- Seven Apple watches. - Seven Apple watches. - Two Mac Books a phone and iPad. - It came in a trolley. - Please show mercy please I beg please. - How do you know I want it. - Cheers. - How's it going guys. Welcome to, I'm not going to tell you yet. It's basically. (groups laughs) - It's in the title. - It's actually in the title. All right the Sidemen are here. We've got team one, which is me, Vic and Josh team two which is Ethan and Simon and team three, which is Toby and JJ. We also have six wonderful fans. (fans cheer) - Team four. - First two come in. What's your name, sir? - Hussein. - Hussein nice to meet you. - Ishmael. - Nice to meet you. You are on their team. (group cheers) - What's your name man? - Elijah. - Elijah nice to meet you. - Junior. - Junior nice to meet you, man. You are with the Nigerians. (group laughs) - Hello how are you? - I'm Amy. - Amy nice to meet you. - Kaitlyn. - And you're with us. - You're with us. - So the video is spending $100000 on fan. (group laughs) - No way. - No way. His 100 k is real now. - It's not fake. - Don't contact me. - If you knew me before delete my number bro. You don't know me anymore. Delete my number. - My advice is start thinking now because actually difficult. It's actually difficult. - No it is hard. - It's not each. - Okay so it works out at about 33 grand per team. So each person has 16.6 grand to spend and you've got to spend it before 3:00 PM or it doesn't count. - What's the time? - We're here to help. - I can spend. - 16 k. - All on his card. - It starts now. - Are we going yeah. - Your time starts. - I mean that's on these guys you guys want to go? - Your time starts now. (group laughs) - Before we get started a massive thanks to Lord's Mobile for making this video possible. - Lord's Mobile is a banging strategy game to pass the time, wherever you may be. You combat on massive armies with just a single tap. You can choose army troops and hero formations, create a bad OCT, make alliances and eliminates millions of enemies. - You can capture lock up, execute, and even charge ransoms to other players with different strategies that allow you to destroy thousands of troops with just one click. There's no game, quite like Lords Mobile. - It also has a new tower defence game mode. You can use four different kinds of verge cards to create a every unleash your strategy in different battle conditions. - You can get these cards from three chests every day. It's a great spin on a classic tower defence game. - [Josh] Lords have also given away $36,000 of prizes. This includes iPhones, PS5s and cold hard cash baby. And this is all for just playing the game. If you want to find out more, click the link in the description down below. - Whatever it is if you want shoes get shoes. You want shoes clothes food, anything. - Drinks anything. - This is a lovely day to be a Nigerian. - Yeah so think. What you can get is feasible. You can hold on to it as well. Anything too big. - Yeah I need something to be like a souvenir not, like a cup. - A cup. - You're going to need more than a cup. - I want an iPhone 11. - Oh easy. - 12. - Oh my God. - Can I get a phone? - A phone. - Yeah bro. - You wanna go to the Apple shop. - Why you asking can I get bro? You can get whatever you want it's real money. - Oh my God. - Can I get a tango icebox please make it 10 of them. That works. You can get food. You can get whatever you want. You can get McDonald's we could get like 100, but. - What did you think it was then? - I don't know we thought running around. - We thought it'd be like a bingo challenge or a treasure hunt or something like that. - I hoped it was a gymn challenge or something isn't it? I was like why not? - Canada Goose. - It's a bit hot for a jacket right now. - Canada Goose is Canada Goose. - Is it 16k between us? - No each. - So what you getting in Selfridges? - A pair of Balenciaga. - Oh okay. - A collection you know. - This is interesting so we've only ever done this video as a bunch of guys. And we just get like, we get like scooters and watches. - We got to the boys section basically. - So this is actually, this is going to be a very unique perspective here. How do girls spend their money? - Make up. - I'm not going to lie I love watches. So that might have to be. - You have to buy a watch. - I know the Hublot. - I don't know. That could be your whole budget gone. - You could be done by 12 bro. - I want to be smart about it. I want to be smart man. - I don't care. - Wait what do I even buy. - Chill, relax bro. - You guys gonna get run over bro. (laughs) - You know life counts as time. - I know bro. - I want because it keeps the value. So if you didn't. - Talk about investments. It's an investment. - No its true. If you want to buy something that you like, if you say if you want to sell it like. - Yeah I know what you mean. - One watch is bought like video. - Anything it's an investment. But your saying get anything we can sell. - Well, no, but just to keep it in mind, I would. - Selfridges got everything. - More or less. Anything I can afford. - The only time we've been to Selfridges is to browse. (group laughs) - No browsing anymore. - No browsing. - No browsing. - It's game time. - It's just jokes. Just seeing their faces, hey you see look. The sideman doing bits for the people. You know how we do man, every day different shit. (laughs) All right they're going to the first shop Canada Goose. - Do you know what I'm actually the pressure's off bro like I feel so. - It's not you this time is it. - Cause when these videos come up, it's like, what the fuck? - That's the shop your going? - Oh my God. - You guys could literally buy everything in that shop right now. So I'm just saying, if you want to take a diversion. - Bro I don't know what to buy. - Bro anything go crazy, man. - It's too hot for this right now. - That's what I said to you. You can get ready for the winter. (upbeat music) - After you guys. - What size is this? - How much? - Bro that's. - Okay can I get this in extra large please? - What about someone else you know? What about