Rusev Upset With Management WWE Taking More Risks To Solve Ratings Crisis

[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam well born from what culture and I'm aggressively bald this is the news so Story number one this is kind of a big one so WWE have been very slow with the Hall of Fame this year they usually at least a nun's the headliner which this year is spot to be the Undertaker but we have not any confirmation that is all speculation however it looks like we now know the big stable induction this year and it's not the NWO right is according to PW insider here usually on the money with things like this the Hart Foundation the original Hart Foundation nice Bret Hart who of course is already in the Hall of Fame as a singles act Jimmy Hart too is already in the Hall of Fame and Jim the anvil Neidhart isn't already in the Hall of Fame but this will be a nice acknowledgement for him he was a very important part of the group very a very effective enforcer and for Bret Jimmy what's interesting about this induction is that they are not including people who later join their group that means there's no Danny Davis this new Owen Hart there's no Brian Pillman and there's no Davey Boy Smith not a huge controversy as Davey Boy and Tillman were only in the Hart Foundation when they reformed in 1997 and Owen was very much a new Hart Foundation guy in the early 90s not the original but still it's a pretty interesting induction for one of WWE's most of legendary stables absolutely well-deserved and a strong start to a Hall of Fame inductions they obviously usually start off like you say with the headliner and then you go from there but if this is the case I mean just a clay opener it really is and like if you look at the guys who aren't going to be inducted as part of this they're kind of understandable they certainly deserve on narratives to have another career went well wouldn't you definitely be in the Hall of Fame like that that's not understandable I believe there's some kind of dispute with his wife something like that to do with his rice but Tillman and Bulldog obviously unfortunately passed away through certain personal demons WW don't like pushing that to the forefront with these Hall of Fame inductions and stuff so I get why they're not there they're also not part of the group's most famous legacy so you know oh foundation good just very quickly we obviously know what's gonna be going on a journal mania weekend do you think they might try to and this is no reflection on putting a heart foundation in but you think they might try and put more bigger names in this year in an attempt to compete with the new Japan ring of honesty of God or do you think they're just going to say look the committed fans will go there and then the fans of New Japan will go to that show oh yeah I think what you've just said there I believe that they will kind of just rely on the Hall of Fame to get as usual crowd I don't think it ever really sells out and it's not a big marquee event it's something that I would watch at home over WrestleMania weekend if there's nothing else going on but I think they'll just kind of accept their lot particularly after takeover got absolutely roasted by New Japan and Ring of Honor in ticket sales on the Saturday night before they moved it to Friday I think they I don't know it's a battle the real fight I think I'll be going to the Hall of Fame this year to report on it for what culture just a quick word if you just you know we don't need two hours of hillbilly bream to me but yeah Gangrel food let's move on to the next story from today and it's another news report from your friend and mine Jackson Pollock of the wrestling John Pollock dick John Pollock of post wrestling one day I'll get that right and here's an update on what is gonna be happening post WrestleMania and he looks by all accounts that we're gonna see another superstar shake up an advert aired in Canada during your walk this week and the superstar shake-up is gonna be taking place in Montreal the week after the roar after WrestleMania which is yet to be expected yeah absolutely you don't know like the raw after mania is a big special show in itself you don't have pollute that by having the sort of shake up take place immediately on that but yeah very exciting I wonder if maybe with Smackdown you know this big TV deal coming in in October and the general thought being that it will become the issue do you reckon we'll see some big news well I remember last year's superstar shake-up and Smackdown seemed to get the better of that one anyway just in terms of pure fan excitement about who's gonna go on to the roster I do agree I think they're gonna move a lot but a lot of big names over to SmackDown the one person I'd say I'm desperate see on Smackdown is Finn Balor I think he works so well there but the danger is of course if you do that alongside moving all these names over to give a bit of a revenue push to SmackDown and he gets lost in the shuffle yet again yeah this is the thing I mean it's only a two-hour show there's only so many people you can throw across there by I think this will be a very interesting superstar shake-up perhaps even more interesting than the past couple of years now that they were bad they were very exciting and they produce some cool stuff particularly on Smackdown which is a great show but like yeah they really have to kind of stock that deck a little bit and it'll also be interesting to see they've got all these motley agents going around the ec please they okay the word yeah baby by the way no I know honey blossom I can you look like a dork but like