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(Receptionist) Dr. Rodriguez please come to the third floor (Receptionist) Third floor how can I help you? (Receptionist) Dr. Stevens please pick up extension 251, Dr. Stevens 2-5-1 (Lexus) Sara hold on! What's going on? You were in there a really long time (Sara) I was? What yours didn't take so long? No it was barely a minute. It was the you're negative and practice safe sex and come back in three months. You're negative... Okay... Well... I don't know. I guess it's different when you're positive. You keep walking away from me, it, this... this could be wrong and uh you should get tested again. We both should. Lex, I'm positive. But... but you used condoms, right? (Sara) Condoms? Don't tell me you didn't. (Sara) Yes I used condoms but they're fucking condoms shit happens. Don't judge me. I'm not judging you but when you do what you do or did I guess it's like - When I do what I do? Why is it so hard for you to say it Lex? Huh? I fucked men for money. You knew this from the first night we met. I can't do this right now I... I can't defend myself I I need to figure out I don't know I'm sorry Thank God you're negative Fuck Lexus! If you were positive because of me I would never be able to forgive myself I'm sorry I should... I don't know I need to figure this out on my own You shouldn't have to deal with this I'm sorry (Lexus) ... understanding of it is that it's at uh as a financial protection for the employee (Lexus) but of course it's actually all about the employer is to ensure them or financially protect them (Lexus) against the loss of their employees so (Lexus) it's very profit driven, it totally brings in the proprietary element that I've been discussing (Lexus) and that's kind of how I see it lining up. (Marcus) And that's exactly what the article said. That's awesome. Yes, it totally ties in with your work. So would you say that you think your work, it's a good time to present it? Right now? I mean ... Yeah... Yeah. So. You're really thinking about taking time off now? I just think it's for the best. I don't. And I don't understand where it's coming from I mean you're just getting into the good stuff in your third year Your thesis was brilliant. You know that I don't use this word lightly. I know I know, my mother says the same thing. (Jae) Well how about your father? My father... he just wants me to be happy I mean they both do but he gets it or at least he doesn't need an explanation. (Jae) Well I'm with your father I think (Jae) you have to listen to your heart. If you need the time you need the time. I don't think that they're mutually exclusive babe. I think you can do both. You can follow your heart and you can finish the doctorate program. Honestly I don't know what I want like I haven't made a decision yet. Well you better make one quick semester's just a week away. Now back to the dissertation I have a book on injury law I want you to read it. Can you grab some cups from up there? Marcus would you like some tea? (Marcus) Uh... no no... How about you? Grab two, no grab three because I know he's gonna change his mind... (laughter) How are you Lexus? I'm okay Yeah? How's your girlfriend uhh Sara That's right, Sara Uhh she's fine Yeah? Actually that's a lie She's not fine I don't even know how she is I haven't seen her in over a week. Hey Jae? Yeah? Back when you and Marcus were first dating What would you have done if you guys had gone and got tested and you'd found out that he had HIV? Well I... guess that would depend. Depend? For one, how long have we've been dating? Three months and you really care for this person maybe even love but you haven't even begun to think about the future or even if there could be one. Well I know what I would have done, what I'd do. (Jae) Really? Yes. Of course. Well I fell in love with you within the first month of meeting you But if we'd found out ... information like that Only three months of dating I don't know that I could have stayed with you You would've just walked away from everything that we had? I'm being realistic here Marcus, we were young you were in school, I was in school. Three months it's a lot to take in. Obviously it's different now. After even a year or two years it's not- (Marcus) Oh right so you would've left after three months but you would stay after two years or even one? (Marcus) No it sounds arbitrary. Nono what-what if it was six months or seven months? Lexus you don't have to have it figured out all right now. What's more important is that you give whatever you're able to give. And...sometimes just being there is enough. (Sara) Lex, I'm positive. (Sara) If you were positive because of me I would never be able to forgive myself. (Sara) I've fucked men for money you've known this from the first night we met. (Lexus) What exactly do you do Sara? (Sara) You want to see my business card? (Lexus) Business card?? (Sara) Yeah. (Sara) I see a guy, talk to him and I give him the card. (Lexus) For money? (Sara) Yes. (Sara) I'll meet you outside. See, I told you the card works. (Lexus) I can't believe you thought I'd pay?! Who said anything about paying? (Lexus) You...the card...what did you expect? There's a difference between a transaction and - and this. (Lexus) Where are you taking me? (Sara) You'll see. Open your eyes. This is my rooftop! Thank you! You're welcome. (Sara) You're the only person I've brought up here. (Sara) My father always had prostitutes at the house, MB was my favorite. I'll never forget one night my father was in a real bad mood. Something set him off I did something I don't remember but that's when he hit me. Then he left to get more alcohol. And there we were MB and I in the kitchen she was icing my eye. And that's when she told me, she said Go. She told me Sara, you're special and if you stay he's gonna take that special away from you. She gave me two hundred dollars and I don't know how she kept that money from my father but she had it and she gave it to me. Now that's love.