SIZE DISADVANTAGE The toughest opponent is from one weight class below


Chael Sonnen


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there is such a size disadvantage in combat sports and it's been obvious for a very long time and I can tell you fellow athletes know and it doesn't matter if you're coming from wrestling or boxing or MMA the hardest guy you will ever fight is the guy from one weight class below you he's just a little bit faster and he's a little bit smaller which means he can move around a little bit longer his endurance is naturally gonna be there he can get to his attacks he's not too small that you can crush him the toughest guy you'll ever face is from one weight down it is a size disadvantage and has always been a size disadvantage from 198 pound on a tall e who most of you will believe is the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time and the only other person you would argue is a 220 pound Mike Tyson neither who ever had a size advantage I might mention Mike Tyson never even had a reach advantage which were also told us an advantage it's not an advantage it's just who has more of it they should call it the size disadvantage wasn't the champ champs and when a champ champ era which is so great for the sport right Bellator is doing it the UFC's do other organizations are now open to the idea but it's really great for the sport let these guys go out and collect as much hardware as they want let them go build the memories and the resumes that they want they're not all fighting for money and attention some of them are fighting because they're competitors and they want to achieve it's a great thing let them do it I love that this policy has opened up but it's a very real thing and when you go and study it it will back up my premise we have not had a champ champ yet be it George st. Pierre be it Henry cejudo who just got it done Daniel Cormier pit ball who else whom I met Ryan Bader who am I missing guys anybody we have never had a champ champ Randy Couture comes to mind who didn't do it by going up in wait the few Conor McGregor comes to mind the few guys who have tried to do it and had an opportunity and came down and what TJ comes to mind Alicia who have come down and wait don't get it done and the reason is the hardest guy to fight is not the guy from one weight class above you the hardest guy to fight is for one weight class below it is a size disadvantage