SCUM Skill Levelling Guide DEVELOPER Explains All Gamepires Scum

[Music] what's going on folks and welcome to another scam video I hope we'll do well and now thank you very much for your ongoing support the channel always appreciated please don't forget if you do like the video don't forget to smash that subscribe button and smash that thumbs up always appreciate it really helps to channel out so onto the good stuff now we're going to be checking out something that is very very heavily work-in-progress right now on the developers side of things so we're gonna be checking out the leveling system at the skills and all that good stuff so this might be a bit of a lengthy video but at least by the end we're gonna we're going to pretty much understand how to level up each individual skill level so basically it's like the Constitution the dexterity strength intelligence and stuff like that we're gonna have a look now as I said it is heavily work in progress guys so this can change I'm not actually allowed to show the information but we can go through it and just see what's what and how we're gonna be out a level of each character up so this is the great thing about this game guys it is heavily advanced as well I must I must say because there's no other game that has this kind of metabolism system skill levels all on one character it's just so much to it and there is a tons more skills coming into the game as well so these devs are extremely extremely busy with everything right now hence why some of the updates may not be as good as what you had expected them to be but there's a lot that's going to be coming in the next couple of months as well so it is heavily working progress things may change so we're going to go straight into the game but we're going to jump in and we're going to start going through each one and see how we can actually level up currently right now in the game because there's so much that is affected really with each skill so everything there's so many of the skills that is connected to say stamina for example and all that good stuff so let's just jump straight in and see what we can understand about it so let's rock around so we've just created a new character now this isn't a character creation guide guys this is something I'm actually thinking of doing very soon and but we've mainly looking at the skill selection so I'll skip the first page and now we're onto the skill selection so on the left hand side you can see that we have our constitutional skills here and we have our intelligence skills on the right-hand side as well as you can see now if we scroll down you can see the intelligent skills there's going to be a lot more coming to these on this side and yeah I'm looking forward to seeing how all that's going to work is it's gonna be very in-depth our dexterity skills is on this side which is a stealth driving and the thievery as well and obviously got a strength on the top left so we're gonna go through these and what we're gonna do is we're gonna see how they affect your character in that game so let's jump right in what's going on folks so we're in the game currently and we have one of the developers with us dino here so it's going to be a lot easier for him to come in and help us explain how the skills work and the leveling system works within the game because right now it is heavily work in progress as I did state before the game is still early access so there are still changes that will be coming to the game especially the leveling system as I did just a heavily work in progress so if anyone wants to comment anything or anything like that maybe the devs can jump on at some point onto the video and maybe answer a couple of questions in the future which might help you guys out so dino welcome at sort of video dode okay thanks about the beer no worries man so I thought it would just be easier for you to help explain how to level up if we just go into the main menu quickly if we go to the metabolism menu as you guys can see this is what we're going to be going through here so the strength constitutional Constitution skills dexterity and the intelligence skills now there are a lot on the intelligent skills and there's a lot more to come on here as well so the basics of this video part of me is literally just to help everyone know and understand how to level up in the game because it's a question I'm seeing a lot so what we'll do dino we'll start off with the strength skills so we start off with boxing rifles melee handgun and the archery will go through them and let's see what you got a slight dude all right man well as you most of you probably know the game is split in two with regards to carrot let's split into four main categories that include strength dexterity Constitution and intelligence and we will be starting with strength as Ricketts said so basically each level in strength increases the amount of melee damage you deal and with regards to how much you will be able to carry each point and strength gives you the ability to carry more items but in return your dowel or daily calorie needs increase so basically the stronger you are the daily calorie intake you need is much higher because you need to fill those muscles up with something of course so you could work your strength fuck can you actually physically see yourself get stronger in the game yet yes but in very minut like changes you can actually see the amount of weight you can carry based on the amount of strength you have currently the the main attributes so strength dexterity Constitution don't level up at the moment but they will be leveling up later in the game when we rework the whole attributes and skill system right I've got ya okay so basically with the strength it allows you to carry more over time and you do have to increase your calories as well yeah so basically