hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Seidman definitely not tipping point whoa today I have six contestants who are also part of at this side man they will be split into three teams and they'll be competing to make money from this machine right here every counter that you see here is worth not 50 pounds but 100 pounds every week either side and then we do it big there's big prizes here and hopefully one team is gonna win to pound on it 100 pound each if you clear the entire machine somehow 50 grand right there wait waiting for you for the taking you will find there are two x multiplies if they drop anything else they drop with it gets doubled and there are also mystery question mark counters and they do something you'll find out I'm so nice t-shirt even fun nice t-shirt so the way this will work is there's a series of rounds where you'll be asked questions and through answering questions that'll allow you to play one of you in the team will go up I'm placing a coin into the machine and so essentially each time you'll be trying to knock off counters and the Morecambe each round you'll be trying to knock off counters and warm up counters you knock off the more money you're gas and on the second and third round the team that have made the least will be eliminated leaving one team left at the end so the teams for today we're gonna have team one which is going to be Josh and Harry okay I already stood next to each other the next team I'm kidding I'm kidding gonna be Ethan and Simon and the final team is JJ and Toby so please move to your podiums so the first round is going to be quickfire you're going to be competing to answer questions first and in this round you're each be given three counters so the way this round works is I'll start reading a question at any point you can press your buzzer and at that point you have to answer the question yes the answer now I haven't started the question once I've started the question he has to answer if you got the question wrong you're eliminated from answering the next question which the other two teams will have to answer if you get the question right you know what you are then able to do is you're either they've licked off now they've go so you're gonna be racing to answer questions as soon as I start saying the question press your buzzer when you think you know it according to the Chinese calendar what animal represents this year you were the pig yes your mother didn't make a noise that's nice that is not anything good in a pink team you've answered the question correctly you can either choose to play a token or you can pass and force another team to play if you don't think coins are ready to fall I think we go to so Simon will be behind the scene Ethan you enough to tell them when to drop hey Simon Minto oh that's not looking good question 2 the phrase Achilles heel is derived from which country's ancient mythology I got an answer then that is right I thought he would say I think yeah it's fun are you gonna play are you gonna pass it to Ellen today we'll play which sound you want I see first song you wanna go and one there we go same ones locked in you're gonna drop it jumper yeah I can't even see that [Music] moving on to question 3 what is the plastic bit on the end of a shoelace hold aglet that is right pick up finish a meal of are you going to play a part I've hit the last two rounds me no way you buzzed before me then not me I think I want to play I want to play zone for JJ say when now oh I don't think it makes much of a difference when you can't have it land on top come on come on stink I stink I stink I stink I stink oh that's the first drop going gone that is 200 points for Team Green pounds pounds who trade amounts of points per hundred pounds traded my pound deal team well done next question guys in which month is the next general election December are you playing or are you passing all the way do we played we played we play I'm ready now now no this is not allowed you can't be looking like that come on yes blue tit red footed boobie all right so you wanna play oh actually should get them out oh this can be a part we about you to which zone for again if they get loads of counted tell me when that's not good they've been finished hey Milner created which popular honey loving chilled Winnie the Pooh that is correct that is correct don't give that are you going to play or pause play you want to play we feeling zone for I'm trusting you so for could be big are we [Laughter] yeah okay okay next question which of these is not a type of ant red ant pink and green ant that's how it's a pink answer is here's right there so you're gonna play or are you gonna part we got one left a lot more left little more left if you're not just they got to though they're idiot if they never all right so I'm us you're them I'm us to it you'll them do it okay okay Rock Paper Scissors shoot Rock Paper Scissors shoot so means we're doing it okay for this looks like it could be good this zone has been loaded drop that big ting or not a that's a stinky it's an L oh we good we good we good Hey whoa step away from the machine one more counter to play each next question which filmmaker directed Jurassic Park Schindler's List what's the guy's name Petey and also jaws can I have Marc Spielberg so it is up to you now do you play or do you pass whose play friend go for a free just play for it me it was in three or four four four I call number four yeah issue oh you tell me when now are you think yes yes that's it [Music] it doesn't want me to do it just do you you went the wrong way so we're gonna we're gonna make things interesting here in the show in this round they'll usually be four contestants and one would go home with the least score you guys are tied on the least score here so I'm going to allow you to Paper Scissors for one more token just you know don't think about too much whatever comes your head first is do it believe in yourself and I will award you one counter and wits only gun for oh they're gonna get it they're gonna get it they're gonna get it they're gonna get it for bunnyzon for gonna get it this got it locked in tell me when Oh Darby to dub so at the end of that round the only people with money are Jay Jay and Toby they've got 