getting interesting] He shot himself in the foot. This is the most exciting moment, everyone. [Where did it end up?] - Shot himself in the foot. - I'm scared too. I think it went to Jin. [Thinking] - No peeking, everyone. - Don't look. - Don't look. - Don't look. [The staff lets out a sigh] Why? Did he get picked? [Did he really get picked?] Really? Did he? [Or will it be one of these 2?] Is it between these 2? [Pulling] It can't be. [Heart racing] - Don't look. - Don't look. [The long-awaited reveal] - Come back. - Let's reveal it in order. - Yes. - In order. - Let's reveal it in order. - Let's begin. This is important, everyone. Who will be on the thumbnail of "Run BTS" this time? [Anyone but me] [Whose outfit will SUGA wear?] [Wow] You can pick your own outfit? Wow, can that happen? [They'll reveal from right to left] - I envy him. - Should we go this way? - Is it me? - Let's go this way. [Very nervous] [Will he pick his own outfit like SUGA?] Please! [I did it~!!] It's OK. It's a safe choice. - Jin would look great in it. - It could be Jin. It won't be me. [Calm] It can't be me. [Wow] [Nervous] There's no word yet. Why is this still blank? - Why is this still blank? - It could be V. [No word can ally his anxiety] There's no letter. [Hooray, it's Jungkook!] Jungkook, Jungkook! [Reminder: This is not the ticking bomb game] [Increasingly anxious] - Wow! - What should we do? - Jungkook. Jungkook. [It can't be me] - What should we do? - I think... [j-hop makes a sound effect] I'm the last... [Envious] They must feel so relaxed. [Happy] Jimin. [Oh~] Jimin. [Oh no!!!!!!] I feel like it'd be me! [This drama is fun] It's one of the three. Why am I so unlucky? - Reveal it one by one. - Okay. [So much fun] It must be one of the last two then. [Sigh] [No one knows!] I didn't get it earlier. [The beauty of blank space] - There's nothing. - What is this? - I think it's one letter. - Is it? - It's one letter. - It could be V. - Right. It's V. [The rating is about to soar] [Run BTS! The world of drawing.] - It's me. - It's one of you. One of you two. [He guesses] I was one of the four. Let's reveal it together. [Triggered] It's not punishment. [You know] - It kind of is. - 1. 1. [Who will be the star of today's Run BTS?] 1, 2, 3! 2, 3! [This is why drawing's a pain] [Play the music] [Oh, god] Jungkook. Jungkook. [I want to be alone. Please log out.] - Jungkook. - Okay, I'll wear mine. Jungkook. Look at this. [Adding fuel to the fire] Jungkook. Do you see this? [I won't see] You'll be with monstera. [It's a set] Jungkook, you should wear both the hat and the accessory. [I'm not laughing] This is crazy. [Life...] How would it look on him? Let's get changed [Shall we get changed and continue?] before we continue. Run BTS! [Why did I work so hard on reforming clothes?] Seriously... - Oh my. - Jungkook, you should be careful when you wear this. [The designer's warning] - Otherwise, it'll get torn. - Jungkook worked on it so hard. [The effort and the result are inversely related] A lot of effort doesn't always lead to a great result. Jungkook. Jungkook. [Support] I'll kill your outfit. [Mind control + Z] It's not about how much effort you make. I should take this. [He was sitting there for a long time] Poor Jungkook. How could this happen? [How would they look?] Will you add a sound effect? [A ribbon tie and pale legs!] [Cute] [A Boy Scouts look] Jin! [If you ask me who I am,] [I shall tell you!] You should show them the back. [For the world peace] [I'm Jin...] The belt! [I'm an owl~!] It's okay. [It could be on a real runway] - This looks legit. - I like that outfit. It looks like a luxury brand. [I make every outfit I wear luxurious] [Here he comes! You never know what's on his mind] [What does this move mean?] [Popping prodigy] Popping, popping. Wasn't it two? [It'll be revealed later] - I'll use it for the unit. - Okay. Here comes a poor prince. [So chic] You look like Boss from the drama. [He does look like Boss] - It's the Boss look. - Good. Here comes the little Boss. [Baby] [He swirls] [Good] It looks good on you. He looks like Boss, too. [He can do this, too] [Fancy] Fancy foot steps. [He's coming in 2020!] He's coming. Kneel down before him. Today's highlight. [Did anyone call me?] [I'm the prince of Run BTS!] [Kook. (Wink)] [In awe] Good. Great. [Amazed] This is sick. Who made that? - It's good. - But [Right! I can pull anything... Oh