more you need to intake more food to maintain those muscles and let's say right okay okay that's cool that's cool for the strength what about the deck is it dexterous he'd make Constitution yeah Constitution so basically it's live on Constitution because the addition basically means the resilience of your character so each level you put into Constitution increases your HP your stamina and reduce the amount of calories you need as well as increased food vitamin mineral absorption so basically the amount of food you consume yeah the you retain more of the good things like proteins and everything else into your body which helps you and through your character Bryan and when the when the advanced medical system comes and when we add poisons and stuff it will also increase your resistance to poisons as well that's awesome that's a better explanation than I did well as my job so oh I get it okay so dexterity so basically the dexterity is pretty basic it's just each level in dexterity it just increases your movement speed baseline that's it right okay so it just allows you to become faster at doing things oh no just running just movement just movement yep so because obviously in dexterity we have stealth favori driving and throw-in yeah the main attributes increase your character power but like the secondary skills like boxing rifles thievery etcetera increases what your character does right okay so yeah dexterity increases movement to be then then you have theory for example each level and theory increases your chance to pick up so basically dexterity is a main attribute that is connected to the secondary active skills right I don't like they were driving installed for example yeah that's Co not worry state and the intelligence and intelligence basically it's all on intelligence increases your learning time and view range currently learning is not in a game but after we add more intelligence skills and you will actually be you will actually need to learn the stuff that you will be using in the game so for example we will be adding stuff like programming and hacking which will help around certain aspects of the game that I can't comment on at the moment so basically the amount of intelligence you have increases the amount of experience you gain on the intelligence skills right okay so basically if you have a higher intelligence so if you base a character around intelligence anything you want to learn you will learn quicker than others who have lower intelligence than you right I've got yet so you can you can learn things a lot faster exactly right okay so that's cool so that's that's basically and and the thing is guys we try to keep this as basic as possible because it is a bit of an in-depth insight into the leveling system so we want to keep it as simple as possible so everything that dinos just said there guys that was literally strengthen that was the basics of what strengths Constitution Dictionary dexterity and intelligence do so what we're going to do is we're going to very go through each one in in each of these so we're going to go through the box in down to the art tree and just we're gonna keep it simple we're just gonna we're gonna explain how to level up the skills in game because some people think some people seem to think if you just sit there and you end up just boxing like this that will get your skill up that's not the case you have to be as far as I'm aware correct me if I'm wrong dunno you have to be hitting a target and you have to be and obviously subsequently killed the target as well you can't just punch nothing to get your level up is that right exactly so boxing and in turn milli weapons level up in the way that you need to hit a living target and every time you hit it you gain experience so you gain experience for getting a first set on and every subsequent hit you also gain experience right okay and that's feel obviously only puppets and players and animals as well at least it should be and animals right okay I've got yeah okay so that's it guys that's it for the Box in what battle rifles the rifle so with each level of the rifling skill it improves your stability while firing as well as increased realistic so with regards to leveling the the things you need to do to level the gun so basically again experience for we call it a cycle so when you fire and then reload that's a cycle and for every cycle you get experience and then it also counts so when for example same as boxing if you hit a target once you get experience but also for every subsequent kit you also get experience catch let's award extra experience and depending on are you standing or crouching also Ward's additional experience because it's harder to shoot for example while you're standing than crouching and also you don't receive any extra experience if you're laying down prone right okay so I went it so when you're shooting at a target your XP goes up depending on where you hit them is it the distance as well yeah distance also gives extra experience as well as the amount of wind so for example if I'm shooting at you and there's a low wind I will gain a small amount of experience but if there's a high wind that I mentioned to get you you will gain more experience to hire because you're using more skill to try and hit that target exactly our personal skill like many a mean managing and everything else so basically if you yourself calculate the distance with the huge wind that's that's apparent you really deserve to gain subject to experience let's be honest and if you're using an ACOG with with that rifle the higher your skill rifle you'll also be allowed that you also can range it quicker it won't take as long that is actually connected to sniping so basically sniping is also low like rifling yeah but instead you need to use a scope so basically not holographics go cannot