200 pounds which allows them to go first in this next round which is the quick fire round I will ask them questions for 30 seconds for every question they answer right they will get one token to play in the machine no good luck no good love small brain small brain big g-strings okay I was drink milk okay you can answer these questions at any point but it's probably advisable to let me finish should we not yeah you will lose counters and lay around if you fuck around are you guys ready to start answering these questions you're not really but yeah all right three two one how many letters are the only alpha badnesses yes a rose by the other name would smell as sweet is a quote from which Shakespeare play yes what is eight times seven come on come on come on today 56 yeah what is the sidemen clothing discount code this week to sing the first two lines with a popular Christmas carol jingle bells jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way yes which fruit has the scientific name of Prunus persica orange now that's time you've got five questions right now which is pretty solid so you're now allowed to put five counters into the machine okay Green Team here are your five tokens thank you okay you can play them one at a time wherever you'd like what's on you guys no big dreams okay we've got zone two locked again Toby's gone wait wait wait now oh that's big that's big big what we saying a solid that's good he get comfy [Music] you guys are in the money and no because they're gonna they've got three more tell me when wait now I like that we don't land right where these pieces going let's go zone for one of those on for ya oh oh oh my goodness played on our iPhone 4 yeah sure their final coin say when now they need to score though if they don't know risk of going home after this rally pink team are you ready for your quickfire round ok you have 30 seconds starting in 3 2 1 go what was the name of postman Pat's cat Sam now of course okay how many stomachs does a cow have three now - now one now yes oh yes what a cinema synonym what is a cinnamon break nah in which country can you visit an island full of bunnies colors makeup the Indian flag green orange well good on me [Laughter] it needs things on - it needs to go here if it goes anyway so for it needs to go right here how do we do I go now - I'll go in a minute we you improve formant so we'll learn this well we have just finesse everyone into earning lots of money here everyone do not we are charity so do what you please what's only locking in zone for appreciate race for me look Simon do what you think is best with your lands in that right corner we're going home with cash I swear I again how many numbers in wanted what is your name okay Josh and Harry team are you ready for your quickfire round we are indeed General Custer died in which controversial Civil War battle pass okay how many sets of eyelids the camels have two one two correct Lady Jane Grey was a queen of England for how many days three now survey now okay which UK city was the first to be built by the Romans which is the crystal now Rome London no boss where in the world can you swim with wild pigs Oh Obama's yes blue whale's heart way to the nearest I said yes you have two tokens then for right yeah for okay just tell me when bit blind it's more fun no no no you got tell me all right now yes yes my god is it big in the big it should be hook that maybe this could be big cuz you get money here on come you're not at risk of your limit they need now I do now oh my goodness this is potentially the lowest-scoring has it did tipping point ever so the way it's gonna work is okay so one team needs to leave this round you guys are tied on 0 pounds I'll be few min if we leave you know someone has [Laughter] here is your tiebreaker question what alcoholic beverage is a sommelier and expert in wine I couldn't hear independent adjudicator I think he's put pressure first what is the primary ingredient of a meringue odd I know it egg white [Applause] [Applause] no pineapple and coconut that's got to be those Shirley [Applause] three four hundred pounds and also the mystery counter which is a 250 pound gift card for sideline clothing that you guys get to give away to a lucky viewer yes that's money in the bank and that means the second round is over which means in first place we have pink team with 400 pounds second place we have green team with 200 pounds and that means orange team is now eliminated from the game however we're all about inclusion on the sidemen channel so they still get to stay here and the winning team gets to choose one of them to join that team fast pink team who are you choosing we didn't even win oh my god paper scissors I would like Josh please okay so now we enter around three we've got the pink team and the green team the way this round works is your team will be asked a question if you think you know the answer you can answer it if you get it right you get to play a coin if you get it wrong the other team gets to play a coin however you can straightaway pass the question for them if you think they're gonna get it wrong and that means that the opposite happens okay so pink team you are winning and once you've heard the question you can have a player or pass it to the other team if you think they might not know it first question for the winning team pink team what is the only English County that begins with the letter K they're allowed to confer 1015 English County the only English County you didn't do anything is it no this is not tipping point but hey some coins fell on your go so you've got five seconds in so many wrong answers and then just goes away what the same I think it might be catering and I was like it was Ken yeah that is right my phone open here you go here's your token fuck your fucking go all right tell me when I ask good that's good no I went on top BAM you said Kidman yeah no I don't know I got a small green yeah I got a spring yeah okay we've got a question for the green team here the City of Angels is located in which US states California that is correct my plateau can eat in three are you tell me one when pink team your question is as of 2018 how many US cities have hosted the Summer Olympic Games between one and four Toby mother