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well it isn't a bunch of fucking remember what he said you're gonna beat the first one but you couldn't even beat five you bought about the first try this stuff watch no one's getting clickbait out of this because I'm first trying it right here in there I got this gun on diskens really good yeah the session has expired hello Dean wait is there a rap note what are your trap frickin maze man no no yeah lets you skip to the future levels cuz all you box won't be able to get there more spawners wait is this level 1 yeah this arrow is level one right here wait but how's it gonna work are people gonna like already set up the traps like do it like wait or what [Laughter] click respawn Tom yeah I don't know who everybody is right no oh simply sitting here dude oh my god does he get harder past this part Vittoria [Laughter] [Applause] at the end already know you guys know you can do like you to be hoc that last jump a little too this is so stupid no you just don't be a bot are you gonna be able to the last no oh god who's this let's all make fun of the bad guys just me and Mike just me and Mike I just flag that was lag sure was so easy dude potion staff literally happy dude is impossible Jack watch I'm gonna do oh my god that's app is literally standing in your way right now don't hate these isn't yeah god I'm even scrollwheel another space bar to jump shut up jab so close we check please please please please I'm here I'm here [Laughter] what bro at this point I do want to impose you up but the thing is impulses [Laughter] move your fat ass homie is the one I can sense it oh god no not even didn't even make the first one what are you doing I got stuck on the ramp come on this is the one yeah that last jump was so tough I got this level five easy Club cheated how to courage cheat how did he skip it he went back probably we went the level one and I'm seriously I'm just resetting so impulsive spawn instantly no know about that one like everyone else there aren't weaken Dhoni reset and other two this is it's like like game when redeploys it was everywhere landing in the high ground go Symphony go oh my god I don't even spawn there gave me the first checkpoint don't mess up you hit me with a pickaxe maybe you made me nervous help is the easiest job this guy's buying me one of us tries pickaxe with the death oh my god can't leave I'm stuck on level 2 I feel like Symphony right now Oh Oh God oh you crushed me you black bag being silent about it eh what do you are you kidding me you know jack already skipped to level five skip you okay that part's like ridiculously hard wait Jack you should put a check you should put a check point after the first five impulse jumps sounds too easy I'm actually too good with upholstery it's not even like GI gasps myself wait you skipped level three are you on Fiverr no maybe he'll everyone skip yeah oh my god yeah watch oh whoa okay [Music] yeah you need all five but there's it there's a skip you can use I think for Jack you want to see the skip yeah sure now the three see if you want to greet me Tom right now I don't have any you got to do it together chap oh Jesus with a lot of people I'm down all right poach you got to throw the impulse it like the second to last trap almost like the beginning of it you got a slide down impulse throw it in front of you and then jump up Oh like almost got a nice hard fuck at a troll oh-oh-oh this is Colonel Jack yes all right Jack watch this can't believe Creek around the corner watch what you're supposed to do buddy you kidding me this is so dumb I hate you so much yeah Frick I'm getting is so easy that's easy Jack watch this all right I'm watching oh my god wait I thought wait wait I can't figure out this left fucking my lag that was actually like yo Chapman's easy but I'll be a boss watch my cooks all the way with you now I'm skip no you got this jack you got trying like use your momentum to get to like the furthest edge of the bounce here you know you gotta change your momentum oh he's got who is this oh come on Jack Oh Jack's actually Gotti there's no coach at the code stop public get to stop did you see the far impulse the leg ledge with the impulse feeling you guys run 12 Jack Jack Oh oh my god oh my god dude I can run that I can run that one easy like that one's light work yeah hey and that Oh yo after that entire spike trap part there's no checkpoint you let's go back beat it you're insane how does he keep beating me insane Jack and I said what cast a curse I'm playing the tires under court Lou hey I'm just not getting high enough I need to figure out how to get hired what Jack you're a sadistic the people were checkpoints just so they can speedrun it yeah well those guys are psychopaths it's also our old crack cocaine dude the guy who got the world record almost says a hundred freakin thousand subscribers in Y days yeah yet he had 80 and now he has a hundred thousand he had no he had 80 subscribers now he has a hundred thousand three days why you'd use me to a mil thanks over this we did it no Jack the shitty thing about this level is there's no way to get back I skip it so you have to beat this one is it Symphony cloak encouraged wait Jack come with me ready don't get my way just follow me [Music] I can't believe this do this we can work together I just gotta get the route five dude is it so hard oh my save my life and my way Jack you ready they're all running with me alright alright you ready yeah tell me Jack I can't wait for something to die to those hidden traps five more chances I couldn't do half of my turns there were 80 people there four more chances jab couldn't do it so I came to you why Paul it just follow me Jack just follow me where are you I'll get you through this don't worry here we go you ready yeah all right oh my god I got stuck on the doorway when I have it you hate to see that I think I figured out I wasn't jumping as far as I should have been Jack what are you doing we're at the end Jack I quit this bullshit I got tonight I literally just I can't [Music]