spending? My mother? Thinking of my mother. She's going to watch this. Mum you better watch. Mum I'm going to try. I promise. I'm going to try. - Yeah I got the Canada Goose. - Canada Goose. - Nothing too much. - Nothing too much. - Take a little 65. - Just one k you know. (group laughs) - Just a little one k. - 625 over a K already. Let's go we move. - Next shop. - Let's go. - Spending all day every day. - He's used to this here. - This is good it's fun bro. - Money man. - Are you sure this is the right way to Harrods. - Bro I don't know I'm following you. - I know. - It say from the east to the west. (group laughs) - You got jokes. - Don't leave me. - Give me that receipt. Let me take that back. - If they went straight into the deal. I reckon one of those bags would be the whole budget. - We got to a bag. I want a. - The best was not a bad shot, you know but 100%. They aren't tempted to buy it. All right, fine. Your right man it's so different. Like the girls just go straight for fucking. - The bags right. - I love how, when you was shocked, you put on the accent and then when you're flexing in front of the cameras, like British cheeky, little six two five. - Yeah this one, it's all furry. Or these. - You know going to be they need to just like go quick. - Time flies. - That's the thing here as well checking out takes so long, like you'll spend 20 minutes every time you buy something, just checking out. - That's actually a banging idea. Junior we should get a camera you know. - You get a camera. I mean, that's a long time if you want to keep filming You Tube videos. - Right now, we're like kind of doing it. But we haven't been consistent enough. - We done our group channel like two of us it's because A levels and stuff. Everyone wasn't inactive. And now everyone's going to uni do you get me. - This could be the platform to launch you. - I mean, yeah like a lot of people going to see this. - Give us a shout out. - Switching the self mode. - Self mode. Easy now. - So we can film shelf mode, self mode, Selfridges. Shelfing. - I need that store. - Your not feeling that. - Domino yesterday bro. This man already knows LV and Gucci today. (group laughs) - All I know. - I like that one. - Do you want that one? - Go for it. Get it done. Check the price. - Yeah check the price first. - You have to ask them. Normally the price is inside them. - That's when you know you're shopping bougie when they don't put the price on it. - Yeah how much is that bag there? - 2400. - Big up NMW. Be sure to subscribe link in the description. - That's like five bags you know. (group laughs) - Am I guessing? - Like starting to. - Start where the watches are. - You want a watch. - Yeah I want a watch. - Watches. - Let's go then. - I don't want to spend budget. - No, not all the budget. - Five k Rolex. - Little five k. What is he saying? - I feel it's illegal saying that. - Little five K Rolex you might have. - What happened you going to get to 12. - Even if I go big that's still only 1000. I got 16k bro. - 16000 pounds. (alarm wailing) - What is she doing? What are you doing? Pay it back at once. (siren wailing) You can't take that anywhere. - Fine watches that way. And then like contemporary ones down there. - Fine. (group laughs) - That's all we know. - It's all we're going to do fine watches. - Yes please. - Are you going for it? - Oh she's committed. - Our first purchase of the day. - I'm just going to go for it. - Should I keep notes on my phone so we don't. - Yeah you need to. - If you spend over, we get by the way. That was a lie, but accepted it. - Me and Junior come out of the car, into his house two minutes. His sister's like, so say why you think the Sidemen will choose you this guys goes we're black. (Junior laughs) - Hublot's there. - Hublot this man wants a Rolex. He knows he wants a Rolex. - I need a Rolex man. You need a Rolex. - I need a Rolex. - Everyone knows he needs one. - We decided who's paying with a quick little rock, paper scissors. - Harry passed on his grip because he knows he can't get involved. (group laughs) - Rock paper scissors. - All right enjoy. (Josh groans) - Sorry. - Don't apologise. - Yeah can I get one iPhone 12 pros please and then can I get the latest Apple watch as well? - So can I just get an iPhone 12 mini and an iPhone 12 pro max. - We're actually snobs bro. - This is why we shouldn't be rich. - How are we paying for this. I don't know we paying for this. - We don't have a Sideman card. - I don't have a Sideman card. I have my business so as per usual I'm going to up paying out of my money. - I just can't to. - I apologise. Oh, sorry not sorry. - I wonder what people in the shop must think. So there's two girls going around just buying things, three guys just pulling out credit cards. They must've liked some awful kind of. - It looks so dodgy. - I don't know. (Amy laughs) - We've got Apple watch, Apple iPad Pro apple juice. - Apple juice. - One. - How many? - One, two. - Bro how many iPhones do you have? - It looks like three. I think it's three. - You got three. - Three iPhones. - And don't call him on any of them. - No one lose my number I've told you I don't know you. - I'm telling you is my turn now obviously didn't spend too much only two k. (group laughs) Only two k. You know, just got a cheeky iPhone two just a cheeky iPhone cheeky airpods new one and the old one you know. - How much of the Airpods cheeky like one 50. - Not too bad. - Not too bad. - 200 not too bad. - How much? - Bro five, nine two. - Me zero. (group laughs) - I forgot the zero I as like wait. - Five nine two zero. - Three bags, 3000. - I still got 10k. - Not bad not too bad. - Just look at it. - Its cleaving, bro. - There's so much choice. There's a price tag. We don't even need a. - You can see you have to ask for these ones you have to ask. - This is how we know we don't belong here. When you have to ask for the price. Hi there can we know some of the prices here, please. - [Lady] Yeah of course this is stainless steel the medium size will 5,600. - 5600. - 1,890 already. - Bang light work. - Within