*pewdiepie plays sick beat on kazoo* Wait what? You don't know how to play the kazoo? Nooo... You're not my girlfriend anymore! *marzia :]* How I- How did you do it? Do a noise. *High-Pitched kazoo noise* AHH god... Welcome to this video. Welcome to video! We got two cameras set up- Hey how you doin'? Hey how YOU doin'? Hey how's it goin'? (why don't you do it?) Hey how's it goin'! (offscreen) You're... my girlfriend Only today *laughs* And I'm gonna satisfy... * [marzia] mmmmm* girlfriend... Alright! Show me, what you got! The first item.... *rummages Grabs stress mushroom* I saw something red... How does that feel? How satisfied are you right now? OHHH *Stretches Mushroom* No!! No! *Pewds stretches mushroom more* You're supposed to do it! (Are you sure?) OHH! *stretches Once more* *Still stretching mushroom* Oh my God if you're not satisfied... I feel so satisfied! u wat m8 OHH *pewds stretches behind back* I'm not satisfied now.... I prefer.. the lemon squeeze? I think you should slap me with it See if that- you like that. *Failure Slap* Slap! *Slaps Hard* SHOUTS Nao- ow! Jesus! Okay, let's just... *Throws Mushroom* You broke your shelf... How would you rate that satisfactory experience? Out of ten? Yeah. Four... Okay we need to step up the satisfaction Is that what you're saying? *Slaps Table* For sure MORE SATISFACTION! *MORE Table Slap* give me!! *Opens Package* Oh I know what this is... I think... I never touched it though *giggles* it scared me It scared you? Cause there was a cricket here before and I'm worried you're gonna pull me a cricket! We have the Play Foam Oh, wow... *face of utter satisfaction* Do I just deserve one? I'm your guest here, c'mon man! Umm.. I mean, it's cute... you can make barneys pen-- with it I don't want Barney's pe-is... *Makes Penis* *Poke's pewds with Pe--s* What're- ew! Okay well this is a five... A five.. Yeah, what would you give it? No, this is not about me, this is me satisfying you. Okay well this is a fight, try harder. I need to try harder everyone... *rage competition music plays* ALRIGHT WELL THEN PREPARE FOR THE NEXT ONE! Look there is a heart! The pe--- became a heart! Beautiful? Are you ready for the ultimate? *Unpacks next item* I'm gonna get scared again! The ULTIMATE satisfaction. Ohh yeah. I think you're gonna be quite satisfied, Marzia! You know what? If you don't give me a Furby I'm not gonna be satisfied... [don't by fubys kids] Okay... alright... you trust me? You gotta hold it like this... And then go crazy! *Goes crazy And Shakes Thing, Rapidly* No no no! What the f- Okay now.... play with the wheel. Hey careful. Oh... woahhh... Then what? (Pewds: Woah-ho-ho-ho* *object falls on table* What're you doing?!? I thought... Woah it's magnetic!! OHH! SH*T! But what if I (OHH!) wanted to go (WOAH!) SUPER FAST? I'M SATISFIED FOR YOU! Oh look it bounces! Dude that I- I- I'm- (That's pretty nice, is this for kids?) It moved down... It moved... This is.. can I- *Teases Pewds* *laughs* This is awesome! Yeah! I've never seen this before, how did you find it? I found- I... you know, as a man of great satisfy-ery *he brought it online lol* Doesn't give away his... (is satisfy-ery a word?) No. Doesn't give away his... treatment Okay This is so cool! (I'll give these a six and a half!) Six and a half? I would give this a ten out of ten... This is... (No I'm waiting for the sand!!) *Silence* Can I- *interrupts* (WHERE'S THE SAND?) Gimme... *Unwrapping* No you need to chillax! Chillax! Chilla- hey Here we go... I mean... how do you play with these? Do you- Now- Jesus Christ stop. Lemme tell you about kinetic energy... OH NO! cause it's quite interesting, uhh, the con- *grabs Other object* Yeah keep going! God d***it, NO! *takes Object away* *Throws Object with rage of the low satisfactory* NOOO! I mean- LAA! *emo music* Kinetic energy... uhh... is preserved by the force of the balls. [balls of satisfaction] So by lifting one of them... ah why don't you go ahead and do it! Yeah but I did it already and you were like "HRYAH!!" *Clinking Balls in BackGround* he is lonly *pewds Bump's into Something* *marzia unimpressed* *utterly unimpressed* That is so cool! Okay... *Breaks And Throws Object On purpose* (Why did you do that?!?) NEXT. ITEM. This is not good enough for my girlfriend! wat u wont M8 She needs to be satisfied! I can't satisfy my girlfriend! lel *Loud Kazoo* *Intermission Music Plays* [happy tune] This is the one... (Doesn't sound like sand to me...) Ew oh my Go- Well that's not- Neigh, hey! (Horse?) What was it? Is it like the goo? The *goo noises*? ew. I love those things, you know, when they give you... like... that thing, and then you *goo noise* Yes! You see? *fart noise* Don't you love this? But where's the