read out to the site you only need to be using ACOG and the other sniper scopes that are available in the game and that's for the rifles right so you so you have so you can only be using the ACOG red dot hollow sight on the rifles but obviously when we go onto the sniping you can only use a sniper scope to get that skill up actually know so only sites only sights are used for leveling rifle skill but you can use any weapon where you can put a scope on and it will instead instead of leveling your rifling skill it will level up your sniping skills because if you're using a scope it like we think you you're going to be shooting someone from range yeah and that's why your sniping scale goes up that's why you can't you can hold your breath to aim steadier and the higher your sniping skill is the holder the longer you can hold your breath in supports that you're right okay yeah now that's code eight that's understandable so that's the rifle so meal a handgun and archery so mainly weapons is exactly like boxing you need to hit a target kill Awards extra experience and that's it and handguns also level up the same as rifle surveys the shooting reloading headshots are you crouching are you standing it and end of obviously the more you two may like the faster you swing them as well yeah exactly you deal more damage you swing faster you could recover faster your stamina doesn't deplete so much and you reduce your damage taken from maleeh attacks when walking right okay and just just to make it any proof for myself and everyone else handguns he's just the same hit the target kill the target faster reload in exact so yep and with archery when we really start sure we it so your strength and your skill of archery depends on what type of bow you will be able to draw so the amount of skill in archery you have and the more strength you have the more powerful balls you will be able to draw and more powerful powerful bows deal more damage of course right and obviously the higher your archery level goes up you can also hold the bow back for longer and that will put your endurance up as well is that right exactly exactly yeah see oh yeah yeah and with our archery it's also basically the same leveling as rifling also sure the target preload everything else except with the added bonus of when you craft stone tip arrow quality arrows or higher you can also get experience for but for example if you craft a basic wooden arrow with without putting feathers in it it will instead level up your solo but that's just for the right so that's Place des person that's basically it for the strength right there exactly a part of me goes it's early morning I've just woke up we don't need a coffee man I need that coffee yep definitely need that coffee slow concentration is resistance running and endurance so I run to the second we're into the second panel of the skill set here guys so we're gonna go through resistance running and endurance uh so yeah resistances aren't currently in the game but they will be a part of the game when we add the advanced medical stuff when we add oils and like the things you need to be resistant to for example the cold the heat and everything else yeah but but for running basically it's self-explanatory each level and running increases the speed at which you run the acceleration of your character walk he's running and reduces the amount of stamina spend or spacing and for leveling running you basically do just that you that's it and you gain experience per second or per minute depending on are you jogging or are you actually sprinting right okay sometimes understand so basically just run jog and that will put your running and endurance up at the same time exactly yeah and endurance also in each level and endurance increases the amount of stamina you have and increases your stamina recovery so basically the more things you do that deplete your stamina the more experience and endurance you get right okay yeah that's understandable so yeah so basically also endurance is also affected by the amount of weight you carry so the more weight you carry the more experience you will be getting by doing certain tasks that give you endurance levels yeah and that also affect the gear weight as well in what sense so obviously the heavier gear you had like your your gear weight will increase could that increase that that was increases with your strength that just increases their strength there's nothing creases with your strength so your max kalo will go up is that right yeah with your strength but with your Durance so the more gear you carry yeah the more your endurance levels up because you're putting a heavier load on yourself but the maximum amount you can carry out without being overburdened is based on your strength only so not the secondary attributes that we're talking about now right I kind of caught yeah okay that's cool that makes sense so the next one is dexterity still fevery driving and throwing somebody's a pretty self-explanatory you guys like the driving it's pretty simple you just drive to get your level up but that does also increase a few other things as well with the driving skill such as not cutting out so much max speed obviously goes up with your driving skew and stuff as well okay so how do we get us still four level up that's one a lot of people tend to ask yeah some physical stuff is one of those skills like awareness that people aren't actually aware how to use it properly or at least or at least how it works in a sense yeah and stealth is basically the it reduces the amount of noise you make especially when you're carrying heavier weight loads we have sort of simulated simulated the amount of items you carry on yourself so more items you carry you can't hear it actually in-game but we have a system in place where if you're carrying a bag full of items