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I'm done hi smells so good walking wait but this Best Chef competition I know I'm going to win this year yes hey chef peepee do you think you make Jeffy some meat oh no not right now Mario I'm practicing for the best chef competition you see you see the plan the best chef competition yes this year are normal with this year I'm gonna be the best shot Oh what are you cooking oh it's just the ravioli ravioli oh oh you what you want some I mean not really I'm good all right Mario eat it while it's hot oh you have the stomach reason no no what is it supposed to be oh really no John it looks good right is it supposed to be brown Mario Dimitri eat a sake know what this good for the competition I mean you know I'm not really that hungry the disorders the doorstep baby I am your waiter I'll be right back all right I'm just cooking uh hello help you oh you see that that's a nice Krantz my Lamborghini is what it is so so tell me this for you why would I Drive my Lamborghini all the way to your house while wearing my elephant [ __ ] suit in the pouring rain why would I do this I don't know what babies do Mario it's do I didn't always do yeah yeah let's do five minutes ago I was just sitting on my computer looking at my bank statements you know riches [ __ ] I am a notification pops up and it says Mario's trying to [ __ ] you so I Drive all the way to your house to get your house payment and I want my car washed so you're gonna paint me your house payment and you're gonna pay to get my car washed oh I don't think I'm gonna be able to make my house payment just mine you're so you think you're gonna slide this one by me Mario we're gonna pay me your [ __ ] house key and extra for the carwash oh you better find a way to pay me my money Mario I don't think I'm gonna be able to pick it this month though I want your [ __ ] hat we work some out wait a minute what what if I told you there's a way I can make you rich I already am rich more you what the other way that you could double your money in a night I'm listening okay so this is best chef competition right oh yeah I know about that I'm in it yeah I'm burst of some dude Namath may be a chef peepee or something said to be ellipse here he's entering that competition and his cooking sucks really bad so if you just spent all your money on yourself to win then it's a guarantee win if he's not gonna win you'll instantly double your money mmm I'm gonna have to try spoof because how am I gonna know if he sucks that bad comingcoming just try food I promise you it's all you're gonna get you gonna win no matter what wait wait growling hey chef peepee oh yes can I try that crap no I mean ravioli now it was getting all your nose wasn't here is this believed Oh Mario Thank You chef peepee huh here it is oh good dog Martha that's my [ __ ] I know it's really bad I don't even have to try that [ __ ] to know that I'm gonna win yeah all my money on me to win this competition if you're gonna win no matter what mm-hmm this will count is your house favorite Mario and I'm so confident now I'm gonna win I'm gonna bet my elephant [ __ ] soup okay yourself a deal all right all right I'm gonna go prepare Oh God so bad welcome to the 35th annual Best Chef competition today two chefs will compete to see who is the best chef in the world and today's winner is gonna go home with the golden spoon so let's meet our contestants all right our first contestant today is chef peepee oh my god I'm so nervous but I know I'm going to win my cooking's great and not second contestant its chef Goodman all right everyone thank you thank you I already know I'm gonna win this competition but I can't give me a second okay he'll bring it back I guess oh wow that's a lot of dough yeah I'd like to make a bet with all my money Oh what are you betting on I'm betting that I am gonna win the Best Chef competition that's a pretty risky bet man those uh chef competitions are pretty unpredictable anything could happen oh I know but I know I'm gonna win okay but you know if you lose you're gonna lose all your money oh I'm fully aware of that but I gotta go but I'm gonna go let's go okay so for today's dish both of you will have ten minutes to make ravioli although we're not gonna show the ten minutes cuz apparently that's filler and whoever makes the best ravioli wins the golden spoon oh my god I've gotta win that food double my money okay audio marks three two one all right got the chef boyardee let's start mixing oh yeah that looks good that is what I'm talking about all right now what else can I add to this oh let me think yes oh yeah we're just gonna sauce here in there all right looks good yeah finishing touch what the [ __ ] were you do be okay that looks good that looks good alright just gotta put the finishing touches on it okay everybody time's up please leave your stations on break what you done to you okay let's try chef Goodman's ravioli now I might look a little different than I did last time you saw me that's because I got jumped in the parking lot trying to go out to my car to get my phone I was just minding my own business and WHAM somebody sucked me right in the eye and I didn't get my phone cuz they took it so I don't really make any progress but back the ravioli okay let's taste this it looks pretty good the eye that still works let's give it a taste mmm that's good that's good oh yeah I give it a 9 out of 10 oh no I have a kid why like it could use a little salt so so there's so bright here we should have put it in I'm sorry it's it's a night out of that okay chef peepee get up here all right chef baby let's see what she gets Oh oh dear God Oh Oh God that smells terrible it's just right Bo Lisa is my world famous our ability is that Captain Crunch oh well yeah it has taste and texture oh my god it smells horrible but let's give it a taste I'll see all right we go oh do you got wait what the this is the greatest ravioli I have ever tasted in my entire time as a chef we really are you playing with me or you see these gone I'm seriously you win ten out of ten you win the golden spoon it's amazing you got [ __ ] for being has a [ __ ] rice oh oh he won fair and square man oh I've lost all my money I bet on me when I lost oh it was a great Mario you want the competition where where's it going slow - oh I sold it to get $10,000 because it was a solid gold spoon for ten thousand if you don't want the competition that means bloody well what happened Goodman oh he went and ran off crying somewhere I don't know ways it I just gotta go and find me another chef because I'm going on vacation will apparently taste the great Mario it's look bad smell bad but apparently tasted me well well yeah so what