SOUR GRAPES Kevin Lee vs Rafael dos Anjos


Chael Sonnen


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I am Monday morning quarterbacking the Kevin Lee RDA fight and I'm coming to you with sour grapes before you call me out on that I'm well-aware great job - Rd a great fighter we'll all those nice things you have to say allow me to say them and I do mean them sincerely and he is really great but when I look at that fight you took Kevin Lee who is openly in between weight classes okay now there's plenty of guys who are but he is open about it 55s a little bit too tight I mean he can't do anything about his DNA in his body right the guys lean he doesn't pack any fat he's real strong guys that's just the way it is okay great 55 is a little bit light and 170 is a little bit heavy for many different reasons one is body in his frame he just doesn't weigh that much but - it's also a height issue he just he's not as tall he could use a couple more inches for 170 okay fine there's nothing in between he's one of these in-between guys it's making a big case and calling for 165 of which I would love to see happen I like opportunity and you you throw in a whole bunch of weights for me I'm fine with it I really don't have a problem with the way they do it in boxing separating you by three and three and a half pounds and having weights all over the only reason that becomes a problem and I'm not an advocate for that is because then you can't get the guys together all him stay in my weight I'm gonna stay in my weight is is is code talk for maintaining your macho bravado and not having to fight the tough guys I get it in its annoying and it becomes a problem but I do like opportunity and when you do look at somebody like Kevin Lee who's openly in between weight classes to move him into a weight at 170 and throw them into a five-round situation is a big ask it's a big ask it's not the way guys do it it's the way a young hungry competitor went out and did do it who had a level of naiveness and in some ways got taken advantage of I really think that I really think Kevin Lee's openness and his willingness is something that got used against him the general rule of thumb when you're going to try something new such as a weight class which is very matter some very relevant is matter someone weird a word I'm gonna go with it it's matter some it matters to the point that it's regulated and written down and contracts are signed and to do an experiment like that and do it for the duration the absolute maximum the sport allows I think it was a lot to chew uh-uh I think it was a lot to buy it off I really do then when you factor and he's taking on somebody who is established in that weight class who did test the waters but did it slowly and did it two years ago somebody who's been a world champion in RDA I just think that I think when you look at this thing in hindsight a three-round situation of trying out a new weight class would have been more appropriate everything's clear in hindsight right we could fix all of the world's problems if we got to do it after the fact I understand the annoyingness of what I'm saying to you guys right now but it was one of those things at least for me was one of those things that was very clear when it was over I didn't call that ahead of time I'm not acting like I did I'm just telling after I saw it I go we'll wait a second you got a guy moving into a different weight class who's openly said it's a little bit big I don't know if I want to do it taking on one of the best fighters in the sport relevant of the fact that he used to be the world champion and we're gonna do it for five rounds for really no reason the five rounds situation when there's a championship on the line that's just what the sport says if it's a number one contendership or they you start to have all of these rules and reasons that you can justify we're gonna go ahead and do this for 25 for no reason oh by the way had we not done that and it was a 15-minute fight we would had a different outcome yeah I'm sour I'm being a baby right now I get it just bear with me and let me do it all right it's making me feel a little bit better and when I do look at that fight with Kevin Lee I think that he lost one position I think he lost one position and I think if we would have put a little bit of Road in between Kevin Lee and our DEA meeting up at welterweight let Kevon dip his toe in there a little bit I think perhaps he would have been to steal Conor McGregor's phrase more efficient with his energy and that no part of that I might do I want to take away from RTA not not even a little bit I've been very open to tell you guys how much I respect him how much I'm impressed with not only his skills but who he fights when he fight guys got the hardest schedule in MMA and he spread it over multiple weight classes misses against guys back fighting khabib before Kobe was kabhi didn't even get the credit for it had to go out there and take the ass kick and didn't even get the credit for going in there and taking on the best fighter in the world who's never lost a single contest did it at the wrong time but I'm just saying I am fully aware and every time I got it nobody's getting bad-mouthed here I'm looking at the decision that was made though and I'm looking at the constant use of Kevin Lee because he does everything right because he's young because he's handsome because he's fun to watch because he's a great interview and because he has a ton of fans that lands him in the main event spot I've spent the last four years of my life coming down here talking into the same microphone telling you guys all the things you need to do to be in that main event spot now we've got a guy in it and it's working against him in some ways it is working against him I'm not sure I've seen anybody yet in the sport that could beat him in three rounds the problem for me and the problem gets me standing down here and shouting and complaining about it is that's not the way the rules work if you're the top guy making the big money and your names in the marquee which is exactly where you want to be you can have to go five rounds I can bitch about that all I want that's what the rules are the rules were followed so I'm complaining I get in some level I'm complaining about nothing I'm stating the obvious I'm just not happy about it and I do stand by my opinion that if we had put a little bit of Road in between Kevin Lee and taking on a former world champion in a way class that he never competed in before I think maybe you'd have a different result I know with Connor you did I mean to go I brought up Connor a minute ago guys will remember he fought Nate Diaz at 170 pounds he had no business doing it 170 pounds he did it went out and did great in the fight then he got really tired he said that afterwards his exact phrase was I was not efficient with my energy nice way of saying I got tired but give me another chance and I will show you that if I extend my efforts I can do it