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yes no I okay hello how are you doing good to see you could see you could see undreamed annek that itch Wow huh how whoa quality petite let's get these qualities up framerate that's slow as low slow this is siren head and this one looks pretty damn good for how quickly they must have made it can never start a horror game with like a happy note so school is over and my friends want me to go camping with them of course great idea I don't really like camping but you know my friends said hey Freddy you never hang out with us you're always at home playing Atari well I did just get my driver's license may as well go and have some fun hey it's the first day of summer South Point Meadows here I come I'm not gonna regret this me and my friends we're gonna be able to see each other in school again once we get back from camping in the woods where there's nothing evil park ranger guide you can either protect your friends or save your hose yeah essential part of the park ranger handbook leave your friends in the dust welcome to South Point Meadows it's dark out here you can use f to use your flashlight and E to interact with objects don't shine your flashlight too long it could irritate people or some things also use R to ping your next objective if you get lost I got it Southpoint meadows okay Wow sure wish my eyes had better resolutions too much Atari whoa zoom all that time spent staring at a CRT monitor really did a number to my corneas oh hello hello I'm more worried that it stopped hey buds hi friends of mine you literally couldn't have picked up scarier forest what trees are the bees I thought it was summer I didn't the dead of winter no leaves what is it it's a pile of sticks all's good in this neighborhood stuck on a tree good where's the moon I see light but no moon little straight all right this is delightful this is so good I'm so happy I'm not at home playing my Atari oh is that our campsite hey best buds friends of mine let's eat some grow well I don't like that I don't like that at all so all my friends are dead is what I'm gathering from this information that you have delivered to me all my friends are dead and I'm alone in the woods with a siren head after my giblets that's the information I have gleaned from the contextual Clues that you have left me I am a big brand and consolidate our think I might be in trouble that is the second conclusion I'm making from the data you have provided for me [Music] at least the wolves are thriving oh I can run oh good you know I'll save it why would I run Sallah anything's chasing me [Music] what is it at what point is the demonic chanting normal can summon um how would I stay right here how about I don't go either of these directions thou such a variety of noise [Music] such a diversity of noises I don't know what god I hope I'm not walking into a trap I'd be unfortunate [Music] okay Oh No [Music] okay maybe it's just noises it might just be noises and there's actually nothing that's fine that's a badger that's clearly the mating call of a wombat these are normal forest sounds red [Music] that's a honeybee it's nothing to be worried about nothing harmless harmless little thing it's more afraid of me than I am of it all right so far so nothing tried to keep me on my toes my toes iwo Zee yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah did I see something in the woods here ooh what is this hello did I go in a big circle no this is different interesting this is like a campground okay so so what about this I don't know what I'm supposed to do said something about holding our two ping there's no pings I don't have any objectives I don't know what [Music] hello hmm oh that can't be good unless it's very good right now I'm gonna go this way or unless I'm supposed to go towards the sound I don't know I got back to a road finally I don't know which way I'm going [Music] Oh rumbly tumbly rumbly bumbly tumbly okay I think I went back to the fork in the road that I found earlier ooh this is a clearing power lines kind of my guidance ooh there's watchtower over there that'll definitely be good I'll definitely be able to be safe there I can't wait for this let me up there I could use a nap sounds of demons haunting in the woods hatch nothing that's a easy-peasy form easy hello ooh equip the rifle press 2 on the keyboard put it away keeping the mind that you can only hold one atom at a time rapid didn't work what did it press 2 I'm pressing to you too don't know how to hold this rifle oh I have to put who wants to get shot I don't know about looking down the scope apparently who wants to get shot give me a siren head to murder I feel a lot more confident now that I got a gun so let's see what you got siren hood more like siren nerd am i right everybody okay there's the campsite I'm just gonna keep following the road it's gonna follow hey I could have barely hold two things at once well you know maybe the smart me would Oh what I have a ping I actually have a ping god damn it I actually have a god damn and I do have a ping Oh was it the tongue did I miss something in the tower god damn it I did didn't I god damn it fine okay sure okay hey so if I'm up here what do I do was there like some kind of no my ping is still up here I must have bugged it somehow god damn it ah so now I have a ping I didn't have a ping before a strange is that blah oh I didn't find blood that's what it was I didn't find the blood oh my god oh my god so what I had to do is I had to go back because apparently I didn't find the blood therefore my whole experience was ruined well my experience wasn't ruined but the the game loop was broken so I got to go back to the tower now I mean I'm going to the tower for the first time can't wait to see with a help I'm gonna go in the park ranger crates me with open arms and even more open in a vicious yes games making a lot more sense now that I'm not just wandering through the woods surprised I didn't run into sire Ned before Park Ranger Park Ranger Park Ranger Park Ranger senpai oh man is horrible that my friends they're dead they're all dead blood everywhere help oh oh not here looks like the radio tower is down there should be a cellar or underground generator somewhere okay Parker it's kind of messed up that you're broadcasting the death of my own friend to me kinda messed up siren who'd know nope no no no oh I might have bullets to the beginning to the begun Yin rings okay a fire up the sirens baby got it I'm willing to bet I'm willing to bet yeah so I'm