my...] - he pulled it off. - Doesn't he look good? - Yes. - It looks good because it's Jungkook. - I agree. [First, solo shoots] [A photo shoot time! They'll take solo, unit and group shots based on themes] [For solo shots, there will be one model, one photographer, one assistant, [one make-up and hair artist and three monitors!] [Order - Themes] [SUGA - a cute bad boy, Jin - a butterfly, j-hop - just happy, Jimin - solitude] [V - fantasy, RM - freedom, Jungkook - Boy with Luv] [model - SUGA, photographer - Jin, assistant - j-hope, hair - Jimin, monitoring - V, RM and Jungkook] [Test shooting begins] Please take a test shot. [SUGA - Cute bad boy] - Test! Test! - Test! - Jin's ready. - Okay, 1, 2, 3. [Click] Is he a cute bad boy? Am I not cute? [Jin got surprised by a surprising scene] A cute bad boy... You're cute. Why don't you pretend to throw a tantrum? [Throwing a tantrum] Love that. Great. 1, 2, 3. I love it. [What's up with the sound?] I love it. Great. Excellent. [A limited version of SUGA you see once in seven years] Great. Excellent! Amazing! [It's mine~!!!] Great. [A masterpiece] - Amazing. - Great. - Love it! [Throwing tantrum] This is crazy. [Got in touch with the inner cutie] Alright. - Perfect. - Okay. - It was amazing. - Perfect. - Is it good? [Satisfied] Okay. - Do you think it'll be number one? - It's over. [Close-up?] I'll take some close-ups of your face. [No problem!] Okay. 1, 2, 3. Good. Change the angle a bit. You should select one picture! We've already got the A cut. We've got the main cut. [Ambitious] - Last. - How are you going to do it? Too serious. It's not good. [Get it!!!] - Okay, good! - Good. [Jin and j-hope] 1, 2, 3. [move SUGA] Okay. I think my finger's also in the shot. [A cameo] I think my finger's in it. [Going into the room of truth to see the pictures!] How did they turn out? It feels like stalking. It's cool. - A finger made it to the shot. - My finger. It looks as though you're on the floor. It's good. - Let's move onto the next. - Sure. [What have they picked for the A cut?] - Have you chosen one? - We have. - Okay. This is amazing. [Only I'll be cute!] [model - Jin, photographer - j-hope, assistant - Jimin, hair - V, monitoring - RM, Jungkook and SUGA] - Assistant. - What's his theme? My theme is a butterfly. Okay. A butterfly. Do it like a butterfly. Here we go. - Give me some direction, please. - This camera is interesting. [Hello?] Could you give me some direction? [Innocent] - A butterfly. - A butterfly. Make it poignant! [Assistant Jimin's request] - Fly. - Fly! Jump! - Fly. - 1, 2, 3! [Jumping] - Okay! - Is it okay? [Wow] - Okay. We've got it! - Have we? [Really?] - Have we already got it? - Is this how you do it? A butterfly. Like this. [Puzzled] What do you mean by this? - Like holding my hand. - Okay. Okay. [The Creation of Adam] But you should jump. [Click!] [Poignant] The posture... This... Let's do it again. - Assistant. - What do you want me to do? One more time... Take your socks off. It could be slippery. Let's jump. [Like a feather] Is it not slippery? Okay, good. 1, 2, 3! This is crazy. [Amazing reaction] Why? [I'm a butterfly] - This is insane. - Why? We've got the A cut! He's a butterfly. [Curious] We cut the side. [Everyone's amazed] Okay. Let's do it again. He's giving direction right away. - This is art. - This... [Wow] [Haha] - Are you laughing. - Mucus. [They've already seen the A cut] What is this? - It looks like "I NEED U". - Does it? Okay. It looks as if he just woke up. I don't think we need any more shots. Let's wrap it up here. We've got the A cut. [Jin's shoot is done] Well done! - Well done. - Okay. [You can fly, too] [model - j-hope, photographer - Jimin, assistant - V] - Assistant. - I'll bring the camera. [hair - RM, monitoring - Jungkook, SUGA and Jin] Assistant, the camera. Where's the model? - Who's the model? - Where's the model? [model - j-hope] I'm the model. - My theme is just happy. - Just happy. Okay. - Just happy. - Okay. - Then, just be happy. Where do you want to be happy? - I want to be happy like this. - Go there. [I decide the rules] - Where? - In there. - There? - Yes. [So funny] Test. - j-hope. - Okay. [Detail-oriented] - j-hope. Your baby hair. - Okay. Smile. You should just be happy. [Ha~] Great. [Well...] How's this? You look happy. [People seem to like it] - It's good. - This is art. [High hopes] How is it? This is it. I look