like five minutes. - That's like a third. That's like a 30th. There's a long way to go. It's a 15th of the budget. - Oh no. - If I want to be a YouTuber. Do I need a piece I need a good PC. - You might as well bro. - I need a good PC. - So for the black is slightly a bit more. So this is 6450. - Some bougie stuff right there. It's lang in it. I think we now have to do the class. - Oh, snap. - Whoa. - Oh snap. - We've been invited into the candy room. - Geez this is sick. (group laughs) For a small price of 1.8K. You get to go in this room. - Oh the day just got better. - Oh God, I think this has been the best day of my life. You know, I'm gonna be honest with you. Nothing tops this. - Not really no. - Just casually walking in London. - You know KSI is next to me. KSI is behind me. - I like that one. So you see that considering it. - That was kind of coward. - Yeah that is nice. - I like that one. - I like the colour. - I'm buying you the watch. (group laughs) - That's pretty sick you know? Although I feel like people that shop in don't go camping. - I was thinking a glumping video. You get a little what you saying. - I've never held this many bags unless it's for its yum. - Unless it's yum. You know the way the blue bags. - I've never held this many bags unless I'm coming from Doston bro. - If you know about Doston market. - When they say one, one bowl of vegetable for one pound and I'm here holding three iPhone for three k. Bro no one chat me. - Actually delete my number bro. - Delete my number bro. - Actually delete my number I'm done. I'm actually done. - I might go for this one you know. - That's a timeless watch. - What we say you think. - Simon, what'd you think? - It's up to you, bro? - I'm not here to persuade you in any way. But it looks sick. - That one will last until your 30 and you still look class. - Oh yeah I think I'm going to go for this one. - Which one did you go for? - I went for this one here. - Slick. - Yeah I like the old black classic. - For how much? - It's 1300. - Not bad. - You guys want a little tour of the store? - Yeah I'm feeling like a little store tour today. - You wanna give us a store tour. - No time is money. - Time is money. - Yeah thank you. - For any occasion. - Well, I'm celebrating I'm rich now. (group laughs) - That's good. - I'm joking. - I've never been in here you know, I've never been in here. - To be honest I didn't need tour the Microsoft. I just want and leave. - And here we go I present you with. - Thank you so much. - Look at that. - Two handbags ready? - Keep the momentum up. Let's go guys. Let's go - Let's go and see Balenciaga. - Excuse me how much is that PC there? - For the studio? - Yeah. - I think just over three grand. - What we saying about that? - We'll pass. - It looks nice man. - Lovely. - It looks three k. - I mean. - A very good editor. - It's in your budget, bro. - I mean it's very good because you can go to into studio mode. - Bro I want this. - Oh hello. Why is it touch screen as well? - Toby just like he want to buy it. - Toby is like screen. (group laughs) - Presents for your mates. - No, I'm saying that. - Hey, us. - You know what? I will take something. - I want a present. - I'll see something I like and ill get it. All right cool. - You know cause you've got big arms, big watches in it. That's a smartwatch. - Can I get this please. I already know I want it. - You might want to learn it now run. - Bro no wonder all the security guards are watching. - Just surrounded us. - How much is the Xbox. - The Series X. - Four 50. - Only you might as well get one. - I might as well. - That's not even going to chink in the budget. (group laughs) - All right we're on the women's floor. Harry are you eyeing this up for a gift for you? - For me? - What is it rubber? - There are. - Oh, it's like I don't know what it is. - Slow down. - Sorry. - Let's just go on. - Oh my God. - She screamed why? - What are you seeing? - Look at the shoes - Oh, the crap's. - Look at past the ones. I'm getting them. I'm going for it. - I think I got a pair. - Yeah we have time. - Anything else you guys want in here? - [Ishmael] I'm not going to go get my mom a coffee machine. - Yeah where's that? - You walked passed it. - We're going to John Lewis to get the Dell. And you want to get your mom a coffee machine? - Coffee machine for me. - I got Apple store - What are you getting? - Two iPhone 12s. - Two iPhone 12s. - One for me and my mom. - I feel like you should get the. I feel like you should invest in yourself. - How much? - Are you going to get the most out of it? - Can I get one as well. - Elite Xbox? - Yeah everything. - One more Xbox. You got an Elite Controller? - I think. - Top class. - That's a bold colour. That's out there. That requires an outfit. - There's so much pastil come on get these ones. - How much it is? 79 pounds you said. - 79 pounds or you could go for that one there with a bigger water tank that's 99 pounds. - Not even about price as well. - It has nothing to you right now it has nothing to you. - Shut up. I like that colour as well. Got to get my momma coffee. We've got that. - Josh I'm thinking like for my gift, I think this. - Yeah, I was thinking nice to me. - So we got, and we'd be matching. Me and you. - Oh, with the blue hoodie. With the hoodie you got me the Supreme. - Do you want me to buy you a. - No I don't want. - Get you some nice shorts. - Are you a size 10? - By any chance? Or we could share them. - Share them. - On the weekends you can have them. - Shout out to all the sisters. Shout out to Madam Dressone. Get out, the cocktail and take aways podcast. Shout out, Beatrice shout out Grace Ajuloi big sis. Shout out all the Alice, my nieces, nephews, everything. You know the man, V20 Kenny Bright, Bunya. Everyone shout. - Shout out to everyone. Everything he's just said V20 in particularly. You're the reason we're here bro. - You guys are discovering the wows of this shop in that the guys going to find shoes like 10 minutes ago. He's not coming back. Guys if you want to leave and go and find something else to buy. I