that's not so good hey guys so if you can tell from my background I am in a studio again finally working on something new I've been wanting to and this is doing 12 keyboards over here he has obviously his little guitar selection and then in here there's all types of crazy stuff why do so many pianists just because I feel like different instruments just speak to me different days or like I feel like I'll be walking past and like a song will come out and like quick-quick I have to get on this thing and this thing's like a weird little pump organ so to Billie mrs. Dillon Gardner I saw him on Shane snapchat and two of his songs were like stuck in my head so then I was talking to Shane about producers and stuff and he said oh I know this kid Dylan Gardner and I said pause is that the boy on your snapchat and he said yes I said okay put us in touch so we're here and we're going to hopefully make a bob we're gonna make a bob I hope so I'm gonna set you guys up somewhere I don't know where yet and you can watch the process and I'll give you another behind-the-scenes like I did last time because you guys really like that so hopefully when you're watching this you will have a bob on your iTunes perfect antenna core like where do you feel like you want to make sure like go after I go out that song really set something a good direction for first up well that's what I was like wondering in terms of like what are people going to want to see next because out loud is like a dark vibey emotional thing so I was like okay well should I give them another one of those because they like that or do I go in the opposite direction do something more poppy and like just poppy and the one that I have like mostly like skeletal Britain that one I would say it's definitely another like dark vibe and that one's one that's mostly big how does the one design why I need a pre-chorus for it maybe we should like start there just because it's were already like sure you can see where he goes I mean like otherwise write something from scratch just sing a little of of what it is and I'll find the key to explain this too it starts like low-key and sad and then it gets like angry and then it goes low-key and sad again yeah that's what I want to do with this so I wanted to start off like lonely and sad and like lower and then I want the second verse to be like you know what fuck this blah and then I wanted to pull back to almost like a whisper like cry at the end totally yeah so just like verse and chorus is have these big dynamics yeah and I like the idea of like changing the key I love like the explosion of course oh and like a really passionate bridge I need like an emotional aspirin I'm just a disclaimer cuz I get insecure about these things I haven't been doing it long there are some really cheesy lines in there don't worry I write cheesy line perfect and some of them are just sort of like placeholders and like obvi I know that there's a lot of things that you do each other very professional and I have no idea so I just like kind of give you what I have let me see goes okay vibe of it just so you get where I'm going is very link Britney Spears lucky and just like the meaning of song and like Holy Grail jay-z or it's kind of like the dark side of a cool theme even though I'm not famous there's good vibes in this in the studio okay cool I'm gonna find Nikita Aryan ok cool anything where I wanted to start it starts with I'm sorry they don't give me you wish and it's funny how a crowded room feels so damn they don't hear my heart maybe it's just they're not I'm on the outside looking in cuz they don't know just where I've been I'm uh let's do that minion I just realize there's like people I hear them gonna hear me I feel thank or summertime one too know just where happen [Music] [Music] no Joe feel free to change any of that do you get explosion Anacortes there or do you feel like a pull back to that breathy of course is here you get versus really big I think that I definitely want it to explode from the first verse because I hear the first verse being very like like very like almost talky and then a little bit of an explosion but then the second verse I wanted to build and then the second so what's okay what's the verse [Music] that's my favorite part I just love like those little poster I'll definitely pull back and yeah since the chorus is sort of like thanks so major I thought like maybe the first would kind of have that juxtaposition of Ben and minor keys so like the part you racing and I'll see you guys when we figure it out I have to get in the world like and it drives me crazy when I'm not in the world of the song and I'm just sitting there with headphones like I'm not in the world gym not in the world yet are we in the world I think we're in the world we are we're at the front door of the world [Music] I told Dylan I want to snap in this song though a Ke$ha snaps in prank that's how I wanted to snap I don't have my baby that's so hard saying it in my cars myself so many times that I keep forgetting how we changed it oh you're gonna hit them maybe maybe they're just not listening maybe they're just not maybe that maybe the what is wrong with me maybe that maybe that maybe then what the fuck what was it maybe they're just not in fact Dylan has bears just that eat his garbage he talked about them so casually as if it was normal he's like oh yeah when the Bears come and eat the garbage like sometimes a mom will bring her bit what it's a bear bro why is the back of this jacket so weird they can't hear my mind maybe they're just it's so easy what am i doing there's something wrong about this something like