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wanna speak real English from your first lesson sign up for your free lifetime account at English class hi everybody welcome back to know your verbs my name is Alicia and in this lesson we're going to talk about the verb cell let's get started okay let's begin with the basic definition of the verb cell cell means to give money in exchange for an item or a service to sell something examples I sold my car we're selling our house let's look at the conjugations for this verb present cell cells past sold past participle sold progressive selling okay so now let's talk about an additional meaning for this verb so a different meaning for the verb cell is to convince someone of something or to convince someone about something to persuade someone of something examples you've sold me on this idea he's terrible at selling himself he always fails interviews so to sell is like to convince someone of something we see that in the first example you sold me on this idea you convinced me that this was a good idea in other words you've persuaded me about this thing so you were successful in convincing me something of something that you want me to believe you sold me in the second example sentence he's terrible at selling himself so to sell yourself in that case means to convince someone else that you're a good choice or you're a good option to sell yourself in this way in this context means you're trying to convince someone persuade someone that maybe you're a good candidate for a job for example so this meaning is like to convince someone of something usually that something is good really to convince to sell someone on an idea or to sell yourself to sell oneself as well so there are a lot of variations that I want to talk about for this verb now so let's look at some variations for the verb cell the first variation is to sell out to sell out actually there are two different meanings for this so let's take a look at the first one the first meaning of to sell out means to compromise for the sake of an advantage so this is often used in like arts and entertainment so an artist will compromise his or her work in order to get some advantage usually money examples my favorite band sold out many politicians have sold out over the last few years so both of these examples refer to someone changing their artistic viewpoint or changing their opinions changing their behavior in order to receive some advantage in the first example sentence my favorite bands sold out it sounds like the band stopped doing something that made them unique and instead for example joined a label or joined a company and they are now following the company's orders in exchange for money in the second example sentence politicians have sold out it's like the politicians have changed their opinions or their behaviors in exchange for some money or some kind of compensation so this is changing your ideas for advantage let's move on to the second variation for how to use sell out to sell out means to run out of inventory so you sell everything you sell completely all the stock all the inventory of something there's nothing left examples we sold out of shirts this morning they're worried they're going to sell out of products so to sell out means to have nothing left of anything so one point of caution to sell out while there are these two different meanings of compromising your artistic ideas and not having any inventory of a product because you've sold everything in cases like the first example sentence in the first meeting we talked about my favorite band sold out depending on the context that can mean the band's sold out of concert tickets for example if a band or an artist is coming to a city or some other performer is coming to do an event that can refer to like the event selling out or maybe a product offered by the band selling out so listen carefully to the context if it's a criticism of the artist or the performer it's probably referring to the artist compromising their ideas if it's talking about like an event a performance and like no tickets being left or no products being left then it's probably about no inventory so pay attention to the context here to understand the correct meaning of sell out in these cases okay let's continue on to the next variation which is to sell someone or something short to sell someone short to sell something short this expression means to not consider something as valuable as it actually is examples don't sell yourself short don't sell your friend short I think he has hidden talents so you can see that I'm using don't at the beginning of both of these examples we commonly use don't with this expression don't sell yourself short don't sell someone else short means don't devalue yourself or don't devalue another person or another thing in other words explain the true value of yourself or explain the true value of that thing don't sell yourself short don't sell your friend short so recognize the actual value in the thing you're discussing the next variation is to sell one's soul to the devil so sometimes we'll drop this to the devil we use the expression to sell your soul or to sell one's soul this expression means to agree to do something which is usually negative in exchange for some kind of advantage usually money or some other kind of matter no compensation so examples of this she sold her soul when she signed the contract he's going to sell his soul in exchange for Fame so in these example sentences we see that someone has made a decision that is very serious we know that because we see the expression sell your soul or sell one's soul so when we imagine like a soul is kind of like the core perhaps of a human being and we're selling it it's like the most important thing we could sell it's like the most valuable thing we have so to sell it implies a very important or big decision in the first example sentence when it says she sold her soul when she signed the contract it's like she lost a key part of herself she gave a key part of herself to this company perhaps when she signed a contract in exchange for some kind of advantage in the second example sentence the he in the example he wants Fame and he's going to sell his soul he will give something in order to get famous in other words so these are sort of situations that also imply a negative thing that the other person has agreed to do so maybe in the second example sentence he's agreed to do something negative or something that's suspicious in exchange for Fame so there's there's a negative nuance here for sure so those are a few different ways that you can use the verb sell I hope that you found something new of course if you want to check out some other ways to use sell I highly recommend checking out a dictionary of course if you have any questions or comments or if you want to practice making example sentences please feel free to do so in the comment section of this video don't forget to like the video if you enjoyed it subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and come check us out in English class for other good English study tools thanks very much for watching this episode of new year and we'll see you again next time bye-bye [Music]