over the course of an evening and I can flip the script in the result and then Connor went out there and he did just that so he did show us that somebody can go in there with an opponent reassess himself being in a different weight class see where he should put his efforts and be able to extend that that's the game that Kevin is gonna have to learn how to play and it's not only Kevin Lee that's the game that everybody is going to have to learn how to play generally guys get to do it though within their weight class Connor was an exception where he stepped out of it Kevin's an exception where he stepped out of it so this is part of what you have to learn part of what you have to understand and I do still maintain my gripe about five round fights wheeler I'm unhappy with that outcome or not and every time I talk to you guys about five round fights you guys shove it up my ass every single time and I don't know why I feel as though I should be able to share my opinion on this and create a dialogue and where that dialogue got we'll figure that out but whenever I tell you that I don't love five round fights I just don't think the human body is cut out for that I don't think that's why I don't think we need to prove our point for that long that I find it a little long even as a fan I find it a bit dull and then somebody will come back and go well did you see Mark Hunt versus Bigfoot so yeah I've seen plenty of great fire round fights but now you're talking to me selfishly about what you enjoyed watching I'm trying to talk to you from the other perspective that some human beings have to go in there and do that and that is a very long duration in addition to what you don't see behind the scenes in training camp it's just a lot of wear and tear and I'm willing to be wrong on this and I'm willing to listen to anybody that offers me a suggestion but as soon as somebody comes out and tells me five rounds is perfect you've now lost your validity in this how would it ever be perfect it was picked arbitrarily over 20 years ago on absolute accident it was picked we're gonna do five friends it was an experiment the whole sport was most of those experiments failed so the ABC gets together every single year and they sit down and they review the rules and they change them and adopt and adapt continually but that one's never been looked at and the reason why I push back on you when you tell me five is per if you told me no we need more it needs to be seven rounds or it needs to be two rounds or it needs to be four rounds now I'll listen because now you have showed some level of thought when you push back on me complaining about five rounds and tell me that five is perfect you didn't give it any thought that number was just established one time it's a matter of fact if you want the history lesson on it there was a fight between hoist Gracie and Ken Shamrock there was advertised as absolutely no time limit they fought for a half of an hour the promoter looks around hey we can't do they can't fight all night even though we said yeah that's what we're that's because we never thought it would happened at some point we got to let these guys get out of here we got to turn these cameras off and send everybody home so about twenty minutes into the contest he just kind of walks around the ring and tells all the corner men and signals to the referee here we're gonna do ten more minutes and then we're gonna call it at thirty minutes we call it we're calling this time call it a draw if we have to that's what happened so somewhere somebody goes okay well that that's got to be the duration we're gonna put it in fives now we're gonna call it a round system now and we're gonna give guys a minute often between rounds now but that okay apparently it's that thirty minute mark I just think of everything that's ever been looked at in the sport particularly the rules that were arbitrarily manifested in the first place it is a little surprising that that one was never revisited particularly when you understand the human body meant to do that I get these are Alita I get the whole thing but if that's the case you're gonna take then advocate for six rounds advocate for seven rounds tell me that ten rounds would be more appropriate do anything other than tell me it's perfect the way that it is oh by the way they threw a dart at a wall 20 years ago and it just happened to be the perfect solution if you tell me that I can't respect you I just can't I do not know of any other sport on the face of the earth oh you give a damn if you want to talk ping-pong sport that you think last Chile you don't know who else well bring up cricket bring up polo bring up some sports that I really truly don't know I know my baseball football basketball Hawk I know the big ones the championship game is no longer than the previous games I do know that much I know in the world of wrestling that I follow close I know volleyball the championship game is not any longer than any of the other games so even if you want to signify that for a championship fight that it's going to be five rounds because of some kind of nod to history and you're loyal to an ideology fine but I think you do have a problem in explaining that why is the Super Bowl not five quarters why why in the hell would it be you dance with the one that brought you this is what was explained to the audience this is what it explained to the fans this is what all the teams went out there prepared for so now that we're all here as a culmination of the year why would we possibly change it of course you want it that would be silly it would make no sense to do that I think there's a relevance here in this sport don't forget we do away with tournaments guys I only know of one Commission and that's Arizona I could be wrong on this and there could be more I'm just I I only know of one commission that will even sanction a tournament anymore an eighth man or a four man but a tournament where the same athlete is going to fight multiple times on one evening I only know that Arizona will still do that I don't think anyone else does it could be wrong somebody else does and just has it that hasn't been tested who hasn't been brought to my but the point is the reason that that changed and the whole sport used to be tournaments they used to be the only way they did it there was no straight line pairing when they started doing that they would call that a superfight that was a big deal it was a one-off it was all tournament based what happened is the athletes just got better they just simply got better so now the fights got harder so pretty soon when it turned into that just can't be done a guy cannot fight another guy and then go out and fight someone else in the save me and he let alone go out and do it again we're looking horse Gracie back in UFC 216 Matt Bracken he fought four men in one night you fight for min and one night I don't give a damn what the outcome is it is mr. Gracie for the rest of time whether you win or let you get up and