wouldn't say that's a bad call. - What time is it? - It's like 20 past 12. So you've got like two hours 40 left. - Total he's your time. - Yeah like this time is money. So if you guys want to go somewhere else, let's go somewhere else. You can always come back. He might have the shoe by then. - Leave while he's gone. - That's money don't sleep, bro. - It's true. - Vics different now. Okay. We're going upstairs now, we're done with these floors. We've got fine watches. - Upstairs. - They got their fine watches. They got coffee machine for the merger. Now we're going to get into Canada Goose I think. And then iPhones. And then iPhone season. - Your moms are going to search you isnt it. You tell her you spent 9 million Naira when you have uni coming. - What's wrong with you. (group laughs) - Bro nah, my mom won't watch this. My sister's will if my sister snitch. I'm dead. - But the thing is your aunties are going to watch it. When they put in that WhatsApp group chat. - Auntie close your eyes. - 16 k. - Is that Junior? - Close your eyes. Any Auntie snitches just close your eyes. - Is 9 million Naira bro. - 16k. - That's a house. - Honestly. - That's why everyone invest about Columba. I don't have the capacities. (group laughing) - I'll stay you guys go shop. - Thank you. - I'll text one of these guys when the guy comes back. All right go, and make use of the time. I'm all about efficiency. I don't know why I'm encouraging people to be efficient in spending. All money, but it's fine. I'm holding it on the floor. It's for the people. - What a man? - So we decided to get an Xbox. - Xbox. - Yeah we decided to get an Xbox. - It's cheeky like how much 609. - Not too bad. - 609 pounds. - 609. - You know we move. - Nike towns there. You try and go. - Have you got time before Harrods. - Five, 10 minutes. - Okay then we can do 10 minutes quickly. - Nike we're going to have to a boom. - Quick. - Just buy. - Oh wait. - The shoes. - Shoe man. - We bumped into shoe man on the way back we did the walk of shame. - We tried to do pull up. - We tried to pull a fast one on him. - Is he looking at the Moncler. - You wanna look. - We'll come back. - Yoshino Burberry oh my God. - You know what it is I don't want to spend too much on designer. - That's what I mean I don't like heavy designer and I'm kind of an, I quite like low-key stuff. - See that suddenly they saw some sun glasses. - I like them get them. - Brown or black. - I prefer black. - That's quite like it. Look at them. - How much are they? - 270. - That's all right. - Guys I've spent so much money I'm sweating. - But we haven't spent a dime. - They've spent so much money I'm sweating. - We need to break some news to them. - What's the news? - Look at their faces. - Well because your playing with my emotions. - So we might've got a little bit too excited. It's still okay. It's 16k dollars not pounds. - Let's just break this down. - Can you just say it one more time? - 16k dollars not pounds. I'll tell you. It's like 12 K pounds. So you're still good. - Oh, okay. Just a little bit less to spend in Harrods. - Nike man it's Nike. - But that's all right because bro how much have we spent? - I just spent like 900, 982 in. - So I'm on 8.1k. - Your on like four and a half. - What? - That's not right. - No that's not right. I just spent. - No it's five and a half. - You're on 8.1. - Yeah Elijah. - Elijah is bro. - I've got frozen socks on and the cameras out. - Frozen socks. - Because they go well with these. - I love the frozen socks. - About the frozen socks. - You look at face someone how much i have 12 bags. - Six bags. - Or something like that. You're gonna have to hold this for me. - Oh, I have to hold the Cartier. - Just hold that. - They match the jeans. - Well not really bro. - They're the ones. - That's all right. - You need those. - I should do. I would really like those, but I'm not. Today's not about me Josh is it? - Everyday is about you, bro. - Okay we're leaving Josh to pay for the Balenciaga in the back. - We need to start doing that. You know, we going to be here for hours. - Yeah divide and conquer. Efficiency drive. - So what are we going to do now? - I want to look at Valentino. - Valentino Jesus Christ. - Valentino you like Valentino. - Jesus Christ. - ♪ This could be the start of something new ♪ ♪ It feels so right to be here with you ♪ ♪ And now looking in your eyes ♪ ♪ Feeling my heart ♪ ♪ The start of something new ♪ - Oh, something like this, maybe. - I like that. - That's a nice one. - I like that. - Try it on. What saying price eight nine five. - I'm going to try it on though. But I call it. Can I try it on please. - Going to be lovely for the winter. This is a shoe made out of laces. - I mean it's cool yeah. I mean, it's just not, it's not. - It's levels beyond bizarre. - It's too artsy for me bro. I think it's it. Pushing the boat out too far. - Oh yeah JJs is not here by the way. He's on another cab because he couldn't fit. - [Elijah] He said he hates us. He said that we destroyed his account. So we're just going to take a breather. - You're not serious. - We didn't destroy his account crypto did. - I sure hope so. - I feel like I've sunk into it. I will set my 40% off. - What those about you. - Just for the content maybe walk up and down. - Oh you want to try them on. - I'll try them on. How can I say no. - They can let your feet go in those. - Size 10. You know the call discriminate bro. - I guess so. - Dude, come on. - So much money. I don't even know what to do. - More harder than you thought it would be. - Yeah it is a hard. The time just ticking. Cause all these rich places is it city like you're waiting there for like 20 minutes just for them to sign papers and stuff. It's not normal in it. It's not normal. - We thought it'd be easy. But you don't know the struggles. - The premium service. The struggles of being rich. Who would have thought. - Bougie life you know this is a bougie life. (bell rings) - This is looking better now. - Let's keep up this pace onwards. - I found the golden room, back there it's like three, four