SKAM FRANCE EP8 S5 Mercredi 19h18 Le grand air


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WEDNESDAY 7:18 PM -You ok? -Yeah, I'm fine, yeah. It's funny cause I was looking at these huge landscapes and I was thinking... We don't have this, in the city. We get up every morning, we're trapped between these tall blocks of buildings... Whereas here, don't you feel suddenly free? Don't you feel your heart starting to beat, your lungs opening so that you can finally breathe? Don't you feel that? We could build the world out here! We wouldn't need much, you see! We know that real estate prices are super low here. We could just buy... I don't know, a small cottage! Or nothing, actually! Just a field! Just acres of land, you know! Just acres of land! We could have our own gardens! We could eat the food that we grew ourselves! We could learn how to ride horses and we could just ride all day, actually! We could ride all the time! And the real question, Daphné, is... would you come with me? -Honestly? Absolutely not! It's freezing, I'm going back inside. -Yes... It really is freezing out here.