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no no no oh one last time for the boys back home what's up everybody jesse james west here hope you guys are having a great day listen welcome back to another nighttime vlog we have some good friends coming over to do some good things no not that we're just gonna cook up some food answer your questions and then we're gonna move across the country yes i am moving to california there it is my friends if you're new to the channel subscribe i would truly appreciate the love we're trying to hit a million this year and i know i can do it with your help turn on post notifications and drop a like if you're feeling generous okay let's get going and get cooking baby yo are you uh are you ready for tonight all right one last go-around for the boys back home i'll see you soon okay later boys you know the deal it's for you she's here noel i literally thought i was gonna oh god hello hello are you ready for me to move across the country no no no no i'm gonna bring back a ton of memories here was it the first video yeah okay i have your favorite drink here a nice cold one for the boys that was smooth amazing cheers memories and cheers to cringe i have a serious question for you are you gonna come out to la once in a while obviously you gotta make the trip i'm gonna make the trip i mean she's doing shoots all the time then the dudes want you to come out you can you guys gotta see her dms the amount of blue checks is mind-blowing well i mean bradley martin hit you up he was asking about me no he actually was not no all right noel let's get cooking now i think it's hold on hold on mason's calling i have to this is really important what's up we're coming over all right i'll we're me and noah are cooking sure okay i'll see you soon bye so apparently mason and caroline are gonna be coming over so we have some guests hello guys he knew exactly what we needed for today's recipe and that was not planned at all hello how are you i'm good ladies and gentlemen let's bring it in for a second your boy is moving to california i'm gonna miss you man i'm gonna miss all of you guys are you guys all gonna visit me i think you have to think about it in lieu of that we're gonna make a nice anabolic protein cake to celebrate the night and then afterwards we're gonna go to hey can we get two glasses of don perrion while we're waiting did you say don pillion madden yeah you're supposed to tilt it wow look at us just look at us welcome to the very last episode of jesse's kitchen baby let's go oh you know i forgot apron apron and welcome back baby you can keep this guys we have we actually have a live studio audience in today's jessie's moving to california jessie's cool jesse needs her girlfriend everyone we are going to be cooking up a nice beautiful cake as we love cake late at night i don't know the recipe do you know the recipe oh yeah i know the recipe we have some applesauce some stevia vanilla some vegetable oil for spray sprinkles hershey cocoa powder baking powder brown stevia coconut flour protein powder egg whites and almond milk and while i think let's just let's just get cooking man let's get into it and noelle what are we doing two-thirds cup of coconut flour let me do it i don't know you're supposed to cook it what are you doing can i pour it just scoop it just scoop it like that no i'll do cook no you don't cook put it in here in here are you sure yeah two scoops of protein powder did you guys know if you use code jessie you get 10 off and a used mustache okay here we go next up we got half a cup of almond milk almonds almond we're gonna do six egg whites okay sounds about good to me four tablespoons of applesauce some applesauce no what's new what is that okay next up we got some vanilla ashtrack there's a lot of weird stuff that takes place in this kitchen that's all i'm gonna say a lot of weird stuff time for the rest of the ingredients [Music] wait this goes on after yeah what are you doing i was so focused on the clip i forgot listen i can make some bomb food but i have no idea what i'm doing in the process i think it's gonna taste like really good like look at it right now it looks so good yeah i don't know why i'm using a spoon here listen i'm flustered okay there's a lot going on i know there's like i'm moving tomorrow you're moving i said it over there in the beginning cliff oh yeah is going wrong you wanna know why i didn't put it in the mixing bowl noelle because then you gotta clean the mixing bowl too yeah well like i'm just saving time okay excuse me sir yes it's been like 40 minutes we didn't get a refill or nothing not even a menu sir madam my bad i may have forgotten some stuff in the back including your clothes yes okay that that look out give a taste of runescape oh i don't think it's raw eggs yeah that makes me feel so much better it's pretty good you lying absolutely all right moment of truth toss it in here sure dude i didn't spray it you see what it's all your fault okay i have a good question we're gonna do some questions that cool yeah do you know someone named sush yeah is there anything you need to tell me explain well this is awkward this is awkward i liked his comment on my post and then he slid into my dms and then he asked for my snap and i i gave it to him soosh is he a nice guy yeah all right cool i'm like guys i have almond spray what is this i have almond whipped cream and then i drop it now it now it's no it's done okay let's just sometimes you gotta get messy we were supposed to be the customers but somehow one of the customers is helping the show so we add only a little bit right there right bro he took my girl and didn't give me a menu don't hate the player hit the game we're gonna taste the icing no that's like know act like it's [ __ ] good [Applause] i literally just grabbed the pan on my bare hands [Music] so now we're going to do a little bit of a taste test let's do the taste test first okay i would say only a slightly dry because i need icing no that was so gross i'm not even kidding i don't know what there's too much but it's really overpowering i don't know you guys i enjoy my my brownie cake okay that's good guys i don't know what you're talking about does alpha groom increase stepmom magnetization yes 100 that's a that's statistically proven okay were any of those thumbnails ever awkward to do like maybe the very first time yeah so first time maybe after that i was just like okay how do i handle a long-distance relationship with stelios i mean it's gonna be tough i mean i love the kid but i'll see him soon would you rather this is for everyone would you rather have a horn or a tail that is the weirdest question i've ever gotten start with caroline a tail you want a tail i think you could swim faster what oh you get a little weak one big one like are you a goat or are you like like a rhino i'd rather be i'd rather be a tail because you could hide it and swim faster i'm going to go with the tail okay tail