grand shoes. All the sparkly ones. - If I was getting heels bro. That's the one I'd get. - 2.2. - The crap de la crap. - That's the crap de la crap. - Right come on. Let's let these girls spend their money. Move it along. - We're in Harrods now guys, we're going to do some Harrods shopping. - We got one hour left man. - I've got five k to spend. Oh my gosh it's K. Oh my gosh is that KSI. - Now guys. I think you've ordered too much. (groups laughs) - I'm not going to lie to you. - It's a lot. - I'm not going to lie to you. - It's a lot. - He's getting this. Getting the Moncler. You're getting this. - Yeah I'm getting it come on. - Okay. - Price tag. - Price tag I don't even know. - He doesn't even know. - I don't even know. - You don't have a camera bro. I should check. Yeah. - My sis got Moncler face mask. - I've seen it six grand. - You are lying. - Six grand bro. - Six grand. - You're lying. - Look six grand. - I was about to say let's walk away. - That's your money done. - Oh wow this is crazy. - If you wanna put it anywhere. - What the hell. I need to do this next time I come here. - I've never come here anyway. - I don't normally come out anyway. - That's the thing. - It's hard to find what you have to buy. I think they got like they spent like three grand each I think. - You think they're a bit nervous to spend too much. - I would be I was nervous. Every time I do it. So why would you not be, you know. - Thing is though they said they don't get more materialistic stuff and they keep going to more materialistic shops. Although they got some good ideas. So hopefully they execute them. Then want to go to Starbucks and buy everyone in Starbucks, their drinks. - Is that you yeah. Give me some of that. - Can I try a large please? - This one. Yes please. That's what they're getting in the Moncler. - No way. - You dint know that? - I did not know that at all. That's sick. - Mad isn't it. - Yo, Donald duck. - Thank you man. - Okay so what did you want to do? Did you want to go men's wear? Did you want to go technology? - Everything. - They're toll free. - So men's wear and then technology. - What did you get in Tiffany's? - What's the damage because I was filming. It was so bad. - I got a ring and that was 400. - I thought we can take that. - Was it four 50. - Four 50. - I see how your moving. Worth every penny. - What do we got over here. That's 1,450. - Nice. - Matching when she sees. - I was going to say. - Ring now. - We're kinda now caught in between an Apple watch for our five friends. Like one each but it's between us both. - Got you. - And then I'm going to get my Apple kind of phone. - Let's get the Apple. - And it's you next as well to pay. - When is Harry paying? - Yeah when are you paying. - Amy you are on 4,100 spent. Kaitlyn 3100 spent. So we need to get it going. - John Lewis and Apple are both that way. - Laptop. He's going to get a phone for his brother I think. I think his brother wants a Samsung phone. - A Samsung phone. - Yeah he said he has an iPhone now. - An android. - I'm an android as well so is he. - Android. - He wants to buy android. He was on top. - On top. - Wait if I get a TV, can I get it delivered? - Yeah. - Bro can I get a TV? - You can get a TV. - Yeah I can like Oh my God we should have come here first bro. - I'm not buying you an Android am I? - No. - I'm not buying him an android. (group laughs) - How funny is it that like everyone's seen like different groups of us in Selfridges. - And just walking around. - And some people have been clocked upstairs. Some people have been caught downstairs. So some girl had seen a Harry in the upstairs. - Oh my God. - With the girls in the woman's one and then other people have seen JJ and Toby. - Bro I'm finished come with me. You see this beautiful TV 4k? Yeah, 150,000 pounds. This is a house. - No, the quality is not. The quality is mad. - 150. - I need to see a football game now for me to really identify how crazy this is. - There we are. The Apple store. The big Apple. - This individual Apple store money. - Oh yeah. Big time. - 20 geez. - And today welcome the levels again. Come on. - This is a starting one. Starting price. 300,000 pounds. This is a house. - They seem very nice, but I'm very happy that we're not with the girls today. I would have. Because I think we'd be walking around the girls clothing. - At least I can look at the jacket and be like. - I think that's why Harry brought himself on the three, with Josh and Vic because he would not have known how to handle it. He would have been like. - No time today, grab me that. - Let's go to Victoria Secret. That's hard. - All right what did you get? - We got okay. You go first. - Okay so we got in between all three, not many dishes up here, but we got a beat pale. Two, three Air Pod Pros. We got seven Apple watches. - Seven Apples watches. - It came in a trolley. The guy came down with the trolley. It was like hey got your stuff. It was eight and a half thousand total. But then you gotta spread it out. - How we splitting this. You know what you want each. - 400. - 3400. - 3,400. All right. - And yours is 5,500. (men shout) - So Katelyn, you were sat on 8,006 hundreds and Amy 7,500. So we got another four or five grand to spend in an hour. - So there's a lot like we've got four of us carrying all your stuff. What's the solution. Suitcase. - Suitcase. - It doesn't have to be like that just any suitcase. - Potentially where can you get good TVs? - TVs. - How do we carry a TV? - Oh yeah true. - You can go and order one from there to be fair. - Could I order one to my house for my mom and dad. - What's going on? You're meant to be buying stuff. (laughs) You're playing FIFA. Oh my God. - I don't think your meant to hold your bag like this but. - He's too drippy to be told. - No, I can't be asked. I cannot be asked. - So you want to buy an iPhone? - I think. - You want to buy an iPhone? - It's money, man Vic. - [Harry] He's paying for all. - [Josh] Don't be trying that. You got some catching up to do so money man. - I just eight and a half bags. I just dropped two. I