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[Music] hmm let me know when the camera is on oh it's on so sorry guys hi hi again I'm so sorry for this my name is Mira and I'm your new trainer for the day do write your comments in the gaps below and show us some love tell me how much you liked this lesson once the lesson is done of course okay so let's begin for today's session so let us begin with today's session okay guys I was just thinking that we have forgotten the complete spellings of words because of our habit of writing in SMS language do you agree with me but the funny part is SMS is an acronym and it means short messaging service these short forms have changed our lives completely just like the way I used the letter U instead of you BRB instead of be right back or be T W instead of by the way which basically means to talk about a new topic but let me share something with you I never used to understand this language before just three four years and I felt so left out most of the times do you guys feel the same sometimes especially nowadays while using Instagram Facebook Twitter do you feel that let's start with this one we often say FB even when we talk to one another which is basically Facebook or let's say L o L laugh out loud is most commonly used and people nowadays even say it out loud lol can you believe it well this happens when something really funny that you read or see and you make a sound and that you can express it ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing well sometimes things or words or situation is more funny than lol that is when you use ROTFL the next one is idk I don't know let's look at an example I don't know when we have our exams do you let us get to some tricky ones and new ones shall we I Oh W in other words well we use this to explain anything in a simple way for example in other words you mean to say that you don't like her right okay let's move on to another one n o YB none of your business it is the same as mind your own business which basically means it is a private information and you need not know yes well it is slightly rude when you directly say it to anyone so make sure that you are using this with very good friends or prob only a stranger who is asking you personal questions all right let me steal a dialog from a movie to give you an example our business is our business it's none of your business let's move on to another one RSVP guys armed marriage invitation cards or random invitation cards which we usually get or receive on what's app these days have a small note written below which says kindly RS we B which has actually come from a French phase but my French is not that great so I'm going to stick to English okay it basically means please respond please send us a reply we are waiting for your reply well now you know and the next time you get any invitation you will not forget to RSVP great fantastic our next is T gif this acronym is more of an emotion that we feel every Friday when we think yes thank God it's Friday and I don't have to wait for the weekend animal you would write D G I F and change your status this Friday to express your excitement now next one wth imagine this a very hectic day and a sunny day and now you are on your way back home with an ice-cream just hoping to watch your favorite movie and eat your ice cream right but as soon as you reached home what do you see there is power cut no lights and your ice cream has now melted what will you do you will hold your head and shout wth what the hell this is an emotion we usually use for disappointment or irritation do you agree when next one is b3 do you have friends sisters or brothers who talk too much without an end I can understand they're basically b3 type people in your life no no it's not a scientific term it means that they are all the time doing blah blah blah and that's when you write b3 okay our next one is C W o T now let's take and look at a situation you went for a three-hour movie and you did not like it or enjoy it don't you think you would message your brother or friend and tell him it was a complete waste of time basically you're writing it was a C wot did you get it okay our next one is C u T okay now let me ask all of you is anyone planning to meet an old friend colleague or cousin tomorrow great then you can write to them C u T which means see you tomorrow got it okay f see that's the next one it is something that all sports fans around the world do before an important match they write to one another dude FC they mean to say fingers crossed and that they're praying for victory our next one is guilty and be IR when your girlfriend is trying to call you but your parents are in the same room you can quickly send a message to her saying QT b ir you're basically convincing her qtpie parents in room or you can also make an emergency code be 9-1-1 parents alert fun isn't it okay next is slap no not the actual slap this means when your friend has arranged for a trick or a party plan you can use this acronym which basically means sounds like a plan which also tells them that you will be going for the trick or attending the party the next one H B D and xoxoxo remember this one me too my friend sent her to me on my birthday she said HB d & xoxoxo it means she wished me happy birthday as well as hugs and kisses sweet isn't it I know after that I replied T why we M thank you very much alright so that's all that we have for the day I hope you enjoyed it because I did and it was great fun you can write to me any new ones that you have right below in the comment section I would be looking forward to it do let me know how you found this lesson right below till then keep learning English have fun with your English good body