now you can pass this to well that's fine they still have the same odds of you that's making it fast absolutely possible I'm gonna press you for an hour with our salaries cheering - is incorrect it was actually three so that means I did it last time I don't think there's any good spots to go to I think five to five all right - I'm just gonna do it no look read it now now now you said you're gonna download through it then Oh could be big you know you know all the drops happened in between place all right come come let's go green team this is your question in what year did Britney Spears oops I did it again come out way way way past the millennium or before the millennium 1990 something I'd say eight remember you can't ask this question to the other team no pass it okay it's been passed - pink team got 15 seconds for 1999 one year after it was - yeah they got it wrong okay okay go now how did you do that the blinkers yeah that's cash come on honey is it Oh JJ what I did not do it's not done anything honestly is that these men have been screaming at your head all day I'm gonna do is give them a nice a nice easy one here what is the fastest land animal okay looks quite appetizing to me okay but I suggest can i lock in three please latrine just ask the machine to lock in by a machine tell me when when now oh my god oh just one wait wait wait wait list over one ovary wait guys just one second but you've got one that's cash that in fear Thanks what do we do just right okay we have another question for you Green Team the question is Mozart looks from which European country are you gonna play it or past you don't need a bus pausing doesn't do anything if you think so Mozart is from Austria which means when we pause it pink team play again I was gonna say free three please tell me when when okay this is a question for pink team Cadbury world is located in which you can City you know leg and London have pre-world about possibly nine okay try and pressure us exacting because you see I feel I am gonna go out on a little given 15 seconds here I'm gonna go out on a limb and just randomly say Brian we've got ten seconds for final answer is bright and your final are you serious you didn't bridge so alright I just up please now he's Birmingham so that is another coin Rome again you owe you three please yeah dub that know what I'm gonna tell you when wait oh no I don't himself out yeah I think he's a bit of us think oh that's okay can you return to your podium please got very happy this is now a question for Green Team in a formal dinner setting which sets of cutlery would you use to eat your first course take on names for the cutlery man I know names don't do it no private school come on location a name or a location I'm gonna give you 15 seconds to either pass or answer out a sir you've got 4% counter so your answer is for our surf yes that's right if if the outermost that you've owned what is that called I don't know what the name is but it's the alpha most that we're - hey let's goes on for again hold it hold it no no no why are you telling me boy that's good though he's a good one I said hey or be okay and they probably got cash just want something just give us something yes [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] Happy's warming that team needs help our team is there about 500 pounds behind them let me let me come away from the machine you know you know go back to your podiums I feel like you've been robbed so you know what I'm gonna give you half of them I'm gonna give me 300 the commission right here all right there's one more question each in this round pink team have 800 Green Team have 500 whoever has the lowest amount at the end of these two questions will be leaving the show and then the final team will face the final round and you know what this round is worth double counters here we go this has gone back to the pink team what is the tallest mountain in the UK UK all right that's why I'm thinking correct right well are we saying now because there's what do you think what's your initial reaction right now for that there's a lot hanging off on for still well I think just pop it in wherever you guys Josh yeah do you yeah but 360 before you do can we can we can we pick today know which one you want to eliminate all please all right zone four please tell me now I went now everything to play for it comes down to this question obvious Green Team if you have conjunctivitis you have an infection of what what I I don't know are you gonna answer are you gonna pass an eye infection yes yes that is correct yeah this is so you need to get at least two counters on this at least okay now make sense okay so the clothes the closest one is if you if you were to get it there can you I might just fuck around and drop in three okay they've locked in three and stay away now I snuck mate so unfortunately no [Laughter] wait one more by Garrett thirty thirty Bangor and the Green Team [Applause] so unfortunately Green Team even with you know everything I've tried to do for you you have been eliminated from the game however I'm gonna let the winning team pink team take one of you through to the final with them is now up to them to decide who they want for the final pink team we just want to make it clear no one voted for Toby [Laughter] [Applause] oh wait I want I wonder why I like the white hey you think you would play guys white power I see you I see you it's nice well played guys well congratulations pink team you've made it to the final you have eight hundred pounds although your team has increased in size considerably Wow anyway the way this round is going to work is you're gonna drop in the bonus star this is worth ten thousand pounds if you can get it out of the machine what now that is the challenge you will get six questions and you can earn up to a total of eighteen counters if you answer the hardest questions and you get six of them right you can choose the tier of the difficulty okay guys where do you want to place your bonus star it's going in three yeah just you know what let the universe decide just do it when you want when you feel right sometimes today though it's gonna push out a lot we don't any money still though it's money it's your money for us peace so these are