hate you. - [email protected] Yeah I just got a quick 4k TV for the. Family first, 1,100. - Your boys is not spending. - As far as I'm concerned, that's his business. I need, you got me like you can play FIFA you know? And he's got more money than me left. I think he's got about five, six K left. I'm only got four or three now. - What did you get? - Some amazing women's perfume. - Some perfume. - I'm really happy with it. I got a 330 pounds worth from this perfume. I'm going to smell good. - Smelling good for the. - Can I buy this one please? - Let me check. - Thank you cheers. - Thank you. - It's lang in it. - It's so small. - It's smooth. - And it's my sister's got the old one. And it's just beautiful man. - It feels nice. - Look at this guy. - I can't believe this. - Look at him. - Two minutes by the way. Why you losing? Oh really? - A pair of that's budget. I got that much left. - Five grand. - Is that how much the TV normally go for? - Get one going for like one. - I got one of these. - Of course you have. - Harry be like, can I introduce you? Can I show you one of these TVs. - Is this what you want? - This was only 700 quid for this. And it's the same thing. - No this is not. - It's seven grand Harry. Look how weird this is. - Look there seven grand. - What and I did it properly. - Which one you thinking? - A bit of this and a bit of this. Best with the technology in it. - Okay. - After the iPhones. - You only got like 45 like 50 minutes left, you know, - 50 minutes. - 50. - This is hard man. Don't get rich spending money is hard. Stay poor. - What kind of message is that. - I'm joking go on your hustle. - That's 65 inch. - That's actually a brilliant. - 51, 8. - Fan here mate a selfie. - Josh always makes time for the fans. - I can't believe it, bro. - It's hard to spend money in it. - Trust me man. Like honestly, I work like retail, so it's fucking tough. And it pays all right. Like it's really good for my age, but I'm saving as well. Like I've always saved like I don't like spending at all. - Two iPhones. - Did you get the three. - No, the third one's for the third ones the Android. - Android. - Come on. - Stay over there though. (group laughs) - Josh what do you think about this one? That's pretty good. - No sorry fans. - Oh bro, bad joke. We got no time. - 1700. It's a decent size. It's 4k Q LED. I don't want means. - Can I order it to my house. - I'm sure you can. - You getting it Amy. - Yeah I need to splash out the cash so. - Yeah ill have one as well. (group laughs) - Eddy. (KSI laughs) - Is that KSI I'm hearing? - Is that big KSI? - Have a laptop secured it. - Will go and pick it up and they do to be there. Jeez all right, let's go maybe. - Next thing yeah. - We've got the goose, we've got the laptop going to get some shoes. - Don't know what else we're going to get? - This man is living. Might get a car. Not now - Thank you guys. Thank you. - ♪ in the moon light ♪ ♪ Your my holiday ♪ - Oh stop. - I need to go to the like clothes. - We want to get clothes. You sure you don't want no tech yeah. - No tech. - All right it's your turn mate. - You fucking wish. - Off you go. - 400 quid. Eight and half grand and apple. It's the money man. It's yours for the rest of the day, bro. - Can I ask one of them to buy me a phone case without taking a piece. - You're taking a fucking piece. - Your taking a piece. - Yeah buy your own fucking phone case. - It's 49 quid bro. - Yeah exactly buy it. What have you paid for today? You've paid for nothing today. All right get your own phone case. - I just want a phone case bro. The issue I've got is this one I bought, but it's like leather and it just a bit, it's not how I like it. - You've got a bigger bottle. - Yeah a bigger bottle will be 200. - Yeah I'll grab that as well. Yeah thank you. - This man do you know what I feel blessed that I got this man today. - Come on. - Because he's come on the smoke bro. He knows exactly what you want. - It's all about the planning. - Yeah, exactly. - There you go. - I love it. Cause if it was me I shit myself. - Yes please yes thank you. - You know big up man like best for not getting declined all day. - So you recommend a G7X or I400. - They got like. - Hey sling that my way. - Eight grand left. - Fucking. - I'm getting a camera because I'm starting on YouTube. So I feel like it would be a good start in camera and get the quality of the videos. - And you've got five minutes. - I got the Sidemen exactly I can see what they do. I'll just need to get, so though it takes a few years to get 12 million subscribers. We'll get there. - 4,353 quid left. Let's get some Creed Victus. We have 45 minutes left. What do you fancy here. - I want some Creed really? - Did I do it here? - I don't know. That's the thing but I'd have to ask them. - I don't know if they do it here. - I'm going to have to ask someone. - Amazed they got Tom Ford. Can I have a look at that please? Yeah just wanna smell it. That's nice. That's good. I'll take one of them please. And I just get, have you got Creed Victus as well? - This is Victory. This is the latest one. I like that as well. I'll take that as well. Thank you yeah. - I think I'm going Junior I might go JBL you know. Who's paying? - Okay. Yeah go for it. - Yeah that's it. - He's on it he's who's paying? - I've got the JBL extreme freeze needed a little upgrade for my room. I got it in blacks so. - They want to go to restaurant and pay people's meals. - Okay cause I feel like we've just been really materialistic. - So I think to like. - Your a bad person to me. - That's not hard is it. - Your going to pay for my meal hey. - I am pretty hungry. - I'm starving. - I can pay for your. - You can take us to a fucking rocker or something. - We need to find someone to get these cameras and the TV. - And the TV. - This in a size 10 and size seven. - And then can one in a size, 12 please. - KSI approves of this by the way. - That's approved. I do have plenty of Balenciagas. - ♪ Oh the tax man hates the side man ♪ ♪ He does ♪ - All right current scores Amy 8 pounds and 500. So you got some