you make of course noise because that stuff is clanking around while you're walking running etc yeah so basically each point in stealth ink and when you crouch or crawl and reduces the amount of noise you make so you will attract less attention and players will be like they won't be able to hear you right so to get the snow fuck you do need to be in a crouched position like this and exactly crouch or prone mode so you in your rewarded experience per second based on if you're crouching or crawling so if you just walked around the map like this that would get your Stef's go up pretty quick well yeah but not pretty quick quick because it's a it's it's kind of tedious to just be walking around like that so it's incentivized to be used in activities for when you need to be hidden from a player which makes sense cuz you're not gonna be no one's gonna walk round them up like this exactly I would take a huge amount of time just to get from one place to another yep right okay okay let's go yeah and we theory it's also self-explanatory with each lockpick attempt to be in a little bit of experience but successfully taking a walk will award you more experience can you can you just so just for the people that don't the people that don't know is there any chance you could just put a lock on that door at the moment yeah is there any chance you could just very quickly just put a lock on it or if you can can you because we're all because we were on a private server at the minute guys to do this video if you just give me the fine points for it I can do it if I I'm gonna clean the door and put some well yeah if you claim if you claim the door puts and locks on it if you drop a screw driver and a lockpick or a handful a lockpick so I can just quickly show people the lock-picking of what happens literally very quickly with it so if I just take that so obviously with the lock-picking as dilation you lose you you lose a fine point every time there we go so you lose a fine point every time you attempt to lockpick but the same time you lock picking secure your fevery skill will increase and in the future pickpocketing is coming isn't it as well so yep you know that's gonna be a lot of as he linked with that so if I go over to the door it's locked and what you can do is you can try and unlock this now if what if you look at the round right on quarter guys you see my fine points didn't go down as well so that is kind of the penalty to try and stop people breaking into bases that you know very quickly that's kind of sorted to deter people but as you can see while I'm not picking my lock picking skill will go up I will also lose the fame points as well so I just wanted to show you guys that just so you can actually see it firsthand as well so you will lose a fine point every time you lockpick that is the penalty every time you fail lock-picking and obviously your uses on your screwdriver will go down obviously mines now 32 out of 40 and obviously lock picks they take a little while to go down depends how many you have as well but they will break if you if you mess up with it pretty much but ya know cheers for that that's way to show people and yeah this is just a temporary fix because we will be removing that later actually and when we add traps and all that we will remove the fame point deduction because currently bases of people have been complaining that bases aren't secure enough yeah but we are working on traps and everything else that should keep a base more secure and therefore we will remove some of the penalties or walk picking because in the end there's a chance you will die if you break into someone's house oh is that because of the future traps and stuff that could be going on locks as well on those exactly yep that's why I'm really eager to get into this now of course yeah weren't you I'm usually quite terrible of that I'm not gonna lie I haven't got the neck for it yeah trust me I am as well I'm extremely terrible it is hard it is hard to actually gauge the sovereigns place okay so we've got to go down there driving so how do we get the drive meeting you I mean you're just explained that in the beginning you just drive that's it just drive but that does that does increase the speed as well so if you're driving levels lower you'll drive your max speed in the vehicle will be slower and you'll also if you're if your driving skill is low as well you're gonna kayak more than you boy if your driving skill was higher exactly yeah so basically with each level of driving your speed your maximum speed of the vehicle increases and it reduces the amount of stutter you have while driving because it's of course it's a manual manual car and you need to switch gears and everything else and when we basically tried to simulate if you were a new driver who didn't who didn't sit in the car ever yeah just need to just start driving right okay so it's as simple as that guys how to get the vehicle skew up I'm not a big fan of using vehicles on a map I will with fun with the squad but generally if you want to play it super survivor II cars are gonna be a big thing that will give you away if you're in a big squad it shouldn't be that much of a problem but you know with bicycles coming you can go around with your little bicycle and your basket and just drive around the map if you're not a car guy does it have a belt not yet but maybe we could add something like a super horn you just have a belt yeah just ask oh that was yeah I mean we could add it it's not it shouldn't be that difficult just have a bell when and where every time every time you click a just shouts like never saying something or something it will most likely be just a normal thing just go around the map dinging everybody okay so what about the throwing throwing the actual throwing skill is not in the in the game yet yes like fully