like a pervert. [Puzzled] - You posed like this. - This is... I'll just be happy. - I think I know now. - Okay, good. [Wink] 1... Here we go! - j-hope is drunk on self-love. - Great! [So drunk] - Good! - This is great! - Amazing! This is it! It's the A cut. - Great! - A cut. This is the A cut. j-hope, sit on this. - Sit on this? - Yes. - Okay. - Be careful. I'll try. [Jin's pick] I think this is the A cut. - What do you want me to do? Just happy? - Great. [I'm just so happy] [Captured it] How's this? [It needs 2 percent more] I'm not sure. Just happy should be like this. [Close-up] Are you going to sacrifice j-hope to make it fun? [Too close] It's... This angle is too low. This suits the theme. Are you sacrificing the model to make it fun? [Busted] - You're vicious. - Okay. I'll be more serious. Jimin. It should capture "I'm happy even in extreme situations". [+ Extreme was inputted] Extreme! Then... Let's think you're climbing this. This is tough, but you're happy. [Is that a thing?] Okay, good! Let's go! [Confusing direction that causes cognitive dissonance] Climbing. [I can because I'm j-hope!] Okay, okay! [Quietly laughing] This is it! - We've got it. - Okay. - More! More! - We've got it. [More?] More! Good! This is good. This is it. - We've got it! - Great! [V is satisfied, too] We've got it. You can stop it now. [The designer is also satisfied] - Okay. - Have we got it? Yes. This is it! This is it! Direction is so important. [The person who smiles in difficult situations is the best!] So good. This is so good, j-hope. - This is good. - Next. - I'm the stylist for the next shoot. - Let's go. - Assistant! - This is so good. - Assistant. [Everyone moves quickly under the leadership of V] - Where's the camera? - Assistant. - Good. - What should I do? - RM... - Good. - Monitoring. [Holding] Where should I be? - What's the theme? - Jimin is the model. - V is the photographer. - My theme is solitude. - Solitude. - It's solitude. [Jungkook bursts into laughter] Jimin... [It looks as if he was edited in] Are these glasses edited in? [Haha] It looks like it. Let's do it. [model - Jimin, photographer - V, assistant - RM] [Polite] Mr. V. [hair and make-up - Jungkook, monitoring - SUGA, Jin and j-hope] What's your theme? - Solitude. - Solitude... - Open the door. - This... Then this lighting... - You like taking pictures from above. - No. [I'll take care of the lighting] - Assistant... - Lighting... - Let's do it again. You don't have to do anything. - Should I go outside? - No. [Directing] - Just open the door. - Open the door. Look at us while opening the door. - Give me the drink. - Sure. [Checking if there's poison] [Drinking] Here you go. [Thanks] [Loading up on sugar] It's good. [The shooting begins!] - Let's start. - Okay. [He took pictures and no one knew] Well... - What? - Did he take picture? [Is it good?] It's too dark. Is it okay? [Solitude] It's not bad. It says solitude. Isn't this "N.O" Jimin? You look young. [One shot, one sip] - Assistant, give me strawberry banana. - Okay. Strawberry banana. [Taking pictures after having a sip] [The reaction is not great] - Don't try to be funny. - The one at the top looks like a horror movie poster. [Do you want to open the door?] - Opening the door will kill you. - It's... [Let's use lighting] I don't look great without the lighting. It's not over yet. I think it'd be better if you don't turn back. [Trust me] - The solitary back. - This is it! - This is it! - Yes. - We've got it. - This is it! - It's the A cut. The back says something. Your back looks handsome. [Agreed] It's better without your face. [The third face] - Your sorrow shows in the painting. - Yes. [The reaction's not bad] - This isn't bad. - It's not bad at all. Sit on the sofa. Let's take the front shot. - It's going to be the front shot. - This... [Wait] How's this? [This?] Jimin. You have the pose for solitude. Look at me without turning your head. [Like this?] Put your chin down a little bit. [Error] - Chin. - How can I look at you then? Just a little bit. [Surprised by detailed directing] The director is legit. Just the eyes. [Oscar-level directing] - The directing... - Okay. - Now the facial expression. - How? - Complete solitude. - Solitude? [Let me show you] [Haha] [Solitude taken to the extreme. How will it turn out?] [Solitude...?] Are you kidding? [I was simply following the direction] He made me look like