it is are you date my phone's died oh my god are you dating um and that was for you guys this is your this is your channel you guys are always doing a couple challenges right yes yes yeah yeah yeah matt do you have any questions that you can think of no i wasn't really thinking what do you think you're gonna miss the most about living here i miss friends and family that's gonna be really hard it's me very hard going away and moving away for the first time in my life is gonna be very interesting and like being there for longer than just a few weeks i'm excited for the challenge it's gonna be challenging because i'm i'm such a family person i've always been around my friends i love being around my friends but that's why you guys are gonna come visit me what is that that's so nice are you gonna cry yeah are you really caroline i'm before i cry it's just scary you know i know trust me i'm it's terrifying i know but i'm ready you know if i see someone cry i'll start crying like that's so bad i love you man take care buddy of course you're going to do great things i know you will all right love you caroline see you soon noel so it v this is weird it is weird it's been real noelle i'm sure i'll see you very soon guys noel will be back i will sure all right so today has been a roller coaster of emotions but i am still very excited to go to california tomorrow and bring you guys along for the journey all my stuff is getting packed and finalized right now so i guess the next thing you'll see is me heading to california [Music] all right everybody good morning it is a nice and bright and cold one we're heading to los angeles we're about to go in the airport let's get this rolling baby [Music] i swear to you guys every time i fly i get checked for the most random things and it's absolutely insane ladies and gents we just ran into my guy yeah jake even got the earring going down oh yeah same earrings always good to see it [Music] ladies and gents see you in california tacoma baby we got a giant truck and welcome to los angeles my roommates move in in about five days and that's gonna be anthony mantello and his videographer grant so let's go head out get to the apartment because we got some things to get done this is my home well wish me luck and subscribe because i'll need it the moment of truth wow hello new apartment ladies and gentlemen jesse is now a full-time adult and we have a nice apartment there's a microwave nice bathroom a nice little balcony for the boys wow we're now gonna unbox pretty much everything put it into the other room get the day rolling we gotta go to the gym still but uh yeah you're watching me become an adult let's do this thing it's been a few hours i uh picked up a nice new mug all i'm gonna say is matte black is the new aesthetic follow me i'm gonna show you guys where the magic happens we got a a nice new bed it's it's not done that's the that's the bed frame and uh we still got some work to do okay it's not a big deal it's been a really really really long day we got the nice closet now as you see everything is nice and organized all my clothes are being shipped in my car but we're gonna go head over to zoo culture right now get a workout in i'm exhausted but you know what that does not mean that we stop all right boys and girls it is time for a gnarly leg day we don't have any equipment at all so we're going to be rocking just bare feet no belt no knee sleeves it's in the car getting shipped but you got to make do what you got we're going to do mostly machines and stuff hopefully we'll hit some good numbers i never really have squatted without a belt so see how it goes it's like awkwardly quiet it's like when the music stops no one's [Applause] talking it's after midnight i found myself buried i'm my top set right now i was gonna do 315 but then i thought to myself you know every little bit counts i'm gonna continue to tell myself until the day i die holy crap i've never squatted without a belt it's very hard but it makes you have like listen sometimes you have to practice safe sets and use protection sometimes all right absolutely kill down the squats we're gonna move our way to some leg press because we're feeling dangerous let's go i walk over there grab a plate he's like don't be still my way i'm like i'm new here [Music] so that's a sensation that's a sensation we're going to continue the quads we're going to run it on the quad extension then do a little bit of hamstrings and then we're done this is the guy that was going to be telling me that i stole his place first of all but his buddy apparently watches everything right my buddy his name's eddie we're from chicago we came out here just to work out here but he blew out yeah he's calling me right now he's a really big fan of you buys every single one of your sweater shirts and supplements and makes your french toast [Music] look he's going inside he's going inside hey look who it is baby it's single mom season baby single mom season let's go okay what do you got to say to him what do you guys what do you guys think of the vlog tell your voice to subscribe let's go let's go practicing set baby let's go baby [Music] oh god my legs are given out you guys know the rules tarps off for the boys listen even on leg day and you look really skinny [Music] [Music] sometimes you just gotta literally pretend that you're an inner psycho let it unleash in the weights and that's how you make gains i just discovered a new goal for 2021. i want to do the thing where you hold on and you can hold it like that but for an extended period of time i'm going to get it not really no no all right we're gonna run a little bit of abs finish up this leg day we got like 15 minutes left until the gym closes we gotta move fast but sometimes that's how you get the best workout let's go [Music] all right guys sometimes you gotta get a quick workout in no big deal life's got shut off but we're gonna head home wrap the day up honestly i need it i'm seven coffees deep and running on like no sleep i'll see you back at the apartment all right guys it is time to go to bed it has been an absolute insane day but i want to say thank you guys for watching this long into the video if you made it this far and you're new to the channel hit the subscribe button and i also wanna just let you know that alpha groom is now live baby so make sure you hit that first link in the description it's my personal skincare routine that i use in the morning and the night and i highly recommend you guys check it out i really appreciate it i struggled with acne all throughout high school and it definitely affected my confidence and i want to help you guys become a more confident version of yourself i mean when i say it i love you guys so so much i would not be out here in l.a right now if it was not for you i'll catch you guys in the next one like comment subscribe turn on your post notifications helps the videos out of time make sure you guys stay relentless peace bye