implemented but we will be we are working on that we are working on all of the skills and we want to flesh them out as much as we can but like for the for future reference just it will increase your increase your stability while aiming throwable objects it will increase their power and most likely it will increase the speed at which they travel okay but I did like depending on how far you throw them it depends on your own strengths right okay so when when you get people out there and they're saying this skill doesn't work that skill doesn't work this is why it's heavily work in progress as I stated at the beginning as I said before these developers are trying to do so much and I mean this is a hell of a lot I know that you guys are trying to implement into the game specifically for your character and then having a server with people with completely different skills is quite it's quite a what's the word I'm trying it is quite fascinating how that actually works because I've never played a game with so many traits for a character and attributes its own even more are coming yeah and even more I come into the game like it completely is game-changing for open well done that okay like I was talking with with a squad that has around like 4050 people yeah they literally have designated for example designated drivers there's being two shooters designated lock pickers and I just find it very fascinating that people organize themselves into small squads and make characters based on what they need not know that's that's right and that's how it should that's how it should be if you're working in a and if you're working in like a in a military style way because you're gonna get that in open mode you're gonna get doesn't matter what game we're playing even though this games Laureates is basically you're in a game show you're still gonna get people who will roll round like they're in some army squad and I mean they don't work like that it is a game show but it's based on a prison so prison is the thing gangs are a thing so basically you can think of them as just gang yeah yeah yeah of course and then you have a gang running around the server and one of them drives the squad around one of them is the busy knit a killer with high rifling skill yeah one is master thief and picks locks in two minutes and that's that that's what we're trying to go for and we're glad it's actually working the way we intended it's going to plan see you take one guys you're the tech one goes you're the bad guys really uh well maybe I'm not saying anything okay shredder or you can watch out okay so be intelligent skill we've got animal handling Missy this is what we currently have any intelligent skill guys there is a lot more coming like pyrotechnics what was the other one like emulation program animation yep mechanics all that sort of stuff oh that's getting out how many animal handling is also not implemented fully sort of the current skills that we have our awareness sniping camouflage and survival why okay wait just go through that again so one now that we're in the intelligence box here which one was actually working the game awareness sniping camouflage and survival the the other ones that you see that are visible in the game are there just because for example with the cooking skill it's actually attached to the survival skill at the moment but it will be its own skill later on when we develop it further right okay yeah now that's cool so animal handling medical tactics and cooking currently aren't in the game but cooking is the only one out of them that aren't in that is attached to survival currently yeah it's also medical because when you bend it yourself it's also attached to your survival because because we need no bandages work based on the medical skill so we needed to put it in the game and attach it to something before we implement the full system like we intended so for example if you have I don't know hypothermia yeah you you're going to need somewhat of a medical skill to resolve yourself for that hypothermia right okay yeah that makes sense so yeah before the four skills that are working and in the game are awareness sniping camouflage and survival so how did you get your awareness so awareness is basically you notice stuff around you and we're going to be fleshing out the awareness skill more later on but basically they're getting experience when whenever you find a new item for example you search a box and then you find an item your awareness skills should increase it also increases if you notice a player that's on their camouflage and with that increase if you find a rare item in the game I don't know if it works that way but if I were to guess I'm probably I would probably say as for example if you find a gold eagle I think you should receive a larger chunk of experience yeah awareness yeah that makes sense that does make sense especially if you know if you've noticed it just on a table not in our in a box or something yeah exactly yeah if you I mean if you find it in a box I mean obviously that is percentage enchants I mean that is just it's completely luck to what you find so when you're searching and any box or anywhere in the game it completely it literally loads up that loads whatever's in that box just by chance by throwing something in there from the actual loot table really isn't it this exactly every single item has a sort of every single like box has its own item pool and then it chooses from when you search it right okay yeah that makes sense so what about snapping snapping as I've explained it's it's basically the same as rifling except you need to have a scope equipped in order for you to level it so either an ACOG or one of the other sniper scopes that we have in the game right so it's excluding red dot and holographic okay so just looking for a scope and again