are you gonna do now you won't [ __ ] your money no more I'm broke as [ __ ] I'm sorry go cry just sit down what are you gonna do for a job I don't know Mario I went for being a millionaire making millions to to wearing these god damn care of pepper pants well I mean well you still have that news anchor job right no Mario I got fired from all my jobs because they don't want a hobo working for him oh well I mean I don't know what to do I feel really sorry for you well Mario it is kind of your fault if you would just paint your damn house payment I wouldn't be in this situation well I mean we could find your job Mario I was wondering do you know a chef that could take over my position and cook for Bowser while I'm going on vacation I pay well looks like I found you a job does it pay millions do you pay millions no I pay $10 in a date to $10.00 a day I used to make $10 a second well you got to start somewhere because you're right more you know you'll take the job hmm well well well you must be the new chef oh hi my name is mr. Goodman how are you I don't shake hands okay I'm just here to set the ground rules you're the new show so you're gonna have to cook and clean for me I might punch you sometime something I'm just gonna do it okay that would be trash all right it's nothing hard just suck it up okay I'm gonna ask you to do some weird stuff maybe sleep with me but nothing weird I just like it on my butt on occasions no homo um and you're gonna have to clean up after my son you know clean up a throne cook for all maybe wipe his butt you know make sure he's clean wait hold on hold on I'm a chef so why would I be wiping no no no no no you got it all wrong you are a slave in this house okay you're a slave you're just gonna do whatever say so now do you want to get paid or not well I do but I don't feel that it's workplace approve look look just say do it shake your head okay just secure it yeah yeah okay okay now the whatsapp well I guess this job isn't so bad they haven't asked for you do anything yet but it didn't get punched in the face Oh a little boy you need something [Music] why why would you do that I need more apple juice oh you come up to me and say excuse me sir may I have some more apple juice you throw your [ __ ] cup at the [ __ ] wall excuse me sir may I have more apple juice no you're not my dad screw off stupid kid well well well you broke the cup on your first day huh newbie hold on wait a minute this this was your son yours I don't wanna hear it look there's a situation in the bathroom [ __ ] everywhere I need you to clean it right now no look it's late you're gonna have to do what I say okay do as I say oh this is bad this is really bad new [ __ ] donkey oh I'd like to apologize in advance it's it's an absolute disaster in there right I don't know what happened my butthole had a mind of its own and I don't know what happened through the toilet seat I think my butthole may have swallowed it but the good news is new chef donkey is that I got on the scale afterwards and I lost like 50 pounds so good luck cleaning it up I'm the chef I'm not supposed to be clean hey slay what what do you want I need you to go to Walmart to give me some cheetos cheetos yeah can you do that [Music] where are these stupid Cheetos no no oh what's that water on the floor and no look no wet floor sign oh I'm about to get paid chichi here we go somebody better lawyer up Oh [ __ ] oh I'm gonna so hey Mario have you seen my new chef he was supposed to give me some Cheetos uh no I haven't seen him wait wait who's that I don't know I'll get it okay hello Mario I'm rich as [ __ ] again you know how yeah so I was in Walmart and I saw a whole water on the ground with no wet floor sign inside you what I said I said chi-ching I'm about to get [ __ ] pain no I ran across that puddle so fast I fell and I landed on my back Mario and I cried his wife said well pull my back hurts my neck hurts my [ __ ] hurts my balls hurt and you know what my suit the [ __ ] out of Walmart and they settled out of court needless to say I own Walmart now see that [ __ ] Lamborghini back there yeah my brain newest full brain newest [ __ ] smile 1 2 miles on it your wonder how many Bob that one has I'll make it 4-1 oh how I have negative 4 miles on it how I drove it backwards backwards from Walmart to [ __ ] here [ __ ] my labor [ __ ] beam back there oh well I'm happy you got all your money back and you're rich again oh me too you want no one here to tell me you're rich again no oh my [ __ ] money you owe me [ __ ] money for this [ __ ] house Oh like I said I don't think I'm gonna be able to pay it but what if I said you could double your money with a bed yeah Bob it's crazy I beat up the judge of the cooking competition in a parking lot I took his phone and I told him I wouldn't give it back unless he let chef peepee win so I could get all Goodman's money so it's basically rigged oh I gotta go bye boom I would like to make another boat please well how'd you get all your money back oh I sued Walmart we settled out of court but that's a different story no I'd like to make another bet and I'm for sure gonna win this time well what are you betting on let me tell you I bet that Logan will not get the Super Mario Boggan movie out before the end of June what what that's not even a fair bet lose-lose situation for me I know I'm guaranteed gonna win so that's the better like tomato don't listen to him guys they don't know what they're talking about anyway I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video it was really fun to make we've never had a video revolve around Goodman before so it was it was kind of cool to make this video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you didn't then oh well there'll be another video in a few days but I also want to give you an update on the super mario Logan movie it is still coming out hopefully soon it's raining really bad here a tropical storm is kind of hitting near us so the raining is kind of pushing us back a little bit but we're still trying to get done as soon as possible but I love every single one you guys we hit 2.4 million subscribers thank you so much for all the subscribers it's amazing I never thought I'd get this far on YouTube this light is blinding me but I just guys I appreciate all you all you fans who are patient every week and the fans that really appreciate what I do for you guys I upload two videos a week and I try to make the best content that I can and I will continue to make videos no matter what I love every single one of you and you know I'm trying to give you guys more variety and I hope I did that with this video but I loved every single one you guys and I'll see you in the next video bye [Music]