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ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the YouTube channel today is a special video it's the first part of a three-part series on the channel we just ended with my highest win streak ever and the highest win streak i've heard of yet in season 8 i think we set the world record for season 8 so far here's what I need from you guys if you are excited if you enjoy these videos share them drop a like if you haven't already please be sure to sub to the channel this one is special myself beer itself ninja and cypher absolutely popped off I think you guys are gonna totally love this thank you so much for watching a three-part series let me know if you guys want more of these in the channel have fun hey guys it's it it's that's more than 10 minutes it's more than 15 into 15 wins in a row it's 20 or more you'll want to see it ninja I got something for you probably the best that you could ever want ever won mini I mean this thing really is huge so she said Wow I mean come on I mean that might be the easiest one of those I've ever had in my life that's also what she said but still oh yeah but no that thing is absolutely massive and girthy bro both little bogeys straight up straight below and I made up the multiple side but they're down here somewhere yep they're fighting or something don't go that oh oh here we got them all right on me on me on me like for real dude 44 let's go oh I see headshot I'm gonna land on this guy here we go I'm gonna nail em I'm gonna nail [Music] the one below me tag your dad kids hey GG man we were the bananas snipers over here well yeah yeah company when you talk to me when you're done I see right out here yeah they've got heavy snipers at least two of them there's four of them on that hill they look like they can probably shoot back a little bit well laser and one down there Bhupati this is our dead fine love he's got 10 HP literal 10 help no second please so sad guys can we get 5 gifted sobs what army justice Oh what's a 162 the dumb buddy yagi you're my literal Papa that guy's trying to spray me through a tree buddy that blocks bullets so meet it it's gonna be me Wow look at this guy I just turned it in for sure I pulled a piece missed one stripped cording away 44 white 44 white on the cob that Tyler nice shot dude oh my god they are deader than dead goober such eat gamers dude let's go man my 90s are literally insane Rob getting oh my clip this chat someone sent us no this T so fuckin horseshoe what you can't hear yes sorry I had four of them right here in the road below me two of them sweaty soccers both of them with you shell m1 he just heard say me 42 shown the other 84 Sheldon what are you doing kid getting five tags on him over and over and over oh my goodness twitch on TV / ninja slash ninja crater coded ninja slash ninja oh my [Music] [Applause] we keep up this pace we'll get to the diner in no time for lunch going down oh I see him wish Oh once I strip down right below us right below us boys I know you knocked yourself out you're good I think right yeah one hostile left no ha oh geez guys guess I'm going home we had a good run I heard you did get a following though what what happened I said what follow a medium we have a nice little conversation thank you very much now jeez gentlemen please please freak out she's human guys this is harsh come on nice shot bro I love walking stop if things get destroyed that may be a favorite part of horn right now is watching kids like that just get bodied agreed like literally it never gets old watching a soccer skin try to do these fast edits cuz you know they're playing on like they're red they're Reza's so stretched it's just a square 5 - Tyler is you have a cypher you have the cyber cyber cyber Tyler's literally not missing right now with this thing I help I help zero kills I'm insane Tyler dude whatever sandwich you got you see keep Yeti bro bro I want to go get that the I want to go get the epic mozzarella are you guys down to go for the epic chest see we can't find it there's there's a there's a an epic chest that spawns the block apparently bad game huh I I don't know I I know I just know it's there and it's got a guaranteed goal weapon in it from what I've been told this is huge their disguise their Ennis he's on it there's always try to get it oh I don't have that one I don't think [Music] all right what do we get legendary rocket oh my god dude thermal AR you know Tyler you know what the funny thing is remember that one time we got the Christmas presents together and we're like what's in it it was it was a thermal AR - oh this we're all get married one day or occupied means all right jumping you're too thick jumping as I figured Santa and standing here saying here ready yep jumping wait they rock it rode me and then they landed on cypher great one's underground was underground I just clean my sighs he's dynamite myself again I love basses a whole dude that was little sim you see him nice guy last guy last guy roll I'm literally insane right now dude chat do you love me as long as you have me doesn't sound like Bieber no yeah I just I've actually I'm actually a t6 shield nice summer vibe Wow operation save them both in the bottom of the volcano I see perfect [Music] northeast will go to brunch tomorrow it's gonna be great and then you're gonna see his face go from like smiling like thanks shook it to his core just from the piercing like you know what payments 90 he's I'm bad oh my god away transid you just put down he literally put down 50 million traps he's gonna win I'm weak more traps you put that bill don't worry boys we won [Music]