does that obviously with the snipe with the sniping that affects if the high the sniper school does that affect reloading on a sniper rifle the speed of reloading Reno recoil as well yeah the the rifle the rifling skill is actually attached to all guns there are non handguns so basically if you have a high rifling skill your reload speed with a sniper is increased right up at you yes you can increase your sniping reload technically well no it's not that no I know what you saying I know what you saying yeah so yeah better so yeah basically sniping is the let's just say at the art of shooting things from far away and rifles is the skill that you have of handling your guns right okay yeah so you just need just need to scope basically to some level up your sniping yeah exactly okay camouflage yeah okay Kevin feige's also got one of those interesting skills where each level of camouflage increases your chance of not being detected by other players for example if I were to put on a full camo suit and go lay down in that bush and have max camouflage and you have zero awareness you wouldn't be able to see I would be just invisible see until you either run into me or start shooting in the bush and kill me by accident and generate the snap will give himself away when he shoots anyway exactly especially with the muzzle flash and the tracer rounds that we have within the guns so yeah unlike the tracer rounds because it does give you an easier your way of actually trying to find your target because 90% of the time or 99% of the time should I say when you get shot you don't die first hit so you can actually find out where that player is yeah I think we found a balance where it's big enough for you to maybe notice where it's coming from but not so big that you can find where they are the instant they shot you yeah yeah it's not like a line that trials to the player when you show exactly who travels fast yeah no that's cool and it keeps that game aspect as well doesn't it because you can see the bullet it's not like in real life you wouldn't be able to see the bullet moves that clear obviously it keeps that game aspect okay that's cool so the last ones survival survival was mixed with a lot of things so I'll let you explain so yeah basically is many of you probably already know the amount of survival levels you have the higher the amount of blueprints you have to craft that also connects to like building weapons and everything else but mostly survival skills are connected to the other things that we don't have implemented yet Azzam as I've mentioned the the medicine and all that so basically just leveling and leveling survival skills base if you're just doing any survival type action either cutting down trees crafting items cooking at the moment and many other things so basically it's just what you think it is is just surviving on the island cooking and all that right okay so so cooking crafting cutting yeah cooking crafting cut in you know lame blueprints and obvious exactly that comes under crafting so if I was to follow us to drop like I don't know this shelter and build that then back right then my crafting would go up welcome back exactly like that exactly and in the meantime for example you cut down a tree you have a big one log and then when you cut that one log down into planks you also gain extra survival experience right okay I've got yet so okay so that's pretty much it for all the skills that are currently working in the game yup guys for everyone watching as well so I'm not going to jump into any other questions that's nothing to do with this video I'm not gonna waste our most time because they are he's still work right now he's in the office he's with the same well they are technically but yeah your work never it never ends my it never ends yeah even in the evenings but yeah so hopefully that did help everyone I know it wasn't the most interesting video in terms of seeing stuff than that but this is a very very informative video that so many people have been asking for and I just hope that people have the patience to sit down watch and listen and understand how to get these skills up because it's quite important especially when people are asking about a lot so I thought to myself you know we have to make a video on the current way of leveling up so again as stated it's early access it's still heavily work in progress and these guys are pushing things that haven't been done before so much in other open modes of other games because it's too much work for a development team but these guys are really pushing this shit out so kudos to you guys and everyone else in the office okay died like that I think that's pretty much it dude yeah that's pretty much it if you have any other questions while I'm still here you can go ahead but if that's it then that's it yeah man die and I appreciate your yeah no problem and I appreciate your kind words we really appreciate it no I know what no worries dude and if anyone's got any questions regarding this maybe I'm not assuming but maybe though I know at some point when the video goes up that you might get a look at some of the questions people have and maybe just throw a couple of answers out there in your own words if that's cool to see because if anyone's got any questions they're going to be putting it here on the video as well so it might be handy to see if you can answer and see what they say sure yeah I mean I pop into stream and answer questions all the time so it's not a big issue just ways to connect conversation yeah always doing Q&A is on the live streams which is cool so I think we are live streaming today at some point well yeah I enjoy it and your community is really really great and I appreciate every single one of them like they're actually interested is engaged with the game and that's really tough to manage