there I think there's a lot of dead space am I wrong you're seeing it a little bit different when you have to the mic then like when you're like on the bed just pretend you like definitely see it needs a little more power so I'm on myself I said that mood lighting you were talking about oh now we talking don't tell your girlfriend's I'm surrounded by stars but they don't hear me you listen it's funny how a crowded room can feel so damn alone they can't hear my mind maybe they're just not this so I'm a myself I'm better off on my own can I hear myself a little more on that actually hey I'm trying to like the release the release the SIA on that yeah that looking man they don't know just where I've been I'm a satellite unless you have you yes okay so we got stuck on the second verse and part of the bridge so I'm gonna go home I'm gonna try to work it out then we're gonna come back tomorrow and we'll bring it out right Dylan we're gonna bang it out I mean let's see we're cat walking in at 12:45 a.m. that's a good new day to me long music day to me yeah tomorrow hopefully we can like finish it so I'm just like I'm just gonna stay up until I think of whatever it is that fits there I just I don't wanna be corny I hate being corny like you know when you hear I saw a lyric in a song like damn that was like such a good song until that line happened I can't let that happen I probably already did it already might have already had no it's not going to happen emotional powerful things I hope it makes you cry I'm outside of Dylan's house and I can hear him playing it in there I'm right to hide right now I'm with Dylan again this is day two we came back and I think we're both inspired we're both refreshed we know where we're taking this song it's about to be so epic and I'm sweating but oh my god Pitt State you know what's crazy when I pick things I never get put sayings I'm sweating profusely I'm capped up I'm excited I'm just like jumping around but I'm just very happy it's all excited for that key change uh-huh key change baby oh really what even the fuck are you I don't understand making it more emotional okay we're recording again what happens [Music] these indigo Knights it's a life that I've been living they think they got it all they don't know what that is that was ugly is did you record that fuck you know I can feel like I can't do what I have the music in my ear is that weird go back so I do they don't know that I miss it and see I can do it without the music they don't know what that is yeah can I do it without bees at all they don't know what that man said but that was a little off [Music] what that auto-tune it'll be good [Music] I know they don't know what they're missing you know it works but someone's told me is to give 70% like just like don't give a shit the problem wire that you're given too much oh yeah give less of a shit because when you weren't giving a shit yeah yeah okay let's try that let's give 70% they don't know what that is is that it see 70% you're right oh my god he's gonna eat the dog oh my god a bear we wait oh thank you for this wonderful gift look at him in the garbage okay I don't know you just popped up like that sometimes I have raccoons [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] please well guys we just finished the anthem oh good is it okay to say that about your own music I'm gonna come back a few days we're gonna do this acoustically whoo I love that a nice little like bedroom session just like jam our bedrooms up that's not a bad use about for my hands are shaking let's do it fat no way perfect my breath stinks no I can't smell breath very insecure about that anyway they don't give me a wish it's funny how a crowded room feels sodium love we can't give my mind maybe they're just not listening so I'm I'm myself I'm better off on my own been standing on the edge for way too long [Music] just waiting for the place that I belong [Music] I'm a satellite [Music] [Applause] [Music] whoa juice Maribel [Applause] [Music] let's you let me go [Music] the shadow [Music] [Applause] [Music] these things are slow but the night moves way to face [Music] need to know you want me here before is I'm a sailor [Music] Oh [Music] don't you smell bad [Applause] a few let me guess I gotta be content with belt playing in the cocktail lovely place don't be funny if somebody's looking and nobody's maybe I'm too quick to pass the play maybe I should have someone to play I'm a seller [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] I know about them [Music] [Music] [Music] on my own [Music] from [Music] so please let me like that one I wouldn't be very suppose that I hope you guys liked that acoustic version of my new single satellite check it out please stream it on Spotify download it on iTunes I really really love the song it means a lot to me and I couldn't have done it without Dylan he's so talented he's also a musician himself I will be linking his music down below you have to check him out the reason I really wanted to work with Dylan is because I was obsessed with his song sign language just completely addicted to it it was stuck in my head and I was like okay I need to work with this boy oh my god do you want to say something hi yeah I mean putting out a lot of new music shortly and putting out a new album very soon I hope you guys like this video I hope you enjoyed the song thank you for all your support thank you everybody who downloaded the song and stream the song on Spotify if you haven't please stream it and download it cuz it really helps a lot I love you guys as always I love you very much thank you for being a part of my family [Music]