space. Kaitlyn 10300. - Stepped up the heat. Oh God. - The TV will take it to 11,900 and then a suitcase and I think your there. - You have 4 grand to spend somewhere. - Okay I want to get a TV. - Okay yep. You going to have two grand then. - And then to the restaurant thing. - Oh, okay easy sorted. - I can get an iPhone. I can get three iPhone 12s. That's like free bags. - Just get every colour. - This is the thing we always do when we do the spending videos. We buy just. - iPhone, Apple products. - Give Apple more money. - Got three perfumes. Got four. - 3.9 left. - Still. - Yeah. - His are like one left. - You want blue. - Thank you. - Thank you. - Should just pack it in. - Which way do we go? - And the heist is complete. Congratulations. - Thank you so much. - All right should we go for the totals real quick. - So here we go Amy you're sat on 10220 Kaitlyn, 12,020. - Which is over the limit. - Vic you can have that. You have two k left over what we do with that. We're going to try and figure out on the way to the end zone. - To the end zone. All right, let's go. - I need a your wallet as well. I'll take the wallet and I'll take the case. 310. (laughs) Toby I apologise in advance. - Please sir I beg show mercy. I beg please. - Yeah 3.9 Simon's half has got one something left. So I think doing a last minute run to JD. I want to get some new shoes. And then I said to Ishmael, you can talk to Tanya and get the rest of her life, car fund or whatever. We don't believe in the 3:00 PM. We'll let him out there. I said this guy is going to be smelling good for about four years. - Yeah that stuff is going to last me time. - With the watch as well. - Can I get three more things please. Can I get this the phone case and the wallet. Yeah that's it. - Nice mattress. - Like a memory from. - Spend a third of your life in bed. - Yeah that's true. - Away, bro. - He's done for today. - Jzl Toby. - Mister say it one more time to the floor. - He's like Jzl. - It's actually 12,075 pounds you should be calm. - One five. Okay, cool. - Do you know who else is done my bank account? - So Amy still has a bit of money left and she wants to give back. You'd love to see it. So we're going to attempt to put a grand on a tab in this pub. Is it possible to put 1000 pounds on the tab here? Just for people to eat and drink and enjoy. - 1000 pounds. (group laughs) - Because we can. Because. - Everyone's gets free drinks. - Free drinks and food and whatever. - What's the reason? - We're shooting a video obviously. - So we had these two girls with us all day we spent the money on them for the day. Her budgets are spent but they've only got 10 minutes left to spend an extra 1000 pounds. So we said, why not they want to give back to people? So they said, that's just do it in a pub. I can get live on to get a drinks and food, whatever. - Who's got the card. - All right, cool. Let's do it. - JDs it's down there. - This man knows were JDs. - Oh, it's see of course at the back of my hand. - He literally, he's grown up here. Like this is his end. - I feel like if I walked through the doors and I told my mommy, I spend 16 K she'll tell me to leave. (group laughs) - Say what? - I'm not old bro why am I tired. - No I'm tired and I'll stay outside. - Or you know, push your face. - It has. - I haven't said nothing. - How much this is please? - 460. Put me out. All right yeah can I get this finally then please? - That's a wrap. Wait, did the payment go through. Your luck you know. - Just gone through. - 3:00 PM its done. - You're lucky. - We got 20 minutes. Let's just grab as many shoes as we can basically. - What size are you? - That's what's gonna happen. - I'm size eight. - Eight. You're eight. - You're like 11. - You're a child. - Violating. He's not 18. Hey guys, we've put a thousand pounds on the tab for anyone. So help yourself to food, drink, whatever you want. - Why you doing this can we ask? - Just because we're making a YouTube video. We, you know. - Giving it away basically. - All the best to you. - Enjoy. - All the best. - Enjoy guys get yourself a drink or something. - No, we're off. - Can I get these in a size nine please. - Crapt. Or the modern Jordan, one 90 pounds. - Where the forces at? - You guys have gone over the top. (laughs) - Let me just sit down bro. - But there's like no where to sit. - Ladies and gentleman Junior. - I've never shopped this much from myself. - Yeah no chance. - By the way everyone your drinks are paid for up to a grand. So help yourself. - There's a grand in the bar just keep ordering. Enjoy yourself Enjoy. - Bye. - What do you want to do. - Points. - Also whether or not you believe it or not. You know what I mean? You won't believe it until it actually happens. Yeah the pubs gus now everyone's going to be like. - The Sidemen have done it again. Lock down has had people down back, but we are here. - It wasn't the Sidemen it's these two, they could have got themself a. - 760ish quid so far getting a couple more shoes. He spent what 400. - 400. - Jesus. - We go all out for the last bit in it. - My whole bank account. That is a whole bank account blown. - Sorry, mom. - He's got nothing for your mom. - She's going to kill you. - So I'm sorry mom 16K couldn't spend anything on you. I deeply apologise I still love you I'll find something I promise. - 16k and you didn't spend a penny on your mom. - Oh, my God. - All right you still got like one and a half or something. We'll work it out. Whatever is what your gonna do with it. - Well, obviously I want, I'm still young, so I want to get a car. So obviously I still need get my licence so. - You going to buy a licence. - No I want to buy a licence. I'll get someone to do my test. And then. - You don't want me to do your test. - What did you get boys? (group laughs) - What the fuck is this? - Obviously team nights. Lots of green bags. Tell them what you bought. - You want to go first. - We're just going to keep passing. - We started off at Microsoft. - No Canada Goose. - Quick goose quick 65. Then from there we went to Microsoft. - A couple of X boxes. - Nothing