and maintain so I give you props of that and I give props to your community because awesome thank you very much man I really do appreciate it everyone in the community is awesome and they they really do find an interest in this game it's a lot different other survival games out there but people don't understand early access that's the only issue some people seems to have you know they'd rather shout out that the game's dead rather than stand around the support even though this game has got an incredible community surrounded around it and people were just certain people just decide to not follow it and then they come in and saying I haven't played it in several months how has it changed it's like it would take a week to go through everything that's changed yeah I know we're pretty heavy on the on the content these best few months there's a lot of content coming and there's also a lot of content coming out very soon guys a lot of stuff that you've been asking for I'm wondering where the big updates are there's a lot of stuff coming within the next couple months and make sure to keep your eyes out or eyes peeled on that one because there's a lot of game-changing stuff coming in soon and just why you here dino missions currently being worked on that is going to be one of the biggest things for the game emissions is going to take a while but they now have a very big team working on that so yeah no that's cool that's cool dying over it yeah so basically like most other skills that we are reworking and influencing and other features in the game it will start off small but we will build up build upon it in a huge way later on yeah because once we set up the the foundation we can build in so many different ways it's it's it's it's unfathomable I even I can fathom what we can add into the game just through the missions themselves right yeah and obviously the missions come with leveling up skills having to have a certain level to do a mission which means you need to go out there in the wilderness and go and get your skills up so it gives you meaning to do things as well exactly and as I've said an inner stream a couple of days ago missions will be dynamic they will be tied into the world and they will actually involve players with other players to figure out what they need to do and maintain certain certain aspects so you're gonna have to collaborate with other players at some points either collaborate or destroy depends on the mission yeah I want that reward sure you kill you mate who's helped you the whole way that's come for you that would be more eco well that's the pendant on you of the pendant on will you be known as a backstabber or will you be known as a valorous individual that's that is true I do have one question though because I I think this is gonna be a really cool aspect to the game if you guys put in ante huntin yep awesome because bounty hunt it really gives you a you know a real meeting to go out and just either capture people or kill them do you know I mean yeah but that's going to be coming like really later on first we need to flesh out the whole mission system before we yea add something that's complicated is pounding earnings where it goes down to list of all players on the server and then takes one at random or maybe not even at random and then take him back to tech one get him on a rope let's pull him time and then yeah maybe or maybe just bring like what I'll just blow Vinnie right off no no I said bring them their head oh oh that's a good show yeah maybe I mean we haven't even started working on something like that so yeah the possibilities are endless literally now you guys are doing some game-changing stuff and then it's really exciting to see I knew from the very beginning when I first started playing this I mean because you guys are just over your nine-month anniversary now right yep I mean nine month from the nine months from the release of the game and I months from the release of the game so that was a 29th of August is now the 1st of May so 9 months two days ago really isn't it I'm guessing yep so they're only 19 and there's so much stuff already it's incredible it really is my yeah and I truly believe we've come a long way even I I still can't believe I'm only here before I've been only key for four months is it now and it's it's fantastic I can't I can't appreciate it enough to be honest and you guys are such a loft video fish if anyone hasn't followed I'll put the links in the description below I'm going to leave the scum Twitter and the steam link sooo if you do want to go buy the game the game is there if you want to come and support it in a Korean it is in an incredible playable state right now but there's so much more coming come and support the game of these devs are awesome Dino thank you so much taking it so I'm at your date to come and do this video with me and help explain to everyone know prawn thanks for inviting me and if you want you can join our community this code we have some pretty wacky people in there and we're on there most of the time so if you have any questions or suggestions we have dedicated channels for that so if you want feel free to jump in we're there almost every single day so yeah yeah that's cool okay so I'll put a link in for the discord as well did forget to mention that apologies because I'm in there quite a lot as well it's a great place to hang out and ask questions about the game devs are all in there moderators and everyone is awesome okay so guys I'm gonna leave it here if you did like the video please don't forget to smash that subscribe smash that thumbs up leave a comment and hopefully we can get some dialogue going in the comment section Dino have a great day thank you've been on today and guys I'll catch you in the next one peace out 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