it's just gonna be cool to see where all these pieces land and of course there's always the NXT call-ups so you know big story now and number three rusev yeah he's not happy he's not happy I mean no either dry and I mean it's easy to be cynical about stuff like this because we hear about rusev like wanting to leave WWE and looking elsewhere and being upset so often it comes out every three months or so but this time it might be legit because the big man and his wife Lana have given an interview on lily and Garcia's chasing glory podcast and I've got a few quotes here from it so basically he's talking here about the u.s. title saying it was the first one that he ever won and it hurts him that nobody cares about it now that he's lost it again the title belt is gonna probably get lost as well and I'm going to get lost too so there's all kinds of juicy stuff in here while I talked about rusev dropping 50 pounds to try and get Vince McMahon's attention he's been working so hard to improve his physique and improve his in bringing game and then he goes on to say it I'm just trying something to catch Vince's eye with this and that we go we pitch we talk and it never comes to anything and then he talks about rusev day the split which was a very you know unpopular thing to do he says I don't know what is holding me back to be honest I really don't know much regards to Rousseff day he says we tried to ppreciate a year or two too late nobody cared about it anymore we wanted it to keep together but management has different visions so I've obviously just found a lot of different quotes that you've bought man he's he's not luckily calories coming from look you can see he's trying to be constantly inventive on television they want people to come up with their own things and get stuff over Rousseff day was so over I read a while back it was meant to be like a one-night thing or something it turned out to be something that people celebrated there were calendars there were people talking about how Wrestlemania is on Rousseff Day they should at the very least have given him the title at WrestleMania that's the end of it arguably arguably a little bit late but at least they did it then instead they put the United States Championship on him on arguably the least watched episode of SmackDown in the entire year though the one around Christmas and it's just so annoying the Rousseff day split as much as people didn't want it to happen could have been a big modern pay-per-view match and they ended up bill bill bill bill bill throw away yes on TV yeah bit shagging awful awful whenever you know I completely feel free you know aiming this is a great former researcher great performer Lana is fantastic as well as part of that trio yeah there was so much out there they asked so much of their performers and they get nothing back WWE VB to move on to our final story of the day though because we were talking all about the TV deals that ruined Smackdown have gotten a lot of pressure on them as they come closer and closer and the rest of you deserve a radio or on the wrestling was over radio recently was reported that they are going to be taking a lot more risks trying to move that needle basically we've talked a numerous occasion now they need to do bigger numbers in order to justify those TV deals and it looks like that is what is gonna be happening to try and make those numbers go up a lot more risks happening on WWE TV this as long as they don't hotshot stuff can only be a good thing yeah I mean it's difficult for me to believe stuff like this because WWE when they when it comes to shaking things up they do it for a couple of weeks and then it's back to the norm so the idea of change in this company is almost like a foreign concept at this point right we're so used to how things are and the way we do the way they do things they conform to all these formulas and it never really feels fresh but if they and they have to do something if they are going to take more risks and fresh in a program often you know start doing things in different ways that's very very exciting it's an interest in Prospect Anna Corp it's true shagger Dave don't be lyin brother and it's only beneficial for us fun to watch it week in week out regardless look we've had to sit through a dirge on Monday Night Raw last year things are looking up now yeah last night's rule was okay good yeah I suppose and it's you know just new stuff is always exciting yeah absolutely even little tweaks and twists to the formula like you know how occasionally when raw Smackdown starts with a match not the opening segment always goes over well these little things like that even the little touch of last night's definitely man just being in the ring okay just being there already so that the big you know first Tron that we hear is Becky's as opposed to our brilliant we thought everything was really good last night yeah we're did exactly what she needs to right let's move on to today's questions because one relates all right you can do it you can tweet them out as at what culture WWE let's start Dillon Edward hope says do you predict any he'll face turns coming soon or there any that you'd like to see man it's kind of actually quite hard to predict because they seem to do these things on the flip of a coin like the rusev he'll turn last week like what did that come from honestly the one I would like to see is Finn Balor I knew he's very popular I know a lot of people loved him he gets good pops the music is awesome everything blah blah blah but man that guy was such a good heel back in the day and if he did it he would unlock vaults of charisma