thinking that they're active now but I don't know if they can get me up here and I definitely need not waste all of my bullets but I do need to get over to that red so I think if I cut through the woods that'd be better even though I think I saw a park ranger safety warning that maybe mayhaps that might not be the best of ideas [Applause] nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope no no no no no is it all about fucking loser I'm suck oh no no no I suck no no no no no no no no no don't know you don't know where I am there's no way that you know where I am how can you know where I am okay only one bullet per I'm wasting bullets by doing it multiple times I don't know how many I have left oh I'm gonna die again RNA I've shot five bullets now oh that ain't good oh that's not good okay I thought that was no no no no no no I'm done oh my god Sarah's at you I don't have time to check if that was Sarah or not now I just need to get back and call for help oh yeah [Music] no one knows what Freddy did Sarah that don't look like Sarah to me oh okay so I got a bit of a problem I got a bit of a problem and that problem is uh siruni had just kind of sneak sneak sneak my way I really really hope I have bullets oh I hate this no no no no this also I think me upgrading the graphics to ultram kind of killed my my pom-pom rinse like oh that's not good [Music] fine total all good baby all good baby all good baby all good baby baby all good we're baby all good baby all good all babies are good we will be dispatching officers as soon as we can but as you know you can't cancel that area very easy there's a give up Presi to lay down okay you know I'm all right I don't want to lay down I also got to be careful not to accidentally lay down also yeah I don't know if the the framerate is been kicking at it this whole time or if it's just recently and kind of kicking at it but these games sometimes oh oh the same games sometimes do that and I don't know why I've got a good computer and yet apparently that don't matter hey you're coming no matter yeah that's right I'm running screw that screw that screw that screw that so hard screw it sword I have no idea how many bolts I have i pulp - criminy Christmas I have a bullet oh no no no all this too soon no that's too soon oh that's so too soon oh that's so too soon oh no not like this one bullet one bullet I'm running I'm running I'm running and I'm going what okay I thought it was coming after me again okay I've got to be close I think I've shot seven bullets maybe I have eight I'm hoping I've got eight eight would be great oh oh oh not no no no no no please tell me I have eight bullets please I just I so need eight bullets here oh no please eight bullets a bullet 8 bits a bit yes a bullets huh okay here we go goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye did that creature do this how the hell am I supposed to get across now I don't know jump Hey oh I'm sorry oh I'm sorry was I not supposed to jump across the water was that what I wasn't supposed to do cuz it sure seemed like I was oh I'm sorry and I have to start all the way from them are you serious oh my god are you fucking serious wait what wait what wait what wait what what what what wait wait what what what what the fuck what the fuck what was that about what were you doing out of your cage was he doing out of his game so early have I just like been lucky this entire time did I go in like the wrong direction and suddenly I was ahead no it's right here why was it here I don't know that was weird this game is good and scary but I don't like the starting over at the beginning completely alright get back to the tower go to the bridge find it's broken get my butthole reamed so far only one bullet used and pretty quick about it it's been kind of nice not gonna lie okay so I'm gonna get this gun it to the bridge and then I don't know where to go after that but damn you're loud I guess you know in retrospect jumping into the broken pieces of the bridge probably not the wisest decision however you gotta you gotta appreciate my gusto I was scared and you know I just I didn't hesitate I never hesitate I don't do that that's not the kind of person I am you know to you you know to me and you know what I mean I think you all know what I mean okay did that creature how am I suppose to get across now good question good question think I remember seeing a factory over there yeah a factory yeah I'm gonna rebuild it with the factory pieces yep yep Baroni it's awfully quiet in these woods doesn't seem to be a whole lot of monster Oh factory this why is there why would this be in the middle of the woods why would this be in the middle of the woods is the question but why don't and so for the officer said this way I don't know where is this way where am I huh what is this what is this weird okay this makes no sense Oh what is this there's just walls swamp nothing here it's a wall forever decided to build a factory in the woods wasn't thinking about location I wasn't thinking about logistics all right I seem to have somehow voided siren at all the other so this is great this is good this is good stuff I like this a lot ooh interesting almost free keep following this path my gun my guns kind of gone what path I'm in the wood I'm in the woods I am in the woods what path hello uh-huh do tell No [Music] so that was siren ed new-and-improved there were a couple things game breaking things that I did that made the game a bit more frustrating than it had to be I get that however the respawn mechanic being completely at the beginning a little over burdening however that being said the game was still very good it you know it's not any different than a lot of the things that you see in horror games but the style the style is very good and I love the style I think there's a lot of potential for this style and I think there's a lot of potential to see this concept evolved a bit with siren it I think siren ed is just a very scary creature like the idea of siren ed is this very I don't know there's so much potential for the horror there and I like it a lot so there's a lot to be done with this so I did enjoy this a lot so thank you everybody so much for watching let me know what you thought down in the comments below if you want to see more siren ed I think there are more siren head games to play smaller ones maybe I'll do like a three scary siren ed games but uh this will be this for now so thank you everybody so much for watching and as always here's siren ed coming at you right now [Music]