you walk outside four times and one day you're alright with me but the point is that that did change over time so now we observed a fact that was a fact it was very much a reality but that same concept of guys have gotten better in the sport has gotten tougher and the wear and tear is a little bit deeper and a little bit more meaningful somehow does not apply to the round system and I don't want to be a prude here I really don't want to be the skunk at the garden party it just does seem to me with what we have observed and with the trends in the sport and showing respect to the fact that guys have gotten better and they just can't do this as long look you will go back and talk about tournaments even the ones that you're still seeing that take place in Arizona on a very rare occasion to a tournament I can't think of a guy that's had to be out there 25 minutes I just can't think of it off the top of my head even back in the olden day when hoist was winning those tournaments collectively through the course of the evening he was out out there for 25 minutes it's a very very long thing it's a very long ask I think MMA as a whole is pulling it off boxing it's shot boxing right in the ass people wonder why you don't know ones boxing anymore it's 12 rounds why would I possibly want to watch that who would I possibly want to watch that it's called the law of diminishing marginal utility for any of you business majors out there it's to say that too much of a good thing is not a good thing the example given will be here's a chocolate bar take a bite did you enjoy that oh yeah oh it was delicious it was a wonderful chocolate bar I believe you now I want you to keep doing that I want you to eat 12 candy bars non-stop in a row I assure you those last bites you are not going to enjoy but you're doing the same thing that for the first part and the first bite you really did enjoy so where's the tipping point I often hide time here fans come out and go oh no that was amazing I want to see more of that I get that and that's very selfish and as a fan you have every right to do that but to then watch those two athletes who went out there and did it not be able to perform again for a meaningful period of time we've discussed this the last full five rounds that we got at a point in time I believe this was just passed up by cowboy and Al I think they went the distance right but at one point in time he was Robert Whitaker and Yoel Romero neither of which has fought sense well over a year the next closest we got was cut short by one second so let's throw that second out and just say it was five fives which was Korean Zombie verses your ear neither fighter has fought sense there's a reason why they went out they gave it their all their perform they put on wonderful shows wonderful meaning things that they should be very proud of but somebody in a more responsible role has got to be able to look at the data that's right in front of us and say you know what it appears that that is just simply too long and as great as they did and as fun as that was to watch there would appear that there is a problem here for whatever reason if you don't have the courage to come out and say it and identify it for what it let's just call it for whatever reason but let's look at the data look at the shelf life look at the return of your commodity which is the athlete and consider doing this different I think that that would be very reasonable I think I've been very reasonable but I already know it's gonna happen because I brought this up before that happens every time people don't seem to love that argument changes heart I understand there is a relevance to it though yeah NBA time going on right now I'm out here in Portland the Portland Trailblazers made it to the Western Conference Finals of the Final Four and I'm watching those guys play and I'm looking at the team go man this is interesting we have some superstars guys with like mutant level abilities right use the league as a whole you know you got to curry out there you got a Durant out there you got a LeBron out there these guys cannot be denied their athletic talents are so supreme to everybody else's I'll call them mutants I mean it's a tremendous compliment but it's very rare it's that upper 1/10 of 1/10 really rare then you have some specialty guys you have guys whose defense is solid you have guys that can just rebound that ball you just do their specialty players they cannot be denied they are going to have a seat at the table but then everybody I'm looking at the league there's probably 350 players in it I'm guessing of those 350 players of which are not either the mutants or the specialty guys they have an interchangeable skill with about 5,000 people who are not in the league and it does make you want to question that and go ok let's identify this and why 350 people in the NBA collecting the salaries wearing wearing the suits going around having great lives getting to do what they love have interchangeable skills with 5,000 other guys so how'd you 350 get to Jersey well there's there's a couple things there first off they travel well they don't go out and create problems second they're good teammates they understand the camera is not always going to be on me and I'm not always gonna be the supportive role but I need to be to practice I need to see what needs to be done and fill in the cracks and third when they get the ball they don't do anything stupid with it i watch these guys when they get the ball they get it into one of the stars or one of the specialty guys hands they don't let it go they don't fumble it they don't double dribble they don't foul themselves out they don't take risky shots they're very care and they go back to the bench and it's very smart and it's very interesting I've spent more time watching basketball in the last month than I have in my entire life cuz I'm a front runner and because Portland was doing so well I don't want to see how far they could go but I was making some of these officer days you go wow we have some real stars instead of the other teams well we got some specialty guys instead of the other teams and then we got a whole bunch of guys that are just there how did they do it how are they chosen I don't fully have that answer I've identified three things they travel well they're good teammates and when they get the ball they don't do anything stupid with it there's probably a couple more that you could add to the list but there's major lessons in life that way there really is there's major lessons that you can learn there that you can't learn in school books they never teach you this in class there's no book you can check out about being a guy the people like it will never hurt you in life to not burn bridges it will never hurt you in life to bisa that's fun to be around that's Pleasant the people like and in my brief foray into basketball I saw about 350 of them over the last month with interchangeable skills to 5,000 other guys the never the Jersey