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guys water yo what are you doing you know your head cooler speaking out right hello and welcome to the dinosaur hunt challenge my name is J Fred the hunter I didn't really plan that one out I have to hunt these dinosaurs they're trying to find their little babies and get into the office because that's what dinosaurs do there's a total of two rounds they're going to start from that side over there get their babies make it wet and make their way to the office if I hit them they have to drop their baby and respawn and try again it's so hot rah-rah Bruns your brown colors got blue odors got green I have asked out on the field giving me insider information his name is Scott Scott he's telling me where they are communicating through this little invisible earpiece in my ear we're like the Blue Man Group but dinosaur style I can't scratch my nose here we go one minute and remember I'm calling you guys out as we go three two one Gunners released there you go got her stepping around Oh Connors released you respond Connors released Oh Connor not right guys Connor go what are you doing you know your head coach speaking out right respond touch the wall you can go back out touch the line all dinosaurs released got him in the hand my baby oh no idiot children got away looks like brands do loser Oh time all right it looks like Brian lost yeah you lost art around there I lost what if I shoot the baby round two and three two one Brian's a week ah cars released that one hand our Ritter's release oh I missed him good dodge I got a big disaster dang it yeah 20 seconds my palm dog I got a Connor Connor got a responded time that was a kill shot dang it the thing is I'm just not fast enough for reloading arrows alright so right now the rule is since it was a little too easy for them every time I hit them they have to be stunned for 10 seconds that dinosaurs barefoot aren't all dinosaurs barefoot that dinosaur has has human feet t-rex push up after you doing alright last round three two one corners released oh man we got orders Elise Wow look at her throwing cloud okay Brian Julie she's a lot no oh my gosh Brian you're just stunned if you get hit you have to lie down for ten seconds five four three two one carnage babies Connor got on there Connor edge that was Connor edge alright guys so I am the hunter for this round but before I start make sure if that subscribe button is red you click it because I means you're not subscribe you might be missing some of our videos so make sure you click it so you don't miss of Monday Wednesdays and Fridays there's word that the t-rex got into the office space so I got to go got to go clear it out boy should be talking about rallying action because of my hat but boy that's all I know No I'm here to the tea ranks that door wasn't closed early Oh vacuum beef oh god of Scotto that's right hold on before I continue selfie time but you're dead all right back to the action one dyno look at these people there's t-rex in the offices working as if nothing wrong go my meat baby go by me keep working we're going to keep orchid so right now we have entered high five studios if you don't know what high five Studios is strong with you link in description below they have like ten channels all good run there stay rad I'm just kidding we're on a journey Yeah right I just notice how Bobby's pretending to be working there isn't a computer monitor in front of it didn't work done yeah I'm not they're messing me the door is being somewhat closed coo coo coo [Music] [Laughter] guns not working up to be yeah this t-rex produces team edge gaming again high-five Studios go check them out subscribe all right J Fred lakh that's not what your ex ounds okay what you're taking a number two is it going to capers in the ladies bathroom what not I check every room he's like six six you can't hide up to your ex ooh you're gonna scare the crap out of me I'll find them still why don't move it sorry no one home come back another time [Laughter] boys that's my dead wooden shoes oh let me drag all my prized t-rex oh this is a heavier one homework for that most epic selfie ever oh all right this is for someone alive are you guys oh I'm gonna work Norma's t-rex in there that's what selfie time where's my gosh selfie all right we're going on but some ugly dingoes and some dinosaurs the pillar systems go to produce these B so the trick is to smell the smelling koku this one dekakin snack I think I could nibble come here oh yeah that was good oh oh you want to go you are more visible come on run hang I got it right and uh there was a dinosaur right here there is a dinosaur that your folks to my work good dams down on the ground your dad I judge yeah you smell like poo poo just like they all smell that Genesis go on to handling boils no one in there if you guys noticed my attire I've got jeans underneath my shorts from Protective Services I smell one I see that oh I didn't shake mr. Church I'm Richard in the books if you see Rex is against Matt it Oh think about hello Freddy had oh they're all in these dinosaurs against Martin Oh what wait what it was the trick is to grab him by the tail ah it on ground yeah baby dude not he was he was like compressed in the core over here so I want to compress those bulls I like I literally like peeked in and it was like I couldn't see him at all all right guys check out team edge gaming that is our gaming channel where we do challenges like this but it's with video games this is our shark attack challenge where we were hitting in kayaks and then this is giant spike ball it's pretty self-explanatory it's giant spike ball with a trampoline it was insane we'll see you guys over there first