that a lot of people just don't know exists the face turn I'd like to see and bear with me here because it's a justification behind it and that justification is Daniel Bryan has no one to face at WrestleMania this year as much as I'm trying to push the meze versus Daniel Bryan to win me loads of Pasties in the what core job is the face 10 I'd like to see just because I want to see this match and it deserves to be one of the big match at WrestleMania is and draw day the man formerly known as I'm dry dates en el mas I know it's not necessary nice character but the moves he pulls off gets a great reaction gear crowd and I just want to see Bryan versus Andrade no matter who's he loved and I can he he gets pops in the ring whenever he does any with spectacular stuff he can get over as a babyface in the ring and I kind of like the idea of Selena Vega as this fiery babyface manager it's a good idea there's loads more we can surely think of but let us know your thoughts in the comment section below Chris Ryan asks who do you think will be the first full-time call-up from NXT Oh I mean the obvious answer here is Pedro done right like I mean he's the most complete performer he's the guy they like the most seemingly I think he will be the first by don't be a bore and prick so let's go with someone a little bit more obtuse that guy who's a bit more underrated but it's really coming into his own as a complete performer Jordan Devlin that guy's tremendous he really is a fantastic form we saw that on the air next to UK show we see it week in week out we've seen it on British Indies for years it's all confident and he is really refined his Irish persona and I find it really compelling the one I'd like to see called up it wouldn't necessarily work arguably but I'm just a huge fan of his and I feel like he needs more and more voice exposure sways gently cool cause soon to be recognized as Liv appeals number one Zac Gibson I'm a huge fan of his there may be a language barrier there but I don't care top they all make it work hoodie reduce subtitles yes I just think he is the the perfect heel when we had him in define wrestling I fell in love with him over the course of literally one promo there's a promo or e3 he sees a lot of people in that hour in new Japan chest and he says pardon me pardon the accent here there's only two of subscriptions coming out of your bank account and that's the WWE Network and pornhub premium stellar performance get him on the main roster ASAP and kind of question of today comes from Patrick earlier this week you talked about how the rest of money about our thing uses last week but you said is this earlier this one you talked about how the battle WrestleMania borrowers have cut sort of throw away matches could you see WWE attaching stakes to the match by having the wigs stay and a moment of silence for Otis days which he unfortunately lost his last name page and now just - called Otis here could you see w e attaching states and weights to match by having the winners either earn the first money in the bank spot or even a mid card title opportunity I think it's a very good idea thing is something they definitely should do do I see them doing it absolutely not I don't think they care about those matters I think yeah as much as they don't care of those matches and money in the bank a spot is it's still kind of a bit you're just in the match I made a mid title opportunity yeah like a woman's title shot if the whoever wins the me on classic and like an intercontinental or a United States for them at least it's a really good idea I don't think I'll do and also its then at least a thread of a story from WrestleMania to the pay-per-view following because it's always a bit muddy after that yeah and it's like the thing with those battle roses since it's possible to me close things feel important remember when Cesaro won it felt like a really big deal he was wrestling and was sorry since Daryl felt like he got his WrestleMania moment and then they did nothing with it and ever since it's just kind of been a mess around like Rob Gronkowski and yeah yeah yeah look at him now staring in the mirror shout himself good days and finally and we're returning to sort of an old classic for today you may remember a while back late last year I was talking all about WWE action figures I'm gonna return to it today for one time because I've got to show you this new Triple H action figure boy as we're showing this Adam Nicolas if we can just show zoomed up in the corner as I'm showing anywhere that carry the box and as we zoom out various for some reason dressed as Tamina I mean how wrong can you get it was AJ Styles in a Roman box or Roman in and AJ Styles what that is literally Tamina Wayne was in teen bad for about two months as Triple H good luck yeah it's someone else Wow okay cool definitely is that little bit of trivia for you combat zone and scheming they only use it a couple of times towards the end of the run the exact same thing as the street profits will need a different book awesome that wicked up is a great battle axe attack we can you banter let your thoughts on that on that on everything it's about the street profits Big Jim in the comment section below don't forget to Like share subscribe and subscribe to what culture Wrestling on iTunes or Spotify for daily wrestling podcast my thanks dandy thank you for watching and we will see you soon see you later I see a light and they dug you smoke that bin did he didn't some other bidding smoke the belt it can't just put the belt in event my god what did the woman say before they went on the air we don't know goddamn