noise? Where's the noise? :c (Bruh, Its Galactic Ooze, Alright?) *sex song* Does it come out?... *oozy Noise* *Both Laugh* (I love this stuff!) Ew it's disgusting. In Italy we used to have the poop one! Ew! Ew! Don't touch it! Oh my God! So precious about it! *Splats on table* YES! This is an eight. For sure. This is an eight?! (Maybe like an eight point five..) I'm not gonna touch that sh*t that looks disgusting... *Splat Nosie* Ew! Eww... *Weird almost disturbing noise* I'm cringing! I think it's disgusting! (No..) I don't want to look at that thing... (it's beautiful...) It's ruining the table... What is bothering me though is that it's too gooey It's too gooey... (It's like... this... should not-) It coulda- it could've been a ten out of ten? Yeah... Ew! Stop, okay, just... take that away. (No!) Just put it back in there. (OHH!) I don't know how... I don't know either! *goo-fart noise* EW! There's a sound! *sex song* Oh my God... Do not throw this away, I want it. You want it? (mhm) You don't like this! This is the best thing you've showed me! It makes me cringe, I think it's disgusting. *fart noise* Can I... can I? (Yeh.) *fart noise* *sex song* *BELCH* Ugh, it- it- ugh... Get off me. *Pewds Sat On Ozze XD* Are you ready to be ult- You sat on it! You SAT on it!! NOO!!! What the hell?! You pranked me! OHHH Mmkay... alright Here we go. Are you ready to be satisfied? Are you ready to be... *Buzzing* satisfied? Oh my God! Laser! ARE YOU READY TO BE SATISFIED? *hits ceiling and falls, crashing* *looks at the ceiling* Let me push it... (i have that object, wave ur hand under it to make it fly) AHHH! *Buzzing* *Buzzing Continues* (Alright!) WOW! (Next item!) Okay.. Close your eyes... I think... so far... have you been satisfied? With the poopy thing yeah. Here you go. I was already looking... Prepare to be satisfied.... Oh my God oh god.. Oh my gawd. Can I tie your hair with this? Uhhh... Yeah, sure, whatever. If it's satisfying for you I will do it. ow! *Slaps Table* OH I'M SO SATISFIED!! NO! *melancholy kazoo And Buzzing* Is that your call for help? *more Buzzing* *kazoo* *More Buzzing, Then Takes Off* Oh OH!! HO!! HOLY SH*T!! LOOK AT IT!! OH MY GOD! WOAH! IT'S GOT A LAMP ON IT! IT'S LIKE- *Buzzing Intensifies* Oh my God... I don't want that! I will kill it for you, Marzia! *Stuck On ceiling* *Throws Stress Mushroom* NO!! *laughing* You're crazy! GOT 'EM! *Drops Mushroom* That's right. Give me the sand! *kazoo speak "Not open?"* Um... okay... so... tell me what this sand means to you. It reminds me of my childhood in Italy. No, lemme open it!! You can't even open it! (shhhh) That's part of the satisfaction.. YEESS! Yeah? mwkay.. You know I saw this the other day... NO! *GASP* *giggle* *sigh* Yeah? mwkay.. The sand is goin' in! Wow. Wait wait wait I wanna do what they do online! On Instagram! What do they do on Instagram? (They put it...) that it looks like a beauty blender. A beauty blender? (Yeh) Do you blowtorch it afterwards or...? Nnnnooo. We need a knife. (JUST a knife!) I'll get a knife. But this is not SMOOTH ENOUGH!! *INTERMISSION MUSIC* That's not a knife! That's a knoif! I'm already doing it. You're ruining everything!! Okay... go nuts... Oh my God. Ope Ah sh*t Ahh, it keeps- It's not long enough!! That seems to be a problem when you try and satisfy your girlfriend. *dat face* I dunno man... DON'T! DON'T TOUCH!! Oo look at this castle there! If you throw it away... I will destroy you... Alright let's see that castle. Alright, sh- show that camera. (*gasp*) OHHH! (Error:Pewds.exe Stopped working XD) Look at that castle... Look I even- I can even hold it. You can- she can even hold it! (Where's the camera?) *sex song* Wow. *SLAM DUNK* *90's sitcom level of cheesy music* Wow... this is... way too bright, Jesus I think that we set it correctly! Now the REAL satisfaction begins! *cheesy music again* This is so weird. (What's gonna- what's gonna happen?) Oh- wait! Just wait. I'm bringing you guys with me... alright, in here... ACHOO!! (Lmao!) Okay, Marzia... (yeh) We're in the... sensory... deprivation tank. Yeah? I don't feel.... Anything? ....Anything. Are you ready? (Yes.) For the ultimate satisfaction? Are you ready? *Laughs* Wow! Woah! (I thought it was gonna go pretty...) Yeah me too, me too, ummm... D*mnit What's the point? Oh no... I mean, you look cool! The light on you... Ohh no.. It goes on forever! Woaahhh... Oh. Oh... This has been satisfying girlfriend with Pewdiepie! *laughs* We didn't need the tank for that. (No. *laughs*) Thank you guys for watching, leave a like if you enjoyed. Check out another video right here. You've never seen anything like it before so you definitely have to check it out. Pewds: My arm is getting tired.. ok... alright...