this. He made my face like this. - What is this? - This is the best. Let's take a few more. But I want to select this. [Surprised] What? Don't say that. But this is good. [The first cut is popular] - The first cut. - I agree. [Vibes] - This. - This is good. - I think it's got the vibes. - Yes, I think it's good. [The model came up with a new idea] I've got an idea. What about this? I think we need pictures with your face in them. [It's okay] - It's alright. - He looks lonely. - He does. - This is good. [Show us your face~!] - This is the best. - But he needs to show his face. Why do you keep hiding... [Jimin? Jungkook?] You can't tell if it's Jimin or Jungkook. - That's what I mean. - Look back. [Captured the side of his face] Haven't they taken 10? But we've got no S cut yet. - Isn't it the A cut? - I liked the first picture. Let's take one more with his face in it. [A face shot to round it up] - The face shot. - A close-up of his face. I like the one where he's sitting. [They're mostly pictures of his back] There's no face shot. [Such a shame] I know. There's almost none. Solitude is a difficult theme. Are we going to shot it here again? [He needs to take a face shot!] Yes, please sit down. Isn't this too close? [Cute] [Lonely again] With his face. [He pressed the shutter!] This looks like solitude. [Complete solitude] - I think this is it! - This is the A cut. - Okay. We've got it. - Okay. - Are we done? - Good. - This should be the main. - I like that he closed his eyes. - I like this. Isn't this good? - I like this. - Isn't this great? - Yes, he looks lonely. Wow... [Disappointing wow] - What was that wow? - Not that. Why? - Please add this, too. - I like this. - I like it. - Okay. - This. - And the first shot. [The first shot was most well-received] - This is good, too. - The first shot. - The first one. [They love this picture] - Isn't this good? - I think it is. - This is good. - I like this, too. No, because of the chin. [Passionate] Then what about the third one? Two below from it. - This is good. - I like this one, too. - There are too many pictures of his back. - The one below that. [His face should be in it] Are there to many back shots? I think we need one that shows the side of his face. - Do this. - Not this one. [Keep saying, "Do this"] - Do this. - Not this. - Do this. - Do this. - Stop it! Suddenly? [Stopping him] Wait. We're in the middle of selection. [Don't think you're safe] You took all these three? [Selecting the A cut again] The one with closed eyes. - This? This. - I like this. This is my favorite. - This is the A cut. - But it doesn't really show the clothes. - The first picture. - But it's okay. Today BTS [They're so serious] - is in the shot. - This. [about selecting pictures] We can choose some back shots and these. - This. - I like this, too. - Let's do this. - I love this. [They've narrowed it down to three pictures] - This and this. - The one with closed eyes. - This. - The one with closed eyes, this and the first shot. [They're down to two now] - What do you think? - Not the first one. - No? Then this. The third one. [What would look bad to you?] - I think the first one looks good. - The first one is pretty. - Why don't you like the first one? - It's god great vibes. - I know. I like this one most. Then let's use this. [It says solitude but reads cuteness] [Changing the location] - Let's go upstairs. - Okay, let's go. - Let's. - Go. We should say let's get it. Let's get it! Upstairs! Who's next? - V. - Is it V? [Next episode] [It's not a talent show!] [They're a professional model and photographer] Like a king in pain. It's wild, and he looks like a wolf. [The model's satisfied] It's good. [It's almost like taking pictures of a baby!] - Freedom! - You look free. 1, 2, 3. [They become a confident photographer] I think all the pictures would be great. [and a professional model] - This makes it difficult to take pictures. - The feather? [SUGA shows his views for the first time in a long time] 1, 2, 3. - Stretch out! - Good. Okay, great. [SUGA loves the result!] This is amazing. [Take pictures again and again!] 2, 3! [The end of the journey that sparked creativity!] Are the pictures here? There are so many. It's like a gallery. [Revealing the pictures they took!] This is the first picture. Please reveal it. [Check out the awe-inspiring pictures next week] [RUN BTS] [EP. 105 RUN BTS PHOTO EXHIBITION 2]