too much. And then we went to Harrods and then that's when the money just disappeared. (group laughs) - Nike, Givency, I fancy with it Balenciaga. We went to Nike you know? Not too bad. - You forgot Apple. - Yeah we went Apple. - Apple and Nike was a bag each. - My money that one just said, no. (group laughs) - I started off 16. And then I think I left with like, oh, 16. And then I think I left with like six off that. Like 5k at Apple. - Yeah we just want to say a huge thank you to you two by the way. ♪ Make make their pockets hurt ♪ (group laughs) - So what's in there? - Oh, that's all the clothes from Nike. - Yeah there's clothes in the bag. - There's not a penny left. - I didn't want to make a scene, but while you're saying I just got shot on. I'm not even joking. - Wait by a bird. - It bounced off my head. - I was confused when you turned around. I was like hang on what? - Is it on your hair? (group chattering) - It could have been anyone. - You just smearing shitting. - I'm trying to get out of my fucking. - Shit on your head. - It's there I can see him. - No there you go. It's gone now its gone. - I had to. Trying to get I Phone quality Samsung. Still got a Samsung though. - Two Androids. - Two I was meant to have at least. I was meant to have like five pairs of shoes, but I dunno, what happened to that. - What do you mean? - Because I went there and then they're like, oh we don't know where it is. And I was 10 and a half. They're like, I didn't know. - And then someone else came picked them up and put them back. - And the after I couldn't get. And obviously this one. Oh, it's laced. - You got them Moncler. - You can just tell. - It's the Moncler. No he wants to fix it. - I can't show you but that's all that you got to see. - What is it there a suit in there? - Nice someone's body in there. - Jacket. - Yeah body bag. (group laughs) - No you didn't. (group cheers) - YouTube's going to hate me, but. - What colour? Show to people. - I hope you got automatic winding up for it. Cause I need one of them. - Same one as me. - That's a mirror. Wait what. - There's nothing in it? It's a scam. - You gotta press something. - It's there. - Is it making sense? (group cheers) - I wanna know how much. - Oh, you wanna know how much this is? 60 bucks. No I'm joking six bucks. (group chattering) I used everyone else's budget. - It's 100 K right. - So I. - He has a grand and a half left. He wants to get a car, right? - I respect that. - Insurance. - I was thinking. - He could have gone to a dealer. - I get a car right now. - It's no time you can get a car bro. - There was no chance. - So I went for a quick little Canada Goose. And then I thought I treat myself so I got myself a little laptop. - A Dell. - ICT technician. - We got some more goodies. - Dior. - Victus. (group chatter) And then we went JD got shoes and then to end with Cartier. - Cartier. (group cheers) - And then that was it really? Oh, I got my mom a coffee machine. Love you mom. - You got something for your mom. - You see that. - Let me go. - And then I got my dad some. - Oh my goodness. - And that was that really. - Have you got money leftover? - He got three bags. - Three bags leftover. - Money left over and got stuff for his parents. - We started off obviously it's Selfridges got everything there. First like a scene frenzy bag. Bought it. A grand. The bag can't find it, but it's brown. It's got fs on it. - You say we. Did Harry do anything. - Yeah he was good. Come on. - He aint never done that for me. - Then I went over to Proda and got. Obviously and got like a nice little bag. - Nice little. How much is that? - It was 1000. (group chatter) - And the we just hopped on over to Balenciaga. Triple assets. We got ourselves some bright well blue. And then we went Tiffany's. I was expecting ring and then the cheapest one really she could show me that I liked was 1,500. So I just. - We to be fair. - And then we thought where else can we spend that much money? Apple store so. - You got pick up that bag. Let's just show the end of that bag. Show the end of that bag - So we got some Apples watches. (group laughs) - What we doing home sailing? (group chatter) - The whole gang. - So they their friends and their family. (group chatters) - We got too much at Apple that they brought it all over in a trolley. - In a trolley. They have trolleys in. - So we got a Mac book each. - I got two Mac books. One for my mom. - One for her mom. - I got three Airpods for my family. - No but you actually got something. - I did. - And we also got. - Oh yeah and the I got an iPad for my brother. And then a Beats player. - Because she's a family member she look at you bro. - We got a lot of perfume. We got like Paco Rabanne the ones. The tops ones. - And then. - We went upstairs, like I got a camera. - They have vlog. - So they invested as well. - And I just wanted to make it quality. And then we got ourselves a TV. - A TV as well. - Where's the TV? - It's on the way. - Delivery was there. - It's a 65 inch Samsung one. - Did you send the budget. - Yeah they smashed it. - Efficient spending. - We got the suitcases. - We were actually on the budget came on the budget. - So I went into a pub but at least that like we went in and we said a grand on this pub. Anyone get to drink they can go there. (group cheers) - You suck. - 20 years this. (group laughs) - Like investments and I think my Frenzy bag it'll for a few years. - How to become millionaires. - Anyway guys, thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed. If you did, please do we still say like and subscribed. - You know what say a million likes and we'll do this again for. - A million. - One person. - A million is minor. (group chattering) - You want two million? Two million likes and we'll do 10 people. - Make sure you subscribe if you've not subscribed, you don't get this experience. - Those pigeons are fucking bro. Look at the pigeons fucking. (group cheers) - Home wrecker. - Thanks to Lords Mobile check them out in the description and we'll see you guys next time. (group cheers) (upbeat music)