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how's it going with my name and welcome to our class it's probably one of the most anticipated horror games of 2013 libros have been literally upset about me for not playing the demo which was out on at PAX so they were nice enough to get and let me play it and yeah I'm excited I'm excited as hell all right fuck it before I talk too much let's begin that's good okay welcome to pax but I'm not in packs you're about to become miles huh okay after getting an anonymous tip you travel to Mount massive asking them to find out what - the miracle corporation giving chase pages when you survive the main door is locked and nobody seems to be around but that doesn't stop you there's a story here and you will get to the bottom of it just remember you're no fighter to survive the horrors of the a saloon you'll have to either run or hide I like that not sure about the story but I guess we'll uncover a damn fucking it finally a pretty horror game this feels like ah ah you know I hate so many shitty horror games and I don't know this just make me appreciate a beautiful one you know that is amazing all right well I guess whoa look at that this is pretty diamond Mart I have a sweet-ass jacket holy shit all the single ladies I guess we have to be creative to get in this acelin oh here we go a perfect little liner sorry that it's not 100% dark I can't record after a certain hour and it's I know whatever to jump over guys press spacebar I'm gonna do wall jumps and shit who did that oh oh that's pretty cool it reminds me without scaring to fear when you go down the ladder or whatever no I don't know why I wonder if I can jump died from dumping we're not gonna try that shit Oh an open window - bitch oh oh I'm fine I'm fine Russ we just need to use your camcorder hmm it's like I'm on YouTube this is pretty freaky though damn this looks fucking awesome fire fireplace I know why you say something tell me but you never know press and hold you still allow I kind of like the cap what are you doing hey guys you're not what was that the fuck are you doing baby um well I better now watch it think how why are you all sleeping with your eyes open that's kind of creepy I used to sleep this too so it's okay what is this a battery I guess I'll take it okay it's pretty damn awesome so far I like it thank you thank you what if we got creepy corridors squeezed through by moving far right all right it's good I like it I like it so tight that's okay what do we got another battery okay I'll take it it's very dark and hard to see this room looks awesome let's go in here any parties up in here why was there blood then okay well this is not so bad never mind I'll go in here coca-cola drink yet fuck y'all do shut up I'm busy Tammy jeiza skies are making not a nice I need my coke okay let's invest again on this guy what are you doing this looks really awkward oh wow rule one in horror oh that's nice horror games there's always shit in the toilets I don't know why they put that as rule no can I flush god damn it this game is not as awesome as I thought just kidding it's they have Cola drink it say it's all good all right now what do we have here it sounded like a what down haha someone what is that alright I'll take that all right I guess we need the batteries for the camcorder or whatever oh oh hell no why is there blood on the roof oh that's gonna I know why why am I the only one yeah spiderweb why am I the only one going through this hello oh oh there's how the people ever find a big deal okay we can't go they I guess we'll go yeah well is that I have a camcorder you go with a cat yo you going on YouTube okay don't fuck with me don't fuck with me no you don't holy shit oh fuck you let's lift up buddy hey that that what look what you then moisture says introduces you don't speak that ass watery what my suspect oh you have a face what is it but look what though these heads are so cool I guess you lost your virginity huh I'm happy for you Rodriguez I'm a Trellium can I have your arm or arm I guess it doesn't work that that is some fucking creepy I am running out of battery or die well fuck shit happens yellow okay we're going to here hey hey hey no no we don't we don't want to we don't want to talk with don't no not today brother I don't want to talk to them why you have to run out of battery you piece of shit Bob wait I have more than ha let's finish but hey I may have Viking blood but it ain't working right now okay I'm just gonna fucking crawl my way through this shit honey honey Hey okay shut up battery you can you don't know me you do whoa look at this I'm crawling it's awesome okay we're fine it's all get in the head I know peg I'm at Lisa giraffe Jack's are way cooler uh-oh oh yeah and who are you I heard the fuck are you [Music] I see merciful God possible why is your voice echoing sighs what you have a colleague how did you get your face of both wait that doesn't make it sense okay I am fucking loving this game so far this is like the game I've been waiting for it's interesting it has good scarce and I can be on youtubes oh my god find a way back to the main floor okay no problem hello okay I reload the battery Jesus Christ camcorder who uses cam cutaway time using one right now okay we're fine squeeze through I don't need my camcorder oh cool it may be a little dark peek oh shit Allah okay we're good this looks so real with the fucking camcorder I hate it don't be too rich realistic surprise that phone didn't go up play out less they said it will be fun well I'm not having okay well why do you always throw me why did I ever do to yell stop place I'll film you I'm family okay you look okay you look hot you look hot you look hot Oh Oh Heidi Heidi we're good we're good we're good he can't fall hello Rodriguez oh nice what I thought it was gonna throw in the bed I wouldn't like that please for fuck's sake I'm just a man I'll be your woman if you want you okay fine why do you have to throw me no no no take me home country roads place [Applause] [Music] country roads take me home I was not ready for that shit peach yeah that'll help a bunch of bullshit okay all right let's reload our useless gun I got your tape I gotta sue you I got ya goddamn I don't think I'm not gonna do it okay just don't touch me we're fine okay we're going here now that's blood that's fine don't worry about it wow that said yeah oh how nice boy hell better boy boy boy have it away with ever and ever hello how's it i'm watch i don't have any balls if that's what you ask they just went inside my body who said that yeah nose I can hide in here whoa Oh steady so awesome I think I think I think we're good too Oh what fuck are you doing I like to rub my nipples too but geez do it in private okay he bugged out that's a shame but hey it's an early rest of the game that's an order okay open up and up and up and rod rod rod rod rod what are you doing what are you doing hi chan mode we're fine No ah ah ah why me why me Shh okay I'm a fraud I'm a fraud hello bye he left he left fuck we're awesome Russ Oh Jess cry so bow you otter you gotta be in every goddamn game ever especially horror once what is that oh you have a battery oh yeah win this round barrel what is this can we get up here so oh hello I'll go here that's pretty awesome yeah doing good breath doing good why is my fucking thing always running out of battery Jace's Christ he's fucking Chinese piece of shit okay don't don't make these noises is that the exit Oh what are you doing here Pitts what I I'm just I'm just gonna go to an accent you can never leave it yep you don't know me yes I do pants I know you're shaking your butt hi hi a lot of boys shave their butt okay I just don't like wait a headache I'll shave yours too God did he just fucking tore my torso off oh wow okay that was one hell of a fucking ride holy shit that was fucking amazing I love that that was just ah finally the horror game that I've been waiting for you know Kadett it's kind of like taking I don't want to make comparison actually but I still think it's pretty damn amazing it had it some bugs but as you saw with the monster or whatever but fuck it I mean it's an early build of the game then obviously it's not gonna be represent perfectly what their final product is gonna be anyway I hope you bros enjoyed watching please leave a like if you did I'll I'll play this as soon as it comes out also be sure to check out the latest episode I did with Jesse Cox on Polaris I'll leave a link in the description for that and all of that stay off the bus [Music] Oh