categories would you like to start with history geography animals music or the human bodies or news music please okay you've chosen music if you want to play for one two or three counters and now he wants to go through let's find out let's find out let's do it and then we can know for the future ones what do you have for because I'm happy we pick music we can do three well come on big man we're gonna play all six category you're just choosing where you start yes fuck it let's put our dick on the table we'll have 3 please ok music for 3 in musical rhetoric what does what does Allegro mean let's go through things in music we've got notes we've got tempo we finish we've got I'm just trying to get ready fucking yeah I could have to reword it in music what does I like when we have a hint we've got reverb you know what you know I like you guys so I will give you a hint it's something to do with pace what you think fast when it speeds up just wonder when the tempo speeds up like a beat switch 10 seconds 9 let's go 8 [Applause] think man from again doing it here you go these are your last big tokens from music 3 please 3 there we go ready to play do I just go in whenever yeah how are you today be a winner today stay with 3 oh that's a good one boy yes money money money money money all right guys what category do you want that animal okay are you playing for 1.2 points or 3 points big gratefulness massive hogs animals for three points which animals de Swiss law prevent own prevent only owning one off as they are social animals and don't enjoy being alone is dog dogs or hamster I reckon dogs are hamster you're on a shout here for love dog for sure hamster definitely you can buy a hamster for five euros - no need to disrespect hamsters on them my dog had a separation anxiety he's a weird animal for free that's too easy hamster rabbit with slow I think is going to be out there and I think it probably will be like a gerbil hamster something on that rabbit there hope to double Z listing [Laughter] listen this hamsters there's gerbils rather a guinea pigs you know how there's like a baby time for money here that's so big from the boys you know a thousand and gone for more [Music] okay what category would you like next you're gonna need science history history how many points like the three big dick point three listen shut up consistency or labor in it when it will start Oh in which century was the Declaration of Independence signed yes I think there were 125 years ago I was an old 19th century because where I've only like 125 years not too long ago the 2010 trees too soon 2020 wait we're in 21st right now we're twenty years nineteen out 1919 boomer it was 1776 how many points would you like to go for free which body of water borders Turkey Greece and Italy okay I'm gonna fart some names if it Caspian Mediterranean training is Italy whatever if it may all wait what are free countries which body of water board is Turkey Greece and Italy Greece and Italy Mediterranean is all three of those Italy is in the training the center you're saying Turkey is on the far right-hand side reason is in that little bit Josh seems very clear I know well back you burn a Mediterranean cruise it does all three of those a lot in Turkey why two on one and one on three oh yes look down oh oh it's going over which one we sound boys - okay how many points are you playing for which film has been pulled from some cinemas who's the question that is that is three okay the question was which film has been pulled from some cinemas recently due to outbreaks of violence and it was the blue story yeah that's good you bang that I'll put Harry's life on that again all that solid that is that is consistence and I was bad please big gap there that's not going anyway that's it's not good at all go to again yeah yeah all right to please think I'm in oh that's what you wanted no you wanted does a salmon job you know what you guys are having a stinker here you've won that put it back in you lose the hundred but you can play it you can list a hundred do you want it do you want to do this again risk it okay so you've lost 100 feet of score [Applause] you are consistent come on are you gonna get more than 100 back from this I hope so your final category is the human body above a thousand here okay semen well you're going for the three-point question yeah he jogs what is the average healthy temperature of a human being in degrees centimeter why turn your back to the camera what same time though is that 20 he's good you know what you guys are on the road yeah if you I'll give you two degrees either side of what you get I'm giving you two degrees here side two degrees either side I think 135 that covers covers 37 36 35 36 let's just say it man yeah basics okay it was 37 so again so I'll give you three points but I had to help you out there tell me when oh yes know when when tell me when now I know I know well now well you got some money here actually we do been before him there he's fucked it that is the spot oh it's big oneness oh you're good you're good you're good Oh 400 quid right there you know we're gonna leave it that you can add to that you're gonna add to that I'll go for different unorthodox hmm probably not gonna drop anything right now I think his mouth at me he did you know I'll give you an extra hundred if you get anything when now I'll give it actually 200 he's wait he's going on just got fatty no semi chub okay he's gone for number two number two come on we're now dangling it that's a banger that is the same spot that's a banger what do we have here if you can get three here Ethan you've doubled your score from a thousand to two thousand this is your final piece he's gone 40 your final days in solid eight consistent so in your last four discs you've added a thousand your score which means the four of you take home two thousand pounds Oh shows if you work hard you gets it to the bottom you can always make it better so make sure you subscribe in a side bed shadow before you do go yeah we're trying to overtake five people you are subscribe when you watch these videos what's wrong fix up subscribe please can we beat phase two ten mil easy dub make it easier [Music] you we're gonna being better one in 7d the chip is just a water spray